My Biggest Ever on the NEW SWIMBAIT!

Scott Martin

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    I took my friend Dustin from Kentucky out to teach him some tricks to catching fish on Lake Okeechobee.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you for all the recent support! Team SMC is killing it 👊🏼 In regards to the 300 hp panels and no electronics, this video was filmed right after I got the new boat and some things still needed installing.

      1. Flyby 90

        Take me fishing man!

      2. SmallWater Charters

        Great day...You da man....Please take a look at my channel...would be appreciated

      3. Jake Mihalik

        I get it

      4. Robo Lockhart

        Scott Martin doubt you will see this but I’ve got a question. Could you do a video on what if you are like me, an average/seasonal fisherman. I love to fish and want to more often but my budget is low and work a lot. What if you only could have 5 rod & reels or so to pick from could you explain the perfect setup for only choosing between them. Maybe 4 bait casters and 1 open reel or what would be the perfect setup? Details in rod length and reel setup. I’m wanting to buy me some favorite rods and set them up like yours but money’s tight. Maybe you could sell me some of your old combos? Lol keep up the great content brother!

      5. Baden Culpepper

        Scott Martin so u don’t have a 300

    2. The Biggun'

      How lucky is this dude to have Scott Martin as a buddy. I would give anything to take a trip to Okeechobee with Scott.

    3. Bullet_Tech Gaming

      Does Scott have an updated video for his new gear he is using now ..rods reels etc...

    4. luke reeder

      Lol its cool to know I have put in at the same place with my boat

    5. Cooper Hughes

      I’ve met Scott 3 times now around Florida and this dude is a world class actor. Dudes a real douche bag. Selfish and a real douche

    6. Christopher Horsley

      It’s my dream to fish with you one day, maybe come up to my lake on lake Murray!!

    7. Kirk Bourgeois

      Is that your bass boat

    8. Elmur Fud

      great video , I'm still learning a lot on every video , thanks

    9. Jim Walker

      Been a while since I checked in. But I'm off the road for a week because us Essential Truckers need an essential break now and then! Came looking for a little inspiration! Headed to Seminole in the Mornin!

    10. Jim Walker

      My favorite Bluegrass artist Sierra Hull is from Byrdstown! Cool

    11. Helen Adams

      So cool

    12. S Walker

      I'm on the Tennessee side of Dale hollow.

    13. NCshooter1213

      Took my 1st trip to the big O 3 years ago and it whooped me. Spent a week there and biggest was 3lb. Was there during a costa event. The winning bag was caught about 600yrds from where i fished. Really taught something that day. Experience is number 1. Hopefully i can afford to go back one day.

    14. Brandon Terrell

      Are you Kyle chandlers twin? Y’all literally look just alike and sound just alike. Even the same dialect lol.

    15. Atypical Outdoors

      Y’all on the tanks!

    16. Megan Leigh

      WoW! That fish was NICE!

    17. KsTimber Ghost

      What model Costa you wearing?

    18. SkyV _YT

      I Live right there by dale hallow

    19. Jeff Cartee

      Did you ever weigh that big ole fish...Nice catch!!!!!!!

    20. Check Mate

      We need all the distraction we can get right now, as always, Thanks for taking us with you. I feel like one of those pocket pets that only gets to come out once in awhile. Love it.❤

    21. Fortnite Gamer

      imagine fishing with you. that’s my dream

    22. Dhexi

      6:15 is what you have been waiting for

    23. Luke Parks

      Nice catch fish

      1. Luke Parks

        Nice fish

    24. Ezra Parker

      what reel is he using?

    25. Rox N Hawks

      Congrats on 500K Scott

    26. kilroy294

      Scott he caught grass fish! hahahahahahahahahahaha

    27. Johan Pieterse

      If I ever get to the USA again - I would love to meet with Scott and spend a day fishing with him....should be a day to remember

    28. Johnny Gonzales

      She looks like she been cleaning booty with her tongue

    29. Shawn Seabaugh

      Awesome 👍, Great video!

    30. Noah Brown

      Hey I live in Jackson County right next to byrdstown👍🏻

    31. Oh No

      Merci from France Scott. 👍👍👍 A confined fisher. 😬🤪🙏 AHOU AHOU !

