Vietnam War from the North Vietnamese Perspective | Animated History

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    The Vietnam War is a highly controversial topic at the best of times. But during their many debates on the subject, Western historians rarely pause to consider how the conflict was seen through the eyes of the Vietnamese people, either North or South. This video seeks to explore that little-known perspective, analysing the thoughts and motives behind perhaps the strangest, yet most persistent communist governments in Asia.
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    Vietnam and America: The Most Comprehensive Documented History of the Vietnam War by Marvin E. Gettleman, Jane Franklin, Marilyn B. Young & H. Bruce Franklin
    Zumwalt, James G. “Bare Feet, Iron Will ~ Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam's Battlefields.” Fortis Publishing. Jacksonville, Florida.2010
    Bradley, James. “The China Mirage,” Back Bay Books, New York, 2016
    Hickman, Kennedy. "Vietnam War: The Tet Offensive." ThoughtCo, Aug. 26, 2020,
    The Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (Link)
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    1. The Armchair Historian

      Play Conflict of Nations for FREE on PC or Mobile: 💥 Receive an Amazing New Player Pack, only available for the next 30 days! CORRECTIONS BELOW: I do want to make a few additional comments as well: - We do not claim that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a legitimate excuse for US intervention. The (second part of the attack) was fabricated as a means to go to war with North Vietnam. Secondly, I never stated that the US was ever justified in its intervention in Vietnam, in fact, I personally do not think the US was justified. - We did not show the Ho Chi Minh quote at 7:34 in its full context, which is an honest mistake of ours. We fully take responsibility for that. - We did not mention the use of Agent Orange, which we think would be a very interesting topic for a follow-up video. We regret not mentioning chemical warfare in this video.

      1. Exiled_Londoner

        @pooo mann - When I wrote this up for my degree some years ago we still used things called 'books' which we had to read and cite as references (they were an old technology you might have heard of and merely citing websites was not acceptable at my university). All my old history essays are in boxes somewhere in the loft, and the word-processing files are on an old hard drive - also in the loft. I never did have internet references for them but I'm sure there are plenty to be easily found. If I have a few minutes in the next week or so I'll locate a couple of articles and post the links here.

      2. pooo mann

        @Exiled_Londoner any links?

      3. Exiled_Londoner

        @pooo mann - Not the CIA - that didn't exist at the time (it might have been the OSS). The US military unit that armed and trained Ho-Chi-Minh's forces (the Viet Minh's armed wing) in the last year of the war is well-documented and the officer commanding the unit wrote about his interactions with the Viet-Minh leadership. It's all a matter of historical record that is not disputed by anyone as far as I know.

      4. pooo mann

        any sources for the Vietnamese being funded by the CIA against the Japanese???

      5. Forrest Franks

        @Exiled_Londoner oh I perfectly understand what you are getting at. And your mentality. You have a communist belief mentality. And your spin, and bias are truly evident. I gave your video the benefit of scrutiny, until I seen your disingenuous mentality. I am also not blind to the Fascist Communist elements in the United States, and World leaders.

    2. wideokompakt

      Where are all those proud American Vets now? How can you be proud of being Vet of this war?

    3. Mitch Cumstein

      Before I even watch this, wasn’t China pulling the strings fir the north. Wasn’t this a proxy war? More than anything. It’s not a war when you can’t bomb freely. This was another war for the Military Industry. If you go throughout history we can’t seem to go more than 25 years without a conflict, almost cyclical

    4. Anh Le Hai

      Who's that French guy in 9:08

    5. yonseienglish

      Not bad, but you mispronounced the Me Lai Massacre.

    6. Scotus Laurentius

      It sounds just like Afganistan ... almost identical.

    7. scar3xcr0

      I had a coworker and friend who came from vietnam. One day I asked him if the Vietnamese people were angry at americans about the war. He said they weren't but people thought the american government should pay to help the people with agent orange deformaties. We got talking about the 60s anti war movement, the kent state shooting and such. He looked up some stuff about it on his phone, in school they didn't learn about the draft and the 60s anti war hippy movement. He found it really interesting that the american youth in the 1960s fought to end the war too and were forced to fight or face imprisonment.

