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guys its gacha

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    1. Stella Gacha Lover

      Omg im early btw if you say your favorite youtuber you Will get pinned??? Guys its Gacha Guys its Gacha Guys its Gacha Guys its Gacha Will this work? 😖🤧

      1. unicorns and dragons uni

        IT WILL NOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Xx Melody xX

        Yea it will work

      3. Kitty Lps studios

        @MochaBoba TvT okay

      4. MochaBoba TvT

        @RG - 03CS 855913 Red Willow PS idrk tbh

      5. MochaBoba TvT

        @Kitty Lps studios rlly👀

    2. Diamynd West

      stop killing or you will go to hell

    3. Diamynd West

      why he breathing like that

    4. schorle chua

      Fun fact nobody asked for: Come on... We must have ONE psychopath in gacha school

    5. Snowgirl Gacha

      Is that William afton or no on the first one?

    6. karabi das

      Fun fact: William Aftons likes kids but he kills them to show us he hate kiddos but he said a kid from a bad kiddo lol

    7. imani washington

      1:18 somebody come get him hes killing all the children somebody come get him his name is william afton

    8. imani washington

      0:06 uh oh looks like michael grew up to be like his dad

    9. Kamille playz YT


    10. Springtrap

      My daddy’s gotta a gun I’m not a doll Close your eyes shut your mouth

    11. Haskar 88


    12. flordeliza morales

      oh wow so creepy😱😮😲

    13. purple guy [william afton]

      Everytime I see any kind of gacha meme I feel my soul leaving my body from the absolute cringe Hell even animation memes are bearable then this And dont even get me started with mha one, I swear almost every mha video I find has deku and bakugo gay even though in reality it is highly hinted that deku and ochako are a thing I barely even watch it and i can tell deku x ochaka is canon, I swear the gacha community tends to ruin official lore And the worst part is they always use iT's My aU excuse as a backup each time. Sorry the rant but I had to vent correct if I'm wrong on some of the mha stuff please correct me

    14. Misha H

      0:50 y’all had to Go for poor uraraka

    15. luna vampiroloba

      4:02 XD cool

    16. ꧁ocean violet galaxy the alpha wolfie fox aa꧂

      1:20 What editor is that i really need an good editor cuz when i want to use kine master the effects are needed to buy the full modle and i dont want to buy it, so what is it? I really need a great edit app that helps me put an *beat* effect plz If anyone knows one plz tell😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    17. El Tiburón Grande

      Close ur eyes shut ur mouth dream a dream get us out hit the hay fast asleep dream a dream you little bleep dream dream dream dream dream dream

    18. Yeimy Henríquez

      Ik they changed the song this song from lavagirl and Sharkboy

    19. Sheryl Cansio

      Its purple guys cap!

    20. maggie6969

      C R I N G E

    21. I love DOG

      I like how all the spoiled kids get killed

    22. • ola Jenny XX •

      Ooooo some of them is have william afton in it

    23. galaxy_midnight_ o-o

      The first one. Me: hay William, how's it going.

    24. Psychic Zee


    25. Psychic Zee

      Go back and forth

    26. か み ひ ろnathan

      HOPE LIGHT!!!! *****KILL DEMONS OF DARK*****

    27. S6up

      I hope the quiet kid finds the gacha kids

    28. Layla Dunsmore

      5:02 Pws forgive me

    29. Lula Chick

      Guys it’s gacha Guys it’s gacha Guys it’s gacha Guys it’s gacha :3

    30. Lula Chick

      :o favorite KGupr

    31. Paul Butler


    32. Paul Butler

      Boo boring

    33. McManus m Cncjjcncmc

      I don’t like it too much

    34. He's Muhammet!

      Look at this song at KGup

    35. cherry blossom nneka

      Bro that coool

    36. Rossel Calingasan


    37. Qisya Afrina

      The first one is that William ;-;

