A Complete Fail at Getting Marijuana - Key & Peele

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    This guy is really bad at procuring medical marijuana.
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    1. Chad Daocsta

      Its fucked cause I suffer from ptsd and have anixty nd dnt sleep well nd smoke weed or eat it helps my anixty but bone pain nope but muscle or anixty yes

    2. Aaron Michael

      Rickets 😂😂😂

    3. Aman Bisht 12D 10

      America is weird.

    4. Eduardo Garcia

      It's badger!

    5. Sturgeon

      Where's Skinny Pete?

    6. John Sellers

      Tiktok is the reason im here

    7. Jose Diaz

      Oh shit it’s Moses

    8. hakichiki

      #FromHippocraticOathToHypocriticalOathBreaking: First, Do some harm...

    9. HokiePitcher22

      "Scurvy....rickets.... CONSUMPTION..." 🤣🤣

    10. HokiePitcher22

      Glad to see Badger is still up to the same old shit...

    11. Melissa S

      The consumption got me. Haha 😂

    12. VyoamX

      Zeke Schrute!

    13. C’Nell - How I See It


    14. Zachary Clarke

      This guy always plays someone doing drugs

    15. GrimWrld 6600


    16. Xeron phantom

      He clearly chose front hand

    17. John Martin

      the fact that Badger is in the sketch makes it a million times better

      1. Madrza

        Bruh and he has such credibility too with this type of stuff😂😂


        I was just like wtf. Lol his voice is so distinct

    18. nismo91zx


    19. John Wick

      That's Jesse Pinkman's homie.

    20. Stanly Stan

      So basically, I go in, they slap me on the face, and I get all the weed I want? No need to give myself testicle cancer by sticking my ballz in the microwave anymore? Anyone got the address of this clinic?

    21. onxiaftw

      Some people

    22. Rozenn Keribin

      I wasn't a fan of the slap, it struck me as a bit "physical violence to release anger is funny" which when I think of it, isn't something you see a lot of in K&P sketches... But it was a successful attempt to get him his weed! That doctor is so sweet, really comes through for his patients.

    23. LaPulgaM

      Anyone out in Northern Virginia? The first dispensary just opened up, I'm trying to see a doctor if you know what I mean....

    24. Angelo Arnaldo

      It's Zeke Schrute!

    25. Tushar Raj

      Nothing that a good round of forehand-backhand can't cure.

    26. Harmon Literal

      "u dont have schizophrenia" lmao

    27. Vlad the Impaler

      Is that Badger from Breaking Bad?


      Prescription? What year is it? 2010? I get mine from the store down the street.

    29. Lincoln Crooks

      Now he has a dick up on the situation.

    30. Ghastly Ghandi

      That’s not a fail, he got the prescription so that was actually pretty successful in my opinion.

      1. BizzleMyPickle

        This man right here officer

    31. rpsyco

      Lied about getting AIDS to get medicinal marijuana CONSEQUENCES

    32. Light Shine

      sleep like a baby... with Aids... :D :D :D

    33. Ted Cabana

      I need Marijuana to help treat my drug addiction.

    34. jay jones

      "Sleep like a baby... With AIDS" I died laughing. but when your a stoner with no issues you just smoke

    35. ThatGamingGuy

      Badger 😂😂

    36. Bryan Chu

      yo it's the guy from breaking bad

    37. セータン

      I see mando have been going places after his seperation with the child

    38. Stupidhaole808

      Is that Mose from the office??

    39. G B

      Oh man, the Doc wanted to give him that prescription so bad.... Dude didn't get it

    40. NESSERUCTION Nizar

      I died when he slapped em.

    41. D M


    42. Official Khayél

      Even the doctor is giving him clues! smfh lmao!

    43. Amanda Ceniceros

      Hey thats that guy from breaking bad

    44. Pin 8

      Brain dead junkies.

    45. R. Logan

      Got mine for my “migraines,” doesn’t do shit for my aids though

    46. Baba Chloe

      Remember in the TV series Mom(Anna Far is) where that white dude got stoned and burned the living room sit?

    47. ashish bats

      Fish hook in my lip.

    48. shmackatrotsky

      Heey guys! It's me, Baadger! Wanna watch some Next Generation with me?

    49. Miguel A Perez Guitar

      Is that Zeke Schrute? Dwight's cousin?