    8. scar3xcr0

      Vietnamese youth: People didn't talk about the meaning of the war. We were really confused why the Americans tried to invade our homeland. We hadn't done anything to them. American youth: People didn't talk about the meaning of the war we were really confused why had our country tried to invade their homeland they hadn't done anything to us.

    9. COcollectionToys

      you forgot about Angkor or Khmer which defeated the Dutch and Spain empire 2:50

    10. Tom Adams

      You do an amazing job with these videos

    11. Quang Anh Dao

      I grew up learning the Viet Nam war through this perspective. The Vietnamese school history textbook says pretty much the same as what is mentioned in the video, but with a touch of bias.

    12. Quang Anh Dao

      Just so you know, the Viet Nam war is one of the primary topics of the "Back in my days" version of Vietnamese grandparents.

      1. Quang Anh Dao

        One of the weirdest stories I heard from my grandfather is that when he was in school (not really sure middle school or high school), one of his teachers asked his friends to have an overnight stay at the teacher's place. When asked why the teacher explained that there was an unexploded bomb (yeah, tonnes of bombs were dropped but not all of them exploded) in his garden and he was kinda scared. My grandfather never reveals what happened after that.

    13. KawaiiMiri

      Just to live and govern your home many country men must die.

    14. Tactix88

      Vietnam (Ewoks) take down the evil empire (U.S.A)

    15. Hecate's Wolf

      Apparently General Giap is considered one of the greatest if not the greatest general in world history. 'If you know your enemy as you know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles' Lao Tzu, 'The Art of War'.

    16. Maxx’s Network

      I like ussr

    17. Dean J. Seal

      My Lai Massacre is pronounced Mee Lie.

    18. You know where Hugh go

      Not only were the Vietnamese more concerned with independence, the vietcong went on to liberate cambodia from the Khmer Rouge. It's amazing today that the Vietnamese are so forgiving to the Americans

    19. Gaming Lee

      The us should had been helping the north to gain influence The north got those talking trees.

    20. ThiHienMai Nguyen

      US President Donald Trump has said, several times, "Vietnam and USA are now friends." # Not only President Donald Trump, but other US presidents Barack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, ... and Vietnam's top leaders, have also said similarly. # It's a pity. Vietnam and USA could have been friends long, long ago; and millions of Vietnamese and American mothers would not have to mourn their sons and daughters; millions of Vietnamese and American families would not have to mourn their loved ones; millions of Vietnamese and American children would not have to be orphaned.

    21. Amber Mac Craig

      I love your videos. Thank you guys, you're the best...., keep 'em comin'.

    22. ThiHienMai Nguyen

      Vietnamese saying: Giặc đến nhà, đàn bà cũng đánh! English: Enemy arriving to your home; women too fight! # To better understand Vietnamese women, look up for "Trưng sisters", "Lady Triệu (Triệu Thị Trinh)", “Võ Thị Sáu”, “Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai”, “Lê Thị Hồng Gấm”, “Đặng Thùy Trâm”, “Nguyễn Thị Út (Út Tịch)”, "Tạ Thị Kiều", "Nguyễn Thị Định", "Bùi Thị Xuân", ... # Poem by Tố Hữu: O du kích nhỏ giương cao súng Thằng Mỹ lênh khênh bước cúi đầu Ra thế! To gan hơn béo bụng Anh hùng đâu cứ phải mày râu! # My attempt at English translation: Petite militia girl raising high her gun Towering American guy stoopingly walking, his head bent So! Big liver (courage) better than fatty stomach (big body) Heroes not having to be reserved just for men. # There was a happy ending to the "Petite militia girl and the towering American guy" photo: They (Nguyễn Thị Kim Lai, 17 years old at the time the photo was taken on 20-09-1965, and American ex-pilot William Andrew Robinson, aged 22 then) met up again 30 years later, but this time as FRIENDS when Robinson came to visit Kim Lai at her home in Hà Tĩnh province in Central Vietnam (@ )

    23. ThiHienMai Nguyen

      Jay Lu says "The mongol couldn't conquer vietnam. The chinese has tried on and off for thousands of years. The french failed. The japanese failed. What makes you think the US had a chance?" -- I say: # Very well said, Jay Lu; especially when China is right next door, and 20 times the size of Vietnam. If the expansionist, boundlessly greedy, ruthless, extremely cunning, brutal and experienced rulers of China could not conquer Vietnam despite repeated attempts, what makes anyone think the US could ?

