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    1. MrBeast

      Unsubscribing and resubscribing doesn’t do anything. My total sub count stays the same lol

      1. Technoblade 1

        Thats good actully

      2. Ayden Roachens

        Mrbeast for president so we can get ps5’s woooo

      3. Bereshit Mejia


      4. - Cream Covered Bagel -


      5. Shane The Cool

        sad boi

    2. chugispro

      hey mr beast i downloaded rogue company and i already got 10 kills give me money im in EU

    3. Vaishnav Cibu

      please gave me a ps5

    4. bulletjayden 667

      Hey Mr beast I have watched a lot of your vids hope I get to meet you 1day

    5. Amal Krishna


    6. 191CO142 Sanjeev Kumar B C

      Supper ! Love you ! @MrBeast

    7. Anusha Mula

      I am from India Hyderabad

    8. Alex Barrios

      He now has 60.3 Million!!!!!!

    9. The Aman patwal

      Love you Mr beast love from India 🇮🇳 ❤ ♥ 💕 💖

    10. Heaven silimaka

      when are you bringing MRBEAST burgers to Australia

    11. Conor Dowds

      How did the guy get the car after digging

    12. Akshit Yadav

      when Karl wanna go away from games his headphones suffers bcz of the YEET

    13. Anime Clips

      New subscriber here🙏🙏 From: philippines🙂🙂

    14. Dharshana Manjunath



      Hi this msg please help me India fan please identify me

    16. Emma

      I want a ps5 or mackbook!!!

      1. takoda draper


    17. Alexis apple juice gaming

      I hope you have a great 60 million subscriber celebration 🎉🎉🎉😉😉

    18. Alexis apple juice gaming

      My brothers and I love your videos, man. Keep up with the awesome content 😉🥰🥰🥰👍👍😎

    19. pls_ someone

      And twitter

    20. pls_ someone

      I don't have instagram and discord

    21. pls_ someone

      Idk the facebook

    22. Samurai

      Rogue is a great game .just wayyyyyyyy to heavy for my laptop.

    23. it's smiles

      U sould give money 2 every lil sick kid n a toy n sum ice cream 🍨🍦 2

    24. Lydia Martin

      Macs are cool 😭

    25. Sara Pohle

      Yes sir

    26. _Cryinqbxar_


    27. Rina Okano

      Sana all

    28. Caleb Dubrow

      and liked

    29. Caleb Dubrow

      I subcribed

    30. Caleb Dubrow

      give me a ps5


      hey dumb i am your suscriber from 2018

    32. Jacob Fajardo

      My name’s Jacob!

    33. Ollie Byrd

      Bank rupt mr beast Evrybody

    34. Eve Sullivan

      It's funny that he wants to get bankrupted 😂

    35. B4fun Birhat

      The noise of the shovel though 1:20

    36. Croom Gaming


    37. Michael Delre

      wow u have all this money and u give away 30000 bukes to people in need. u r awesome

    38. Harmony Anderson

      ok i subbed

    39. John W


    40. •Cloud Poise•

      This is heartwarming i thought i was subscribed but i wasn't so i hit the subscribe button

    41. TheCardinalh2o


    42. iSeeYah

      Guys he's at 60 million 🤯

    43. Jael Playz

      I want one ps5

    44. Hector Galan Nieto

      no ps5

    45. Busy Riding

      I feel so significant knowing that I’m worth a dime to someone

    46. CrazyChaos

      1:37 so that explains why I didn’t get a ps5 for Christmas...😢

    47. The Boys The the boys

      Joe I feel you I was born with one kidney too

    48. BH SnowFlake

      10:40 only people who knows this room without the paint and stickers are Mrbeast OGs btw its ok if you arent OG means he can give more money away to people who need it :)

    49. Libby Hickman

      I wish i went to that highschool

    50. Gregory Sumski

      Rip ps5

    51. August

      I pressed pay up Mr.