    50. Slimbo Slice

      Im still crying off of "its a fish hook in my lips" 😂😂😂


      Last time I checked, that’s a complete success

    52. Huntsie

      as soon as i saw badger i knew this was great

    53. Ana


    54. Phenom951

      Anxiety worked for me. Mostly cause its True 🥺

    55. Antony Chiha

      Liam Neeson: "I've got AIDS" Stephen Merchant: "AIDS, cancer and famine are not really subjects for comedy" Key and Peele: "Hold my beer"

    56. shecutie

      key fr just BEGGING him to get marijuana 😭😭

    57. Shon Gaming

      So uh, where is this doctor? Asking for a friend

    58. dude cx

      I actually need to ask for this, just felt awkward cause I don't wanna come off as if I just want it for getting high. XD maybe it's just me, I was never good at making choices or conversing properly xD

    59. It’s Bigger Picture

      The white guy looks like the stoner from jimmy kinnell

    60. Augistine Aquinas

      back when

    61. Big Dave

      right off the bat he said AIDS damn son 🤣

    62. Bella Ali

      Key is so cute at the end with the slap😂

    63. Varno Slimm

      Just here for the Badger comments

    64. Benji Reid

      I was getting worried he wasn't going to get his weed.

    65. Sleepy Ardyt

      Here i am thinking America health care is top of the world LOL

    66. Marc Audryn Dungo


      1. Kenzo Galang


    67. mr. B

      Just slaps him

    68. Naman Chauhan


    69. Notourious S.A.D

      technically he not failed he got the prescription after all .

    70. GoldenKoi

      I like how they got badgers actor

    71. San Miguel


    72. Kashif Syed

      The slap was crisp af

    73. Kristen Minuti


    74. Mpoetsi Sovereign Gina Mohale

      The slap sent me😂💀

    75. Anubhab Sinha

      Ah so here's one of the best hitmen west of the Mississippi.

    76. Daniel Soto


    77. Nik ir


    78. Stephanie Taylor

      Unsubscribing and getting off of KGup altogether hope to see you on rumble, a true free speech media platform!!

    79. Just Try

      Lmao he slapped him 😭😭😭

    80. Craig Bixel

      Matt Jones!

    81. Tristynn Ramos

      Who knew that Key and Peele lived in the Breaking Bad universe

    82. Melanie George

      The kindly melody endoscopically dry because watch classically signal via a rambunctious arithmetic. brave, fluffy dragonfly

    83. Daniel Murillo


    84. Kevin Miller

      Medical marijuana was the greatest hustle of all time.

    85. Class!ck

      Is that what schizophrenia is?!?😳😳 I have that ish bad. I do that ish all the time out of the blue. I looked it up on Google just now, and that ish is what I be going through bruh. My girl experienced it plenty of times before, but she doesn't see it as anything bad. I named them and everything. Frank, and Carlisle. Omg🤦🏾‍♂️😳, I've be a schizo ever since middle school. So many past memories are now flooding due to this this newly discovered conclusion. Self diagnosed through Key and Peele at that.

    86. Rosaura Figueroa Mendoza

      Fish hook in my lips!! 😭😭😭😂

    87. Jin sama

      *taking notes*

    88. Ketsueki Kumori

      When a stoner is too stoned to get stoned.

    89. Vicki Miller

      I'm not at all surprised to see Badger there

    90. Chris Norwood

      My only complaint is that this skit is not 4 hours long, containing every medical diagnosis imaginable.

    91. Luźne Granie

      Badger hehe

    92. Squeeker Mouse


    93. Cee Vreezyy

      Aids.. I say i got it.. need lot of weeds to get rid of it..

    94. Jon Heisler

      “Now give me a high five and say DRUGS!”

    95. Ezra thegr8

      “Does you’re face hurt mr Washington!?” Lol

    96. Christine Ferreira

      Fishhook 😂😂😂 I watch this so often it’s so damn funny. The doc was ready to just give him the prescription. My state luckily has legalized weed a few years ago. I don’t have to pretend I have consumption.

    97. H.

      Nice Badger cameo

    98. Sean Haggard

      Badger 😂😂

    99. APEX BLACK

      Best doctor..ever

    100. belatedbourgeoisie

      nothing is better than finding a key and peele sketch you’ve never seen before