Apex Legends Season 7 - Ascension Launch Trailer

Apex Legends

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    Rise to new heights in Apex Legends Season 7 on the floating city of Olympus. x.ea.com/65921
    There’s a whole new world waiting to be explored. The stakes are higher and the falls are deadlier on Olympus. New Legend Horizon understands the gravity of the situation, and she’s sure to give the other Legends a lift -- whether they want it or not. Plus hop on Olympus’s floating Trident vehicles, grab the latest Battle Pass, ascend to the top of Ranked, and build your community with Clubs. Up your game when Season 7 releases on November 4.
    Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC. And play on Steam when Season 7 launches on November 4 !
    Learn more about Apex Legends Season 7 - Ascension: x.ea.com/65921

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    Song Credits:
    “Ain’t Our Time To Die (Champions of Justice Remix)”
    Performed by DOROTHY

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    1. Bud


    2. Faudel Hosany

      Mirage is sonic

    3. Zamasever

      Everyone: Woo! Mirage lived! Me, who's been watching Bloodhound die in nearly every cinematic: ...Yeah. Good for him.

    4. JakeTheDinkster

      I had a comment on this with like 3k likes and now it's gone. I be sad

    5. Johanna Franco

      This new vehicle tho......

    6. チャーマス


    7. Noah Peterson


    8. Plasma AC

      Respawn practically saving apex.... The song, *It ain't our time to die*

      1. Plasma AC

        @Aissatou fatma Gueye My bad ty

      2. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        Respawn.EA is only the publisher Respawn Entertainment is the developer team

    9. Meme of Legend


    10. Youtube Commenter

      Lol haven't played since the very first map.

    11. David Reyes


    12. alexd085

      1:56 legosi?

    13. the spaghetto production

      BTW, driving thoses cars feels as epic as in the trailer

    14. hey u

      Oh cmon dude your always crowding

    15. JaydenMellissa 12


      1. Christopher Maldonado


    16. 2030 Sebastian Doumato

      no no no

    17. Sam Hale

      So, I just finished playing Titanfall 2 for the first time (I admit I slept on this game for the last 4 years), but now I firmly believe that people should delete all subscriptions of EA and Respawn products to force these GENIUSES to create a narrative sequel to this beautiful story. Stop playing Apex guys. I need Titanfall 3... Please?

      1. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        Respawn said that they didnt forgot titanfall they are just working on other things now Fun fact:apex legends should have been titanfall 3 but they wanted a battle royale mode i dont need to say what happened.

      2. Sam Hale

        @Fox Palenkova cruel... so cruel.

      3. Fox Palenkova

        Sorry, no

    18. Krysten Foh

      Next legend Mila Alexander

      1. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        No its Blisk

    19. Lambo 3000

      Holy H***

    20. Monster

      A big legis night people when I can do list our impact lodges huka one tomorrow those snake in weapons on season 7 on me when on near on new stuff but you can take him out all the stuff real well take me down last time stuff how why not you clean season 7 and season sevens to bad Who count big pickup grandpa set timer 18 uncertain value con to say all the skin for the loss is written bad The guys bad he died every 13 allowed the time I why you go fix it please please I need your hobby please delete me tension are rolled you in this subscribe you because I wanna one you don't people saying this in my game die now you got splain Ares I be unkind with arms but the Union busu Matter with Hawaiian you be good to me I nicely are this Season 8 ligence OK batch I want you to fix it Season 8 ligence OK batch I want you to fix it Eric and skin fixated Smalle the map to smalle IC to smalle want you fix it the next area I am not when over there I wanna go back go back card in season 6 again in season 6 is 3 cool but I like Sheila is better but on one in those people again same dropping again on you fixed please on all the time I play the game button is good to me I want you my I Smalle the map to smalle IC to smalle want you fix it the next area I am not when over there I wanna go back go back card in season 6 again in season 6 is 3 cool but I like Sheila is better but on one in those people again same dropping again on you fixed please on all the time I play the game button is good to me I want you my I just you guys this is your best you choice on the year RB apologised you People get damage everything because I want you be fixed everything just me and a naughty I want you go fix it every guy the last 1 number 1IYUB on this financial you from missions being list you a peeper you gotta roll iro something to you this way are the next one I using stuff in packages right and on down a lot 100% not good to skin's skin not God Is scanner Dong Dong Hawaii go figure on and sorry guys this game possible not properly to us the game is good but I want you go fix it a lot time nice game I want you will not be lock this game insisting 8 and won it but I won the game nicely need I see need you give it to our people and thank you very much be pation to ours car RB OK I want you call figure nice need a wake up yourself be sorry nice one you be the 1 even you when Allah time in video you be the best I want those people go see skin all nice all tied watching in the face yeah now he not positive but the skins a lot Good time I want you Bogor the best number to the last one get the bandage a lot number for Dig damage a lot to and people number for slapping with hands with nice and allow later while you go take more ladai attained because on YB respect as people who were see sounded the war indicated in public of least people number for normal 5A1 to you the best complete do stuff All right and good I wanna win in the bass into steam I know they get the game is too hard to Iris in a woman down a lot I did next one I want to be be ideal location a lot because I wanna be nice to people play smarter smart guy sighed I came play smart later I play a little bit by its good side to me by young Allied I play good time with people say rushing talking about while I want you go to make it later Hell forget guy thank you very much for season 7 because it's not good to me not good skin and good nice nice map but You maschera aldama message up he got to see what a map if you see the map this map AB and location of a lot why not go one now map season 8 is best help put can play 20 season season for India next caller you want put I want Eagle put mode II want you fix it malaka time on want people dead complaint with me OK guy KGup OK you do best change mine change list your hopper and all play the game I play a lot this game you are not another Russian to you on one do you go put on to fix this map app not good you want to see such You gotta see what are you mouth the map people play but not got to U OK guy KGup OK you do best change mine change list your hopper and all play the game I play a lot this game you are not another Russian to you on one do you go put on to fix this map app not good you want to see such You gotta see what are you mouth the map people play but not got to you Tank you very much or for Beijing don't be upset don't give a mad sorry to UBOKAYUA go just go and subscribe on my subscribe you want to subscribe down subscribe up you want to see anything other dissipateur OK Dump alarm do stuff guy

