6 Elite Tips for Fishing in February

Scott Martin

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    Scott Canterberry and I go through our 3 favorite baits to throw this time of year in our respective states to catch BIG BASS!
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    1. Scott Martin

      Thanks for all the recent support 👊🏼 Practice video up next! What are your top 3 baits to use in February??

      1. Diverse fisherman

        Scott Martin a drop shot and a spoon man! praise the lord!!

      2. silly guy

        Scott what happened last weekend on the St.Johns? Just wondering.

      3. cannon van

        1. Chatterbait 2. Texas Rig worm 3. Crawfish/ beaver bait And I am from Mississippi

      4. Off the Hook Outdoors

        1) Shaky head 2) wacky rig 3) Creature bait (worked slooooow)

      5. JB fishing

        Chatterbait, bandito bug, and glide baits

    2. A-Rizky


    3. Rogbass

      Your SMC show is better than ever. Captain James Marco is one of the best Captains in Florida. He is a pioneer in Goliath Grouper research. Thank you so much for doing such an a awesome show. You are a LEGEND sir. Dude you got me all pumped up. You have changed fishing. Pioneer of the Bass fishing Information Age. Seriously man. The accolades you have and the ones to come are all deserved.

    4. Robo Lockhart

      From the big G in AL thank you brotha!

    5. Evan Webster

      Thanks Florida is a lot different I’ll go with the red baits a little bit more in Arkansas

    6. Mike wallis

      Good luck in Tennessee

    7. Mike wallis

      Love the P-line tactical fluorocarbon

    8. Fathead's Outdoor Channel

      That’s was awesome thanks for the tips

    9. Devin Clark

      Random question who makes that blue travel rod that you used a couple of years ago ive been looking for it but cant find one in blue

    10. Cam Hester

      here in N.C. Feb is still cold and lots of rain but i catch more fish t rigged dbomb beaver bait then i use the rage swimmer 3.75 ghost shad on swimbait 5/0 hook just drg it slow on bottom and have good success and i like to throw a chatterbait and catch few heavy fish on it , thanks for the tips

    11. John Paprocki

      make a video of prepone and what lowers to use on Sam reburned

    12. Robert Polen

      That's it! I'm moving to Florida. Lol I want to fish all year. Hehehe

    13. Dylan Miller

      Must be nice, we just got a foot of snow last night. Spawn won't be here for another 3 months..... **sigh**

    14. Austin Brittain

      So this was a straight googan bait promotion gotcha

    15. Scott Brown

      Good job on the on the series guys keep it up. Bring home the money.

    16. Jeff Poston

      Click bait is horrible!!

    17. Carolina Angling. Co

      Why does scott not have a million subs? Guys share this man and get the team there!

    18. Carolina Angling. Co

      Scott!! Dude youre seriously my favorite angler of all time!! Love the content! I learn so much from you it's crazy. Now just gotta get you to take my girlfriend and I out on the Skeeter😊

    19. Fred Reese

      Scott and Scott, with all the eel grass in Guntersville, both floating and bottom, what would you throw?

    20. Kuuttila Family fishing

      Hey Scott I was to start by saying that you're my favorite fisherman in the entire world and with that being said you are on my rapala fantasy fishing league for the bassmasters on St John's and all the other ones and with your advice I even took my ears as my partner in it and tried to get Scott Canterbury but he was on the same thing as you so I couldn't I need you guys to step up and get me in first place I'm a father of three I'm married so I live paycheck to paycheck and this is my first big chance to win a lot of tackle and step up my stuff so I can start having a lot more Lourdes you're my favorite and I have the most faith in you I was so hyped when I seen that you were on the fantasy fish and you are my first person to pick so please please please help me when you admit are going to kill it this year please thank you for everything thank you for all the content thank you for everything Scott you are the man literally you're the best in the world!!!!!!!!!

      1. Kuuttila Family fishing

        Scott hopefully you read this!!!!! It would be super cool if you knew you were my favorite angler and my top fantasy fishing guy!!!! If we don't win (which I don't see happening) I hope I win a giveaway or some sort I don't do social media I only have youtube and gmail.... But have a great year and hopefully you "break some necks and cash some checks"!!!!!!!!!

    21. Robert Martin

      They love that Googan sent. We win tournaments with them here too in Texas

    22. Robert Martin

      Getting a bit of Gray there cuz

    23. Calling all bass Morgan

      What do I have to do to become a fisherman full time?

    24. Malcolm Greene

      This is a cool video..I like it that you put 2 different inputs from 2 different professionals in 2 different states for the same month..

