Tokyo Tales: Amsterdam (Simon and Martina Podcast Episode 13)


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    Episode 13 of the Tokyo Tales Podcast shares some of our memories from our trip to Amsterdam: the best damn hot chocolate, farting in public, traveling with a chronic condition, and our approach to Dutch Pancakes.
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    1. CheshireMegan

      I know this was a long while ago, but do you still need ice bag? I have a cute retro one.

    2. now West

      I hope you post more podcast on youtube

    3. David Blezer

      Am happy to hear you guys had a good time in my home country!

    4. Cecilia Freeman

      ❤❤❤ well done both of you for working through such hard times together.

    5. Sandra

      I've found a new kind of joy: watching your podcast/video and doing my nails on a Sunday afternoon

    6. Kameran Metaxas

      Evolutionary > tremendous

    7. Minchan owns my Heart!!

      this podcast makes me smile, even when i had a rough reminds me when i lost my mom almost 4 years ago (wow time does fly holy shiteu) and the first weeks were ... a blurr. and after a while i picked myself up from the ground again, because my mom wouldnt have wanted for me to lose myself forever like that (and it really felt like i was gone as well) so the talk about grief was really nice, as someone whose wounds got better through the years, but knows exactly what it feels like to lose a parent. love you guys♥

    8. Pikukat

      "Splendid" is preferable to both "tremendous" and "f***able".

    9. Alatary

      I have another Dutch hot chocolate story: I'm a Dutchy, born and raised in Amsterdam. About a year ago I became close friends with a Korean guy who studied in the Netherlands (I studied in South-Korea ) and we really bonded over living in the other's country. So when I planned to go to South-Korea that summer I asked him; 'do you want me to bring you something?' His answer: those chocolate sticks to make hot chocolate. Me: what? Don't you want some stroopwafels? Boterkoek? Cheese? Don't you have hot chocolate in Korea? Him: We do, but after tasting the Dutch kind I've been ruined by that rich chocolate flavour. I've never seen anybody so happy drinking hot chocolate in the middle of July. Oh, and Simon 'Nine Streets' in Dutch is 'negen straatjes' (nee-gen strr-aat-jis) ;) ...our language is hard to pronounce.

    10. Vanessa L

      Martina, thanks for sharing your grief experience. I just lost a family member and that really touched me and gave me a new perspective. Thank you I really needed that 💙

    11. MissGrace4

      I love your teamwork. Having a plan to prepare for chronic illness issues is such a good idea, and you working together is so cute. 😭❤️

    12. smount87

      Woo Amsterdam! Glad you had some nice memories here

    13. despairia

      Oh my gosh, I love hotel guy!

    14. Gloria Caridad

      I’m glad you decided to take your vacays 🥳🤗

    15. tiberius K

      Amsterdam, like so many of the other places you visit, seems magical and hilarious; I guess any place can be that way when you're willing to look at it like that. Anywhere can be beautiful if you choose to believe it is. (Can you tell all I did was take a 12 hr jet lag slumber and then resumed watching all these podcasts?)

    16. Haida W

      Thank you for being you. I've had a very difficult two weeks. I lost my fur baby unexpectedly. Jus have your video on while I try to sleep so I can keep my mind in a good place has helped me so much.

    17. Ryan Kwan

      Late to these podcasts, but you guys are 100% spot on about off-season. I just came back from San Francisco off-season and everyone still lives their lives. You just put on a bit of dry fit under your clothes, toss on a shell jacket and you bike that Golden Gate bridge. As a bonus, you have next to every tourist landmark to yourself and eeeeeverything costs less. Keep enjoying life, you two! Edit: Oh, and it's easier to get into the restaurants.

    18. Fetti Peet

      🌎 Thanks for the awesome vid! You gave me lots of ideas for my broadcasts! Love live life! ✌🏿🖖🏿

    19. Samigiri XP

      Oh my god the fart 😂😂😂😂😂 reminds me of my late granddadhis farts used to be an alarm to wake us all up😭😭😭😭 rest in piece granddad ur farts still make us laugh 😂

    20. Samigiri XP

      I’ve listened to many of ur pod casts recently on the app but I think imma go revisit all ur videos because I love relistening to u both it just makes me so happy 😭😭😭😭 sorry for not commenting as much as usual 👀💦

    21. Mishaa

      Can I ask about your beautiful knitted blanket? Was it a handmade item from one of your nasties? It's so pretty..!

    22. dimsumcheeks

      My condolences Martina. I'm several weeks late but, this podcast really made my day. I'm on the way to work and I've been feeling really out of it lately but this made me laugh and smile and made me so happy. Thank you.