    32. CHERRI

      I’m gonna need a soundboard with the sound at 7:19 please

    33. Drikus Jordaan

      Hi Scott you are awesome. You have my dream Job. I have a question about the trolling motor how do you manage the weeds and grass on the motor propeller. Thank you for all the Video's

    34. Walt Morrison

      Scott deserve a lot more attention on KGup

    35. JJ Trout

      Can someone enlightement me on what a swimbait is vs like lure

      1. Linda H. From IPhone

        JJ Trout I don’t really know what ur talking about but a swimbait is a is a rubber or hard plastic bait that looks like a shad under water and a lure is just the a artificial bait that u use it can be any bait as long as it’s not live

    36. JJ Trout

      My boys Alex Peric and Jon B are hype as fu*k now after a pro cought a PB on their lure

    37. VitaminDee TV

      Thanks for the tips! haha

    38. Robert Sheets

      You ever gonna upload walk through a of the new boats

    39. Eric Young

      My parents are from Byrdstown. Dale Hallow is an awesome place to fish. You wont be disappointed.

    40. Olympus Pyro

      Man that guy right there knows how to set the hook! Makin em go cross eyed

    41. Sully Soccer17

      Hey Scott, sorry to bother u but I’m going bass fishing today w d wondering what u use I have caught 2 basses. Hook size and bait. The place I go has lots of reeves

    42. Wes Hall Fishing

      Need to travel up to lake orange in Hawthorne here soon scott, catching some absolute giants out there right now, there have been 6-7 over 10 pounds caught in a few weeks and one was my dads 11.18 in a tournament out of there! Gorgeous water in there and plenty of places to catch them

    43. John Shannon

      Your fishing guest should practice setting the hook in the opposite direction of his co angler before he puts someones eye out lol

    44. Josh Allgeier

      I wish I could fish down there 1 time before I die. Keep on being cool man.

    45. Kayak Angler

      wow !

    46. 20807shane

      A compliment from the big man himself of being a good fisherman is pretty cool.

    47. Nicholas Blignaut

      Hey scot🔥,I love fishing and you are my favorite fisherman and u really inspire me pls answer my instagram texts@nic_blignaut_47 (I watch all your videos and never had regrets)

    48. dab 8430

      I see ok Scotty has moved up to the 300 HP engine. That's what I'm talking about.

      1. Olympus Pyro

        No joke that's a beast

    49. Davis Burdette

      How’s Brandon doing??

    50. Sam Glenn Fishing

      How do you get the chance to be a part of the bass class like this?

    51. Mistakes fortnite

      Scott I’m 13 and I love fishing you are a big inspiration and hope to be like you one day

    52. Jake Mihalik

      You are one of my favorite fisherman

    53. Lloyd Rush

      I know nothing about okeechobee but I know it’s huge and shallow. The fact that Scott can run that lake without any graphs proves how much he knows that lake. Btw definitely need to go to dale hollow

    54. Marshon Johnson

      In WPB - I would love to fish with the best!

    55. Keith Taylor

      What was the jig you were using?? I didn’t see a link

    56. Justin Mitchell

      Nice fish!

    57. Flint Brother Outdoors

      what reel do u use??????

    58. Harrison O'Brien

      What type reel is that

    59. Rodney Hanbaum

      Man that looks lukewarm goodtime! Thanks for sharing your! Stay safe!

    60. Tim E

      Dale Hollow bound!!!!! Not a better place than Obey River /Sunset Marina! You can hit up Lake Cumberland as well

    61. SACO Trev

      I love how it goes from 8 to 9 to 10 in the same sentence, that's how I operate when I have a fish on a line 😀

    62. Hampton Smith

      What have you gotten out of that boat so far with that Etec on there?

    63. Mason James

      5:10 HIT THE DECK!!! 😂😂😂

    64. BryanL911

      Didn't see a link for the Jig

    65. Michael Jackson-Rugs

      Like the new Rig Scott ! I still remember the 35 lb bag you put Danny and I on back in 2011 and my pb 9-14...