    38. ttvgetnob

      6:05 the only holy gacha character

    39. Esli Fernandez Guadarrama

      my favoret uteber is guys its Gacha

    40. \ lily neverland /


    41. I’m not so normal TvT

      Lesson learn: don’t open your eye ✨

    42. tendayi dingani

      i like 3:44 the mos

    43. Maria Morales

      wait how do they know he/she is coming tho? :l

    44. Sweet Punky

      The 7th one was my fav 🖤 UwU

    45. Diana Benschop


    46. فراوله اوملاك


    47. Claire Graham

      i love the part where u put the one where the boy had red eyes it was funny

    48. Blake Prince

      I like first one

    49. Princess Purple

      If trick you I get pinned! ( hope I get pinned :3 ) Read more...

    50. Cassandra Carmona


    51. Eric Scott


    52. alarkzo of the spleef

      * I've got a raygun!*

    53. Asabi Bon

      These suck-

    54. Maily Salar

      FBI OPEN UP!!!!! XD

    55. •Itz_Gacha_Marie•

      The line someone said dream dream dream a couple times sounds like Dream for real like if u agree | | | | V

    56. Jhonn Sly


    57. uh oh stinky

      what the fuck is with gacha life now gacha life isnt cool

    58. Camilla Muñoz

      Why mha

    59. Raysa Elena Grigore


    60. Zuri Ysabel Faigao


    61. Daniel Pena

      😎😎😎😎 Cool

    62. KittyKatPlayz

      Me sees the first close your eyes shut your mouth: sees William afton Me: oh I didn't know William went to skool

    63. Raysa Elena Grigore


    64. ellloo jaaa

      Fun fact:u can't kill a person that it's already dead

    65. Landon Reddick

      This is so cringe

    66. Yia Yang

      Ayyyyy yo is this to make me scared

    67. willie young

      I know

    68. TREE RYAN FF


    69. Nur Fithri Raihani

      Close ur eyes shut ur mouth

    70. kira butanas


    71. powmic1

      Poor people

    72. kilana alex

      Dream omg dream youtuber :v

    73. CBaconz

      Looks like watching too much Gacha life cringe comps begin to recommend you actual gacha life content.. damn

    74. Yasmin Godoi evangelista

      Love is♡♡♡

      1. Yasmin Godoi evangelista


    75. Lunar’s Teddy

      Blind people: *i don’t have such weaknesses*

    76. Smooshroom

      This will be the next clarity meme- mark my words

    77. Hasan Bozkan


    78. Priskila Lily

      Who dream

    79. Natasha Harrington

      The first one with William Afton so good

    80. RedGNugget

      why is this a trend.

    81. Eden

      3:56 Tommy?

    82. Eden

      william afton is the main character

    83. Eden

      its will aftsob 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😏😏😏😏😏😏

    84. ꧁Faded shadow playz꧂

      i saw a my daddy's got a gun meme

    85. Lucy - Chan

      Like si hablas español y que supiste que era la cancion de Sharkboy y Lavagirl

    86. Elizabeth Afton

      The first one I be like WILLIAM!! YASSSS KING!!!

    87. Rosana Lavado

      i didnt know sharkboy sing this song !? i just realize cause when i heard the song i said wait! its sounds familiar then i search sharkboy lullaby then i heard it wow

    88. Mar'kayla Gilmore


    89. ʜɪʙᴀ ᴍʀʜᴀʀɪ

      omg ur so close to 100k subs

    90. Jill Georgs

      🤔 cool

    91. Gabriel 03

      whats the song in 5:37

    92. Divya Iyer

      Not creepy


      0:26 Why she look mad 1:24 My boy fell in love with her eyes lol (why is that funny to me) 1:58 Yeah she's probably fake but everyone else is scared don't risk it 2:17 He wanted him to look and he took it off to see glowing eye lol (why is that funny to me)

    94. 김연희


    95. Катя Гаристова


    96. Strawberry cupcake


    97. Strawberry cupcake

      And theres no words like drama king theres only drama queen




      Wait i watch in the first one IT WAS WILLIAM AFTONN BRUH IM A BIG FAN OF HIM

    100. Camilla Yap

      I love this