Journalist who works in Washington D.C. talks about life after attack on Capitol


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    Two days after supporters of President Donald Trump rushed the U.S. Capitol building in protest of President-Elect Joe Biden being certified as the winner of the presidential election, things are starting to look and feel different inside the nation’s capital.

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    1. bcvbb hyui

      The media is to blame the most for all of this

    2. oiuet souiu

      I like stories like this, describing what a famous place look like to someone who sees it every day.

    3. sehhi vooty

      life after attack on Capitol lmmfao lol REALLY SOME ONE TRYING TO GET THE SPOT LITE, COME ON MAN LOL @ U

    4. Ailsa Ni

      You're so great ??

      1. bcvbb hyui

        provoke the government into a violent response.

    5. Why Not

      DMV local. DC is fine, lol. And, yes the barricade was moved for people to walk in a single file line. Smh, propaganda is real people. Don’t believe what you see.

      1. oiuet souiu

        legal party in power. I'm not making this crap up see look it's right out of the play book read for your self. "Other factors, while not specifically falling into these categories, may

    6. Angel Mary

      Good video!😍

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Giggles adorably

    7. Gunner Berger


    8. Coming soon

      Journalists lie when they studdah

      1. Ailsa Ni

        legal party in power. I'm not making this crap up see look it's right out of the play book read for your self. "Other factors, while not specifically falling into these categories, may

    9. Lil HotDog

      I’m sorry but all this mob and capital raid did was just make the trump pence movement a disgrace and honestly embarrassing

      1. Ailsa Ni

        legal party in power. I'm not making this crap up see look it's right out of the play book read for your self. "Other factors, while not specifically falling into these categories, may

    10. GV

      Once Biden is in office this crap cannot happen again. If you break into the capitol building with the intent to harm an elected official you forfeit your life, plain and simple. Imagine if it was an isis sympathizer trying to break into the capitol they would be sniped immediately.

      1. Ailsa Ni

        legal party in power. I'm not making this crap up see look it's right out of the play book read for your self. "Other factors, while not specifically falling into these categories, may

    11. lasso atrain

      I think free speech is absolutly nessasary in a frer and open society but at the same time when the 1st is used as an indefensible weapon like we have been witnessing its time for some new classifications . I mean you just can't go around slandering and making false accusations to destroy a person's whole world for no other reason then for political gain based in lies and collaborating entities. We will never get any where unless you have enough money too pay off the enforcing agencies. I think its time that a person be held accountable for what they publish. Say what ever you want but if it's not true then you should be held accountable in some way even if it's just a score card that says how dependable your record on truth has been. Or classify like the fake news as a political fiction program and real fact checked news as non fiction news program .or political opinion programs. What ever but this is madness brainwashing people with no accountability for your crime .look the news media just over threw the united states. They need their in the very least attorney.

    12. Ev 828

      Talk about domestic terroism lol

    13. M S

      They need to have snipers ready on han 20 and just shoot ppl who are trying to get at the government officials.

    14. Nina Friaes


    15. calholli

      Good: "When government fears the people, there is freedom"

    16. Jo Bckts

      Ranked as 49th worst riot, compared to 90day Democrat Riots and looting and 50 murders of 2020.

    17. Rob Ritter

      Life after the attack.. in 6 days life has been determined

    18. lasso atrain

      Now watch because people know this and talk out loud about the democrats using subversion and still are using it , they will come out with stories accusing trump of the crimes they are guilty of. It happends every time. It's subversion.

    19. lasso atrain

      From wikipedia under subversion. Other factors, while not specifically falling into these categories, may also be useful to subversive dissidents. Additionally, many tools may overlap into other groups of tools as well. As an example, subversives may infiltrate an organization for cultural subversion more so than for control. Civil unrest may be used to provoke the government into a violent response.

    20. Darrell Barton


    21. lasso atrain

      . Subversion uses agitators intentionally to force a violent response by the goverment in power to help sway public opinion to the side of the ones attempting too overthrow the legal party in power. I'm not making this crap up see look it's right out of the play book read for your self. "Other factors, while not specifically falling into these categories, may also be useful to subversive dissidents. Additionally, many tools may overlap into other groups of tools as well. As an example, subversives may infiltrate an organization for cultural subversion more so than for control. Civil unrest may be used to provoke the government into a violent response.