    24. ThiHienMai Nguyen

      English below. If you cannot ... Các bạn không đọc được tiếng Anh chịu khó chờ bản tiếng Việt nhé (tui gởi ý kiến nầy tới 1 Video tiếng Anh); mời mọi người coi chơi. # Some people seem to be puzzled, or bemused, or scornful, or derisive, or upset, or hateful, ... that socialist Vietnam adopts the market economy even with much capitalistic flavor. They fail to understand the following # For the Vietnamese Uncompromised priority: Independence and Integrity of their Country Other goals and priorities Priority #1: Freedom and Democracy Priority #2: Happiness Priority #3: Security Priority #4: Peace Priority #5: Prosperity Priority #6: International Standing # The rest, whether it's Monarchy, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, a Mixture of those, ... could easily be negotiable to serve those above goals. # Thus, the Vietnamese had endured unbelievable sacrifice and hardship in their long wars against capitalist French colonialists, and fascist Japanese militarists, and capitalist American neo-colonialists, and communist Chinese expansionists, not because of socialism or capitalism or communism, but because of their country's Independence and Integrity. ====================== Jack Wilson says "The 'Vietnamese' didn’t fight America. The Communist North Vietnamese fought America." - I say # Initially, all Viet_Congs were southern Vietnamese; "Nam Bộ Kháng Chiến" [Southern Resistance (to French colonialists' 2nd invasion in 1945)], "Đồng Khởi" [Uprising (in 1960)] were all done by southern Vietnamese. By the end of the Liberation war, most of the Viet_Congs in Southern Vietnam were southern Vietnamese. My parents, my aunties and uncles, my grand parents, say that on the Liberation day of 30-4-1975, there were not one single northern Vietnamese to be seen in our area in Hồng Ngự (Đồng Tháp province) ====================== My point is the Struggle for Vietnam's Independence and Liberation was carried out, and won, by all Vietnamese together, northern, southern, central, .... # As mentioned, the liberation of most of southern Vietnam was done by the southern Vietnamese. # Thus, besides our home district Hồng Ngự, no northern Vietnamese were seen in Cần Thơ, Mỹ Tho, Rạch Giá, Cà Mau, Phú Quốc, Trà Vinh, Kiên Giang, .... when those areas were liberated on 30-4-1975, but only the southern Vietnamese (southern Viet_Congs) # By the way, it's very easy to pick out a northern Vietnamese in a southern environment; the northern accent is impossible to hide or change, probably in a way similar to when Americans pick out a Scottish among them. # The so-called "South Vietnam" regime (named Ngụy Quyền or Puppet Regime in Vietnam) was erected up by the invading French colonialists who were succeeded by the invading American neo-colonialists, to help them keep their colonial occupation of Vietnam. ====================== # In Video on a similar topic, "The Fall Of Saigon (Part 7)" ( ), at 10:41 the journalist Mr Peter Arnett says "What was this war all about?" # Mr Peter Arnett asked the question, but I think he had also implied the answer; and the answer was similar to that by Australian Prime Minister Mr Gough Whitlam. # Prime Minister of Australia Mr Gough Whitlam was among the few westerners who voiced the OBVIOUS TRUTH (in contrast to many other who knew this truth but chose not to say it, or worse even colluded with the rich and powerful US Government to wage an extremely barbaric invading conquering immoral unjust war on the Vietnamese people in an attempt to impose a new colonialism [after the failure of the French's old colonialism] on Vietnam) # Mr Gough Whitlam said (I saw it on the internet some years ago, but sorry I did not write down any info; it was in one of the interviews he gave; I just remember him saying so) "THE VIETNAMESE SIMPLY WANTED THEIR INDEPENDENCE." # That's why they kept on fighting the almighty US war machine against all odds, with tremendous sacrifice and suffering, and unbelievable hardship and difficulties; that's why they resolutely fought off the expansionist Deng XiaoPing - Mao ZeDong's Chinese invasion combined with the genocidal Khmer Rouge's Pol Pot attacks (supported by the vengeful US Administration)

    25. Shyler McElhannon

      It’s stuff like this and things like War Crimes and the world hating Americans makes me sad to be one. I just wish the US would try to make allies and peace than be divided and cause unnecessary wars.

