Mom Decides To Walk Out On Her Family, Husband Learns Lesson | Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann

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    You never know how hard someone's job is until you do it yourself.
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    1. Dhar Mann

      Hey #DharMannFam, thanks for watching my video! For more inspirational content and exclusive giveaways follow me on Instagram here: Also, did you know I have another KGup channel with my fiancée Laura? We drop new videos every week! If you want to get to know us more, see more personal content and get access to exclusive giveaways, check out our KGup channel here:

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    2. Microwaved Koolaid

      If I told my mom to get syrup for me I would get the 8 trigrams 64 belts

    3. Blossom Ito

      Just watching him make the bed hurt

    4. Ella Niday

      I love your channel and watching every single video forever

    5. Sindolwethu Dlamini

      Yoh this child is so spoiled

    6. Alisha Fisher

      moms should get paid for being awesome!

    7. Jaskirat Singh

      To be honest I think the kid need to do something

    8. Glittery Strawberry

      What’s next? “Mom, you know I can’t pick up a french fry without a fork.”

    9. Immanuel Seibeb

      Me as mom u want me too tacke care of the house and sit the whole day doing nothing bruh

    10. •Brøkēn Løsēr•

      My life in a nutshell 👏👏

    11. templar708

      The kid is spoiled but great actor's

    12. TheFlarebloxian 2010

      Does anyone notice the dad looks like Kingsley from Harry potter

    13. Tait Moala

      Go get it you fatty

    14. Joyce Lin

      The thing is my dad was really thankful for what my mom did and he treats she like a princess but my mom cheated on him..

    15. Isabella Heredia

      the title shoulda been: Grown Ass Man Can't Make A Heckin Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

    16. Bxbbles_Lily

      Ik this isn't the point of the vid,but who just has strait up veggies for dinner if there not on a diet or something

    17. Dilangamez

      Bucket and a mop thats a wap

    18. Sahana Prabhu

      Well, if this was really a quarantine type of situation, and your kids didn't go to school, then take advantage of your kids! Make them help you do all the work you need to do. - Anonymous Kid (Me)

    19. Zhen Rong

      So the mom teaches the dad but not a kid that is spoiled af

    20. Wolfy

      Im so sorry y he have so many apples and oranges also y that peanut butter so watery

    21. Beary qwq

      Mom:Makes pancakes every day Normal kid:why not something different Autistic kid:yay

    22. Guest Noob

      Now it’s the kid turn

    23. Kristen Hunny

      How hard can it be *10 minutes later * ummmm can I get some help🤣

    24. Pat R

      Excellent video! Men really don’t have a clue at what a wife & mother have to do every single day. It may appear easy but it’s not & especially when there’s no appreciation or respect! A woman literally has to think & do several things at once & if the husband gets sick or one of the children; it’s even harder. And if the wife also works from home to bring in extra income & is home schooling the children; it can be extremely difficult! All husbands should see this! Thank you for this video.

    25. Sithumli Methaya

      My mom is also like that she get it what we ask❤❤ its_sithumli

    26. Diana Videla

      Poor Greg

    27. Jc48B

      Lmao this video is stupid, the dad is a bum can’t even do simple ask task that you get teach wen ur 5. The kid is spoiled can’t get his ugly as up for anything. This is ridiculous. And she doesn’t work bc the guy pays everything. She’s also lazy.

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    28. elie mulanda

      U are boyed

    29. Rupali Wankhede

      You make it a 5 minutes video but it looks like its 1 hours

    30. BubblegumAngel c:

      Roses are red🌹 Violets are blue 💙 I see a spoiled child How ‘bout you?

    31. The Squad

      Title: Mom does everything in the house 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 In story there is a spoiled kid 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 I think you are making the wrong story

    32. Amora Loves horses

      Dad*pancakes again where’s the butter*son*mom you know I can’t eat my pancakes without syrup*me whet the heck you should not have a son if you don’t care dudddeeee

    33. TechnoIsHere - Mobile Gaming

      0:37 y'all really did that Tapatio dirty by not putting on the cap

    34. Anne Cohen

      Wth why are they complaining? If I had pancakes everyday and a mom like that I would be the happiest person in the world.

    35. Kamaula Glennie

      My dad is exactly like this but fun fact he can do all of this 😅

    36. Jayden Alvarenga

      They are good acters

    37. LbpGamerGirl

      *When the dad does tasks for the house:* “Ok dad, try not to look sus”

    38. 13kDev1ls

      I hate the child so much he is extremly spoiled

    39. Lego Creations


    40. Claire W

      What do you mean I’M FINE WITH PLAIN PAN CAKES and also just be happy you can have pan cakes? I don’t even have any pan cakes to make And I usually have no break fast

    41. ·ActxveMilkshake·

      0:25 - 0:30 does anyone notice how the pancakes came out of nowhere without him picking it up

    42. Yassir Tazi

      What up if I had pancakes every day I’m so gonna be happy I have them on Saturday

    43. NotLia

      dad: pancakes AGAIN?!? me: i would eat pancakes for every meal if i wanted too.

    44. Stephen Townsend

      It’s funny how I was eating pancakes while watching this

    45. Sea Pugs

      What mom walkers down one the family and husband teaches a lesson you mean the other way round I was so confused at first

    46. Anonymous

      Hey everyone! I hope you stay safe and enjoy the holidays! Have a nice day! :D

    47. YouTube Bomer

      Imagine not packing lunch at night

    48. The King Of Youtube

      Nobody: My tasks in among us:

    49. Lynda Simmons

      Godbless everyone!!!