      1. Malcolm Greene

        Throw Matt's input in there..his hometown is less than an hour from mine..im sure he fishes some of the same lakes i do

    25. Zack W

      Those Googan baits don't seem to be paying off during these tournaments. 🤐

    26. Reel All-American Fishing

      What about slow rolling a swim bait/ soft plastic? Canterberry went hard on the self plug 😂

    27. Jason Godfrey

      Nobody's throwing a spinner worm? What the heck? Love these tip videos.

    28. Michael Jackson-Rugs

      Whack 'em Scott !! I'm going back to bass live !

    29. Steven Maness

      So listen careful, 73rd out of 99 really?

    30. Zack Morehouse

      This video brought to you by hogan squad ....

    31. Shane Hodges

      I live on Lewis smith lake

    32. Craig Taylor

      That’s what we come here for !!!


      Thanks for the great video! Love having advice from 2 awesome fisherman in one video! Too bad your boy Lunkers didn’t do well at Toho 🙁. Makes me appreciate how much work it takes to make it on Tour!

    34. Jack Mccann

      Awesome video Scott as always please keep them coming go Team SMC

    35. Scott O,Donahoe

      Ice auger , tent , heat source , food , warm clothes , and insulated boots ! It 's really hard to hit a 8 inch hole from any distance here in Wisconsin ! Top water is zero this time of the year unless it's Jaws !

    36. VitaminDee TV

      Gems. He drops nothing but GEMS! 💎

    37. Hoosier Fat Bassin

      Give canterberry some time with the social media deal he’s gonna be a killer the new tech takes some getting used to

    38. Rogbass

      I’m ready for the Tennessee River tourney. I’m sticking with you Scott until you make The Classic. I don’t care how long it takes. As long as your in I’m in.

    39. Logan Armour

      Do top 3 baits for late March or April for Florida

    40. paul kimble

      All that googan squad crap didn’t do you much good on the St. John’s

    41. chamberlain chronicales

      Ugh you were the only one. On my fantasy team not to make the cut and the only one I had faith in hope you keep up all the good work on your channel it's fun to watch

    42. Mason Batchelor

      Loved the concept of the video! Good luck!

    43. dj myslinski

      Haha northern, Alabama😂

    44. William Laws

      A new video style winner

    45. JB fishing

      Appreciate the tips 💯

    46. Renaud Theis

      When you call Alabama northern you know you’re..........(fill in the blank) 👇🏻👇🏻

    47. yaakobirifi


    48. Jacob Watson

      Baby Ninja Thor

    49. Kolbie sucks at fishing

      I love that I live in california and I’m still watching this😂

    50. Jaxson Kemp

      in the summer my fav baits are wakyworm chatter with a cradad trailer finily aleach or minow on a hook with bober

    51. Powersports Service Center


    52. Pete Cook

      Here's the deal...all the videos are geared towards grass lakes, here in GA where alot of us live don't have the luxury of grass it's docks, blowdowns, seawalls etc, how about getting someone who can talk on lakes in areas like my own. I feel I'm so educated on grass lakes I'll be good when I get there..GOOD LUCK!

    53. Trevor Allen

      Good Luck Scott, It’s -20 up here in the Midwest.

    54. John Long

      Love the tips and baits you are using!!!! I’m so glad you are adding in the Florida spin on things.

    55. Chris Baggett

      Great vid and tips 👍🏻

    56. Big Moe Medina

      Why Lake Toho didn't happen this year??

    57. Troy Harper

      Great video Scott💯 good information on your bait choices 👍💯 Awesome the way you share everything with everyone 👍💯

    58. FishByFaith

      What about OREGON

    59. Jed Steelwell

      Gonna be tough to beat Gary's 25 pounds on day 1

    60. James Webb

      Big fan of both of you. Been watching the channel for a while now. My home lake is Logan Martin up here in Pell City, AL. Any thoughts or suggestions or maybe if you have time to take a trip to come up here and make a video on the lake would be awesome.

    61. Zac Pearson

      I have a box of bandito bugs , they are expensive but unparalleled

    62. scott frew

      Zoom super fluke , drop shot, F11Rapala

    63. scott frew

      Very cool set of videos and excellent execution of the in depth guide!

    64. M Jones

      Love it that you got Canterbury in the house, being from Alabama I've followed his career closely. He is an absolute stick on any water and just a good ol boy. I like Mary too. ITS OFFICIAL MATTS NICK NAME IS MARY

    65. Matt Bradley

      Go crush em today BNT!! Enjoyed the video.

