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    asking boys awkward questions and lexi and i got into the festival season!
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    has anyone told that you’re KILLIN the GAME today?? I love u!

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    1. Michael Fisher

      The Andrew Pierson Jeremy trio is one of the best chaotic trios on youtube

      1. Simply_ Simps

        @Latisha Carrington Jeremy and Brent

      2. Nadh Yusoff


      3. Sdjfvvpifjvsiorufnvnvsroiu Srkbwencweporjbc

        •BUBBLE TAE• is so trippy

      4. Sdjfvvpifjvsiorufnvnvsroiu Srkbwencweporjbc

        Megan Rosebar it's so trippy

      5. Itz Ging

        @Sdjfvvpifjvsiorufnvnvsroiu Srkbwencweporjbc ikr 😭😭😭😭

    2. lil chrissii

      Hi perison, my name is chris-ann and I have full blown sickle cell disease which is a very chronic illness that can cause death, it makes you feel alot of pain anywhere that there is a bone in your body, it also is able to eat out your bones, it also causes alot of hospital visits and damage to other organs anywhere in the body. In 2019 I did 4 surgeries to try and save my life that nearly ended up killing, one was july, then September, October and November, after that in 2020 I have to do 2 more one in August and the other October. I am currently 21 years old and I live in Jamaica, I urgently need to do a hip replacement even though I'm very young if not I will lose both of my hips and will not be able to walk at all. My doctors tried everything they could do but my body wasn't accepting the treatments.I am to do surgery however because of my sickness I'm not able to work right now, I'm not lay back person I am a phlebotomist, I fought my way thru college even though I was in the hospital most of the times but my hip have gotten in a state so I couldn't work anymore and I'm not able to afford it. I love your videos and it would mean the world to me if you and your friends could assist me in any way even if I have to work for it l, I would do anything. I am willing to show you prove and speak to my doctor so you know I'm not lying. At this point you are my only help I'm not able to get loans and my mom have taken so much to take care of me in the past she is unable to get anymore and my dad left my life at 2 yrs old because my mom broke up with him .I would do anything for any help. If you see this please please can you reach out to me by my email or if name lil_chrissii thank you.

    3. Henry Ham hen

      0:00 it’s Dino nuggies not Dino nuggets

    4. Nienke

      When a girl asks do i look fat? Dont ever look just say no!

    5. Simon Knaggs

      Yo love your videos there amazing

    6. Indefinite Videos

      pierson: cool transition, ready? lexi: yea me: let's see it yt: no, I'll just throw an ad at u me after the ad comes: ayo the transition is so long.....

    7. Yashvi Chaudhary

      I literally almost died when Pierson said india!!😂

    8. CJ SWAG 2


    9. JellyBean_IceCream0Gacha

      Nobody is ever to old to stop eating dino chicken nuggies >:D

    10. zacxio

      Who else had spit out there tea from the intro?

    11. G00ber Hedz

      Andrew is so funny

    12. Lilly Bug

      I love your vids 🥰

    13. Munaiba Raja

      Istg theres nothing that can beat them: - -stupid - silly -idiotic -cute Pierson videos :) You look glam babes

    14. merveille mbiada


    15. Pete Travels

      About 75 % of this vid is Lexi and Pierson promoting some fashionlabel

    16. kylie the terrific

      the video just joined together and was talking at the same time .. it was weird lol

    17. Remi Nine

      I’m you FAN!!

    18. Syking Shaikh

      Shipping lexi and pierson , lexon or piexi

    19. Kshitija Chimote

      Wait ..did she said "India"

    20. Ayah Fawaz

      Can we just appreciate how much effort she puts into her intros. Pierson your so confident. YOU GO GIRL!!!

    21. Gloe Gallardo

      Hi pierson i love your vids ❤💜

    22. DK Gaming

      2:29 the dogs but looks like a gray lion smiling

    23. Taylor Sinclare

      It’s may

    24. Harkeerat Kaur Aujla

      Is no one gonna talk about when lexi said ' I don't get paid enough ' Which instantly made me think of Shota Aizawa By the name - Eraserhead U know who I am talking about 😂😂😂 MY HERO ACADEMIA

    25. Shirree Williams

      Am I the only one that has becoming 13 years old for a day in my watch next

    26. Angel Mirobi

      U guys killed it hard

    27. Vijay Laxmi

      Yooo ,India is my country 😁😁

    28. Megan Heineman

      Let’s see how many subscribers I can get from this comment

    29. TarandeepSingh

      This video is not good it's really auckward

    30. TarandeepSingh

      I think you look so good in your old pictures when you are about 15 nearly . Clearly you look beautiful ..