    26. J D

      Great video 👍

    27. Fucked Gplus

      they are slave wage workers now. gg communism to create a SUPER opresive gov that keep the ppl slaves of capitalism

    28. Tian Gang

    29. Vladislaus Dracul

      How about a video of Vietnam War from th South Vietnamese perspective?

    30. Joshua Gerthoffer

      In this war, both sides were in the wrong.

    31. Eli M.

      Honestly who cares if Communism spreads. If the Americans believed a democratic constitutional republic was superior and that Communism was doomed to fail they should've let it run its course. Look at the USSR it eventually collapsed. The Vietnam war was pointless.

    32. Lu Pa

      US democracy...

    33. C D

      China was behind all this violence and are the same today

    34. C D

      China was really involved in all this activity.. Please give them that claim here and how powerful they were in asia. America was always fightings against an aggressive violent China.

    35. Taviwrites Gfh

      99 percent of us soldiers of this war were war criminals

    36. Taviwrites Gfh

      The most shamefull war of history

    37. Paul Charles

      What am I missing here? The US were at war with the North Vietnamese. A state of war existed between the two nations. Why the hell didn't the US send in tens of thousands of troops, tanks, aircraft etc into North Vietnam and overrun it in around a week? The US took on and defeated the might of the imperial Japanese army. They fought with the allies against nazi Germany, invaded germany, took the battle right up to Berlin and forced Hitler to take his own life. They lost a war with North Vietnam?? Why the HELL were the American forces pussyfooting around with the North Vietnamese army for TEN YEARS? Can someone PLEASE answer me and tell me WHY the US forces did not even attempt to plan and execute a full scale mass invasion of North Vietnam? They were mortal enemies and at WAR! It would have been over within a week, and saved the lives of tens of thousands of American troops. Excuse me for my ignorance. Just waiting for someone to explain to me with logical and cogent arguments WHY the US forces just stayed in South Vietnam and made themselves sitting ducks for the communist North Vietnamese army.

      1. Paul Charles

        @The Word, the Sign and the Sword Thank you for your answer!

      2. The Word, the Sign and the Sword

        Because the managers in Washington didn't want to cause World War 3 with the USSR and China. It was the same in Korea. Fight a war but don't try to win it if it means a direct conflict with nuclear armed adversaries.

      3. Đăng Quang Nguyễn Thạc

        The battle of Khe Sanh, where the US narrowly able to force a retreating route for their own troops, signals what would happened if they actually going full invasion on the North. They would get some land, getting bombed by artilerry, and then have to leave.

    38. Trey Lewis

      I think it is pronounced "May-lay."

    39. TheBuccaneer1975

      So essentially just blame France.

    40. Nothing Nothing

      The chad Vietcong vs the virgin us invader

    41. nguyenvokhoinguyen nguyenvo

      Us army 🇺🇸 vs NVA🇻🇳 Us army : m113, ac 130, f-111 ,... NVA : "bụi cây biết nói Đm,tảng đá biết đi và AK-47 điểm xạ "

    42. Ed Gabel

      Excellent background information, but drawing conclusions like the domino theory of the spread of communism being false is speculative at best. Even if the American effort to totally stop the spread of communist ideology in Southeast Asia failed, it did delay it and seriously blunted its force. A better question might be, was it worth it? Just as the war to end all wars (WW I) did no such thing, the complexities of war politics and peace politics continue to baffle human efforts toward a permanent peaceful existence. Given the context of that time, the 1960s, did leaders make good decisions? Going back in time and judging people by what we know or think we know today is dangerous and often misleading philosophizing.

    43. Ed Gabel

      B-52 bombers, not B-57. The massacre place is pronounced as Me Lie. Little things matter.

    44. Andy Rianto

      who won?

    45. wimbardi laksono

      Impressive, vietnam make usa more suffer in war, so usa public doesn't support vietnam war.

    46. Mars Jupiter

      This is great and amazing. I'm Vietnamese myself. Thanks!

    47. Minh Nguyen

      Love the video's ending. It was liberty the Vietnamese pursued, not Communism firstly. The American failed to understand that and their intervention made Ho Chi Minh to decide the future of the country in a different way.

