Ariana Grande Vocals Evolution (1998-2020)😍😱🎙

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    Ariana Grande Vocals Evolution (1998-2020)😍😱🎙
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    1. Arianators Family

      from a princess to a QUEEN. What a glow up!😻💜 What’s your fav year?❤️

      1. that.girl.shelby


      2. Girls with goals

        2021 bc that’s when I was born 😒😅

      3. Harmony Speer

        My fav year is 2010 bc that’s when I was born 😂 haha

      4. Marco Cordella


      5. Marble Bubble

        All dude

    2. Official Stxr

      Miranda in the back round 👁👄👁

    3. easthethicari

      she was born a popstar 😌

    4. Diva Emralda

      whats the problem witht gurl at 2:13😂

    5. Alexis Anderson

      I like how in the thumbnail her skin gradually gets darker ULTIMATE SHADE LOL

    6. Agnieszkalhhmjh Bartczak

      every age her voice changes

    7. Halsey Garrix


    8. 킴 Kimberly Anne Salomon

      I think i saw Madi Monroe😮😲😲omg im i the only one who saw that???

    9. 킴 Kimberly Anne Salomon

      Miranda be like:🙄

    10. Strawberry Moon

      This was so beautiful. I have so much respect for Ariana💕

    11. Billie sujey

      Minuto 2:19 jajajajaja la cara de envidia que tiene la muchacha hacia ariana grande

    12. Celia Miranda Modesto


    13. Kei Nagata

      Man she got a major glow up

    14. HalliePlaysrobloxYT Blossoms bloom

      Miranda just watching lol AFK like roblox funny lol 😂

    15. Annabella M

      Ariana born with the voice of a goddess Me born with the voice of my sister when she was 10 it’s ok I guess

      1. Annabella M

        Hey I’m not being mean

    16. Haneen Aldalaan


    17. heidi gonzalez

      Ariana Grande kind of look like Hayley leblanc when she was little does it?

    18. Samantha Dale

      Aww so cute the beaut

    19. Girls with goals

      2020 WAS SOOO FUNNY

    20. Charlotte Granger


    21. I’m not heather don’t worry C:

      Oh my god this is so adorable

    22. Sam Rockwell Vlogs

      How I wish I was also born with that kind of talent. Singing I'd everything!☝️ Godbless AG! More more power & more songs to come!!!😍

    23. Francisco Huerta

      Yasssss queen

    24. Vitor Silva

      is anybody going to mention mirandasings face haha

    25. Genesis Carrillo

      Watch 0:13-0:38 to 6:27

    26. angela Camillo


    27. Norman

      She was born to sing

    28. Camille Weber

      2010 for sure

    29. Roseplays Roblox

      Omg wow me better tho

    30. Olivia Bonham

      Ariana has always had an amazing voice!!!!!!!

    31. Sheena and Yulie

      2:20 xddd miranda's faceee

    32. Pinky Playz

      That glare in 2011 tho 😳

    33. Lola Ford

      I can see Ariana in her face in all of them Like if u do 2👍👍

    34. Juju


    35. Juju

      Omg victorious ai être fait qu’en je suis ner

    36. ME

      She was born to be a star🤩

    37. pinky don

      She screams and it sounds so perfect but when I scream I shattered glass😪

    38. Hiba Mohammed

      Is Cat Ariana? I always thought cat looked like someone but never thought of Ariana as cat.... She is supposed to be Tori, not cat, she is the victorious, love u Ariana❤and Ariana, follow wengie, she and me r your #1 fans😘

    39. Jasmine Shaumi

      2:15 AHAHAHHA look at her friend lol

    40. Marie engen

      the 2011 is just-

    41. riryy

      2:15 omg miranda sings😭😭😭😭😭

    42. Eden Demetria

      I love 2013!

    43. Eden Demetria

      2:55 to 3:30 was my FAVORITE!

    44. La Nena 7

      What's the name of the minute 2:28 ???

    45. Radasha Ramdeo

      See this baby in the beginning of the video she sings 7 rings

    46. Zoey Milburn

      I'm a little disappointed that you didn't add a clip of her from 13 the musical when she was 14 (I think) when she was on Broadway. Other than that, I love this vid!

