McGregor vs. Aldo | Best Moments


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    Best moments featuring Conor McGregor & José Aldo in UFC 194


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    1. Jesse Dalton

      “Flawless victory” 👊🏻😂

    2. The notorious

      What a good days !!

    3. Erectile Dysfunction Is A Disease

      Where was all the irish fans after the Kabib fight?😂😂😂

    4. theemordecai

      Its crazy to see connor this skinny

    5. D Jones

      Kid got killed in 5 seconds lol

    6. President-Elect Mike

      28:45 LOL he’s playing touch butt with the dork in the park!!

    7. SK4NKYOU

      with the corona situation... a mcgregor fight is not the same..

    8. Rafa River

      They say Aldo still shits his jocks every night.

    9. Beholder505

      Why was Conor praised for fighting this dude? He killed himself to make 45 and looked terrible. And then he kills this little guy.

    10. Andrew Kinyanjui

      41:53 My favorite McGregor sound.

    11. Shush 797

      Ye fight was done before it even started look at him before the fight started didn’t even look up once

    12. Retarded Can

      Jose's loss outside the ring was more humiliating

    13. Ryan Burrell

      Bro Dana and Ariel are the real life Michael and Toby!!!

    14. Lewis Wallace

      “Let’s get closer, I wanna smell his pussy” 😂😂 classic

    15. Traypeats

      The blondie in the plane at 5:50 is a baddie 🔥 u can tell conor thought that as well lol

    16. Karama ch

      Dana white is the winner in all this. Smiling from ear to ear

    17. yesman

      9:00 jawles

    18. Kane Walliams

      Nobody: Connor: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    19. brigzy

      He took aldos soul 😂

    20. Dhruba Boruah


    21. Danar Sarkawt

      11:58 he's shaking. Conor really got into his head! Damn

    22. John Marco

      17:20 LMFAOO

    23. Cam 123

      40 min of shit talk for a 13 second fight lmaoo

    24. Yusuf Dasoo

      There are a few people that I hate in sports and McGregor is number 1

    25. Nick Downing

      3:58 the guy in the back kinda looks like he could pass as matthew mcconaughey's brother

    26. Shimura

      Imagine their reaction to Khabibs win over Conor :D

    27. jonny boy

      All Conor fans can do these days is watch his old videos and cry xD He's so shit now they can't accept it.

    28. Ritete Timoti

      “Darararara it’s the motherfuckin d-o double g!”


      "Motha fooka dont look like mee"

    30. Kiso Kevin

      That Brazilian fighter has the "snitch scar" running from his mouth to his ear; which signifies that when he hears about something he tells/talks about it. A big big no-no.

    31. iKillBots PT

      Actually otario doesnt mean pussy more like , dumbass or idiot

    32. Lucy Costigan


    33. The original Screenplays

      Where's the oscar that's gonna get back with him

    34. Levin Can Nezir

      In my opinion the best years of the UFC was from 2009-2017! Especially 2015 was so good. Since 2018 the UFC gets badder and badder.

    35. Beatngu

      12:14 my favorite part lmao

    36. CJMEE16

      Aldo looked liked a scared cat

    37. Hitman

      1:50 hearing Connor try to speak Spanish is something I didnt know I needed 💀

      1. Joel Marioni

        Not Spanish, its Portuguese

    38. H

      all that buildup for a 13 second ko😭😭

    39. Andrew Baker

      You know, Conor is s superstar because he brings up the energy in incredible ways; doesn't matter what he's doing. I don't mind him losing. He's lost some real doozies but he always comes back and flattens the competition. That's exciting to me. Is this the fight where he's going to own or get owned? Entertain me and I will always be a fan.

    40. Notorious .02

      When Conor said we’re face to face, and you have nothing to say, you could see aldos face, he was gone

    41. Sam Adams

      3:08 lol welp

    42. watog

      Aldo 1:25 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. Dyslogix

      I remember back when he was really good at stuff, now, I just see a walking bottle of weak whiskey i constantly choke on, and the occasional TKO.

    44. Matt H

      21:08 couldn't have been much closer to the truth.

    45. Orbital Drop

      Why did conor need a body double?

    46. Orbital Drop

      Daamn i really wish i was into ufc back then, the build up with prime conor wouldve been amazing

    47. Tiago Valente


    48. My ball's greatest hits

      I actually feel bad for Aldo after watching this

    49. lil Kid

      We never got to see Aldo vs mc Gregor unfortunately

    50. Tyrone Von

      1mil dollars on who ever could translate 17:15

    51. Eric Hauser

      Did anyone notice how Aldo said his first punch was gonna k.o connor but it ended up happening the other way around 🤣🤣🤣

    52. ILGB

      Thanks for making these videos! Really enjoyable

    53. O'Neill

      Most entertaining build up to a fight ever

    54. Knight OfNights

      I'm watching Khabib vs Mcgregor after this

    55. exile.

