[Civilization VI] All World Wonders (With Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm)


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    All World Wonders from Vanilla, Rise & Fall, and Gathering Storm of Civilization VI.

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    1. PerfectAlibi

      13:00 When the Colossus gets a wife... XD

    2. Conor

      Does anyone randomly tear up when a specific wonder shows up?

    3. Mark Javier

      The Great Library one hit me hard

      1. Andrew Kohnen

        Was a tragic and great loss of ancient knowledge

    4. elmurodedavid

      Excuse me, forgive my ignorance, but does anyone know the name of the songs of each wonder? For example, I know that for the Golden Bridge they used "I love, California" but I can't find the rest of the names anywhere

      1. elmurodedavid

        @superdog logan Thanks, hope that I can find more

      2. superdog logan

        "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean" is used for the Statue of Liberty

    5. Kurniawan Adhi

      Hagia Sophia will always be in my heart, and im not even turkish 😅 i hope to go there in my lifetime

    6. Joseph Moore

      14:22 really like the song for golden gate bridge

      1. elmurodedavid

        It's called "I love you California" the official state song. Don't know the rest though

    7. Zitar games

      I LOVE civ 6

    8. letxgf

      Does anyone know the songs used for the pyramids or the song for petra ?

    9. Zackapo

      Uruguay nomá!

    10. Good Banter

      I don't play Civ. For what civilization is the Hagia Sophia?

      1. L1LE1

        In Civilisation, any can build it. However, only one of each World Wonder can be built in the world. So there tends to be a race to who builds it first. In regards to Hagia Sophia, being built in Modern Day Istanbul in Turkey, there would be two (technically 3) representing Civilisations in Civ 6. The Byzantine Empire lead by Basil II, and the Ottoman Empire led by Suleiman. Both civilisations having to have held the Wonder throughout real world history.

    11. Bryce Plummer

      9::15 hey spuddies

      1. Newton John Gallano


    12. André Santos

      Alternative title: Sean Bean blessing us with his voice for 16 minutes.

      1. Stonks Canibl

        dont think it is sean bean

    13. Johangv

      11:40 - try to read along out loud!

    14. DJ Daniel

      The music of Hermitage is the Trophy Room music for Civilizations Revolution. Oh the memories.

      1. DJ Daniel

        @L1LE1 I agree. Thank you so much for telling me the name to the memorable tune. It'll go straight to my collection, cheers.

      2. L1LE1

        If you're still interested in knowing the tune, it's called "Promenade" from the suite "Pictures at the Exhibition". Composed by Modest Mussorgsky in 1874. It's nice that the Sid Meier: Civilisation games tend to have these sort of classical pieces.

    15. Ricardo Filho

      some of these are not true Wonders lol

      1. L1LE1

        Actually... What is known as a Wonder of the World tends to be subjective. Another thing... A World Wonder in Civilization is basically a name for a building where only one can be built in the world. Ofc... It'll be pretty limiting to only do the standard Wonders. But Civilization tends to add those that are just as influential, amazing, and even not as well known human structures for educational purposes.

    16. Manas

      Main reason why all my wins are culture victories

    17. you dont need to know my name

      That statement about the Hagia Sophia being secular didn't age well

      1. Griffin Powell

        That's not the writers fault, it really should be, its just that Turkey had other ideas

    18. Vivek Kharde

      Here is a Wonder Idea Heaven of Tomorrow:- Can be built in the Modern Era Must be placed on a Ocean tile Bonus:- +8 Culture +75 Housing -9 Population Loss from Floods and Rising Sea Levels Context:- Here lies what may seem like a random oil rig but it is not one. Oil is too old for our world, this safe spot is all that humanity needs to make sure we can never truly be defeated by Mother Nature. A brilliant project worth investing to house climate refugees.


      I can’t build Oxford on plains?

      1. Bryce Plummer

        it needs to be built next to a campus with a university

    20. Lucas

      15:10 💚💛✞✞✞✞

    21. Platinum

      5:22 *Insert bruh sound effect*

    22. RodielDanman

      The song that plays during the Golden Gate Bridge animation is "I Love You, California", the official state song. Nice touch.

      1. elmurodedavid

        Kind of curious what's the name of the other songs? Where can I find it?

      2. Siân

        Omg as a Californian that part always makes me smile

    23. LALFAST

      Has anyone except china actually built The Great Bath on deity difficulty?

    24. cheah lionel

      More Buddhist wonders por favor: - The Mahadevi Temple, Lumbini - The Sarnath Deer Park, Varanasi - The Parinibbana Temple, Kushinagar - Nalanda University, Bihar - Mogao Caves, Dunhuang - Maha Stupa, Sri Lanka - Shwedagon Pagoda, Burma - Wat Phra Kaew, Thailand - Buddhas of Bamiyan, Afghanistan - Borobudur, Indonesia - Kuthodaw Pagoda, Burma

    25. D A

      when i decided to do a culture run as the aztecs (i dont know how it got to that point either( i managed to get the colosuss of rohdes and the statue of liberty with the godlen gate bridge between them, its been my background ever since then

      1. Ethan Lawrence


      2. Ozist

        Can you share it with us pls?