    66. BadassBankAngler 315

      I was getting hyped up to go hit the pond today and woke up this morning and it's snowing ... Upstate NY angling struggle is real

    67. Jacob Iz Fishing

      What pound braid do you use flipping those heavy pads and Hydrilla

      1. Brody1007

        I think he said 65lb. If not in this video, he’s said it in others

    68. cahallc

      Swing by Norris lake for a day and give me some big lake lessons after Dale i desperately need them haha

    69. Ashton Allen

      If you see this Scott I want to tell you I love you content, and how good you are doing

    70. KlockWork BassFishing

      Great video as always Scott

    71. Brian Taylor

      Hi Scott, I just discovered that my father was stolen his monthly care money. This is a Korean Vet. He is a 85 year vet. All I am asking, is your support. This man gave it all and his so called son is stealling his monthly in come. I need some help. 330-853-3616

    72. Ditch Outdoor Ministry


    73. Eugene Certelli

      Itd be a lifetime dream of mine to spend the day on the water fishing the famous big o . One day I'll have a nice enough boat to make that trip and fish that body of water .. tight lines keep whacking them

    74. D Mac

      Came here to look at the big fish, left here with some good tips for the next time I'm on the water. Thanks, Scott! Congrats and the Lord Bless you!

    75. Bill Kuhl

      What a tank Scott

    76. Erik Larrison

      What was the official weight on that Donkey?

    77. Tyler Phillips

      I'm here Scott we are staying in Taylor's creek area not doing so great planning on coming to Clewiston in the morning!!

    78. Boy Gg

      One day go to lake Trafford

    79. Austin Young

      Would definatly be a blast to spend a day on the water with him and possibly challenge james.

    80. Brandon Palmer

      Hey Scott, I'm sure it's a Trokar, but what style of hook is that?

    81. Tony King

      Awesome!!! Tare em up boys.

    82. Erich Jozwiak

      Love your videos. My buddy Adam and I are always fishing and dreaming of that PB Bass. Take care.

    83. Reed Rambo

      NEW BOAT????

    84. Taylor Lancaster

      Nice fish man keep up the good work #over10pounder


      i got the same blue jig and i caught an 7 1/2 pounds bass. delicious

    86. Charles Robertson

      I haven't been able to put my swim bait down. Now I know I'm not !

      1. Linda H. From IPhone

        Charles Robertson ok

    87. Trevor The Fisherman

      Looks like you’ve been smacked in the head by a few gnarly hook sets on your right 😂 those always feel great

    88. doughboy 2

      Do you have the video out for the columbus fishing expo

    89. Luis Rosario

      Hey scott I'm a noobie and I just saw the vid u made with Hillary wen she caught that 9lb bass, the excitement she expressed catching it made me cry cause it's the same my daughter had wen I took her and she landed a3, ur a great dad

    90. Dave Rasnake

      Great video. I'm sorting out my stuff getting ready to do some Kayak Bass fishing. Your videos ( Your Dads and Hillary's also ) is what made me put everything else I've been doing to go out and fish again after 15yrs Thank you so Much. Didn't know how much I missed it till I found yalls videos.

    91. Alex Mascorro

      You should take James fishing again I liked those videos pls ready TGIF it would be cool if u did put him on again

    92. Jarrod Wilson

      Literally just won a club tourney flipping that jig under boat docks with a kracken craw on the back. It is another awesome lure from Googan. #TeamSMC

    93. American Hunter

      What happened to Brandon?

    94. Brian Robinson

      Let us know when you plan on going to Dale Hollow. I know I'd love to fish with you. I don't know how to break down large bodies of water yet and I'd like to see how you do it in person plus Smallmouth are fun

    95. JV FISHING

      I never caught a bass on a bass jig

    96. Alex Greenland

      How do you get involved with Bass Class. I have sent a couple emails with no response from anyone. It would be a dream to fish and learn from the best Scott Martin

    97. Zack Haynie

      *doesnt weight the bass and tell us*

    98. Bassmaster108 Lukas

      I think Hilary and trash talking James need to do another tournament

    99. 10 pounders all day

      What size hook do you use plz answer

    100. Keith Taylor

      Hey Scott what was the Jig you were using in this video didn’t see your link for it! And also If you could share what type of reel your using as well that would be awesome thanks for what you do God bless Keith

      1. RB6 troling

        The jig he was using is from googan baits they have a website. He was thronging the thick jig.