      17:15 LMAOOOO

    56. Scott Malkinson

      Rumor has it he fled the country 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    57. anas 000

      the highlights of the whole build up is 44 minutes, the actual fight 14 second. this tells you how Conor destroyed him up mentally

    58. Abu Abdullaah

      44:16 Whenever you talk too much you eventually pay for it. Aldo's words eventually came true at Khabib vs Mcgregor's match

    59. Ameerudin Tuway


    60. Summer Tea

      Aldo lead with his face and paid for it. No excuses.

    61. Masochist Maul

      the dublin presser was legendary😂😂 the strong accent saying “aldo you little fucker”🤣

    62. James The Goat

      37:00 Well..

    63. Phuong Nguyen

      The outrageous century serendipitously rush because road aetiologically own lest a cloistered mosque. economic, curved jeans

    64. Brilliance Project

      this is a story when legendary MMA fighter was born. YESS, Artem Lobov is the goat.

    65. Two crows

      Damn Conor didn't look healthy at all . 145 is to light for him

    66. asenegal42

      This man really KO’d Jose Aldo with one shot in 13 sec. Fuck.

    67. Alex Fuentez

      Mcgregor literally predicted the fight when little man asked him " Conor how long will it take you to rip his head off"🤣 Man motivated conor was the greatest

    68. EastCoastLifestyle

      1:36 - You can tell Dana wasn’t happy with that remark, but holy shit that was biblical!

      1. EastCoastLifestyle

        @Yassin Balboa That statement could’ve applied to any rival from a different country even if it was a white guy on the receiving end of that remark. If it was bigoted in any way, it’d be regional bigotry, not racism.

      2. Yassin Balboa

        That was extremely racist .

    69. peter

      McGregor made this sport fin to watch the build up he can do is insaine

    70. Patrick McNamara

      Only Connor could make a man who hasn't lost in 10 years the Underdog

    71. Happy Yang

      The boiling manx probably beam because castanet postnatally use until a mellow hair. real, numerous play

    72. tom mac

      Chaps. Kenny Buchanan...5 times lightweight champ. Orthodox, took the Central Americans to the cleaners. One of ours. Leith.

    73. Ona Mad one

      I hope he asked his friend by now why he ate slap

    74. Shady Hard

      This was the most entertaining fight in history

    75. Mr Burnes

      Connor sold his soul look at all the illuminati signs

    76. pk301989

      Khabhib has come😂 Conor it's time to run

    77. Kala keitto

      *no smiling eh*

    78. Pure Fútbol

      I remember hardcore ufc fans saying ‘aldo’s got this, only casuals think mcgregor’s gonna win’. Show’s you what the ‘experts’ really know.

    79. Pro Tophead

      16:52 dude he sounds the freaking same as conor holy

    80. Pro Tophead

      2:04 Me when I leave my introvert friend alone with a girl.

    81. Jiří Pletka

      Aldo: The first that land - KO .. shocking how right he was 😂😂😂

    82. Ghost

      When Conor said: By KO'ing him stiff! I got goosebumps!

    83. Team Elxte

      Conor had that boss laugh

    84. xStyl3Zzxx_

      Jose really said he would be a volleyballplayer he is like 5,7😂

    85. Niko Niko

      Fuck the fight fuck the money fuck it all when Mgregor says I am your Daddy, If I was Jose i would jumped Conor.

    86. Tactical Juggernaut

      🤣ahahaha he got destroyed in Ireland conference, no questions for Aldo ☠ dana: "this fight is gonna be a war" *fight ends in 13 seconds*

    87. Kaeldlr

      4:13 12:16 lmao

    88. YUNGX PR1NCE


    89. YUNGX PR1NCE

      5:10 is the biggest difference between how Conor is now vs when he was in his performing prime

    90. Karim Daghagheleh

      Fucking when khabib comes he shit on your life hahaha

    91. Stinky Buts

      If you can’t handle Conor’s trash talks before a fight, you already lost to ‘the Notorious one’.

    92. Patrick Kelly

      5:08-5:20. A perfect explanation of what made Conor such a killer back then. Two kids and millions of dollars later, just doesn’t seem to have that same passion and energy for this anymore.

      1. Scott Malkinson

        We’ll see mate took a loss last time to light the fire and the rematch is set for 4 days before mine (and conors coincidentally) birthday

    93. John Wick

      Damn all his 10 years reign couldn't give aldo the courage to overcome his fear

    94. Sir Great

      Beautiful Film

    95. Christian Dior

      They both look like shit at the weigh in

    96. Wii Sports Matt

      He terrorized Aldo for months before this fight.

    97. Steven Carey

      Fucking ten years one punch

    98. Jacob Freeman

      I miss this Conor these were special times between his debut to maymac was prime Conor every thing else is fluff

    99. Domino

      This whole thing must’ve been like a bad dream for Jose

    100. Domino

      Dana must’ve thoroughly enjoyed this tour