50Cent GOES All The Way In, Gucci Mane CROSSED The Line 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

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    50Cent GOES All The Way In, Gucci Mane CROSSED The Line 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
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    1. Mark Tavrez

      Been saying Jezzy a stand up dude

    2. Mattyice

      The real Gucci would of choked him with his Bart chain.

    3. Philthy Phil916

      Good shit two see them squash that shit. So Icy was the shit

    4. Elliana Jones

      Jeezy Actually raps on beat Gucci music always has sounded like ass. I dont know why there is ever a comparison. Like saying MGk is better then eminem.

    5. Elliana Jones

      Jeezy blows that non rapping ass shit stain out the water from start to now.

    6. Rahsaan Woodson

      Who else is loving this for the mew year

    7. Jt Toliver

      everybody should know by now, 20 yrs, forty yrs or till Jeezy and Gucci on stage with walkers- if it was real beef that shit wouldn't of went LIKE this OR far. WHAT GOOD FOR THE CULURE is GOOD FOR MANKIND on some Grown MAN shit real men feel this there's time for nothin else... I REPEAT, THIS IS HOW DIFFERCES OF MEN Should BE SETTLED

    8. New Ish

      15 years ! 😂

    9. Yeshuas Ways

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    10. 7 S 2G Coleman

      I always support overall growth and expansion with S👀NG African American success and especially from my home of S Texas "BUT!," nothing gets me to totally do a 180 when the ARTIST shows no remorse,character,and gratitude to the loyalty that was given to them. The minute they make it and then start IMMEDIATELY DUMPING ON THEIR OWN as if to IMPRESS someone else I guess getting with JAY Z will cause a Mental Breakdown like KANYE,or Foot fought in an elevator! It sad bcuz JAY Z now has two HOUSTON QUEENS under his ILLUMINATI SOUL SOLD worshipping the DEVIL BS! Yea they become FAMOUS but I done heard two Ppl have conflicted stories concerning MEGAN like her former friend KELSEY who stood her ground and let it be known I'm not in the industry what does it gain to attack you HOOD! Well my Mother is an SATANIC EASTERN STAR WITCH when you get NLP NUERO LINGUISTICS PROGRAMMING MIND CONTROL or willingly gain the W🌎RLD and LOSE your SOUL you have to PROVE YOURSELF and it requires a DEGRADING FOUL ACT to loved ones and Self. My SIBLINGS before my eyes was transformed I always kept a good distance from my MOTHER for my strength she opt out to DESTROY ME so with that being said Ppl like my MOTHER,and JAY Z turned Ppl to a very SINISTER UNDERTOW like SOLANGE,and MYSELF I'm not saying KELSEY isn't HURT but when you L👀K UP and DONT KNOW YOUR SISTER that feeling I DONT WISH ON NO ONE bcuz once they're gone you got to get the BRAINWASHING,TRAUMATIC IMPACT,TRIGGERS,ALTERS,etc. not knowing that THEY ARE VICTIMS makes it harder to understand but that NLP when you don't know is being used then TWO or MORE COME INTO AGREEANCE that's WITCHCRAFT and JAY Z doesn't DENY but HE DEFINITELY DESTROYS SOULS MEGAN isn't MEGAN or HOUSTON NOMORE she's who JAY Z made her to be! Some sick a** sh*t!!!! I HATE JAY Z, EASTER STARS, FREEMASONS,and ILLUMINATI some even have the nerve to play CHRISTIANS so they can TURN and RECRUIT! HOLY WAR is REAL PARENTS should look past the GOOD BEATS and S👀 MEGAN isn't something or someone YOUNG WOMEN should L👀K UP TO SHE SOUL HER SOUL! CONGRADZ to GUCCI and JEEZY tho Ppl MAKE MISTAKES but at least they seem to be maturing and still THEIR ORIGINAL SELVES!