    48. Teng

      So much for freedom and democracy

    49. Hà Đoàn thế

      I love vietnammese love ho chi minh 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

    50. Đăng Dương Lê Ngọc

      I'm an Vietnam citizen. You are wrong when you said the pilots and prisoners of People's Army of Vietnam being executed. They haven't. Some prisoners say that to exploits the new communist gorvermance by US backed. Instead, they wasn't being executed but lived, some died of disease even when the doctors desperately tried hard for their life. Prisoner even able to buy cigarettes, foods , drinks. Their lifestyle sometimes is as the same as the people. There is absolute no oppression. So, if you say our army horrendously executed the US, you wrong tho.

    51. Jordan Oliver

      Man i aint a fan of communism, but as an American soldier I got nothing but respect for the Vietnamese. We shouldn't have been there, if only our recent wars would end as quickly.

    52. Moderator of Youtube

      Vietnam was a police action.

    53. Sự Thật Mất lòng

      This is rubbish.

    54. Joseph Van

      We were in Vietnam because of the phony claim of people like Kissinger that if South Vietnam were to fall, it would result in a domino effect, with all of Southeast Asia becoming communist. The fact is the North Vietnamese Army was fighting along with the Viet Cong to rid the country of the French and later we Americans. I'm no fan of communism but the Vietnamese VC and NVA were in their own homeland fighting an invading force (the American Armed Forces). I was a soldier at the time and knew we had no business in Vietnam. But, had I protested or refused to fight, I would have been court martialed and sent to Leavenworth. Most Americans troops felt the same way. We were forced to fight a war we opposed while Kissinger, Kennedy and later Johnson sat in their comfortable chairs in Washington and oversaw the slaughter on both sides.

    55. bahjo

      And Biden accusing putin of medling American politics.....

      1. Generic Channel Name

        Because he does

    56. Patrick McPhee

      You forgot the use of Napalm and Agent orange!

    57. mark isaac

      Thank for info

    58. Mauricio Obreque

      Omg those comments on the side are a distraction, so unnecessary

    59. momo momo

      I was rooting for Vietnam all along

    60. Jeremy Bridges

      I appreciate the video but the comments at the end have the extreme benefit of hindsight. Just sayin

    61. SN 1848

      Across 1971-1973 the US military experienced a slow boiling mutiny. Soldiers refused to carry out orders, sabotaged equipment and even fragged officers. The real number of officers fragged has never been released. The soldiers went on strike and the US army stopped being an effective military machine. This was a far more important factor in the outcome of the war than the common trope that hippies at home opposed the war and the loss of morale and moral support from home undermined the morale of troops at the front. Rather, the troops were ahead of the people at home in opposing the war - for the simple reason they had more experience with the reality of the war. Finally, the NVA clearly defeated the US in the war, demonstrating that warfare is not simply a competition between technologies and industrial production (which the US clearly outpaced the NVA in).

      1. Wonky Donkeys

        @The Word, the Sign and the Sword You are just wrong. Maybe you should try reading the Paris Agreements, it's available online. Article 4 of the Paris Agreements states "The United States will not continue its military involvement or intervene in the internal affairs of South Viet-Nam." The United States and its GVN puppet regime broke the peace agreement.

      2. The Word, the Sign and the Sword

        @Wonky Donkeys The Paris Peace agreement forbade the NORTH from moving imto the south which they did in 1975 after the Democratic party said they would not intervene if the North invaded. Which they did. That's where the Boat People came from. So the North broke the peace agreement ONLY because they KNEW the US would NOT intervene.

      3. Wonky Donkeys

        @The Word, the Sign and the Sword Wrong. The Paris Agreements did not permit the US to re-enter the conflict, in fact the agreements expressly forbid the US from continuing its war in South Vietnam. The North was ready to come to peace terms in 1954.

      4. The Word, the Sign and the Sword

        Actually the North was ready to come to peace terms by 1973. They were beaten and knew it. That's when Nixon started evacuating US troops. Under the Paris peace accords the North could not invade the South or the US would re-enter the conflict. But Nixon resigned due to Watergate and the Democrats told the North we would NOT re-enter Vietnam if they moved South. Well guess what they did? You are correct that the soldiers were more against the war than even the civilians in the US. They saw the futility of the conflict. The tragedy of the entire thing is that if Truman had stayed loyal to Ho instead of the French in the 1950's the war never would have happened.

