If Everything Was Like Among Us

Troom Oki Toki

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    It is always interesting to play computer games. Should you play a computer game in real life? Today we will play AMONG US.
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    1. Lilabitnothing QwQ

      Its not friend its actually crewmate but this vid is the greatest

    2. dinh nguyen hojo

      7k .

    3. Kaydence Custer

      Can you tag hand OK 10


      I LOVE AMONG US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Tanya Tzarnoretchka


    6. forgottenstar666


    7. MW - 02MS 887977 Sherwood Mills PS

      My two I have was not can are

    8. Codie Miller

      My fav game love u

    9. Maap Mohammed

      that was wired

    10. Dreaming Gaming Center

      Dreaming Gaming Center

    11. Kristina Mnk

      Why are you so such

    12. Xtian Laifai


    13. Erlyn Matugas


    14. Terranique Johnson

      One day you will get the best one

    15. Anne Santos

      I love among us so much that i will yell and i did the airship and its so much harder

    16. Jela Jankovic


    17. Margarita Rivas


    18. ashley ramos

      When was The Imposter

    19. Rachel Kitsch

      Blue the imposter

    20. Caylie Valentin


    21. Adela Derosas

      Fw grew t b.d va va ,,

    22. Anni gemes

      Kak jangan bahasa Inggris lah bikin channel nya aku nggak pandai bahasa Inggris

    23. DLDJ Familiá

      It's blue it's blue

    24. joe palma

      Do you guys want to play among us in real life like me?

    25. Justin & Naudia Robinson


    26. Slime Kid


    27. Sherryl Gaitera

      i love ong us i will always watching your videos love your videos and you all god bless

    28. Yasmin Baruwa

      Yes I think so

    29. zeeshan ishtiaq


    30. Gurfateh Singh

      Too blue

    31. Sierra Jefferson


    32. Jelo Suatengco

      i like this but wheres cyan

    33. betül berra vural

      Ben türküm be hiçbirşey anlamadı

    34. betül berra vural

      l am a turk

    35. Ricky Oconnor


    36. Mehwish Asad

      Blue imposter

    37. Brye Aubrey B.

      Problems: a crewmate is innocent and the friend role doesn't exist btw they all have a secret role + ghosts can only talk to other ghosts and crewmates can't talk to each other until someone calls a meeting. Also they can't eat, there is no wind, oh and also THERES NO IPHONES

      1. Brye Aubrey B.

        And they can report right there where the dead body is

      2. Brye Aubrey B.

        Crewmates and imposters can't see ghosts either theres alot of problems with this : I

    38. Muhibur Rahman


    39. Sigdia Fuentes

      I download a Among Us I love among us so much and I hope you don’t like among us so

    40. Jeremy Spicer


    41. Darcie Benton

      I hated this is should be impostor to win ugh I wont watch this ever

    42. Beni Bofoya

      Its blue

    43. Denis Filip


    44. Khalil Sebaaly

      It's so nice😇😇

    45. ورد غامدي

      Blue blue and Buster

    46. theresden

      They do look funny!!!!!!!!!!! I liked when the guy was in the bathroom and he was like let me go in the BATHROOM PLEASE open the door that was funny maybe it's funny for me

      1. bousamra Mk


      2. Jesus Avalos

        @faith Johnson How in costumes I want Halloween costumes I like Halloween costume I want to make Halloween video how my gosh hello and cancel Halloween costumes today piece tomorrow let me know Saturday no love my my mom made it it it it it it it it it

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    50. Nancy Rom


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    55. Susan Boring

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    56. Miggedy Frost


    57. Zoey Arrington

      i love waching you ever day :)

      1. Brody Howard


      2. Camil Abdurahmani

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      3. Zoey Arrington

        and i hate fall guys

    58. Isaac and Elizabeth Molina

      Whoa what the hell is the only way is to kill

      1. Sleep queen Zzzz


    59. Erica Puckett

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    63. SUPI LOVE

      Happy new year I love u guys

    64. Alaric Pillay

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    65. __Grist for the Lel__

      And if you hide you really kinda won’t win

    66. __Grist for the Lel__

      I have among us

    67. Leahkayleegacha gachalife#

      Me crew mate...: imposter: kill pink * I saw red kill in front me ( no one litsen ) *yellow was looking at pretty girls 👧 ( THEN CALL A MUDER MASTERY

    68. Kamelia Alarcon


    69. Barbara Irias

      Jess:*takes Mary’s phone * Me: that’s so mean and rude

      1. Sleep queen Zzzz

        @haroon shareefmadina 1 sub haroon or should I say 1 SUB MORONE ha beat dat

      2. Sleep queen Zzzz


      3. Sleep queen Zzzz

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    71. game player

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    74. Jaskirat Basra

      among us i like among us


      Blue is it

    76. Julius Garle

      If everyone would just pay attention and to just disappear and they would see who was the imposter and go and press the red button

    77. Aparna Somannavar

      I love u 123g

    78. Kowsalya G

      Next time I viper Good video

    79. Sendhil Murugan

      Good morning puppy kutti

    80. Charlene Townsend

      Video stop saying bad words

    81. Noor Memon

      I play among us and I like to be Impostor I get mad when I am a Crewmate I just get so mad 💀☠☠💀☠☠☠☠☠💀☠☠💀☠

      1. Sleep queen Zzzz

        dude chill -_- it's just a game 🤦

    82. Laila Hameed


    83. zakheer

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    84. Zaylor Evans


    85. Zaylor Evans


    86. Zaylor Evans


    87. Carmon Gay

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    88. mohamad dawara

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    89. Orgest Debrova

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    91. joeyaizpuru

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      2. joeyaizpuru


    92. Angel Angel

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    94. Rilwan Adam

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    96. rose jane binay-an

      pink was not the impostor

    97. Galdino Sanchez


    98. Gabriella Nieves

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    99. The Kid Dom

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