      3. This is my name

        Any chance you could share this wonderful creation?

    26. Julian the Ivysaur

      First time i heard great bath's narrator text. The AI always seems to rush it.

    27. Darth1Marik

      I like how Civ VI went back to how Civ IV did the way showing off a wonder by showing a mini 3D speed construction of it but I kinda like how in Civ V that even though it didn't show a 3D animation the presentation was far more epic and impactful. A still art with a glorious choir in the background that rises up as the quote is read just felt so powerful. Now if they combine both should there be a Civ VII that would be a masterpiece.

    28. louis webtser

      If they add the Lakota Sioux, they should introduce the Crazy Horse monument and Mt. Rushmore

    29. Altec

      "i ought to be jealous of the tower, she is more famous than i am" -some guy talking about the Eiffel tower

      1. PerfectAlibi

        @pippin Not really, I am well aware of the implied joke. I decided to ignore and point out the impossibility in it, instead. So can woosh you back much more. THINK before you woosh :P

      2. pippin

        @PerfectAlibi you got wooshed too!

      3. PerfectAlibi

        @pippin It's impossible to name yourself after something you build...

      4. pippin

        @El MashableIce bold of him to name himself after the tower

      5. Williem Herbert

        @El MashableIce His masterpiece is more famous than himself, truly an ooff.

    30. Pyrpyr_2017

      Civ 4 wonders still better

      1. Reid Parker

        @L1LE1 True. I mean hell, I started out on Civ Rev (ridiculously simple, AI was stupid, and extremely cartoony, diplomacy virtually nonexistent). I love 6. Highly complex, stylized (I never thought of it as overly "cartoony", all of the Civ games have a unique style), and I actually like the complex AI and diplomacy. An opinion is an opinion.

      2. L1LE1

        @Reid Parker I dunno... Civ 4 has done things that worked better than other Civ games, but also some that didn't. Regardless if it was okay. ... Still, there's a preference involved. I guess what's annoying about the OG comment is the wording of making it seem like an objective fact, and the lack of elaboration to prove their point.

      3. Pyrpyr_2017

        @Reid Parker what? Im not saying that civ 6 is bad. Ive played it and enjoyed it. Im just saying that civ4 wonders looked better thats all.

      4. Reid Parker

        Oh boy, another Civ 6 hater. Go back to whatever pixelated junk you like.

      5. L1LE1

        @Afiq Civ 6's leaders are at least expressive in their expressions and movements because of said art style. Also... I'm not saying one is better than another. Because obviously, due to the differing playstyles despite being 4x games, the devs aren't trying to make one better than another. But moreso... Different and unique in a way between all.

    31. El Algorythm

      I love how Huitzilopochtli sounds like footzlypootzly when Sean Bean pronounces it.

      1. pippin

        a correct way to say it would be "weetseeloposhtlee"

      2. Федор Филиппов


    32. Hiro

      yo the Golden Gate delivers a full on party when finished

    33. Keith Pixton

      IV and V had better movies

    34. Stupidhalp

      My bad graphics ruined my great time when finish wonder :(

    35. Matheus Omena

      Why does it play fucking salsa music when Estádio do Maracanã is built? I, as a Brazilian person, am sooo triggered!

    36. rollercoaster478

      I miss the International Space Station, Notre Dame, Neushvanstein and other Wonders from Civ V 😔 and I don't get the idea of adding many new wonders while deleting many others 🤨🤨 Of course some where added as DLC to get money 😒

      1. Nickolas Quetzal

        I believe it's the case of showing off more obscure but equally as cool wonders without unbalancing the game by adding too many wonders.

    37. Only Child

      We need some future buildings burk khalifa? Wilson tower? LAX airport? Great firewall? MI5 the 3 Scandinavia Swords Prora?

      1. Only Child

        Snipin' Flyin' Liberator [USA] bruh idc I just want more stuff for late game lol

      2. Elivisor Summer

        But every Wonder has to have historical influence

      3. Elivisor Summer

        Space Needle, the Original World Trade Center [Adjacent to a Commercial Hub with a Stock Exchange], some African Nations and More of Europe has some great things

    38. dan raahauge

      I wonder 😑 why they didn't add CERN to the modern wonder. I guess it at least would've been the most expensive one

      1. Bryce Plummer

        CERN, the pentagon, and the burj khalifa would make great modern wonders

    39. Science's Bedroom

      10:33 Taj Mahal

    40. Lhobbi

      Does anyone know the music played for Apadana?

    41. hopscotch 5

      What is the music for 2:28 the colossus

    42. Rubis Hiroto

      Petra is magnificent, all the more with the voices

    43. b0ck _

      8:10 anyone know the music for mont saint michael?