    62. RICCARDO sacco

      its so funny if our country would have just minded their business communism would fuckin crush itself .... but nooooooooooo

    63. Vladimir Kraus

      Big respect to Vietnamese people!

    64. A Ismail

      All those atrocities and we wonder why the veterans have PTSD?

    65. Ly Khny

      Không có phụ đề ak

    66. Петр Смирнов

      Idk whats the problem, communism is about liberty from imperialists, kekw

      1. Петр Смирнов

        @The Word, the Sign and the Sword Imperialism/capitalism has a much longer documented history of mass murders and opression. Where have you been?

      2. The Word, the Sign and the Sword

        Communism has a well documented history of murder on a massive scale Where have you been?

    67. Aidan Lille

      The Vietnamese won their independence from the imperialist powers, but the Americans destroyed their country with blanket bombing and chemical warfare. If there was any justice in the world there should have been a long line of US War criminals (ann French also) awaiting trial, but these countries still get to lecture other nations about human rights and democracy.

    68. Wahyu Indrasto

      Whaaatt ... *I thougt America won the war in Vietnam. I watched four Rambo movies and all of them concluded USA absolutely won.*

      1. The Word, the Sign and the Sword

        The US DID win. Which is why the North was ready to sign the Peace Accords in 1973. They knew they had been beaten. The only reason they ended up winning in the end is because Nixon resigned due to Watergate and the Dems betrayed the South by telling told the North we would not intervene if they invaded the south - a violation of the Peace Treaty. Which they did in 1975.

      2. Wahyu Indrasto

        *I want my money BACK !!!* Boo hoo hoo ...

    69. JOK and JMD

      What is the war for ?? war takes people's lives ... that's not what the Creator wants ... to live peacefully for the beautiful world


      love the animation

    71. Alphanso Blake

      Thanks for this video I think it's ironic that America and Europe attack other countries and when the people of that culture fight back there called terrorists

    72. Bdon Dino

      I know it doesn't matter, but it bothers me that the AK in the thumbnail is on safe

    73. Ryan Rodriguez Parker

      Your time and effort you put into your videos is great, im from the UK great work dude.

    74. scotty toohotty

      The Armchair Communist.

      1. Generic Channel Name

        If facts are communist, he sure is.


      Great video, but it is also worthwhile focusing on the war against French colonialism. That was one horrible war.

    76. Fred Striker

      Always track the money people....... there's no difference in the Republican party or the Democratic party when it comes to unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral Wars at the expense of the American life and taxpayer

    77. Philip Smi-Le Nguyen

      My dad was in the South Vietnamese army during the war. He was 13 at that time and was stationed in the jungles on the border of Cambodia and Vietnam. And while stationed there he had a bullet hit and riccochet off his helmet,had a bullet rip and go straight through his right leg and was hit by pieces of shrapnel and blown back by the force of a grenade that was thrown into his encampment. But as injured as he and his fellow soldiers were at that time and majorly outnumbered. They made a promise to each other that they would not give up,that they would not lose their position and would hold it no matter what. And that fighting spirit was what kept them going and helped them win.

    78. ComradeBruh41

      As an American I am sorry Vietnam for the crimes we committed ❤🇻🇳

      1. Viet N

        You're forgiven, there is no need to apologize the Vietnamese people have already moved on. But thank you anyways.

    79. Dean Johnson

      A good high level overview but leaves a great deal out. In 1950, the US began providing military aid to France in Vietnam. After France was defeated and the Geneva accords were signed in 1954, the US could have remained neutral but instead kept getting more and more involved. A great book on the period before direct US military involvement is Embers of War: The Fall of an Empire and the Making of America's Vietnam by Fredrik Logevall.

    80. RainFyre

      Good god, we betrayed them.

    81. Dodec84

      "Why is a mother airplane dropping baby airp-" "BOOOM" "Oooooh. That's why."

    82. SWEET, MAY I EAT IT?

      Take not myanmar democracy always comes blood

    83. mtgAzim

      So the guy who was the leader of the antagonists, who had us in a seemingly unending war, which was at the time the longest war in US history, was a CIA contact? Where have I heard that one before?

    84. 476 Anno Domini

      “We were really confused why the Americans tried to invade our homeland. We hadn’t done anything to them.” -cried millions of people around the World.

