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17 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin discuss EA Sports announcing a new college football video game.
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    1. W J

      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS its about time ❤👏

    2. Itsjustlikemagic

      New features include: - Create your own female player (has better stats and gets more favorable calls due to feminism) - Political activism (Players and coaches are now able to take knees during pregame. Not maintaining enough political activism can lead to players opting out) - Covid Protocol (As with injuries during any video game, a common occurrence is players getting affected by covid and are unable to play) - Transfer Portal (Save up your recruiting points to snag away the best prospects on the market) - Targeting Rule (Be careful on delivering the big hits as your players may get penalized for targeting)

    3. Nicholas Horton

      i still play ncaa 14 so i’m pumped

    4. The TimberGhost

      Judt make the teams with random rosterd, don't use these selfish kids "likeness". Fixed!

    5. Jeff Jeffrey

      Get the guy in the middle out of there. So annoying

    6. Christopher Grigoratos

      Oh and bring back all the FCS schools too.

    7. Christopher Grigoratos

      They should have an option for crowd noise. That way, the gamers can decide how loud the crowd gets for home field advantage.

    8. Mason Tronsor

      Like his playing career, Keyshawn still thinks the world revolves around him

    9. Apollyon Rev911

      STFU KJ. We all heard you the first time. Who wants to use your likeness anyway.

    10. Damariun Wilson

      This is EA chance to get back in the good graces of the people. With Madden down trending heavily they need to actual listen to the fans and make this game. Focus more on RTG and Dynasty mode please.

    11. rdaniel4187

      People are going to be disappointed

    12. mennig182

      Nobody cares about Keyshawn Johnson. Don’t worry Key, EA won’t be calling you anytime soon.


      Keyshawn trying to set him self up to be the next Ed Obannon. He’s going to sue EA in the future 😂

    14. Ashok Das

      I agree with Jason! Johnson is lame

    15. Peter T

      00:53 Keyshawn is still a diva.

    16. Peter T

      Tell the Madden developers to leave their hands off of this game.

    17. Boobie Gibson

      Lmao Keyshawn living in his own world

    18. Yacan Ben Israel

      *Why is a Indian guy talking football?* 🏈

    19. Gregorio Garcia

      People like Keyshawn are the ones why we don’t have the college game

    20. Drew W.

      EA gotta make up that lost Star Wars revenue

    21. Quinton Thibodeaux

      “Old school”

    22. Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

      This game will suck, EA is not interested in making good video games anymore. The only thing they care about is maximizing profits. Get ready for MUT College edition. I also bet they will have an extremely stripped down dynasty mode, WITH the code already in place for all the features we want, disabled so they can slow roll them out piece by peace, year by year to give the impression that they are improving the game.

    23. Fuzzman

      EA Sports: it's in the trash

    24. Caleb Adams

      Yay.. Madden 21 re-skinned

    25. Bizzy Gamer

      NCAA basketball definitely need return it would make NBA Live games much better Its too bad EA missed out on putting Joe Burrow and many others on the cover since the NCAA College Football drought.....Im so happy It’s returning i hope the gameplay & presentation is totally revamped on next gen and the game modes aren’t lackluster

    26. Mitchell Goldschmidt

      Could we make college baseball game

    27. DManNC

      I hope they bringing back all college games like basketball and baseball

      1. tcbobb16

        Maybe Hockey!

    28. J.J. Gillmen

      TeamBuilder (create-a-school) and custom stadium music (like how they pipe in music nowadays at college stadiums). Those are two starters for me.

    29. Animal Crew

      KEYYYY!!! shut up, making your self a fool

    30. Gseric47

      They finally responding to all the hype Re-vamped has accrued? 😌😌 For real though. Hope they fix that animation.....stuff....that's going on rn.

    31. AntB8582

      Nobody is tryna play as Keyshawn lol, what is he talking about.

    32. Keno Noke

      Yes man the Game was Great it was so much fun . We just want to have fun !