    11. Bridgette Smothers


    12. Khen MoZhioné


    13. Oscar Hernandez

      50 vs ja rule

    14. Pat Jones

      Don't try to kill me then act like it's cool & all about the rap culture now

    15. Thomas Brown

      Megan is not pretty. Joseline looks better

    16. Zotic ShoeZ

      how the fuck you cross the line when u a gangsta..

    17. Robert Davenport

      How he going to battle game when he wrote his whole first album 50 vs ja rule

    18. Clarence Johnson

      I love Jeezy me and him are the same thing but he did what he had to I would disrespect the hell out who ever tried to have me killed he better be lucky Gucci didn’t put a hit out on him

    19. John Wick

      Click bait

    20. G D

      Gucci only done Versus because he ain’t noticed in this present game no more . Facts 💯

    21. Eloise Harris

      I'd rather see 50 cent and Ja Rule it will be way better I'm not going to be as hyped if it's The Game just saying like Jezzy and Gucci did it they can to and put on for Queens and the culture

    22. Mr38HH


    23. Fendi Fee


    24. E Fizel

      It was as stolen car. So they probably don't have anything

    25. spacebound universe

      50 should vs ja rule. 😉

    26. Florczyk

      Had to unsubscribe.....you know how that goes....bro bro....bro....be sure to stop uh uh......I jus cant listen to people who speak in false tongues....be yourself.

    27. John

      Cant wait for the game vs 50

    28. villedocvalle

      What the hell you talking about!? Megan got shot. Period! And as a man you try to rationalize that? Straight coward.

    29. Mike Henderson

      Gucci crossed the line? Lmao

    30. Sweet Cocoa

      I'm tire of y'all mfs crying ....the point was for them to diss now y'all sensitive asses mad because Gucci went all the way in no filters and uses 1 of his most lethal diss songs ...fuck y'all lames I'm glad Gucci used the song....if your going to diss do it right

    31. tyrone tyrone

      tha was real of gucci though some catz wouldn't of took that lite tried to take fam life stand up dude for that gwop🙏

    32. lololee24

      Sir, you have got to be one of the top 5 misogynist content creators on KGup. So either you're a closeted gay man who's secretly jealous of black women or you have unresolved issues with your mommy. I can't tell. Either way, I'm not triggered by your video I'm just disappointed that you treat women of color like shit. Clearly your mother failed you.

      1. Celebs Source

        I keep turning around cuz I know you ain't talking to me......

    33. larry smith

      50 And Jada Kiss lol

    34. On CodeAlways

      I know 50 not talking about going to far with him and Ja Rule. He wouldn’t even get on the stage with Ja Rule 50 when you do this

    35. The Carolina Native Jxann

      😂😂😂 Emagine fif telling somebody that they done crossed the line

    36. diceprice

      Good move 50 ($$&&@@) New York where music for hip hop and the rest to be different right... make sense @@@

    37. Matthew Janjua

      Kurtis you're the biggest hypocrite in the rap game.

    38. Wayne Pryce

      This shit about you tryna have me killed over a song...It should have been Gucci and Jeezy instead of Nate and Paul

    39. William Witherow

      The real people of the A know Gucci really won the battle and the war. Gucci stayed down from the get go and Jeezy didn't want that smoke. Plus, Gucci will never trust that nigga anyways.


      I with the staring trouble shit but i met 50 alot of times in if he was on the stage and Gucci would have disrespect one of his homeboys that died he would popped off on Gucci I'm not here to the bait nobody

    41. Heavy Flippin Fire Support RED

      To decrease the hate... increase the death rate...

    42. Marquett Towns

      How pookie loc son feel about this nigga making piece after this nigga got him killed


        Somebody interviewed him on KGup he not feeling it

    43. Remy Young

      Gucci 40 years old, only lame niggaz brag about somebody they killed. Grow the hell up, Gucci!

    44. khrisb patterson

      Salute to the 2 OG’s 💯......get money, live GREAT , and stay alive !!