      1. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        Dude do you even know what you just said

    21. Cep Boom

      Rampart litarly says babe stop fooling around to mirage

    22. Starlight

      Everyone speaks about how mirage has not died in the trailer but no one speaks about how he killed revenant

    23. Akila Adnan

      rampart and mirage have a big brother little sister relationship tbh its cool and funny

    24. T - S - unami

      Just come out with a new medic god damnit

    25. T - S - unami

      Yikes... Rip apex :(

    26. JAY-JAYT420

      Anyone els getting a lag spike when they get hit by an r99 by certain people Hold right joy stick (PS4) to report and it will take you to their profile 100% of the time you’ll have been lag spike killed by someone that has jumped server. I’m always on London but some how I get people from America, China, Russia, Dubai an France on London server

    27. Yung Budd

      ngl putting apex on steam on the day of season 7 release is the best move respawn has made

    28. GGGamer guy

      2:25 Oml i thought she said, bloody bastard, not "nothing personal".

    29. TxsnsAceYT _____


    30. Okay Anglerella

      Cool thanks for the update and for me to


      I felt as confused as mirage watching the trailer because I haven’t played since season 5

    32. White Socks

      Season 7 destroyed old map, in season 6 the map was great

      1. White Socks

        I am sorry for my english, I'm from the Czech Republic

      2. sudha bhatt


    33. Vincent Anton Cristobal

      2:38 IMMA BLOODY GENIUS yes lazarbeam yes!!

    34. xAndyx

      3 weeks since launching and this still giving me chills, love this game!

    35. Arthur Ramos

      I really hope someday they match one of the characters to Titanfall 2's story. Maybe even put Cooper on the trailer.

      1. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        A dataminer leaked next legends im not sure but blisk should be the next and ash season 9 legend

    36. Ernest Joseph Ruffin-Lopez

      apex apex season7

    37. plotpin

      dogshit map

      1. sudha bhatt


    38. Masterbuilder Studio 2020

      Right at 2:54 Mirage found a Mother figure 🤣

    39. Luca Villanueva

      Every time I rewatch the part where they fall out of the airship I get ptsd from titanfall 1 from one of the cutscenes lol

    40. A nub

      "no weapons are allowed on the dropship" bloodhound: ah heck no

      1. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        Wrong trailer

    41. Cataclism y


    42. Jonathan Eldridge

      am i the only one who noticed mirage called revenant jack? and we don't know his human identity

    43. Cpt. Thicc

      fix the report system on psn all it does is take me to their profile lol....

    44. Fix The PIX

      Try switch Mirage and Rampart gender your will wonder.

    45. Kylene Brady

      the lion king

    46. Luke Ward

      the firing range should now have cars too

    47. Shiv Gamer

      OMG so cool

    48. Leydy Quijada

      Bro this trailer was *EPiC*

    49. Vincent Alonso

      apex legends budget on cutscenes is : Animation overall : 50 % *M i r a g e f a c i a l expression : 50 %*

    50. MEE Discord

      i love Horizon

    51. Janis French

      rampart: nothing personal horizon : bitch that hurt my robot black hole

    52. Michael F

      These map rotations suck ass in this game I swear you just want this game to die lol

      1. sudha bhatt

        Whatever you say

      2. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        Can you explain why?

