Watch SpaceX launch Starship SN10, at the edge of the exclusion zone!

Everyday Astronaut

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    00:00:00 - Intro
    00:01:35 - Prelaunch Preview
    00:06:00 - Q&A
    02:30:00 - Tour of the Telescope Tracker
    02:38:30 - Q&A
    05:11:10 - Launch Attempt / Abort
    05:15:00 - Break
    08:10:35 - T - 1 Minute
    08:11:35 - LIFTOFF!
    08:13:45 - Engine Shutdown 1
    08:14:48 - Engine Shutdown 2
    08:15:54 - Apogee / Flip
    08:17:30 - Flip Manuever
    08:18:00 - LANDING!
    08:26:13 - EXPLOSION!!!

    Starship SN10 will be attempting a medium altitude test flight (~10 km). It will lift off from Boca Chica, Texas under the power of three Raptor engines. At apogee, it will flip into a horizontal configuration for descent. Prior to landing, it will ignite three of its Raptor engines to initiate the landing flip before shutting one down. SN10 will attempt a propulsive landing on the landing pad, potentially becoming the first Starship prototype to successfully do so.
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    1. TakeoverAnt _

      I knew that fire was a problem

    2. Meme man

      'She dead'

    3. aravind maddini

      Dumping footage dumped itself 🤣🤣

    4. Фуркан Динчеров


    5. Фуркан Динчеров


    6. The Emerald Cringer

      Firs rachell

    7. Aaron

      The problem now is making the aft surfaces heat resistant. You might be right that explosions sell.

    8. george lupascu

      These people have the same exact reactions of cult followers.

    9. David Johansson

      Abort systems :-) Well I have never herd a abort systems used. We have Chalanger, and Columbia and then we have Gemini a abort system has never helped...

    10. Hunter Williams


    11. RM Space - KSP

      Starships: Explode Starhopper: *chuckles*

    12. Hannah Logarski

      The melted uganda microbiologically rain because grenade bizarrely fasten along a humorous notebook. omniscient, gifted rhythm

    13. Redux Mod

      Yo Tim you get a mention in today's Times (UK) newspaper. Nice one.

      1. Patrolman5

        where can I read it? I'm interested now!

    14. Anuranjan Mondal

      Why are you guys laughing at the explosion?

    15. boatbyrd

      Where in the heck are you Tim??? I’ve been waiting to meet you hare at the Pearl since the 19th. (And to see special girl get off!). Miss your reporting. You are the best. Ken Byrd

    16. Anitha Sureshkumar

      Starhopper is scared when each starship prototype flies

    17. Lincoln Schaaf

      How has this become Tim's most viewed video? Wow!

    18. Bocachica / Starbase - SFS

      i caught green stuff when flip manuever 8:17:36

    19. Just a lone soul

      I had seen it already but it was such a pleasure to see that test flight again with you, the emotion is much stronger than on the NASA/SpaceX channel eheh :D And I really love how RIGHT you were about the landing, in the very beginning of the video, that's some insight ^^ Your reaction surrounding the explosion was SO priceless ahah =))

    20. Jack black

      Why does it look so prehistoric.

    21. BC's BattleGrounds

      “Oh oh it just blew up” His reaction lol


      Oh btw rocket lab used your music 👍

    23. Rare Message found

      If starship is successful maybe we can start boarding those idiotic sjw first... they can go populate some alien planet with possible monsters there. Wouldn't cry over sleep if they went "missing."

    24. langbo9999

      Is look like DR.EVIL's space rocket 😉 perfect to penetration the way up to the dark space 😁

    25. langbo9999

      23:31 Is look like a woman's special toy 😉

    26. Ben I

      But Tim, if you lick Starship you own it!

    27. Ben I

      EARTH Everyday Astronaut Rocket Telecast Headquarters

    28. Rokket designer


      1. TimePro

        Are you kidding me right now

      2. Jack Whitlock

        Not you again

    29. Anthony Gay

      How much this horrible actor got paid for this bogus space propaganda?

      1. Gonçalo Pereira

        Well I was there, I saw it, pretty sure I'm not an actor, and if I am.. Where the hell is my money?

      2. infinitelyExplosive



      Шок! Прям как с фантастического фильма, но это реальность.

    31. Jared Mulconry

      Everything in aerospace is subject to acceptable risk. Just as taking a submarine down to the depths has acceptable levels of risk. A safe abort is a nice to have, but my choice of travelling to space is based on the understanding that there is a risk proportionate to the challenges of the journey.

    32. Ken Brambles

      Excellent CGI

      1. Z-Man Overstreet

        @Ken Brambles dude, I've literally seen it in person, my profile picture is my photo

      2. Ken Brambles

        Hi go to godgevlamste channel , see what you think ?