    66. The Fishing Expat

      My man SM with the tips, I use some of these presentations here in Germany for pike and perch

    67. Alex Guerrero

      You should use those tips to catch fish and place good during competition not just during practice when there’s no pressure

    68. Joe Taylor

      Ol Mott Scartin

    69. Abdal Ketaneh

      One hell of a promoter you are! What are you really throwing when money is on the line?

    70. Karl Chandler

      Great tips guys thanks.....but i got nothing but ice up here in Upstate NY so i cant fish till late April early May lol

    71. Rowdy Broomstick

      Canterberry aced that presentation, or Scott backed off a little to let his teammate shine! I think a little bit of both but canterberry definitely got A+ on that one! Nicely done sir!!!

    72. Sallzy 1

      Ooooo them googan checks must be LARGE ! ...Oooo scott you got em ! 😂😂 ...You cracked their head with that endorsement haaaaaa ..Googan rips off everyone elses ideas ...Of course they got a chatterbait jesus christ

    73. Elray Banderas

      Yoooo @Scott Martin man love the vids keep them coming and oh I need a code for some of those big sexy rods!! Hook me up!!!

    74. Adam Fortenberry

      Matt needs to do his top 3 baits for NC in the next one

    75. dunkind

      judgin by the 8 lb bag u may wanna toss them googan baits in the garbage, and replace them with old faithfulls, heddon spook and real chatterbait, not these knock offs

    76. Kevin Carris

      Great video scott thanks for the tips what is your biggest fish you have caught this year with the top water popper

    77. Douglas Cole

      love the tips. great info. do one for chick

    78. craig michael

      Great content! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    79. Keith Smart

      Scott Im coming down to Okeechobee be there March 9th whats the best baits then and how is the fishing at that time be fishing the North end and the river

    80. C Dots bot

      Next video : casting tips

    81. Joe Van Kilpatrick

      2 of my favorite anglers, awesome stuff guys!!

    82. TheJokers420 KC

      Tips for nothern fishing like Michigan would be nice to see

    83. Fishing Addicts

      What are some good baits for Oklahoma?

    84. Off the Hook Outdoors

      Good luck tomorrow fellas! Go find em tomorrow then fail it in!

    85. Robert Stephens

      Great information; I will try it tomorrow

    86. BamaBassFinder04 4

      This was awesome for me cause Everytime I see Canterbury at the ramp at Logan Martin an want try n ask him anything he seems like he's getting out of there in a hurry 😂😂

    87. The Bopper

      That Hound...hmmm...she needs more junk in the trunk IMO. She walks like woman with a glass ass. Much better walking baits out there. The Googans do have a number of baits that I tie on pretty consistently but my Hounds have become garage museum pieces. ✌

    88. Derrick Westfall

      I gotta say I’m really pumped about you rooming with Matt and Canterbury. The old FLW roommates were great but this team SMC is hard to beat.

    89. Jay Nyce Outdoors

      Great video! My favorite 3 for my region (Beaver Lake) would be 1) A suspending jerkbait. 2) A medium diving balsa crankbait like a shad rap. 3) A compact jig.

    90. The Reel Joey AKA STAT-STACKERS

      Thanks Scott’s lol

    91. cory frazier

      Super glad your on the elite tour now

    92. Fish2mucH Always

      Mr. Martin are you going to be the next Googan? All your suggestions were googan squad lures man!

    93. Kenny Witek

      More of this for sure. Y’all have no doubt the a team house this year. Scott Scott and Matt are all great to learn from. Best of luck to all of y’all this year

    94. Andy Garcia

      Hope you win the elite series Scott love your content. You the reason I’m always fishing n hoping one day I become a profesional angler like you. Nothing but blessings coming your way 🙏🏾🎣

    95. Ray Herndon

      I really like this format. Information is always appreciated.

    96. James Mims

      Great vid guys. Enjoyed. Keep them coming. Great info.

    97. James Mims

      Scott it’s about to be 15 degrees here in south/ south Louisiana water temp last weekend was 53 ish. Top water is like out. Chatter bait was king last weekend. Traps good too. Fish came into 2 ft of water. But going to head back into 7-10 ft this weekend. Expecting snow on Toledo you do that math bud. I’m gonna sit in my recliner and stay warm lol. Good luck on St. John’s hope the best. Go win one for Hillary. Hope she does well in the high school tournaments. Love what y’all do.

    98. Rod Cashman

      Wishing you good luck!!!!

    99. Kalyb Bohannon

      Do you think a weightless rig would work with the Googan bug

    100. John Fleming

      Looking forward to new tournament footage. Best of luck in the Elite Series!