TRAFFIC PATTERN at London City airport with ALL CHECKLISTS! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Captain Joe

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    In today’s video I want to show you on how to start up your Cessna 172 from cold and dark, fly a traffic pattern by using all necessary checklist and then again shutting her down after landing.
    I’ll be using the original checklist given by Cessna. With the used checklists I want to get a better and deeper understanding of what you are actually with your plane. It is very important to me that you practice using the checklists as given to be well prepare for your first flight with your instructor. Use this video as a reference and train with your simulator at home as often as you can. The easier it will be for you during your training.
    More such training videos with the necessary checklists will follow!
    I hope you enjoyed this video!
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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    1. nonsustainAntes

      I wonder if Joe uses the "pitch for speed" technique when landing smaller aircrafts like the Cessna.

    2. TheBestGamingCritic

      My dad had a Piper Tripacer when I was growing up. I'm glad I can recognize some of this stuff even after so many years. Makes me a little regretful I didn't push to get my license too. Great videos Captain!

    3. HarryWhittle2019

      I just bought the checklist. It also works nicely with xplane. I would definitely buy!

    4. Harry Bassett

      You need to do a flight around London in MSFS with the latest Microsoft/Asobo update captain. Marvellous

    5. pineteam

      In commercial flying we don’t use checklist on piston aircraft. Only use Mnemonic like BUMPFF: Brakes, Undercarriage, Mixture, Pitch, Fuel and Flaps. It’s like driving your car really. =)

    6. Taisudo // Jack101

      woah, who added ray tracing to FS9?

    7. R G

      You did it better than my flight instructor, well done!

    8. Danny Lawrence

      You inspire me to be a pilot great video

    9. Aditya Agarwal

      How about a Boeing pilot flying Airbus A380 in MFS2020

    10. Musikur

      Interesting that this aircraft has no Carburetter heat, are the more modern Cessnas fuel injected?

    11. Vikash Patel

      Do the a320NEO in the air Berlin livery

    12. Flight Simulation Hub

      @6kQU hey Captain, I do simulations of landings and take-offs from different airports and conditions across the world, do let me know how you feel about them being a pilot; hoping to hear from you soon

    13. Omar Eldahrawy

      I haven't even watced yet and know its a good video

    14. Skreaning

      speechless, instead of paying $10,000 for flight school, learn it off this caption!

    15. Douglas Davies

      One problem. You can’t land a c172 at London city, but great video

    16. Peter Parker

      Have u ever flown to Bangkok airport (BKK)?

    17. Tanvir Rahman

      captain the link u have provided for checklists is not working. I request u to have a look on I'm eagerly waiting for that checklist

    18. Ralf Baechle

      The glide slope in London City is 5.5° due to the proximity of high-rise buildings Cambridge EGSC which is located in flat terrain with no very high structures nearby normally has it's glide slope set to 3.0°. Cambridge is also used for training for LCY so sometimes the PAPI is changed to 5.5°. If this happens it is communicated via NOTAM and by the tower controller. Now realigning the ILS glide slope is a major operation so they usually leave the ILS at its normal 3° and only change the PAPI. Also I've only ever seen this being done on RWY 23 which is the standard approach direction and has ILS and PAPI, not RWY 05 which only has a PAPI, no ILS. A Cessna 172's natural sinkrate at idle is bit steeper than 3° but 5.5° already feels like dive bombing ;-)

    19. Khan Bhai

      How many marks are required in matriculation and what to do after matriculation How to become a commercial pilot please any information

    20. Science Secret tv

      Good video,my boss captain joe is a genius in aviation.captain I love you.keep on, please how can I contact you

    21. Victor Sullivan

      Can a pilot change company? For example first flying with Ryanair then switching to Qatar airways

      1. Victor Sullivan


      2. ZK-APA

        Sure you can. Though there are eligibility requirements as well as contract clauses. So you can’t just one day decide to switch, it has to be executed in a proper manner.

    22. Seshna & Dhanvanth Balaji

      Hey captain Joe, nice vid .I have a question .Are you allowed to use the parking brakes while stopping the plane after landing?

    23. Khoirul Ummah


    24. Darren Styles

      Captain Joe, Your video in the helicopter was amazing. What is the music called you have playing while your taking in the sites of New York? Daz.

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    28. Deepa Awasthi

      Hey Captain Joe , when i see air spotters in videos some runways are a little bumpy when you see it from a parallel view. Why is it like that?