    53. noname3k

      Put more Characters in the game like Bloodhound, Wrath, Revenant

      1. Elijah Mangure


      2. sudha bhatt


      3. Aissatou fatma Gueye


    54. CJ

      Who let octane drive?

    55. FBI

      “I know how to fly. :)”

    56. Dominick Petersen

      Fix your fu@king game apex make it were it doesn’t take 3SECONDS TO ACTIVATE WRAITHS FAZE OOOOOMMMMMFFFFFGGGGGG every time I try attempt to faze I get killed literally every time I have been played season 7 ever since it came out and I have YET to use wraiths faze I’m not being sarcastic literally every time I try to faze I get killed every time what is the point of her ability all it does is make you walk slow oldie 3 seconds without a gun that is WAAAAAY more than enough time to kill somebody so change NOOOOWWWWOWWWWOWOWOWOWOW YKU GUYS KEEP BULLING HER YOU EVEN DAID THAT YOUVE HIT HER ABILITYS AS MUCH AS TOU CAN IN THE PATCH NOTES WHEN WILL YOU STOP 🛑 🛑 YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFTTO NERF ON HER THAT YOU TOOK HER NARUTO RUN AWAY LIKE SERIOUSLY WTF ITS SO OBVIOUS THAT YOU HATE HER JUST TALE HER OUT THE GAME YOUVE TAKEN EVERYTHING FROM HER FFFFFFFF UUUUUUUUUUU APEX LEGENDS

      1. Dominick Petersen

        @Aissatou fatma Gueye I under stand but she is confusing

      2. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        @Dominick Petersen im not sure if its balanced or not bcs she is slow at the start but after she can go fast like octane shes almost invisible you cant hit her and you can do this for 4 seconds or 5 so its still good

      3. Dominick Petersen

        @Aissatou fatma Gueye and I use her ability for a lot of things I play very smart with her

      4. Dominick Petersen

        @Aissatou fatma Gueye oh I read the patch notes and I understand all that but she is still slow af

      5. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        @Dominick Petersen did you just say they are bulling her? They frickin increased the speed when you phase of the 30%and now you can stay in the void much longer than before.seriously wraith its the best legend in the game and always has been they obviusly nerf her sometimes because she is better she has the highest winrate and pickrate isnt that enough for you?

    57. Danzale Barnes

      Yo that back ground music is genius for this video. Wow whoever chose this song Kudos!! the entire trailer was awesome. The way Pathfinder clapping at the end LOL I love it! Also what they did with Horizon's theme song! that is another great Track. You guys are killing it!

    58. the spaghetto production

      This space car is kinda the car from halo Anyone?

    59. TheIceHD

      Why is Pathfinder such a *SAVAGE?*

    60. Emirhan Dursun

      season 7 is bad :/

      1. Turtle Burrito

        But it’s not

      2. Aissatou fatma Gueye


    61. Mob and Ristu in the rain 0_o

      Oh so Rampart just shot at the trident because she was still mad at Mirage that makes sense

      1. Turtle Burrito

        @Mob and Ristu in the rain 0_o guess your right

      2. Mob and Ristu in the rain 0_o

        @Turtle Burrito there was no other squad for her to be in besides why wouldn't they be next to her

      3. Turtle Burrito

        Nothing personal she literally just said it she was just in another squad

    62. Fionn Nellis

      "MaYbE iT's ThE wElCoMe CoMmItIe??"

    63. Oh Yeah Yeah

      0:51 is it just me or did they copy the pelican from Halo? It looks kinda similar

      1. Oh Yeah Yeah

        @Aissatou fatma Gueye Oh I didn't know that

      2. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        @Oh Yeah Yeah respawn entairnament they are titanfall 1,2 (i hope they will make a 3)and apex legends developers

      3. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        @Oh Yeah Yeah titanfall is made by the apex developers.

      4. Oh Yeah Yeah

        @Aissatou fatma Gueye Well they copied either Titanfall or Halo I guess.

      5. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        Idk this things are in titanfall 1 too

    64. Gepke Apex

      Who else loves OLYMPUS?

    65. Benjamin Silva

      this song is just too bad for this trailer

      1. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        Oh you didnt replied

      2. Aissatou fatma Gueye


    66. Phant0

      I’ve played this before and it freaking sucks! (Sorry)

      1. Alesha Lewis

        Don’t watch it then?


      fights amazingly on the trident but in reality its like your dead target

    68. Z- Spin

      there should be a Easter egg where you can fire the orbital cannon like the messy Easter egg

    69. Tiziano Conti

      I didn't play apex from season 2 but this is beautiful

    70. Astroe

      add horizon to the list of legends that literally every other legend likes.