    33. Cesar Canete

      I hope it'll be available for PC download. I don't buy consoles anymore.

    34. Chris Sleeve

      I think it's funny how they are ignorant of or have forgotten that name, image, and likeness were never used in the NCAA Football video game franchise. The skin color, approximate weight and height, how highly rated the player was, these are the only aspects that could potentially be interpreted as likeness. Certainly names were never used. The negative aspect was the players weren't ABLE to be paid due to the NCAA regulations. The video game itself did nothing wrong. I'm super excited for the return, and with actual player name, image, and likeness! Gonna be different

      1. henryjw15

        And with faces being same on hundred different of players in the game, there was really no case in ncaa football.

    35. Jacob Bryant

      Nobody wants to play as you anymore they ain’t gonna even attempt to talk to you 😂

    36. Dillon Greco

      They have already said going forward they are not going to be using players names or likeness and they are not getting NCAA licensing just getting licenses from the colleges themselves

    37. Timothy Oertli

      Curious if ncaa 14 will stay 100 bucks or more on the internet when this releases 😈 haha been trying to get it..but won’t pay that much

    38. YankeesFan 29927

      Still should be Golic and wingo or Mike and mike

    39. Neill Tavernier

      I remember playing those games and the players in the game never looked like the players who claimed they were modeled after them. Anyway, EA screws up every game franchise they put out, so this will be no different. You'll have microtransactions for recruits.

    40. Kickout Podcast

      30 million is a very small price to pay these players a 70/30 split again a small price to pay.

      1. henryjw15

        Accept there isn’t any money, the major universities that make money also spend as much in operating costs, this why you have universities on the other end lose money when the football team finally makes a bowl game.

    41. Michael Parr

      Please develop new game play and don't base it off Madden.

    42. Ratt

      Who' s that guy??? In the black??? Who???

    43. WhiteWolf

      hold up, am I missing something about Keyshawn Johnson? why is he exclaiming for them to not use his name or likeness? like for what ain’t nobody wanna play as some old has-been who really wasn’t all that in college.

    44. Te Lometo

      Madden is GARBAGE! Cant wait for 2K Football next year!

    45. Benplayzgames

      I’m so happy I reamber I use to play ncaa 14 now bring back the basketball game and bring us a college baseball game I hope it on ps4 if not I’m saving up all my money for a ps5

      1. Shon Henderson

        It’s only on PS5 and Xbox Series X. I guess they think that in 3 years everyone should have a next gen console.

    46. Jay Jordan

      If they bring back college basketball that would be amazing.

      1. Jay Jordan

        @Gregory Champion facts and add in conference realignment as well

      2. Gregory Champion

        It'll be great if ea bring back college basketball & have presentation from ESPN & CBS.

    47. shadow_the_hobbyist

      They used to laugh at us gamers & called us nerds. Now look at us 😂

    48. dee see

      My boy Key really outta touch they never used names in NCAA 😂😂😂😂

      1. weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420


    49. Jim Gallagher

      Keyshawn's really pretty dumb

    50. Icce 19

      0:54 ain’t nobody want to play as you anyway lol

      1. Pharrell Pearson


    51. Fon Tain

      Couple of years? Why announce it now then?!

    52. Ty R. Stephens

      just do what the people ask

    53. Jon N

      dude in middle is a clown

    54. LonghornsLegend

      Just make the game with team builder. Nobody cares about day 1 rosters. Someone will do the work to edit and name everyone like we do with NCAA14 already. We just dont want UT, just give us NCAA14 with better graphics

    55. Walter Thomas The Hippopotamus

      Dont worry Keyshawn, it is more about the game, not about you.

      1. Dreeco Finesse3tymes

        Kids doesn’t even know who he is 🤣🤣

    56. Walter Thomas The Hippopotamus


    57. Jboss Animations


    58. Kristal Harris

      Keyshawn is trash just like usc

    59. Kristal Harris


      1. Peter T

        The boosters already pay athletes. My cousin received a "clothing allowance" from boosters every season.

