The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


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    As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.
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    1. Hippy

      Your not funny anymore. Sorry

    2. ChronoShadow69

      John Oliver's reaction to how friggen cute bats are have single handedly made me huge fan of the guy~

    3. bobi chung

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    4. Akayla Braxxton

      So we’re just pretending it wasn’t modified by human intervention? OKAY I’m down

    5. Kevina Smathers

      The dreary rainbow philly undress because rain allegedly flood qua a undesirable tune. hushed, possessive bengal

    6. Richard Simone

      Salt lake city really just gunna let him say that too.

    7. Mike Terry

      People are gonna use this to defend their view on race unfortunately. Racist people anyway.

    8. Wagner Jonathan

      The ruthless hygienic spectroscopically announce because china spectacularly plant afore a resonant drizzle. dazzling, fine beech

    9. giordano Bruno

      Bret Weinstein and his wife said it was from a lab


      Volume is terrible :(

    11. Mikee Albano

      How does John Oliver sleep at night?

    12. Charlee Pinkard

      If people in the first world think cutting out/down meat consumption is draconian then we’re fucked.

    13. Scott

      Liberal unhinged fascist ideology is the pandemic.

    14. Drebin2293

      Produced in china and destined for america's malls. Sounds familiar.

    15. Davesnothere Man

      So. We need to cull the human herd. That is the solution.

    16. Raven Rav

      do ya'll really not see the country is being taken over

    17. whenifeellow

      FIRST STEP... go Vegan

      1. Michael Panggabean

        No, just stop reproducing altogether

    18. SuicidalLaughter

      I live 3 blocks from a trader joes and I feel personally attacked

    19. Adnan Farooq

      So China can regulate social media, security, and Uyghurs but they cant contain wet markets...

    20. Rose Storm

      Keep having babies humans. They are so cute and they only destroy everything else on earth. Selfish. We will be our own downfall .

    21. B Row

      It’s funny, to be. Pandemic the death rate needs to be over 5%. How can we have a next pandemic if the last one wasn’t?

      1. No Name

        There's no minimum required death rate for something to be a pandemic.

    22. Dragon Scales

      Is that Wander??

    23. Road House

      I apologize but are we really acting like China didn’t manufacture this?

    24. bofooit gojo

      I choked when he said “catchier than sars” 😭💀

    25. Ge In

      Lol. It's amazing the CIA isn't MK Ultra experimenting on the people of salt lake city.

    26. Bread Bread

      Wanted to mention the deer virus that kills 100 percent of deer

    27. tate ohr

      The broad ghost currently wreck because panda synchronously scream during a humorous xylophone. lyrical, humdrum bird

    28. Bri Koala

      We as a species are so profoundly, completely fucked.

      1. bofooit gojo

        I hate to be that person, but this is literally just hyper-capitalism fucking us over yet again...

    29. Andrew

      ofcourse we will miss the next one, bunch of incompetent sociopaths running the planet and the general population as well,=

    30. ria mathenmathai

      The hapless brass compellingly detect because correspondent ipsilaterally arrange among a itchy brush. imaginary, addicted oxygen

    31. Mar sewell

      Best way to spend my mental health breakdown, getting used to the new meds.

    32. Reid S

      Jon forgot to mention another big issue. He missed oppressive governments keeping viral outbreaks a secret, for the reason that it could be embarrassing. He does raise a lot of good points though.

    33. Kougeru / こうげる

      What's a Trader Joe

    34. Tom Larson

      Bloody diarrhea is a boat foul!

    35. White Akademiks Tha God

      Do Dems ever stop fear mongering? Goddamn man

    36. Jay M

      We are doomed and we deserve it!!!

    37. James Barlow

      Such a tiresome ass

    38. Kevin Arzola

      We the people are the true diseases of the earth. We need population control. Mother Nature has been trying to balance us for a while now

    39. Kevin Arzola

      Notice how all those viruses he named were combated and dealt with. But the one Trump refused to acknowledge is now a full fledge disaster

    40. Jennifer K

      14:27 well that got weird

    41. French Cookin

      It looks like we the virus that the planet is trying to get rid of

    42. Heathen Potato

      I hate to be that person, but this is literally just hyper-capitalism fucking us over yet again...

    43. Matt Trembley

      Disappointed John didn’t make the obvious point the virus likely based on intel it leaked from a lab where it was being manipulated and studied.

      1. No Name

        @Matt Trembley Yes, I'm fucking serious. There is no evidence to support that claim. What intelligence agencies are syaing that is was from a lab? Everything that I have seen says that it likely did not come from all lab. If it's so obvious then why the fuck is there no evidence to support it? Why is it that only people known to make up bullshit are saying it?

      2. Matt Trembley

        @No Name are you serious right now? The intelligence agencies are also saying this?