      1. August


    52. BH SnowFlake

      broooooooooooo, imagine being the kid with the ps4

    53. Jennifer Teets

      How much money do you have?

    54. Diego Ramirez

      MR beast

    55. Diego Ramirez

      I want to see if we can do a challenge?

    56. wasi haider

      This is for greedy ppl who just wants money and dont care about mr beast: What would happen is mr beast was poor? Would u help him?

    57. Noah Garson

      Chris style is da best!!!!

    58. Everything Pigs


    59. TDan Smith

      This is what mr.beast does to lives

    60. Mohamed Zubair

      Is this all Real?

    61. EG

      Hey mr beast! I'm from Italy. I would be pleasured to make you visit the best italian citys

    62. Teddyrules!

      Oh wait I did.. CAUSE IM ALREADY SUB :3

    63. Mahnoor Rajputt

      Ohhhhhh My God this is so awsome i really want to meet with this guy. He is so humble and sweet love from pakistan 👻 ✌🏻❤

    64. Whitty

      2:24 I laughed so much

      1. Ninja OM


    65. NERD_alert

      YAY. I donated to charity. This makes me very happy. If only more youtuberes did this...

    66. Tamako - Chan

      Id be happy even if just he give me a beast burger 👌

    67. Bradley Jake Pond2011

      I swear if mr.beast replys i'm going to die also, i'm subscribed!

    68. Dark Angel

      Mr Beast is such a kind soul.

    69. Katie Denyer

      okay but this is why I love mr beast

    70. Erica Wyatt

      Is MrBeast burgers available in Tennessee?!

    71. Duke Howlader

      helo i am under water

    72. Julia Onlyfans

      60 m you better spend 6 mill

    73. Ho Lan

      Jimmy:Why are you up there?

    74. Dominus The Darth Vader

      Imagine walking up to your door with a man with hundreds of dollars and he gives it to you

    75. Reyz

      When he grabbed all those ps5 I felt sad couse I can’t buy one

    76. indominusrex legoset roblox

      lucky usa I'm from Canada Saskatchewan and were unlucky

    77. indominusrex legoset roblox

      you just lost 10 cents bro

    78. WilliamC34

      I have a PS5 (:

    79. Kazal 26

      more food jimmy

    80. charaf_ZAP

      Him saying if u press this vid hé will pay i am arabic

    81. Shyam Singh

      Please donate me a gaming pc cause i cant run minecraft with recording on

    82. Luis Quita

      Can i get a ps5?

    83. Mohammed Mohammed

      Padameeec is workable red circal

    84. justin shimon karborani

      bruh we need beast burgers in Canada

    85. It’s gaming with alex

      I’m brok

    86. Youniverse

      how tf mrbeast got this so much money?

    87. Roninzoro Gaming

      If u have more money then give to me If you have more property then give to me No problem

    88. Cherry Miya

      I've been a subscriber for awhile now lol. How does he find contestants lol?! I volunteer!!! These videos make me so happy 🦋

    89. Mesak Ramnunsanga

      I want that money 💰💰 too

    90. Hassan Bhopalwala

      ur burger joint robbed us and hardly gave us the order

    91. Gp 1405

      hi MrBeast. I'm a new subscriber. You are so cool, want to share with other people. You are very good.GIVE ME THE OVO BALANCE. LOL. Thank you 🇮🇩🇮🇩

    92. Joel Decena

      We love u Jimmy☝️🙂☺️🇵🇭

    93. Shaun

      Look how tall he is next to jessica

    94. Aqsa Shafqat

      Mr beast is care every one😊

    95. Elias Tv18

      I wish i can win

    96. Mason Williams

      Karl burger best

    97. Osbaldo RR

      I subscribed 😢

    98. tacogamer

      Guy: *gets 30 thousand dollars * Also him: that’s a lot of ones

      1. tacogamer

        I know he’s probably surprised and just looking for something to say but cmon it’s funny

    99. FARIS Khan

      Can you give me a iphone plzz

    100. Landon Ng

      Omg are those PS5’s