    23. Mel

      did you end up getting a new ice pack/bag? because they are at a daiso near me. i would gladly send some of different sizes

    24. Tyanna Marie

      I'm sorry to hear about you father Martina. Take your time to heal both physically and emotionally. *super hugs* Also, you said that you have problems with your arches and it causes your ankles and knees to go in odd ways. I don't have EDS but I do have fallen arches. Have you given arch supports a try? I honestly can't walk without mine.

    25. Dragon_Slayer6753

      I went to Venice in the off-season this past November and we got upgraded to a suite with awesome views and we got to explore the winding streets and canals at night and actually get lost with hardly anyone around. It was magical

    26. RowdyRod

      The word you're looking for is fantabulous

    27. Dina Soaring

      Dude, why get an ice bag? Keep asking hotels for ice cuz your hurt your (insert body part) ams keep gettig free experiences or food from hotels xD chocolate lions sound awesome

    28. Allen Lee

      Is this ramen restaurant nearby your neighborhood?

    29. mssugarpop

      It's been a while since I've been watchin' ya'll's channel, I admit, but that Spudgy comment was news to me and hit me hard.

    30. ArielLVT

      I've been waiting for this for SO long!!!

    31. Alex Chen

      3:38 Martina ur in Japan... Daiso has them! edit - 3:51 im sorry, nvm


      I love how in love you are. Seeing your fingers interlock filled me with happiness. Always enjoy hearing your stories💖😘

    33. Lydia H

      My husband and I also love traveling in the off season! We went to Beijing in the middle of winter and ended up being the only people on the Great Wall that day. It was magical. No lines. Nobody pushing or shoving. We rarely go somewhere during peak season anymore

    34. kama nama


    35. Nappy Bunny

      Absolutely enamored with the fact that you two hold hands when you talk even after being married for over a decade. 😍

    36. hikkipedia

      Being called "Madam" is much better than "Ma'am" in my opinion lol

    37. Maisha

      A new word could be outstanding.

    38. Emily Welch

      Here some other words you can use overwhelming amazing astounding awesome excellent exceptional extraordinary fabulous fantastic formidable immense incredible marvelous monumental prodigious wonderful appalling mondo stupendous super

    39. Nai Saephanh

      How about stupendous instead of tremendous?

    40. Jody R

      Instead of tremendous there is extraordinary, outstanding, unbelievable, astonishing

    41. AmandaIeigh

      I ended up staring at your hands the whole time. I love that you love each other so much that you have to be in constant contact.

    42. Eudaemonius MarkII

      YES!! Playing with others in public and bringing an unexpected joy is one of my favorite things in the world! Bravo!

    43. Alana Muir

      I have EDS too, and yeah, I do much the same when I travel. I plan for at least one day of resting for every day of going out and doing stuff. My husband and I went to Budapest a few years ago and one of the nicest memories was watching a quiz show in Hungarian every day in the hotel and trying to translate and answer the questions and it was goofy fun.

    44. Ristro44

      ...That hot chocolate story sounds like real food porn.

    45. 10danceallday

      You guys are an amazing powerhouse and you inspire me every single day! 🥰🥰

    46. DisjointedImages

      For anyone who could benefit - I bought these ice packs on Amazon that are what Martina is describing. They are simply perfect and I'm constantly telling people they need one.

    47. Jenn VioletSkies08

      You guys should do another video on expensive fruit

      1. simonandmartinabonus

        I agree!

    48. Proper Gander

      I hope that one day, I'll have something as beautiful as these two. I'm 22 and have never even fallen in love. Maybe Rupaul is right in saying that if you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else...

    49. Jon Madsen


    50. Marc Maestre

      I'm late watching this, but I am so glad to see you two back. Hearing you describe everything and just listening to you both talk helps bring an uncontrollable smile to my face. My condolences to you and your family. Hearing your outlook on how you dealt with it was good to hear as it's helpful advice that can be applied to a lot as well. Can't wait to see where the year leads you both!.

    51. Nell Ravir

      I am so sorry you got a bad experience in Russia( i mean I feel like I'm responsible for that when I am obviously not :/ wish I could fix it for you! So if you ever decide to visit Saint Petersburg I would love showing you around!

    52. Renae West

      I love your podcasts and videos they make me so happy 😍 How do we send you guys are packages? I recently found an ice bag just before this podcast and would love to send you guys some goodies!