    22. Thomas

      That like dislike ratio though

    23. MI5 Peekaway Pikachu Electricfrying Powers

      People that actually voted for Trump shows there level of IQ is very little to non. Obama was 1000 times better than these retards.

    24. an0nym0us9001 —

      They let them in!

    25. John Wells

      Lol if they think this is an attack just keep pushing peoples buttons. Wait tho looting targets and Walmart’s who had nothing to do with the government killing your people good. Looting the capital who had everything to do with the government killing your people bad. I’m following here.

    26. Lyn Dior

      And the Communists have now taken over and their first puppet leader to be publicly inagurated before the masses. God help us.

    27. Iambic Pentameter

      After this past year of watching average business owners being distraught at seeing their entire livelihoods being reduced to smoldering ash due to idiotic riots, seeing wealthy and powerful Nancy Pelosi being mildly inconvenienced by a stolen podium doesn’t really reach my pity.

    28. Lanuiiohu Sukikiya

      This is nothing compared to BLM & Antifa's burning, looting & killing hundreds for 8 month. Biased media praising Dem while opposing Rep.,,,

    29. Ethan's Beer Reviews

      Boo hoo

    30. Daniel Duffy

      Are those the people that murdered the capitol police officer

    31. jrust

      My neighbor rubbed his junk all up and down the armrests of jerry nadlers chair 😂

    32. Will O

      You pos media blm and antifa have beaten an uncountable number Nd killed over 20

    33. Will O

      When tyranny becomes normal resistance becomes duty

    34. Lone Star

      They told the Capitol Police to go home in the morning and Trump hasn't even started his speech yet. But I am really surprised Loefler to suddenly not objecting as she was saying she will. Can't trust these republicans. At least demonrats win by whatever it takes. But scumbag Biden will never be my president.

    35. zane lile

      To relate - our homes have a simple door on them, easy to break & enter/ Use the same kind on the house & senate building - make the people we send to DC more responsible.

    36. Ronshai Jones

      How funny a whole bunch of Trump support climbed a wall

    37. Corey

      If this republic is to survive, the media must hang.

    38. Lavar Stark

      Police Couldn’t Riot And Stop It At The Same Time They Had To Go Home And Change First Smh


      Yo, what actually happening there? I'm clueless. I tot Covid is still ongoing.

    40. j w

      Hey John here's a scenario for you, sophisticated weaponry, during inauguration 1ST FENCE 100 YARD RADIUS from capital. (fence, barrier, what ever this temp no entry zone this will be. Breach it, you get shot. if things are for surely going to get bad, people are warned by bullhorns, sirens, disaster apps, radio and tv early enough to evacuate the fence area. helicopters and drones are on stand by ready to fight on outside of fence. when the evil army attacks it is dealt with, and completely losses. now this weaponry may be an exaggerated one to work with, but i would think ground forces are out. even mobile. although a strong presence in the beginning would be beneficial. there will be no rioting. there will be no rioting. time then be your demise. soldiers mission - not to let enemy escape. Thank you sorry if you think this is bad humor d723442

    41. Azz Whipe

      So sloppy america lol

    42. David G

      Derp dee derp Politics •_•

    43. SlickyRicky

      When a fat girl is approaching me. My pants have more security.

    44. happybeejv

      when middle frankia broke up it became the kingdoms of lotharingia and provence and italy

    45. Go Get Me A Coffee

      God bless you all! Jesus Christ is coming back soon! He died on a cross (and was resurrected on the third day) for you and he loves you so much. He wants you to love him and follow him and spend eternity with him. The only way to heaven is through JESUS!😇 John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. 1corinthians 6:9-10 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

    46. Mitch Varn

      Are they going to charge the Special Ops Team that stole 14 laptops including Pelosi's?

    47. Humberto Perez

      Ey guy's everything was a big show from the Deep State and his clown Donald Trump.. Wake-up Americans... Salud from Mexico..