    47. Айлин Вог

      Умничка ,😘😘😘😘🥰

    48. Айлин Вог


    49. bloxy_ sloth

      2:14 Merandas face! 😭😂

    50. Mia's Life

      Omg I love Harry potter and Ariana Grande

    51. Marsh Funny

      I love this song all

    52. flamix

      Me trying to sing 2012. Mom: Omg... What a cute dophin!

    53. pencil jk im not a pencil

      2:21 The true look of jealousy! 😂

    54. •Tulio Triviño Tufillo

      I'm going to cry😭✋❤️

    55. Ammie Gem

      2012 and 2013

    56. Carlos Ocampo


    57. Joanna Kirabo

      2:15 Miranda's face😂😂

    58. Amelie L

      I love you Ariana I will never found a better star

    59. mielbordios

      2:13 Miranda Sings be like: "Why we're still here?...just to suffer?" 😂

    60. Diewke Wong

      That girl 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂why Ariana singing

    61. Amelia Stout

      who thinks when she was little her hair was so adorable

    62. Sadani Selenka

      My loving singer😍

    63. Mary David

      me: Addict in Ariana Grande 😄

    64. Manu Gauer

      She is so so so fabulous

    65. Mari Jo Guzmán

      OMG your voice is beautiful 🥰🥰😍

    66. Jaidenelle Diaz

      that fact that ari can sing THAT high(2:33) just blows my mind- ari has grown into such an amazing, talented, mature woman. U go gurl!!!

    67. -ally-

      You need to make one with 2021 XD


      Those HIGH NOTES though

    69. Just Alex

      she’s a literal angel-

    70. MeMini .T.

      WAIT!!! If I become a FAMOUS SINGER I can sing “The National Anthem” While I’m like 10??????

    71. nxxinopes ت

      does she have curly hair?

    72. #melissa love

      2:13 Miranda was just a mood 👁️👄👁️

    73. ᪥cxco.bean᪥

      In 2011 the girl i dont remeber her name but she was some mad or jeally

    74. Junti Karmakar

      She is born to be a singer

    75. Gabriela Zawada

      the best

    76. Tea Ree Real

      I love her ❤❤❤

    77. Aido Yomso

      I think this video's a proof she never had a plastic surgery 🙃she is born PREETY

    78. Xiang

      She is so pretty💝💖

    79. Gratia Theresa

      What is the third song name??

    80. Merce Mata


    81. joie desamito

      wow ahahah good i like it

    82. Nichola Davies

      that giaw high note gave me chills

    83. Tory Jones

      wAs 2001 tHe sUpEr bOwL?? im supa dumb lmao

    84. Simply Maia

      the first one got me..

    85. Yuemi's wine


    86. Diana P

      Queen ❤️❤️🥺💗

    87. Jiya Brahmachari

      It's 2008 when i born woww it was really really hard to hold breath that much and sing that much long OMG REALLY NICE .........💜💜💜❤💜❤💜❤❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤

    88. sister sisters

      I watch Sam and Cat have you

    89. Jasmine Johnson

      Not Ariana hitting those notes that don't even exist😂

    90. ALEXIS Sanmar

      someone knows what the last one is called

    91. L Morgan

      fav year was 2016 in this vid that dangerous woman was amazing

    92. Alicia Roblox

      Wow 👌

    93. sofia lopez

      she found her sound 😌

    94. marie pollard

      her voice can go soo loud

    95. Betrix Creation

      sinceramente per carità ha una bella voce ma le canzoni fanno cacare.... Non la seguo e manco me interessa non ascolto,non solo per lo stile di musica,che fa. Non e il mio genere. Gia floricienta fa canzoni meglio di lei. E cia il triplo dei fan suoi. A 10 anni di distanza ci sono ancora persone che si vedono la serie,e ascoltano le canzoni,il mondo di patty. Per carità ha fan ma ste canzoni mi viene la depressione....

    96. RaimbowYT pizzaYT

      Canta hermoso algunos dicen que dio un glow up pero ella nunca dio un glow up desde pequeña es hermosa

    97. Rolewithjay

      So Ariana was singing a song in 2008 while I was being born xD😭

    98. Gabbie Taylor

      The whistle notes are sooo good arianna was like ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh and she sounds sooo good😀

    99. Gabbie Taylor

      Even when arianna was little ahe sounds soo good with a natural voice😀

    100. courtney playz roblox

      I love Victorious and it's funny how it had one of her on victorious