    71. I am frogo

      Respawn please buff the golden shield

    72. Zcreeper

      Me where's charge havoc when in the trailer it showed

    73. 박스터

      Heat sink skin returns!! Pog

    74. D.A.A Channel

      theres no fall damage, why need to worry when the spacecraft crash?

      1. D.A.A Channel

        @Aissatou fatma Gueye ur right

      2. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        Because when the spacecraft crash it fucking explodes

    75. OGF soldier-eddy

      Thumbsdown and I have deleted Apex from my Ps4 it's a no go how incredible noisy the PlayStation is. I can compare that with my vacuum cleaner. There is no fun with that only headaches.

      1. Aissatou fatma Gueye

        @OGF soldier-eddy the ps4 is has limits and new games are pushing these probably your ps4 is old and cant support these games

      2. OGF soldier-eddy

        Offcourse it's the Game what cause that. I am able to compare it don't need other opinions to deny what I hear with my own ears. So don't waste your time in protecting that game.

      3. sudha bhatt

        @OGF soldier-eddy I can confirm that isn't true at all in my case. I have the slim version and it remains quiet most of the time. Don't blame the game lol

      4. OGF soldier-eddy

        Not true it's the GAME what cause that. I have several other games which cause not that crazy vacuum cleaner sounds.

      5. THE Mirage

        Mate, don't get mad at the game when it's your CONSOLE that's causing problems

    76. 東百自來虎

      The pathfinder didn't target any one,Haha!

    77. Alex C

      Pathfinder in the trailer: Go me! :D Pathfinder talking to Mirage in game: *Pain changes people.*

    78. Yahya Blitz

      I don't know why,but Season 4 and 5 still best.S6 and S7 i think little cringy

      1. Yahya Blitz

        @sudha bhatt i think new update make apex dont feel apex now,i love apex when first release but at s6 and s7 apex feel like fortnite

      2. sudha bhatt

        @Yahya Blitz can you tell me why you think so?? Season 2 and 3 were so much better than 4 and 5 imo. Much more content.

      3. Gizzywoo


      4. Yahya Blitz

        @protavizrozhound20 that is my opinion

      5. protavizrozhound20

        Ok if you said that (I'm not angry)

    79. Symmetra Mei

      that robot thing is fucking adorable

    80. Zen Pixel

      1:37 Dont mind me. Just replaying my favorite part

      1. protavizrozhound20


    81. Calypso O.

      She did not have to do Daddy Crypto like that!

    82. Spooky Lord

      Sound effect or music at 1:25 ?

      1. Spooky Lord

        @Aissatou fatma Gueye but which one ?

      2. Aissatou fatma Gueye


    83. Alex Stevens

      Maps too big, the vehicles don't make it any better. Unless you got drop with another squad and push the most faint gun fire, you'll never find someone until the end. And if you haven't gotten in a fight or found a decent evo shield, you'll probably get fucked. This season is shaping up to be pretty disappointing for casual players.

      1. Turtle Burrito

        I feel like it’s small but sure buddy

      2. sudha bhatt

        I disagree but ok

    84. Kaiden G.

      Rampart if only you had your wall up he would have been dead. You failed us 😔

    85. DK SPYder

      already quit this game in season 2 but ok

      1. sudha bhatt


      2. Bradford Saunders

        Ok, fortnite kid.

    86. AidenPlayz

      2:04 How did they get to estates from grow towers and yeah how did the drone make it there it has a range of 200 Meters that range is over 200 meters Hydroponics - Orbital Cannon - Grow Towers - Estates - Oasis Orbital Cannon to Grow Towers make sense, also Estates to Oasis

    87. Shaks17

      My favorite season thusfar, been making killing compilations hehe

    88. Patybrudy 16

      watson is missing in this trailer lol

      1. Alesha Lewis

        Also Watson’s at the end in the trident next to octane

      2. Alesha Lewis

        They don’t add all the character in one trailer I don’t know why

    89. andres camilo hernandez bethancourth

      sonic trailer

    90. Yeeektab Yeeektab

      Apex copied pixelgun 3d : parkour city 3022 map

      1. TMG

        No one has ever heard of that game

      2. pilkers2


    91. ahmed taha


    92. Vasiliki Karatzouni

      And of course path gets the coolest kill lets go he's my main

    93. Sansar Shrestha

      So this is where my dota2 money goes into

    94. No Name


    95. karen osterndorf


    96. Cody Coyote

      Oh no.... They added vehicles.

    97. ßadassElSkyflyio

      Apex would have been an amazing show

    98. Jirka07HD

      0:30 I need that dramatic music name

    99. Noah Sizemore


    100. Nadina Habsjah

      ima just play apex legends