    45. Lak Wimberly

      Imagine 50 n ja verzuz

    46. k t

      I sympathize with Gucci Mane because I had the same situation and I got with self-defense.. I guess break-ins anit common smh... 50 always crossing a line

    47. AllPureSkill

      Lmao the Chucky references

    48. muzical vet

      So basically at 4:02 Jeezy wants Gucci too leave it alone and squash the beef on tv.Gucci Mane ain’t letting go.Gucci been street since i first seen him in his music videos,before the record deals.Jeezy fake sent another men too do his job if it’s real.Unless the girl lies too get Gucci off her radar after they tried too rob him.🤔

    49. Yeltom Automotive

      What if Pookie had killed Gucci or someone in the house like his girl or kid then Gucci survived then what? An attempt on a mans life is unforgiving to me. If its so much about the culture change the narrative of the music. They should have been mature from the beginning they could have both put the song on their albums.

    50. Bdawg02

      1) White publications ask basic questions 2) Black publications ask about trash & messy questions

      1. Celebs Source


    51. Vernon Ervin

      You sound real dumb (which shot Meagan) which shot? Like the gun shot her on its on???

    52. Twan Harper



      My favorite moment in hip hop ever! Salute!

    54. Lisa Smith

      Why would u be walking with a bag of skittles smh

    55. areta316

      50 cent is a snitch so how he gonna clown .

    56. Kelvin Johnson

      I just think them two shouldn't have battled , it was some real blood shed back then , I was raised in DC and a part of the south where if there is any coming together after something like that we squash it and let it rest in peace , if anybody try to shine on it we got a problem , no apologies accepted

    57. Pay Day


    58. Pay Day

      Wow dre wife dirty then a bitch

    59. Peter Prather

      Peace Be Unto You My Beautiful Talented Black Brothers, Peace' Please In The Name Of God.

    60. Travis Smith

      Respect to Jeezy and Gucci for squashing beef #Grownmanshit

    61. Biggz48a Perry

      Damn Jeezy a real man. He’s way more of a man than Gucci and a lot of other men. He could of responded a whole different way!

    62. Kenneth Wills

      Jeezy's folks tryed to kill and rob Gucci and that's some thing you will never forget its personal but the we smoking pookie loc was not a good look or comment but that situation will have you saying whatever comes to mind because you stay mad at Jeezy and Pookie loc trying to kill you

    63. Monnese Plummer

      Gucci still is the better man. I'm talking about characters not talent. Salute for being in the same vicinity as jezzy in the first place.

    64. skipg73

      Yall bustas egging on 15 yr old beef.

    65. Its Heff

      Is the voice Hassan Campbell by chance

      1. Celebs Source

        Don't you dare.....

    66. Say Vay

      And you cross the line @50cents when you were "confused" and "thinking about" taking that mill to sellout your own people. Go see how you're gonna get Black people to support Power II: Ghost.

    67. Sincerity

      The best part is when they put differences aside- salute to both!

    68. Grady Dillard II

      50 vs Ja Rule

    69. Emmanuel Davis

      50 ain’t shit talking bout someone else so let’s talk bout him he got shot 9 times ain’t do shit bout it his son hanging w the same family that ordered him shot 9 times u do the math he bitch made

    70. BENEDICT Samson

      Been a Black Rapper in America should be added to 1000 Ways to Die

    71. Wild Avenue

      10:46 Not if the car was stolen.

    72. Larry Sawyer

      Boy shut yo ahh up lol you funny bro keeping doing yo thang

      1. Celebs Source

        Glad to make you crack a smile homie

    73. Mather Bigc

      No one is really surprised at how Gucci acted. I mean Gucci is a fucking lowlife and thats what they do. They do lowlife shit.

    74. byron b

      That was all the way dope Gucci and the Snow man👍🏾

    75. Shimeka Neal

      If i'm not mistaking, Gucci has a shorty that he ain't taking care of.