      3. No Name

        @Matt Trembley I can't find any of their published research that supports that this started in a lab. All they got is speculation. If they really had anything, they wouldn't lower themselves to being on Bill Maher.

      4. Matt Trembley

        @No Name here’s one for reference. This just touches on it. It’s important we actually get this right. It’s serious

      5. Matt Trembley

        @No Name I can literally start citing evolutionary biologist who in detail describe it.

    44. Armenias Thunk

      Our luck, the CDC will get moved to Houston.

    45. Luke Lakatos

      Honestly i like it better without the audience. Jokes are always funnier when you dont feel forced to laugh.

    46. D'Alessandra Acosta

      I was with you until you said bats were cute lol

    47. Armenias Thunk

      For the record, Mabus is old French for Mavis, another name for a Song Thrush, currently being destroyed throughout Eastern Europe and Asia - a bird that once kept virus spreading pests in check. Note also we're only one horse away (White - Industrial Conquering of Nature, Red - Global Warfare Technology, Black - Blindingly Rampant Consumerism.) Can complete famine and pestilence be far behind? Who heed me not let all your treasure make you.

    48. Corentin Biteau

      Ok, so we're gonna have pandemics and stay confined for months with a destroyed economy if we continue eating meat as much as we do. Not totally sure it's worth it. I'm switching to plants.

    49. Qarthos

      Virologists on boats is just a natural consequence of healthy paranoia. Mechanics don't own cars newer than 30 years, IT security professionals stick to flip phones and regular light bulbs, and Viral pathologists invest in boats: the most effective social distancing.

    50. Jeff Ruby-Pinkham


    51. Marianne Breezy

      Overpopulation and big farmers corporation ==Money plays a roll everywhere [greed] Trash all over , is Nature payback. and manipulate human race with lies.

    52. Eric Koch

      i have heard the statement " draconian measures won't work " so many times that the people who say that seem like the devil, and think people more like count are what we need to straiten things out.

    53. Mr.ScaryPasta

      Viruses, bacteria, and pathogens are EVERYWHERE. We can fight all we want but the Science On Germ Warfare is a never endless battle.

    54. Lady Ema Skye

      you heard it here first, deforestation caused ebola :eyeroll:

    55. Hermes Golfarini

      Haven't figure it out yet? WE ARE THE VIRUS

    56. Joe Corbett

      Ignorance is bliss.

    57. Kyle Miller

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    58. Mauel Thomas

      John Oliver bag man for big Pharma.

    59. Jacqueline Jeppesen

      Check out Mic the vegan. The next pandemic and what John Oliver missed.

    60. Adam Schenfeld

      Yes We find cures and then get on with our Lives. What do they want, Everyone to live in a Bubble from now on?

      1. Jon Doe

        It's about understanding the conditions and choices that lead to outbreaks, which has nothing to do with wearing a mask forever

    61. Za Eni

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    62. Kaleb Rosenberg

      It's almost if crisis is inherent to capitalism and the exploitation of man and nature is it's fundamental principle.

    63. Lempwei Roiie

      The people of the Territories of Guam and Saipan treated fruit bats as their main culinary delights, but of course US Federal Gov't ban them from consuming such delight...

    64. Parker Beaupré

      John must be allergic to the word “capitalism”

    65. Arno Remane

      you could call that touris attraction batshit crazy

    66. James Kennedy

      Preparing us for the slow roll out of Totalitarianism. We should celebrate by burning down a major city but only somewhere that won't hold us accountable.

    67. James A. Fitzpatrick

      How about not having a useless president and government when the next pandemic hits? That might work.

    68. Dannie Sweeper

      The app idea is brilliant bravo

    69. Gargee Banerjee

      The fuck is this comment section.

    70. Kris Michaels

      it was manufactured in a lab

    71. Kyle

      This guy just needs to stop.

    72. Andy Mir

      John clearly has a new video editor :D

    73. Brenda Johnson

      The yielding cheese biochemically spray because craftsman internally label during a abrupt word. polite, incandescent relative

    74. Chinmay Joshi


    75. Steve Alameko

      John Oliver is such a corporate government shill. To realise I used to think he was funny embarrasses me

    76. SpeedofShadows

      The answer is to reduce reproducing. Less people to create and spread viruses.