    53. sk gains

      You two lacing your fingers together while podcasting is the most innocent and sweet thing ever ❤

    54. Ananya N.S

      If you guys are in Paris, try the hot chocolate at Angelina. Is frickin amazing

    55. Kelli Atchley

      I was just wishing for a podcast from y'all AND HERE YOU ARE

    56. Nicole Dirzanowski

      I should know better than to listen to this while in my office... now everyone is looking at me like a crazy person because I was laughing so hard at the fart story 🤗

    57. Nicole Dirzanowski

      Stupendous 😁

    58. abalonegyro

      You had SNERT!!!

    59. Gem Bonham-Horton

      Simon I love the way you think you have a beautiful mind

    60. Anna Xiong

      martina, honestly your outlook on life is so inpirational and i don't think i've ever felt more connected and inspired by you in my life. You are genuinely amazing and possibly a master of optimism. Simon as well is just such a strong and compassionate man. You guys are my favourite and I really hope you continue to make such inspirational and hilarious videos or even just experiences.

    61. mikekun15

      GASP! SIMON! Adidas top and Nike Joggers!? We got a bad ass in the house xD. You guys are the definition of love goals

    62. Jasmine Velickovic

      You both have such an amazing way of describing that it transports me there with you. I could clearly see you guys getting breakfast with all the wait staff. Thank you for putting a smile on my face :)

    63. ihanataiteilija

      Today my dad would have been 61 years old. I really appreciate your positive attitude and I'm trying to keep it through today. You got this guys

    64. Hannah P

      It sounds like you had a lovely time in Amsterdam. :) Me and my boyfriend go to a different place in Europe in January every year and we always have an amazing time! Off peak is the best! We went to Amsterdam last year in January too and it was wonderful. :)

    65. mysticode

      Welcome back guys!!!

    66. Linda Tait

      Try Spectaculant! It’s my favourite word 🤣 And farting is funny. Fact.

    67. ethel pang

      This was just so lovely. It made me smile so much

    68. Lars Stoerloes

      I''d just like to give some cred to the honesty of these podvideos. I love that you just do them in your kitchen, and you can see it's a living kitchen. You can see it gets used. It's very honest, warm and human. I love that about you guys. It doesn't feel like everything is glossed beyond recognition to make everything seem perfect. I can't stand youtubers like that, so I thank you for being the awesome people (and cat) that you are :)

    69. Anne Pinkava

      Simon isn't copying Donald Trump, Donald Trump is copying Simon, and that means he doesn't have to change a darn thing.

    70. happymonkey06

      I work near the Empire State Building and I am gonna totally pass on the laughs and photobomb people like Simon in a surprise Easter egg way not obnoxious. Another fun thing I like to do is on my way to work or on my way home I like to play a where is Waldo type game with lost tourists and ask if they need help with directions and then help them. It’s a nice kind thing I love to do.

    71. happymonkey06

      Thank you for sharing the name of the hotel. Customer service is insanely important to me and I love supporting kind people and kind businesses.

    72. Sara Cali

      I will be in Tokyo in April. I am coming from Taiwan. We always have ice packs. If you still need an ice pack by then let me know ;)

    73. Hayley Burris

      I love listening to your podcasts. My cheeks are hurting from smiling for 20+ minutes. Thank you for sharing about your about mental and physical pain and showing it’s possible to build a ladder from the bottom of a pit. Martina and Simon, you both help me look for the great things of life even with chronic pain.

    74. rysachiable

      Greatful for your stories both happy and sad. My heart is traveling with you both! Loveeee your sweater💕

    75. Beth Elson

      I think it would be so neat if you guys wrote a little ebook full of all of your traveling tips and tricks and advice and favorite stories. I would buy that in a heartbeat. Also, Martina, I lost my dad unexpectedly in 2016 just a couple weeks before my wedding day in the middle of a really hard time of my life. I still haven't felt like I've had a moment to grieve. I'm so glad that you were able to have the opportunity to say goodbye and find a way to handle the stress of it and send out that positivity to others. You're such an inspiration and I'm so thankful. I've been praying for some happiness and peace for you guys. Much love!

    76. Katie McMahon

      I have a dear friend who says "Brilliant!" all the time. He uses it for everything, it's delightful! "Ahh, this coffee is brilliant!" As an alternative suggestion, I tend to use "Delightful" quite a lot :)

    77. peako39

      I kinda love and think it's so funny how Simon talks in such a serious tone during the podcasts, even in the fart part! I'm not complaining though, I think his soothing voice is so calming and relaxing. I really enjoy watching to the podcasts, I feel like a child in front of a fireplace listening to the most amazing stories from travelers of the world!

    78. MyKayla Hill

      You should be able to get an ice pack/compress on Amazon?

    79. Claire McCutchen

      What about using stupendous instead of tremendous? Or supremely amazeballs?