    50. Phlippy

      “You never know how hard something is until you try it” -Dhar Mann 2020

    51. Maaz Khan

      My parents hardly make me pancakes and I eat toast literally all the time but I’m great full that I have food because lots of People don’t dare Mann’s videos make me appreciate what I have more and nothing is more important than family thank you Darr Mann from maaz

    52. Maaz Khan

      At least they get pancakes

    53. nakesha hubbard


    54. KELLY PotterHead

      At the start I was like, wth

    55. Trista faith Family


    56. Rab C third

      As a family it should be a team effort anyways. And I know they better teach that kids a lesson next time tahaha

    57. iisunxii I

      that looks so easy, the only reason i don’t do none of those is cus i’m lazy

    58. vijithashree k

      I love this story its a great a lesson

    59. Vicky N.



      Hi Freelancer_tarun Here From Insta Waitng to b In your IPhone Giftlist plss

    61. Dramionee Forever

      Seriously (no hate) but my mom does triple the work she did and she never complains and she does all the work alone and we live in a joint family of 10 people and there are 7 rooms in our house and she does it all along with taking care of me and my siblings and teaches us too but she never complains instead she is happy and now that we're all grown up we do the work but she still tells us to sit down and says that this is the age to enjoy our life not to do chores!! I love my mom😍

    62. -Tsuyu-

      Those pancakes looks so good my dad knows how to make those but it been a while Hello again now I want pancakes hehehhehehehhe

    63. Fountain Rowa

      Bro i have pankcakes i would ask for nothing i would get it by myself

    64. YouCuber HD

      that day was unexpected, i didnt even expect the father to even do the things the mom texted

    65. Sophiagrace and Cookie time

      These r waaay 2 cliche and all r just about the same

    66. PøwerBømb

      Nobody is gonna talk about the fact that syrup is in fridge?!?


      I know not to judge a book by it's cover but I'm confused... Why did the video say, "Mom Decides To Walk Out On Her Family" Did she really abandon her family and come Back? 🤔

    68. Scribtz

      this kid: is mean to his parents his parents: ok me: neutral to my parents and busy my parents: you're so lazy do something productive

    69. Sariya Evans

      i do all that stuff on a daily base and i am 11 he can't do that for one day and he's probably way older than me he just lazy .

    70. Poopi Poops

      I bought a hoverboard so I could do stuff and do it faster and more fun

    71. Odeno Jones

      That's how my mom feels thank God I can cook so my mom desant get stressed out 🤗🙂

    72. Crossing potato

      Is anyone gonna realize that the name of this is “mom walks out on family” not “mom goes away for the day then comes back”

    73. Nicholas Osorio

      At 0:23 he has no pancakes on his plate At the next shot pancakes just appeared out of nowhere and the dad didn’t put it there

    74. Madelyn Trejo

      I just want food

    75. Hala Qteshat

      Every thing is hard in live

    76. Suzwanna Mayfield

      It’s not easy at all! We just make it look easy❤️ and many of us work outside the home too!!!! 😒

    77. Rahul Chintapatla

      Who puts there napkins in a freakin drawer

    78. sergio jimenez

      i love your vids and they changes peoples lives

    79. Sean Furlong

      Why complain about getting homemade pancakes?

    80. Miss Mega Milk

      Bro the dad and kid are so lazy like me and my brother even help my mom with the stuff even if she dosent ask us too! Being a mother isn't easy

    81. Larbi Aliju

      I love ur videos

    82. Jemima Hendricks

      Whoever this lady is, she is very beautiful ❤️

    83. Lana Aita

      Did anyone notice that the "groceries" are only apples and oranges?

    84. Aditya atre

      Bruh.. my mom does the same to me and dad for Sunday and TBH we really get screwed hard . Mom's are awesome

    85. galaxy penguins

      Roses are red violets are blue i came to the commetns to talk about how the kid is spoilt and so did u

    86. goggle account

      dislikes for click bait:

    87. Aesthetic Roses

      I don't even get breakfast for breakfast

    88. nila anvusaeni

      Jamie is a cranky kid ....

    89. Santi Dyer

      In the beginning those pancakes fluffy

    90. cxloudy.mochii ovo

      Man I’ve watched so many of your videos but I’m not subbed, I think it’s time to:>

    91. David Wichert

      Reeeeeaaaaal quick 2:30 grab a bucket and a mop that’s a wap that’s a wap

    92. Ana Ferenczi

      Spoiled children,spoiled husband, where is it a wife life? Just together working at home you can be happy!

    93. Gacha Puppeteer

      the title is so misleading she didnt walk out on her family she went to the grandmothers and came back thats not walking out on someone

    94. XxWeeb_MiaxX

      You never now how hard someones job is until you did it your self

    95. molang gomez

      ok i know this is mostly about the dad but what a spoiled kid -_-

    96. idcboss12


    97. Alberto Haynes

      I'm sorry but why is there are 50 apples in that one back

    98. The Cinnamon Rolls

      The parents need to teach the kid to get his own freakin syrup

      1. Milada S K

        I agree

    99. Chehee Hong


    100. Anonymous heck

      The dad: ugh pancakes again? Me at 7 in the morning: *eating mini bowls of cinnamon toast crunch*