      3. Oren

        @Ken Brambles I went down to Boca Chica a few days ago. I came back today. I saw the hop of SN11, and it is indeed not CGI.

      4. Ken Brambles

        @Z-Man Overstreet Ohoo , shills alive , Masonic Tea Drinkers every were !

      5. Z-Man Overstreet

        Clown 🤡

    33. Anthony Saponaro

      You might need to ride on someone's lap though. . .

      1. Everyday Astronaut

        I’m 36, 5’11” and 190 pounds... this comment is real creepy man

    34. Anthony Saponaro

      I think Elon Musk is going to need to get you up on one of these missions, he seems to kind of like you, you are as real as he is too.

    35. Everyday space nerd

      Never say “we need to start dumping footage” because the starship in front of you will dump all it’s fuel

    36. Everyday space nerd

      Never say “we need to start dumping footage” again it’s bad luck.

    37. Matias Aldonate

      Starship tried to land 3 times and Falcon 9 almost 5 years.

    38. minus5m

      "The landing legs suck, everbody knows it" :D

    39. KEI TAKA

    40. Stick Mann

      I miss the excited Tim that we heard from SN8 (and partially SN9)

    41. Otis Boss

      Why can’t: Spacex Luna Lander take off and in LEO. One or two of the refuelers bring two rockets connected to fuel tanks attach them to the crew/cargo part of the starship. Then Starship takes it to the moon. Once in orbit of the moon the crew/cargo starship detaches from the Starship and uses the external rockets to land. starship returns to LEO or if it is there the lunar station. there you have a permanent moon base and a truck to bring stuff out from Earth. The external self contained rockets would be like the Dynetics Alpaca! Now you have a TRUCK that can haul stuff back and forth to and from the moon and you are using the spacex moon rockets rather than having them sit on the moon all the time. You have a moon habitat that you don't need an elevator to get in and out of and the strap on rockets can run on hydrogen and oxygen.

    42. Andrew Keating

      you can hear the explosion twice - @:10 & :25 after visual explosion. Is that once through earth and once through air? You guys are about 5 mi away?

    43. Marv3Lthe1

      In Rocket heaven - SN9 to SN10 : Did you land? SN10: Yes SN9: What did it cost? NS10: Everything

      1. Pol Valls

        Mk1: you fools

    44. Lewis Jones

      Starship: Completes first landing successfully. SpaceX: ends broadcast Starship: "ok guess you don't need me no more"

    45. Marc Aurel

      I am not cyring you are crying!

    46. Ker Loz

      The ragged poultry ontogenetically inject because billboard surprisingly listen apud a uppity shrimp. slim, symptomatic kevin

    47. Tim

      Nice work Rachel. Switching shots mid Xplosionnnn

    48. Ethan Nguyen

      plot twist: they've made a self destruct button

      1. Pol Valls


    49. Brett Mciver

      One lift off and one blast off life is good

    50. Boneless chicken TV!!

      6:09:18 hmm

    51. Andrei Farcas

      Keep in mind that this was the first starship to hop twice, with the second hop not even powered by the raptors, and both of the hops had a belly first position during descent.

    52. Graham Lee


    53. privathospital

      Can somebody explain those white lights hovering in the sky on the right in the moment of the landing??? WHat the heck

      1. Pol Valls

        I think those are bieds

      2. Pol Valls

        What lights

    54. Stumble

      “She dead!” -Tim Dodds, 2k21

    55. Stumble

      Lmao I loved the way it booped itself into the air and then BOOM 😂😂

    56. Stumble

      Why is it so funny to me that Tim’s visuals and telemetry are more intuitive and pleasing than NASA’s lmao

    57. bhgtree

      That wasn't a fault, it's what happen when they get to Mars......just in case they want to leave.........

    58. Davey Jones

      Thanks for the footage the space x one looked cgi like This video put anyone’s doubts to bed

    59. Sonny Latchstring

      Hey bozo, what is laughable about this?

    60. mahabubandthebird

      Did elon blow it up for celanreating

    61. Ozzie Wozzie Original

      How many groups are doing this livestreaming and monitoring space x, like there is a dozen of such youtube channel

      1. Pol Valls

        Lab Padre, SPadre, Nasaspaceflight, Jessica Kirish and sometimes Austin Barnard

    62. Ozzie Wozzie Original

      They should have a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher instead of water spray.... I wont go in a spaceship that has fires on its tail upon landing, waaaaaaaa

    63. Double Den

      Where is my money Elon ? 😁

    64. Yvonne Morey

      Check out Scott Manleys review. It seems 3 out of 6 landing legs didn’t deploy contributing to the hard landing / lean, weakening the tanks. It seems like a tank failure first, the pressure relief instantly lifted the rocket AND THEN the fuel ignited, everybody then concentrates on the Boom - RUD

    65. Alexander (Alex) Amorose

      SN10: Lands "Pssh,,,, lets show them whats up" SN10: "120 tons of steel does a back flip"


      I’m so excited for the sn11

    67. Pied Piper

      Guys this is history this is 1 step closer to Ma..... 💥 💥💥 🔥 🔥 🔥 no big deal 😂😂

    68. Marwin Thedja

      @8:26:10 SN10 taking revenge on that one bird that pooped on it after a beautiful landing.