    85. madcat789

      We could have avoided the Vietnam-American War. We could have been friends, allies. What a waste of good people and materials.

      1. 1968weedsmoke

        @Cardinal RG "US intervention may have been unjustified, but it was not the creator, nor the sole enabler of conflict in Vietnam." Complete garbage. According to the Pentagon Papers the conflict began "largely as a rebellion in the South against the increasingly oppressive and corrupt regime of Ngo Dinh Diem."

      2. Wonky Donkeys

        @Cardinal RG _"But don’t forget, the Vietnamese still would have fought each other for a time. There still would have been an internecine war"_ Prove it. Where are your sources for these ridiculous claims?

      3. madcat789

        @Cardinal RG Well that just sucks, absolutely.

      4. Cardinal RG

        ​@madcat789 --That's a valid example, but only part of the story. Arguably, Vietnamese history displays more years of internal conflict than unity. The Vietnamese have often been at each others’ throats, and that’s not even mentioning the non-Vietnamese, indigenous people that have existed for centuries within Vietnam’s modern borders, and who've been part of internal conflicts, even to the present day. This is not to excuse foreign meddling, but it’s important to resist the myth that the Vietnamese have only ever been divided by external forces, rather than at their own impetus, at times. In short, China is not “THE true creator”, just one factor, albeit a very large one.

      5. madcat789

        @Cardinal RG No, to find the true creator we need to go back to the Chinese and their conquest of vietnam.

    86. john panos

      the vietnamese biggest crime? not communism but they dared to exercise the right of self determination. iran-1953, guatemala-1954, cuba-1959, haiti-1802? to name a few.

    87. Savillx Navm

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    88. PghAquaman

      Interesting how Amerika went from Liberators in the 40's to Lucifer in th 60's in the eyes of the Vietnamese.

      1. The Word, the Sign and the Sword

        That's because he group we call the Deep State or Shadow Government took control after WW2.

    89. Nhan Dinh

      Vietnam: Yay we will finally achieve independence from the French with the help of the USA! Truman: gtg bye French: >:) Vietnam: Bruh

    90. War Baby

      I have a feeling this is why Vietnam vets aren't liked and not welcomed home. They did very bad things

    91. Noah Golden

      So many American lives lost in Korea and Vietnam because of the coward Truman

    92. Juan Martinez

      The American saw little Vietnam but they failed to see the two giants next to it, the USSR and China.

    93. Abe Frome

      A fairly poor history lesson with about as much information as one might get in a high school history class taught by a Neo-Marxist. No mention of the various communist party purges within NV during Ho’s reign. Certainly no mention of war crimes committed by NVA or Vietnam Congress against civilians. I will say that there is nothing inaccurate on the face of it in this juvenile video, however it is selective and overemphasizes aspects of the history.

      1. Vorez

        And? All those things were domestic issues of Vietnam. What did they have anything to do with you or the US? The only problem here is: Why did the US invade Vietnam?

    94. B en

      Sticking their sticks and guns into people's homes and portraying their murders as heroics. Typical America. More multinationalism and cooperation please. Less unilateral bigotry

    95. Doug Hartman

      As someone who lived through this period, you failed to mention to several Key points. The Tet Offensive was a devastating defeat for the communist forces. The only place they cheap Victory was on the 6 o'clock news in the US where "journalist" in the major News networks began to openly side with the communist. Where they had in fact been undercover left us before. Another key issue is when the Democrats won a massive landslide in the fall of 1974, they immediately cut off almost all aid to South Vietnam. By April the corrupt and teetering government in the south collapsed along with military resistance. Then a news blackout descended on south east Asia call mom so that reprisals, brutality mass murder and genocide could continue uninterrupted, and virtually no questions were asked by anybody in the US or the western world.

    96. Mario Gonzalez

      That was good

    97. Hắc Bạch

      In 10:54 your pronunciation of "Diệm" is exactly the same as how Vietnamese say "điếm" and i love it so much. The word "điếm" means slut/whore and damnnn, Diệm's regime is truely a điếm of France and the USA

    98. ronsmac


    99. MohawkDriver

      All this being said, quite well I think, it is beyond my comprehension that a people would embrace Communism in any form.

    100. duong ngoc

      How many other countries have had a war with Mongol , China and America and can say "we won " ? .Vietnam : Graveyard for Empire