    48. smileimagirl

      Imagine living in a country where the media wasn't propaganda, where government wasn't corrupt, I want the people stood together and weren't so easily divided.

    49. unknown

      Antifa burned down cities.

    50. jhon leno palacios

      Steph Curry

    51. Militant Pacifist

      1:53 Fred in the background: MY LEG!

    52. Patrick 123

      Life in 2016: awesomeeee Life in 2017: I hated itttt Life in 2018: cooool Life in 2019: epic Life in 2020: whyyyy Life in 2021: life will never be the same....

    53. randy williams

      Only antifa comes to a peaceful demonstration with gas masks and helmets.

    54. Phil Phil

      The Biden Harris presidential run is going to be a lot like the mcu's Captain marvel film, It's going to feel 10 times longer than it actually is. People will only remember it for how bad it is, they will constantly try and put down anything that is straight,male, straight or capitalist, no one will really take it seriously. No one would be able to emphasize or care about any of the people involved. And it would end exceedingly badly

    55. Kiwi McMango

      You know what, I think we should actually give Trumpers a chance for a second, they get too much hate... *Not*

    56. william ray

      Are they gonna arrest the 100 or so (journalists) that entered the capital. They broke the law as well!!!!

      1. Disgusted Withpeople

        They were already in the building covering the count, most of them had clearance.

    57. Becca Prevost

      Media not journalists ..they are activists for left side

    58. Just Who

      I don't care what some journalist thinks. you're job is to record and show

    59. Arlen Reyes

      It was so peaceful compared to blm and antifa

    60. Pale Dude

      The media is partially to blame for the current division in America. They get paid by the click. And when we fight we click more. It’s all about the click.

    61. Trollop_dX

      This is so dishonest man, all these people were cheering destruction of cities but when people show up to government's doorstep you cave? People are soft and social media has ruined us as a whole.



    63. Dancing Deplorable


    64. T

      Activists claiming to be Journalists

    65. erockzz2010

      Most news is based on real events.

    66. N /A

      That ratio means people see through your bs.

    67. Joshua Salem

      These are the worst humans on the face of the planet and the greatest threat to world peace, every single one of them should get 20 years minimum They are a cancer on society that nearly destroyed our democracy, if you’re trying to downplay it, as far as I’m concerned, you’re a fascist and deserve every ounce of ridicule and opposition you can get

    68. Samreen Khan

      And they say there's no freedom of speech in other countries while literally beating up their journalists in front of their most sacred building🤔🤔

      1. Pretzel Stick

        😂 “journalists”

    69. first name last name

      I bet he has PTSD now and has flashbacks of trump supports not wearing masks.

    70. JT Paulann

      If you're interested in the truth if you really really want to hear the truth if you must Google Nancy Pelosi's stolen laptop General McInerney

    71. DennisTheMenace

      Fake news is the enemy of the people

    72. Ira

      The police let them in. Some yall paranoid claiming it to be some terror stuff lol.

    73. lenore

      "life after"? what is this crap??

    74. Bxrry

      Bro my school as more security

      1. Jaye Mowrey

        p DC was warned 3 days Before the ralley... They dropped the security, They were told antifa was going to attack the capital dressed as Trump supporters! it was all planned out folks ! Set Up !and Trump supporters all know this. This is just adding fuel to the fire and more division in this country...and now Nancy thinks she can impeach Trump for inciting a riot ? And social media has been removed for republicans for conservatives???? I'm calling for the new commander-in-chief Joe Biden tell that a****** to get his face on TV and tell people to lower it tell them that he will accept all Trump supporters and he understands them. Tell them he will do an investigation into their complaints About the election fraud at this point he's the only one that can calm things down. And tell him to tell Nancy pelosi to shove it!!!!

      2. Roberto Eccosi

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      3. inarisound - Anime Music & Memes

        but not enough English teachers

    75. Cindia Clum

      Terrorists with criminal record killed 4 people SMDH

    76. jon irenicus

      BLM - 2 billion in damages, 45 people dead, 600 police officers wounded, some dead. "context"

    77. Abraham Lincoln

      If the Capitol was being attacked, I couldn't imagine rhe magnitude of Security at that building. You would probably see damn tanks at the entrance xD

    78. Abraham Lincoln

      "Journalists assigned to cover the upcoming inauguration would now have to submit a *HEADSHOT"*

    79. Marcos Guevara

      Purge the police! White nationalists have infiltrated and after 1/6 there is no denying it.