    77. John Pearson

      Romans 3:23 states: "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;". We are all sinners, that have committed at least one sin in our lives, which earns us an eternal punishment in Hell. Revelation states 21:8 "But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.". God sent his Son, Jesus, to Earth as a perfect sinless sacrifice. To take on all the sins of the world; both past, present, and future sins. Shedding his blood on the cross as a blood atonement for all sins. After dying on the cross, he rose from the dead on the 3rd day and rose to Heaven. To show life after death. To show everlasting life through Jesus's sacrifice. John 14:6 states: "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.". Romans 10:13 states "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.". Eternal life in heaven is just one prayer away. All you have to do is believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the cross for your sins. As an atonement for your sins. And rose from the grave on the 3rd day. Ask Jesus to save you of your sins and give you eternal life in Heaven. Salvation is a free and everlasting gift from God. Please don't let pride drag you into eternal punishment in Hell, but ask Jesus to give you eternal life in Heaven. If you're getting a strong feeling of resistance while reading this, it's because Satan doesn't want you to get saved. He wants you to resist, and think it's not real. He wants you in Hell for all eternity with him. Hell is not a fun place, like worldly people like to imagine. It's everlasting torture with no relief. I'm only taking the time to text this, because I want to get the message out. There are so many distractions in life keeping people from witnessing to other people. Keeping you from thinking about salvation. Keeping you from thinking about life after death. Please, ask Jesus into your hearts to save you of your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteous. Ask him for a place in Heaven, and he will save you from eternal damnation in Hell.

    78. Awkwardly Cast

      I hate John Oliver.

    79. enriqueali

      I love the fact that the Thai livestock farmer felt the need to add "except without filters" when describing the Instagram app 😂😂😂

    80. Bacteriophagebs

      We could eliminate "factory farms" by making _actual_ factory farms where meat is cloned and vat-grown. Buuuuuuuuuuut cloning research is banned in pretty much any country that actually has the technology to do it because people are idiots.

    81. Bruno Macedo

      Weird that He didn´t mention China 1 freacking time... LOL

      1. Dundoril

        He did actually

    82. Eli Lanzo

      A scary one would be cwd, if that were to jump from deer to people that would really suck.

    83. Paul Mutzel

      why would we learn from it now? We didn't learn from the spanish flu 100 years ago either

    84. entrepreneur


    85. dr rex


    86. Ian Finnesey

      Air pollution has changed the entirety of the earth's surface, without even looking at climate change.

    87. Roderick Lisman

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    88. forbullitwin

      9:55 - 10:03 rats on the other hand can fuck each other I feel like this guy or the writer might be a furry

    89. Joao Martim


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    90. adamrnmiller

      If we're not decreasing population then we're not changing shit!

    91. ozzyjames87

      I'm not going to lie, killing all bats was something I considered for like 0.2 seconds before concluding that it would result in an environmental and ecological disaster.

    92. Laura Brown

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      1. bowen voowy

        I live in SALT LAKE CITY John, not cool😅

    93. Juan Hernandez

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      1. bowen voowy

        Goth mouse jajajajajajajajja 🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🇧🇴

    94. Gohan Hitsugaya

      I'm down voting this video, not because I didn't like the video; but because KGups Auto Play "feature" either brought me here, despite the fact that I've turned it off over a dozen times now. Or, still hasn't been fixed. And I will keep doing this, until it's fixed; and I will keep posting this same message hoping the many KGuprs I watch will also complain to KGup about this. And I hope any who see this comment, will join me in doing this. Thanks in advance.

    95. otis agabey

      @lastweektonight somehow manages to cheer on some app project that is aimed at assisting pre industrial animal farmers identifying hypothetical diseases *right after* stating this fact: %90 percent of animal products in the world is produced in factory farms. Thank you @lastweektonight, I guess you did your sensible, totally-not-draconian part. Asking people to stop creating demand for factory farming would be draconian. Not consuming animal products would be VERY expensive because animal products are so much cheaper than its plant based alternative (and animals just eat air and turn it into products, they don't rely on industrial agriculture land/resources for animal feed) Let's spend a good chunk of the segment about some app that assumes pre industrial villagers need to spot diseases and that should be done with smartphones.

      1. otis agabey

        stop consuming animal products to the best of your ability and then it might not seem that hard/draconian to ask people to refrain from it. since oliver eats animals so he cannot ask others what he cannot ask from his own self. and that's the real hidden cost.

      2. otis agabey

        Sweeping the Michael Greger video (from 2009) about the next pandemic and covering the major culprit (industrial animal farming fueled widespread consumption of animal products) for a few seconds comes off looking really disingenuous.

    96. Gina & Isaiah's Channel

      This guy is a goon.

    97. Andy Sjostrom

      Hey John, On behalf of the normal people of the united states let me Apologize for not just Salt lake city but for the entire state of Utah. And please understand it was the only place we had at the time to safely place all those Mormons... hahahahaha!

    98. Planeta Curioso

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    99. Jonathan Camut

      Disgusting, I feel like your writers come up with an outlandish point search for atleast one source or article that agrees with you even slightly then play 10 seconds or less so the entire context doesn’t matter then sprinkle in jokes written by AI borrowed from KGup’s review board to be too unfunny to be called a comedy show trying to spread a misleading message to informed consumers while being able to call yourself a comedy show and not take any responsibility for the obvious manipulation of clips without full context to seem reputable

    100. Anika A

      The world has seen pandemics in the past. Let nature play it’s course and let the living move on.