      2. Sam Jones

        If they are a college athlete they should be allowed to get paid

      3. Crimlo Motty

        Your right, but athletes should.

    60. David Cole

      That was my Favorite Sports Game. EA NCAA Football Was just Awesome.

    61. ZEnzo 19 years ago

      Do u know how to trick people in 2021? Look when i uplouded this comment

    62. Blake Hall

      The game won't include player names on the jerseys, just the team on the front.

      1. theocratickingdom30

        @tcbobb16 The 40 million dollar payout was because they actually used players likeness. Even in past games, they would have a players number but then list the correct weight and town they grew up in. I'm talking about purposefully getting all of that wrong. But, adding the tools for gamers to fix it. EA can't be sued for that.

      2. tcbobb16

        @theocratickingdom30 EA actually got sued for that! look it up

      3. LonghornsLegend

        No one cares about that bro we all downloaded and updated rosters anyway

      4. theocratickingdom30

        You can get around the rights thing by adding customization. Let the players do all that.

    63. Gopher Fan

      About time!

    64. Zachary Jaworsky

      Stop being so pessimistic and try to just be grateful they are bringing this game back. I’m still playing NCAA 14 after 7 years.

      1. Zachary Jaworsky

        @Isaiah Jones do I need anything besides a computer and USB? Or is there something else I need to have

      2. Isaiah Jones

        @Zachary Jaworsky you have to mod your console and they have the instructions on like how to do all that on their website but it took me like an hour to figure out. After that it’s pretty easy

      3. Zachary Jaworsky

        @Isaiah Jones I’ve seen it I just don’t know how to download it. Idk what I need to even start.

      4. Isaiah Jones

        @Sam Jones they have PC version too I believe if you have that

      5. Sam Jones

        @Isaiah Jones I wish I could but I don't have a ps3 or any x box

    65. Dee Money

      EA better not mess this up. We don't care about Ultimate Team. They better put more time into Dynasty & RTG more than they work on UT.

      1. Dee Money

        @natecarlo45 ahhh man

      2. natecarlo45

        EA is currently going through a lawsuit for their FIFA UT packs. Idk if they are going to be able to push it as hard as in years past. Madden 21 (imo) didnt push UT into your face as much as say 18 and 19

      3. Dee Money

        @Justin B only if

      4. Justin B

        As long as Madden players stay on Madden, I don’t think we have TOO much to worry about

      5. Icce 19

        Amen brotha

    66. Nathan Struble

      Can't wait for it to come back! Hopefully they bring back NCAA Basketball too!

      1. yungembassy90

        They won’t bring back college hoops because the players don’t even stay long enough for the average fan to get to know them anymore... I doubt it would happen but I would love it

      2. Samuel McMillin

        @Capel704Network ea can't make good basketball games any more, if you compare it to 2k the only thing they get better a micro transactions, and badly, becuase my leauge blows it out of the water

      3. Capel704Network

        @Samuel McMillin I used to when I was playing on Sega Genesis and PS1. But since then, I don't play it at all.

      4. Samuel McMillin

        have you played nba live? it wouldnt be good at all

      5. Icce 19

        Yaaaasss ! Amen brotha

    67. TrapBoy 10

      Who cares Ea is still gonna tarnish the game with useless micro transactions

    68. CSJ

      Now all they need to do is bring back college basketball game now

      1. Dennis Bowen

        @Samuel McMillin nba live was ok but incomparison to 2k, it just wasnt great. However, I still think they can make a great college hoops game

      2. Samuel McMillin

        @Dennis Bowen nba live tells me diffrent

      3. tom brady

        they arent gunna bring that back its not popular enough

      4. Owen 11


      5. Dennis Bowen

        ea would make a good basketball game, i guarantee it

    69. Stretch

      Jwill you a OG for this

    70. Dirty Creek Sports

      I’m glad itz returning 💯💪🏽