    80. Monkey 22

      My cat can defend my house better than these supposed security guards!

    81. Matthew Dancz

      Social media and polarizing media has allowed these terroristic ideas to fester in safe breeding pools. It is to late to correct the problem. The societal damage has been done, and it will not be undone without extreme actions.

    82. J Biehl

      The biggest problem in our country is our insistence to continue to lie to ourselves. Conservatives accuse Liberals of hating America. Liberals accuse Conservatives of denying the reality of our past. In order to better ourselves, be truthful. We murdered the natives and enslaved Africans for centuries. The lasting effect of those events are still with us. Hard to move on when no closure has ever been made. It's easy to say let's just move on when you haven't felt the effect yourself. Jefferson once said that social injustices will persist if those unaffected do not rise up with those affected.

    83. BlackGuy Jones

      Nobody rushed the capitol building!!... The police let them in, and then arrested them.. none of you news stations are legit.. your all going to burn in hell.

    84. Zack G

      BLM started fires in DC during their riots, smashed and looted stores even threw explosives at cops

      1. madskil321

        Which members?

    85. b earth

      Freedom includes integrity and accountability. Freedom does not give anyone the right to use lies and violence to force their option.

    86. b earth

      Who is the group that signed and paid for the protest insurance and permits. The person that organized the protest and the group that signed up as the protest insurance has to pay for the damages done to Capitol!! Taxpayer money should not be used to fixed the damage. Put the dollar amount of damage on the protest organizor!!

    87. Lee Noack

      Are WE actually going to ALLOW this to happen ? Seriously ? This is It ?

    88. quazzie1

      I've never hated an American president. I've disliked a couple: Clinton and Bush Jr. spring to mind. Obama did some things that irked me beyond belief too. I disliked Trump soon after figuring out what an embarrassment he is to our nation on the world stage. But now, after his coerced insurrection and attempted coup? _I hate his guts._ He is bad for ALL Americans, whether they realize it or not. Him AND his useless, worthless son. Anyone that STILL supports him is a thrice-damned fool. And _they're_ bad for our country as well. I hope the POS cop that posed for a selfie gets fired, loses his pension and can't find another job in a position of power at ANY level. Save for as a security guard at Freddy's. For the record, I'm neither a Repugnantcan or a Demonrat. Both parties have been hijacked by career -criminals- politicians. Public office has become a way to get stinking rich and wield immense power for the benefit of the already-privileged few and their cronies. It's no longer about serving we the People, nor the great United States, but is only about serving oneself and scratching the backs of donors. No money = no seat at the table.

    89. Grant S

      What about life in Democrat run cities after attacks? Probably more significant.

    90. rose fiend

      Fortress Hill!

    91. Jini Steffani


    92. Risegu RSV

      Man you are a sick...liar!

    93. Aaron Repp

      Journalist? 🤣🤣🤣

    94. Mgimlio


    95. Mike G

      The US has spent the vastness of its history never allowing other nations and its peoples to question or challenge the US. In order to continue its thug existence, it will have to blatantly respond the same way to its own people.

    96. Apache Keawe-aiko

      Yuup ITALY interfere with election LEONARDI 📡📡📡ARRESTED in ITALY man who dilleberitly SINGLE HANDEDLY FLIPPPED VOTES got SMOKING 🔫🔫🔫

    97. The Defector


    98. CongressIs StarvingAmericans

      Correct Title: Righteous Americans storm the Capital to stop 🛑 elitism from spreading in government and throughout America!!!!

    99. Pat Day

      That's not an attack that us Antifa BLM hijacking Trump rally inciting small right wing nuts not normal people. If it was INSURRECTION or attack there would have been 10 times the people likely armed from what my book research shows and 100,000 dead.

    100. CongressIs StarvingAmericans

      IF any journalist works toward propaganda News Major Media; THEN you deserve to be destroyed!!! Being pure evil is unacceptable!!!!