    80. M.B MB

      Great podcast. My family would like to invite you to thanksgiving dinner this year in sasebo, Japan .

    81. superduperllama

      I prefer your podcast without the background music guise

      1. simonandmartinabonus

        Good to know! We'll try it without the music :D

    82. gabbysee

      Hi guys. What's the off season for travel in Japan?

      1. simonandmartinabonus

        I'd say January as well. Spring is cherry blossom season and nuts. Summer is humid and challenging. Fall is fall and gorgeous and busy.

    83. Jaemin

      I totally understand the pain you’ve been through these past few months, and because of that i really admire the way you handled your grief. It’s the best way to do it, and if i may say so, I do believe your father would be so very proud of you for the way you have handled it all. Welcome back to Japan simon&martina, here’s to many more adventures (even if the foods for now will be healthy!)

    84. NeoGee

      Tremendous is a good word, don't stop using it because some Trump does, Trump also has used the words Japan and Korea and you still use those with no trouble.

      1. simonandmartinabonus

        It's not the only reason I want to stop using the word. It's just a playful reminder for me to not sound lazy with my language. Words have meaning, and we often repeat words like "awesome" for things that don't really inspire awe, you know? I'm just trying to catch myself from lazy speaking patterns, and to get back into being better at varying my speech :D

    85. Stephanie Trembath

      I really love how you love each other

    86. Billie Comeaux

      Martina, I'm so sorry for your Dad's passing. Also, I LOVE your sweater! Simon, it is so sweet to see you being such a rock for your woman when she needs it. Love you both.

    87. kitty G

      Full trip to Amsterdam vid?

      1. simonandmartinabonus

        We didn't shoot a lot there. We were just recovering from the long flight mostly. What footage we shot we shared with the Rainbow Ladder Support Team :D

    88. Vaan1891

      Simon would crack up if he heard my daughter fart. Picture what you think a 6'7" man, who just ate chili and beans at the campfire and topped it off with a very bubbly beer would fart. Replace that image with a child but keep the sound.....I've never laughed so hard as the time when she turned bath time into jacuzzi time. Tears streaming down my face. Side and cheeks ready to burst. She loved it and kept laughing, which made her fart more, which made us laugh more. It was perpetual laughter.

    89. galaxysushi

      This is a little off topic, but what are you favorite slow cooker recipes? I'm always looking for new ones!

    90. MrsInAbox

      Spectacular. Devine. Outstanding. Fabulous. Fantastic. Excellent. Noteworthy. Accurate for the podcast, and alternate words for Simon :)

    91. Emily Williams

      I just recently went through a drawn-out breakup, and I’ve been listening to your podcasts on repeat because your stories make me so happy and inspire me to focus on the positive things in life. Thank you for sharing your light with the world💗

    92. Alex Green

      As an American I am sorry our president ruined the word tremendous. 🇺🇸😭🇺🇸

    93. shopanonymous

      I. Love. This. The description of the farts - Amsterdam and biking at home - were vivid and amazing

    94. Meneer Bert

      Is this the hotel opposite Nemo? D: Those pancakes are so tiny, normally they are like dinnerplate sized. Glad they were really good tho. Martina is so adorable playing Simon's piano fingers. I literally just commented on the Barcelona video to visit the netherlands. Perhaps I should start keeping track of your social media after all these years.

    95. Soon

      Oh I've missed you guys.... ;_;♥

    96. LisaNovak95

      Spectaular? But I do like the word fuckable to describe things. That may just be my new go to 😁

    97. Ashley P

      Your podcasts are always so amazing. You guys are the best examples of humanity. ❤️💕

    98. ChrissiTea

      Would subarashii work as a substitute for tremendous? Splendid could work but it kind of sucks lol

    99. LA L

      It's great to hear from you guys again. And as for Simon's new word, how about "Splendid" or "Sublime", as I don't see lord dampnut using either of those.

    100. Kirsten Reusch

      Bless you Simon and Martina. You two are a beacon of light. Thank you for providing strength and an amazing example of deep and abiding love through both laughter and tears. It's so true that everyone experiences grief differently, and until it happens to you, you don't really have any idea how or what your day to day will look like. This has been an absolutely hard hitting harsh year of loss for me and my family. We lost my maternal grandmother March 2018 after being caretakers for her after a stroke in 2014, then exactly a month later we lost my mom to a sudden heart attack, and on February 1 this year, we lost my maternal grandfather. It's very true that you are angry, and hurting, and lost to this void where it would be so easy to dwell. Your videos have encouraged me to be positive, be grateful for every day I have, and to seek out as many new experiences as I can pack in. #buildaladder #staypositive #doallthethings Thank you for your rays of sunshine.