    31. Lina Mary Khongsit

      When Pierson goes 321 then comes Google Add🤦🏻‍♀️

    32. Chitra c n Chitra c n

      And love Pearson for her confidence ❤

    33. Chitra c n Chitra c n

      Shein got banned in India 🇮🇳. Sad for us

    34. Night Mare

      When I tell u Andrew is the meaning of “mr steal ur girl”

    35. Tejaswi Tripuraneni

      Andrew’s honest af

    36. Lizbeth Maldonado

      Pierson is my #1 KGupr

    37. cod gamez11

      Mom wakin up like"where tf did i go wrong with u? "

    38. Mia Sanchez

      Pierson- “ guys so it’s April rn” Posted on may 2nd 2021

    39. Alex Reyes

      7:12 this is so weird

    40. Rachel Zhang

      I swear festivals are for food-

    41. My idols are dead

      Pierson be like this is my only fan Me onlyfans ooo only fan smh.😅😅😅

    42. Milica Eric

      Pierson is so confident.

    43. Abdo Saeed

      no one is too young for dino nugguets

    44. angela difiore


    45. Ellora Biswal

      I was really happy when she said india

    46. Maleeka Majdy

      Lexi: i am feeling blue Me: but you look pink because lexi hair is pink My brother: we are in maldives. And the island is going to be quarantined My mother: you lived in maldive for 12 years now Me: i am 12 years My dad: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    47. Rozelle Swan

      April but posted 2 may

    48. Sharpee

      I would watch every Pierson's video's for a year because of it's uniqueness lol.

    49. Bheem Shahu

      Pierson is so great man and very confidential

    50. Sarita Rani

      Hey you amp squad, when are you guys coming to India? Make sure you come to the state of Patna to meet me cause I'm your biggest ever fan

    51. Sara Reed


    52. Kwame Gyan Official

      Andrew is so funny seriously....some playboy looks

    53. Darien Farmer

      Pierson: this will cut to me with the outfit on 3 2 1... KGup: Ad time

    54. mrdixonn

      Y'all lit

    55. Vedika Barot

      "I don't need a boyfriend because I have Lexi". 🥺 "She's a square". 😂 "Are you a hat Lexi? Cause you are throwing shade". 😏 I love their friendship! 💖

    56. Lily Wymore

      Jeremy: idk we’ve never been on a date before or anything Me getting flashbacks to when he set up a date with Pierson: ✋💀

    57. Nick Saraf

      Mm what do you think about it though lol

    58. Hector Rojas

      God loves ya and always will!

    59. maxwell osei-gyamerah

      Do you all love the funny parton Pierson's channel

    60. Spineless Faith Holden

      It’s May

    61. Natasha Gerbrandt


    62. Ramram Entena

      Peirson is so funny 🐽💮

    63. Star girl

      Dino nuggies 🦖🍗

    64. butter scotch

      She said india 5:52

    65. Saiful and Amani Hassan

      So funny 😀😃😄😅😆

    66. Saiful and Amani Hassan

      I can't wait ✋until I watch this love 💘you and your videos I have 👍liked this video peace ✌out

    67. Caitlin COCHRANE

      lol that cool transition went into a ad

    68. Saffron Chauvin

      Right as they did the tranceition there was a add

    69. Deema Jammaz

      Can we just talk about how pierson is so confident and and amazing gurl I love you!!!!

    70. Maia-Grace Dickey


    71. Vanessa Shimota

      You are hilarious and make me smile all the time thx :)

    72. Hannah Lackowitz

      I need to know what the dress they took a photo in is called cuz I need it now

    73. Kaci Burnette

      Is it pronounced 'Sheen" or "She-in'? Let me know.

    74. VIVIAN LEE

      Pierson btw its dino nuggies

    75. Destiny Udeh

      Omg my mom told me too that I'm to old to eat dinno nuggets I'm only 12

    76. Farhin Adel

      Pierson is so funny

    77. Jojosiwastan

      0:00 and 0:19 I really hope you didn't waste it 😀

    78. sonia johns

      Pierson: I do t need a boyfriend I have Lexie Lexie: your a square

    79. Lilly Holland

      8:40 ....Whaaat did she just do right there? XD

    80. Riya Nasnodkar

      Omg Andrew!!!

    81. Angel 1608

      Bridgit Mendler, Karla Souza and Zoey Deutch had a kid. Idk the scientists did it illegally or something

    82. Lilly Holland

      Did they get a new kitchen or-? ;-;

    83. Samuel Root

    84. ndumiso shangase

      i didnt know andrew has braces

    85. Yasmin Yildirim

      Pierson, why did you say it's April😂😂😂it may

    86. Dulaj Amarasiri

      This is my "Onlyfan" 😂😂😂😂😂

    87. drelinas

      I watch your videos every time im crying and sad coz of loneliness

    88. Vaishnabee Mohanty

      Well the background behind seems like India

    89. Yamunabai Habib

      It's May month Pierson 🙄👍

    90. Just Randomness

      You're never too old to eat Dino nuggets

    91. Cylan Wright

      Be a Christian

      1. Cylan Wright


    92. Shikha Gupta


    93. Shikha Gupta


    94. Shikha Gupta


    95. Shikha Gupta


    96. Shikha Gupta


    97. Shikha Gupta


    98. Shikha Gupta


    99. Shikha Gupta


    100. Shikha Gupta