    76. Brick Flair

      First time hearing this akademiks wanna be lol

      1. Brick Flair

        @Celebs Source don’t hav to tell me twice keep crying

      2. Celebs Source

        And if we're lucky it'll be your last....

    77. MelanatedBeauty

      Im over here dying🤣🤣🤣 cause im playing games while i listening to u and u gotta pull the Android card🤔🤷🏽💯🙌🏾 we sure can multi-task lol

      1. Celebs Source



      Nigga you dyslexic NIGGA

      1. Celebs Source

        Some of the best people are....

    79. MoveInSilence 2021

      That shit ain't Dead. It's Never Over without Repentance.

    80. Kp Kp

      Think he will listen lol let's see

    81. St. Reagle

      Click bait smh

    82. The Observant One

      What's the olive branch that I've been hearing bout

    83. Sumpn2Ride2

      Team ANDROID! right! I'm over here multi-tasking watching this. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥

    84. Dimitrius Dudley

      It only takes time and growth to make it right!! Jeezy was the bigger man. Gucci followed suit eventually.

    85. Drizz Williams

      50 aint gonna do shit but talk n troll the internet

    86. Shaunitia Davis

      That's what's wrong with people they always think that you're supposed to respond in a certain what this man tried to kill him okay wanted him dead if he was that he wouldn't even be able to be on that stage so why can't you just let him vent he's just venting he's he's healing you know that was even big for him to even be on the stage with him. Couldn't even be me so I don't know why I keep coming that would you like that

    87. Autodriveforce

      I think 50 should do vs with jadakiss

    88. Kush Head

      If a nigga tried to kill you, your gonna be in peace with the nigga who sent to do it?

    89. More Plates More Sauzule

      Gucci still got beef with mojo?

    90. More Plates More Sauzule

      Why did jeezy bring up other dead rappers when gucci called him out for the hit

      1. brandon wallace

        @More Plates More Sauzule dude it was back when everything happened in 05 you can KGup it. Gucci was on BET and told the world Jeezy tried to have me killed. Like laid out a motive for conspiracy charges and everything. That's why Jeezy told him again at the versus battle he was talking to much.

      2. More Plates More Sauzule

        @brandon wallace national tv? LOOL ain't nobody watching some rap battle...

      3. brandon wallace

        Cause gucci snitched. On national tv at that. No point in beefing with someone who is known to call the laws

    91. Porsche Panamera

      Just because they got the license plate don’t mean anything. They probably stole the car, if they were halfway smart.

      1. ali zaki el

        But they can track the car/tag by green light video/onboarding gps, on it's daily journey and catch him in store with no mask on. Technology: To much access today. Hope he didn't use bluetooth, got his ip. addy now , plus tracking. Smh. Being black and always a possible hunt suspect, we keeps up with the 👁 He should have drove a beater from the 80's. Absolutely no technology. I doubt if it was stolen. They can shut cars down now with proper authority. Smh

    92. corey Johnson

      Team android all day

    93. Singintimmy

      If you think a man can fully forgive sombody trying to kill him you tripping or odering a hit on him be real

    94. Yellow Boy

      Good to see. Much love

    95. Kel Da King

      50 Cent a bitch and what rhymes with bitch oh yeah 50 a snitch

    96. Wasabii Ayers

      Why is it weird for me to hear 50 talking about Gucci? In rap they were on two completely different avenues never had in my head they would cross paths

    97. Sirmere Already

      Dude jumped over I pass onto a semi truck stop playing, all coded and fake! Stay dumb!

    98. All Thingz Stylz Couture


    99. lgarla23

      Just a heads up @Celeb Source your videos are informative but viewers HATE it when bloggers try and make the vid about themselves vs just reporting...OneHundo

    100. Harrison Griffin

      Gucci did say Jeezy the weakest dude he beefed with