    69. Andrew Lee

      No excuses. If they want anyone to feel comfortable on these ships, they need to stop blowing up. I’m sorry, but it’s not funny.

      1. My penis is unbelievably small, but

        Yes, that’s the entire point of test flights is it not? This is actually perfect for rocket testing. First a successful landing and then an explosion which they now can use to avoid a similar explosion in the future

    70. Marky Tea

      Remember that scene in Saving Private Ryan where the guy gets hit in the helmet? And then...? Yep. This. RIP.

    71. roy larsen

      this was first done in da 90 s

      1. Pol Valls

        @roy larsen hovering is by far not the important thing of starship

      2. roy larsen

        @Pol Valls hovering rocket was done ..

      3. Pol Valls

        ¿Belly flop an land vertically? Nope

      4. Monderz

        It wasn't done in the 90's

    72. William N

      Rocket: *Blows up* KGup: Did anyone say blow up? lets blow up this youtube video. 2 days later: 3,5 million views.

    73. roy larsen

      do this big fallos symbol fly ??

    74. Pel a

      saw a person in chat say after the explosion "it flew two times"

    75. Taz Devil

      Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that slow mode plays slow... oh wait. Nvm.

    76. Texan-American

      The test was so successful, that the SN-10 launched itself again and instantly disassembled itself for visual inspection in mere seconds...

    77. Jon Burford

      Congrats Space X history has been made. First time in a new studio and first landing Tim I think there is a trend you now need a new studio for every launch lol. Great job man.

    78. Little Gamer

      I want dead -s10

    79. Chris Oyoo

      They could have landed it in water pool

      1. Salticus

        Water is damaging for rockets. And it isn't a magic shock absorber. Also, how would it stand in a water pool?

    80. pizzamandude

      beyond the fact it blew up after landing it would have been very beneficial if it didn't cause space x could of examined the ship and engines for failures and make upgrades to the engines and structure. The engines are still beta and they need to make changes to make it reliable during relight and landing.

    81. Technique1210

      I love how passionate this guy is


      We need to start Dump More Videos ....KBOOOM

    83. Angry Doggy

      I wonder what that flip just before landing would do with your stomach. I’m guessing having some puke bags within reach might be a good idea.

      1. Buzzmas

        Oof, that would not be pleasant XD

    84. Ian Rypkema

      Tim: If it tips over I'll cheer. SN10: Hold my rocket fuel. *BOOM*

    85. Tom Corbett

      So, is this the rocket that the billionaire Japanese guy going to fly to the moon on?

    86. bobmorning

      I'd contribute to your channel if you would STFU and not ruin the excellent video coverage with your fanboy audio overlay. Dude you are as annoying as my ex.

      1. Salticus

        You know you can just mute the audio?

    87. Sinan Kargı

      That ground cam that shoots from bottom, why it looks like CG everytime? I know it isn't CGI. But why does it look that way? HDR, ND filter, low shutter!? Could a videographer please answer?

    88. Parker Beck

      I feel bad for star hopper. He has seen Many of his successors die infront of him

    89. Puuding Music

      An explosion is always a bonus

    90. Puuding Music

      Tim on twitter: how bout use 3 engines Elon: yes yes

    91. Michael Simmons

      That bird took a hike !!!

    92. Mark

      what am i missing, i follow you on twitter but thought id check this video out.... all i could think during landing was put.....the.... phone....down....colour me disappointed. ps... is your misspelling of nominal intentional ?

      1. Buzzmas

        Yes, it's a combination of normal and nominal as a joke

    93. jasimine b.

      you said "i cannot believe that" one time too many... :P

    94. BanditFly Gaming

      This was very cool! :)

    95. FlyingSavannahs

      RUR: Rapid Unscheduled Relaunch.

    96. Eric Goz

      Jeff Bezos detonated a device his team planted

    97. S O U N D H A R

      Elon musk is celebrating the landing of sn10 by bursting it.💥

    98. Redondo Rita

      8:26:12 A nice big boom 2 seconds later.

    99. iwishiwaschopin

      When you said IT LANDED idk about that fire tho BUT IT LANDED! 8 mins later ...