      1. Deepa Awasthi

        Specifically - parallel y above the runway.(horizontal)

    29. Karthikeyan Rajan

      Hi Captian, can you do a video on Trijet engine ... Thanks

    30. Tanmay Phadtare

      CN you make video on full cockpit preparation of a320

    31. Priyatam Kumar

      Captain Joe nice to meet you i want a answer about master switch,when aster switch react,resons of master switch,why it is use,is there a link between master switch and EICAS

    32. Aditya Playz

      You are the best

    33. Aditya Playz

      hi i got a question do you guys like always record like when you give examples or something like that?

    34. Jayden M.

      Joe, You promised that you would show us the inside of the space shuttle If you video explaining the "piggy back 747" got to 100k. IT DID! I hope you will make the video still, love the vids and keep it up!

    35. - Winglet Productions -

      Amazing video! (As Always)

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      When are you gonna make a video about the space shuttle

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    38. Geert Hermans

      Like always, a great video! Does anyone know a good electronic checklist app? I want to install an app on my tablet so I can do the checklist on it. Preferably one where I can modify the checklist. The laminated paper one i’ll use as backup.

    39. PAXS

      I don’t know were to post my question to ask but. I hope all is well and that you and your family are staying safe from COVID-19 but my question is what type of jets can I buy for my airstrip my air strip is 4miles long and some said if I just upgraded my engines and landing gear I can land whatever I want but my. I will do that just to make any plane faster because I’m not rich and want to look 👀 to buying more than one having a cargo plane and a 747 plus a mid size jet with double tanks and new engines and interior would. Be nice but I’m not sure if my airstrip which is fcc approved on my property can fit that king of space and if it can I would wonder next where to get my planes customized. 🙏

    40. Sebastian Ju

      Hi joe! 🙂 Why didn’t you do anything at the light switches? You flew the traffic pattern with taxi lights and left the light switches on after shutdown. Is that common?

    41. Denis prudence

      Hey Captain Joe. I have a dream of becoming a pilot. But my family can't afford for flying school. I decided to save money myself to get money for school. Please captain Joe support my drawing art..Take me to flying school. I'm 20 yrs Tanzanian boy. Instagram..Prudence_denis37

    42. Jesse S-M

      Hey Captain Joe. I was wondering if you could do a video on why the nose wheel always folds towards the front of the plane instead of to the back, I know you have already done a video on why the landing gear is tilted but I have always wondered why on all planes (at least to my knowledge) with retractable gears have the front landing gear retracting forwards instead of backwards.

    43. David Deluce

      Thank you for posting this. Very interesting and helpful for us sim pilots. Do checklists get revised and if so how often? Really appreciate all the videos you post and the time you take putting them together!

      1. ZK-APA

        Checklists usually remain the same, unless there is some additional sop which can be added.

    44. Aviation16

      Hey joe have you ever flown to Eastmiddles it is my local airport, we had a cargolux yesterday!! (We also has a Saudi airforce C130.

    45. TE KUANG HSU


    46. k e r e z y m a i i

      How do cargo pilots go to the toilet?

      1. k e r e z y m a i i

        @ZK-APA So there is toilets?

      2. ZK-APA

        Just like in any other aircraft. Also as far as I remember, you dont have to lock the cockpit doors in a cargo aircraft as there's no other person in the aircraft.

    47. Hafzath shameer

      what is a crash course joe ??????

    48. khyatipasta

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    51. Plain Aviation


    52. C_72 Schubair

      I suggest the point "RWY heading checked" to the line-up checklist

    53. Smaran Nadig

      When is the next video sir

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      Does the Cessna 152 Normal Checklist and Amplified Checklists on your site contain information on how to fly a pattern in that aircraft (like this one demonstrates for the C172)?

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      Sir please make the video of pilot uniform...? Surely waiting for it 😌

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      You're videos never change, keep it that way!

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      When Joe says clear prop, that reminds me of Steve said before in JFK: *Caution Propwash*

    58. Jack Hance

      Captain Joe, I hear cockpit announciator say "approaching minimums", "minimums". Pilot says "check", "continue". Can you explain for me what is meant by these statements?

      1. ZK-APA

        Minimums is the last point by which the pilot should be able to see the runway to land. If they can't see it by that point, they go around.

    59. Toni

      Captain joe looks like paul rudd (the guy who starred as ant man)

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      Wonder what aircraft is better for low cost long haul services, Norwegian's 787 or NokScoot's 777?

