100 DARES in 24 Hours Challenge! The Imposter is AMONG US!

Matt and Rebecca

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    Is there an imposter among us? Download and play Cooking Diary for FREE today - bit.ly/372C5u2
    First Rebecca Zamolo posted Becoming a MOM to Siblings for 24 Hours Challenge! (Sisters Spy and Test), that was right after Matt and Rebecca uploaded I am the IMPOSTER! Surprising My Friends in HOCUS POCUS Movie in Real Life for 24 Hours! Earlier in the week the Game Master network created Hot Vs Cold Challenge ASMR Game to Find Imposter from Hocus Pocus! Now in order to activate the mysterious camera we need to do dares on each other. Maybe if we do 100 dares in 24 hours it will unlock and let us take a photo. Matt has to do so many embarrassing dares that the zamfam gave him on instagram. Do you think it will unlock the camera? Do you think there is someone working against us like an imposter among us? In real life this might be the scariest thing we have done. Also, can we trust Daniel? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    1. Matt and Rebecca

      Download and play Cooking Diary for FREE today - bit.ly/372C5u2

      1. Brantley Sweely

        Matt did like 15push ups that is my guess.

      2. Robine Al

        Matt don’t

      3. Georgia’s way

        He did 11

      4. Cyarah Johnson

        I dare Max2 walk on the mouse trap because he is always picking your dare 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😅😅

      5. Izzy Wizzy


    2. Eman Sagrkovic

      Maj edžs is 230 .

    3. Nagi Elsheikh


    4. Natasha Garcia


    5. Natasha Bunting

      Yes please

    6. Natasha Bunting


    7. Natasha Bunting


    8. Yoseline Yosefine

      Matt only do 11 push ups😂😂😂

    9. Natasha Bunting

      100 Dare omg wow I can't believe it orsome

    10. Natasha Bunting


    11. Natasha Bunting


    12. Natasha Bunting

      I like cooking Diary im going to get it today

    13. Chit Shun Chan

      8 time

    14. Natasha Bunting

      You no I love 🍟🍕🍨🍽🧁🍰🥧🍰 food

    15. Vickie Mayberry

      I love you

    16. Vickie Mayberry

      Mat did not do 50pushup

    17. Vivian Seawright


    18. Jacqueline O'Halloran

      It only took 50 dares To open the camera

    19. Ayan Fayyaz


    20. Ashlynn Tolbert


    21. Molly Barbour

      Look at Matt’s shirt

    22. Kay Wyatt


    23. Emily Watkins

      I totally thought rr would puke

    24. Emily Watkins

      Rebecca is totally preg

    25. Kayonna Clay

      he did 16

    26. Jeremie charles

      Matt Did 10

    27. Isabel Garcia

      Lol I want Matt to step on more mouse traps I laughed my head off 😂😂

    28. Isabel Garcia

      Matt only did 8 pushups I love to see him try 42 more push ups :D

    29. Jamar Byrd


    30. Allen Wang

      Matt did12push ups

    31. Emma Pierret

      hi can you shou tout in wnu uv yo video dy

    32. JokerRu34


    33. JokerRu34

      He did 4 pushups

    34. Linda thazi

      12345678910 no

    35. Adela Marquez

      Matt did 12 pushups

    36. Donica Duncan

      100 dare challenge love you Rebecca❤❤❤

    37. Lessia Wagoner


    38. Pauleen Shane Agpaoa

      I feel bad for matt😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢

    39. Jaxee Land!


    40. Abel Mederos


    41. Jose Castro

      I did the same thing as Rebecca and my dog licked me

    42. Jose Castro

      Matt did 14 pushups

    43. Aliyzae rojas


    44. Carlos Alberto Marin Sanchez


    45. Epifanio Casillas


    46. Gavin Saunders

      only i now when it is on halloween

    47. Dee Hatcher-Lee

      100 dare challenge

    48. timothy serafin

      100 Dare for 24 hours

    49. Nicole Harney

      100 dares challenge

    50. Nicole Harney

      Matt only did 10 push ups

    51. Nohemi Licona

      Matt did8

    52. Mary Metry

      Matt did 7 push ups

    53. Jennifer Cieslak


    54. Lacie's Shining Stars


    55. James Banta

      Mat did 6 push-ups

    56. Sebastian Magryta

      maTT DID 10 PUSHUPS

    57. Veronica Guzman Fernandez

      435 8648 🥰

    58. Nahla Smith

      Matt did 7 push-ups

    59. May Thingyan


    60. McKenzey Caldwell


    61. Sirisha Tiwari


    62. Sirisha Tiwari

      SIRISHA 50

    63. Henno Mohammed


    64. C Nobles


    65. Leone Boshoff


    66. Claudia Fianko


    67. Caleb ChaoParn


    68. Janico Aguilar


    69. golden- chan

      100 dare Challenge

    70. Julian James

      He did a seven

    71. Hi C

      Matt only did 20 push ups

    72. Tre Williams


    73. Giovani Villeda Ramirez

      In the larndry

    74. Jennifer Stricker

      I love your vids ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    75. Jennifer Stricker

      100 dares

    76. Jonafe Bayag


    77. Pretty Pink Zebra


    78. Katalia Watson

      The code is 213

    79. Althea Sison


    80. kinley Salomon


    81. kinley Salomon


    82. Lekenson Escarmant

      it is 213

    83. Rachel Morrison


    84. Peter Paris Jr.

      Matt did 7 pushup

    85. Kvngkai22


    86. Slime experts

      me: la la la Game master: y is there pb on ur face rebecca? me: spits out pb and j i was eating

    87. Victoria Chavarriaga-Va

      100 dares

    88. Becca Townlain

      Why was Matt so rude to Rebecca and Rebecca if your reading this I’m so sorry about Matt

    89. Jasmine Tolnai

      The enkrada gam is in the washing machine

    90. TCM_Dray100

      He did 10

    91. Manie Owens2100


    92. Olivia Casimiro

      He got 13 push-ups

    93. Kaeleb Davis


    94. Makenna Hermsen

      He did ten push ups only in all

    95. Emily Pritchard

      Matt did 7,8,9,or 10 push ups

    96. Poca Girls

      Bbi got tookin well you called her

    97. Jamileth Trejo

      Bluemoon is in Halloween

    98. Hayden Nicholls


    99. Wael Alhanayan

      He did 12

    100. Jayla Acosta

      You made to get that lipstick off of her lips