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      I bought the checklist, but where do I download it? PS Great Video

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      Why do some 4 engine planes us only the two inside engines for reverse thrust?

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      1. ZK-APA

        He mentioned on his Instagram, he’s slightly busy because of tedx

    64. Alek João MP

      I know it's late but!!! Love Captain Joe!

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      Captain joe why the plane sound noisy tho the engine is not running

      1. ZK-APA

        That's usually the sound of the apu

    66. solomon aondoakaa

      Hello, I have been following your presentations and you are amazing, is it okay if you mentor me?

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      Hi captain joe. I am doing a job thing for school and was wondering if you could do a quick small video on how Spaceflight works, since you are a trained pilot.

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      Captain joe I have a question what does move is it the plane or the earth

      1. Joe. Biden.

        @Eternal Tech can you um???¿¿¿¿ I didn't understand any if that

      2. Eternal Tech

        Both the aircraft and the earth are moving. The earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun. The sun and the rest of the solar system are also moving through space as the galaxy is moving as the universe expands. However, I believe the question that you are asking about is about the aircraft's motion relative to the earth. The atmosphere rotates with the earth, so in order for an aircraft to fly from one location on the planet to another, the aircraft must move.

    69. Pravin Prajapati

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      Hi Captain Joe. I hope you get to read this message. I have a question I would like to ask. I am not a real world pilot but I have been flightsimming for the last 26 years. I have emersed my self to learn as much as possible so that I know quite a lot. Here is my question: I have made an observation. Previously the flight plans for US flights would use the high altitude airways or Jet routes. Now I notice flights use more VOR to VOR in their flights. I believe this has to do with the open skies policy which has to do with greater demand and better radar and tcas which makes it possible. My question is this correct and what factors go into choosing which VORs are used. By that I mean how do they choose how far apart to space the VORs in the flight plan? Cheers!

    71. Mohammed Yasin

      dear Joe sir, i wanted to become a good educated pilot like you . but the problem is in vacation can i manage to meet my parents ? if you are saying no then i will stop to be a pilot but i will manage to study all the aircraft properties, their check list and others. To make a better future, i wanted to make a machine that is eco friendly to nature , a machine thats something special than others , ......... sir i am learning through your videos........

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      Joe, this video is really good to understand all this pattern and huge thanks for that, but we want to see you fly directly in gameplay recording so we see how you deal with intime flying^^

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      1. Eternal Tech

        If your "friends" are calling you names and leaving you, then they are not your friends. I recommend finding better people to associate with.

    75. Radley _YT

      i think its a video

    76. ANU Nelson

      Captain, Could u please do a video on How full service airline calculate a ticket fare? onboard alcohol and food cost r part of the ticket price Thank u

      1. ZK-APA

        Thing is airlines don't usually charge on the basis of service. Its more on the basis of supply and demand. Sure to operate a flight, it may cost an airline x amount per passenger. But if demand is high, the airline can charge more than x because people are willing to pay for it. Similarly if demand is low, an airline can charge less than x, so that they make some money (even if it's in a loss) compared to just having an empty seat.

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    81. Soundgrounder Music

      CHEM TRAILS. I found your channel some time back. Your channel was informative but you said in a Q&A, chem trails were a myth. My discoveries have revealed documented evidence of gross humanitarian abuse of money and power. I was reminded of your views and I believe you are incorrect. FBI agent Ted Gunderson.

      1. Eternal Tech

        If pilots were to spray chemicals that could harm human beings, this means that these chemicals would also adversely impact their friends and family. In addition, these chemicals would also cause harm to these pilots when they are on the ground. Therefore, why would they do such a thing?

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      Hi Joe Does every planes have a Apu? And does a Dash 8 have it?

      1. ZK-APA

        Not necessarily. Eg the atr doesn't have an apu. The dash 8 definitely has an apu option, but I'm not sure if it's standard or optional.

    87. Atharv Garg

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      1. youssef choo

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      I have a question Captain joe. Why are pilots so rough with the joy stick while landing and taking-off

      1. ZK-APA

        It's not rough per say. But you can say that more control input is required when an aircraft is flying at a slower speed.

      2. abbysnowmist

        ? Normal control movements. Might seem rough with you, but it is just routine movement.

    95. Dexter Cabansag

      Hey is it possible for a Pilot to land on a Wrong Airport?

      1. ZK-APA

        Sure. It has happened. But odds of it happening is very very rare.

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