      1. Xavier


    44. Thomas Frank

      "that one might think of as the hoob of bhoodism"

    45. Snove

      Could’ve used la sagrada familia

      1. Zackapo

        Yeah but you can't ever finish building it

      2. Rubis Hiroto

        @Only Child It would be a great boost for religious victory

      3. Only Child

        Faith unit production +50% Plus 1 faith per tile district in city built in

      4. Rubis Hiroto

        Yes it would have been amazing!

    46. G L

      McDonalds? The epitome of multinational corporations domination of the world.

      1. Chew Xie Yang

        Wait for an expansion pack that features corporations like back at Civ 4. I do wonder how corporations work in Civ 6 if they're implemented.

    47. Onward Turtle

      Why do I find this so entertaining

      1. IDontLikeRome

        Wonders bro! One of humanity greatest things

    48. Nathan Hancock

      Is the hermitage playing the museum music from civilisation revolution!?

      1. Claudio Ragnedda

        It's promenade from pictures at an exhibition, mussorgsky

    49. Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

      Amunden scott research station the wonder that literally nobody has build, heck a wonder than most don't even know exist in civ 6.

      1. Anthony Bramante

        I built in the Future Era when I didn't even need science anymore

      2. bach pham

        I actually build it. Its production increase is especially good when you are trying to finish space projects. It is a wonder that if you want to build you need to plan it around turn 130-150 or so. Grab maxed Reyna and buy the campus and its building. Then, keep an eye on GE that gives wonder production and save up their charges (also remember to grab the Mausoleum for extra charges). You can build the wonder quickly by turn 200-230 or so depending on your culture output and its boost help you finish a victory by turn 270-290 pretty consistently

      3. Tlontb, the Yes Ukrainian Army Ball

        i built it once, forgot it existed

      4. Serhat Koç

        @cyber saiyan I built it many times Jebel Barkal but no Amundsen. My english isn't that good so i tried my best; i send my settlers next to a snowy mountain, set up a snow park, and then a campus>library>university>researxh lab. next to the city. I waited forever for it, but nothing happened. Probably i missed something

      5. Seraphim Dairy

        @cyber saiyan at least jebel barkal might be some use because where it is built is just sand so it gets rid of a useless tile in your lands

    50. Shiny shield

      i wonder there if is 'without narator' version

      1. Ozist

        @Redacted how?

      2. Redacted

        Shiny shield you can get it to play it without narrator by replaying it in the game after it is first finished

    51. mgtow patriota

      Brazil 2 wonders: Cristo Redentor And Maracanã 🇧🇷

      1. Bryce Plummer

        well of course! Brazil is a beautiful country! love from U.S.A.

      2. Matthew Rodriguez

        @Elivisor Summer the original was built in England.

      3. Onward Turtle

        LibertarianImperium [USMV] I don’t think anyone is talking about the US and yea it’s US not America

      4. Skyes

        @aa aa Uhhh it's a fact at England is actually a province of Paris, France is just a city smh1!!

      5. Elivisor Summer

        America got 3

    52. mgtow patriota

      Catedral de Notre Dame??

      1. Candy Neige

        It's in Chartres.

    53. angerlay2468

      Prepare the money for Civ6 with all DLC!!!

    54. yuezhithat

      The Svalbard seed vault or its counterparts would have made interesting late game wonders as well as being relevant to gathering Storm.

      1. PopeBarley

        @Филипп Виноградов Trees planted by workers count as old growth rather than new?

      2. Филипп Виноградов

        @Anders Mostue Cost: 3600 prod. Placement: on snow or tundra tile, next to Mountain. Cannot be pillaged.

      3. Anders Mostue

        "The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today" H. Jackson Brown, JR. Food 20%, favour 20

    55. Claude Mac

      5:39 Hagia Sophia with minarets appearing. The building didn't add minarets prior to the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople.

      1. Ryen Bran

        So ?

      2. Tomáš Staněk

        @ABthedragon no problem with that, but atleast the minarets could have been built after the rest of Hagia Sophia is built, not alongside it.

      3. ABthedragon

        I think it was meant to show what the building looks like now.

    56. Zuchrizal Winata

      12:39 Does anyone know the song played on Big Ben wonder movie?

      1. Personal Song

        I think it is Handel Water Music: Hornpipes.

      2. N.Y.C.O.

        I have the same exact question.

    57. world landmarks

      Helpful and good video thanks

    58. スターフルーツ

      Where is Great Lighthouse??

      1. Elivisor Summer

        Darth1Marik He was Referring to where it is in the video, but good facts, I’ll check it out later

      2. Darth1Marik

        It doesn't exist anymore. It was destroyed by several Earthquakes. While not destroyed entirely by one quake each time it happened the Lighthouse was never repaired and was finally abandoned in 1323 AD. The base and foundation were still in tact until in 1480AD the remaining stonework was used in create on the foundation the Citadel of Qaitbay. So if you want to visit where the Great Lighthouse/Lighthouse of Alexandria was go visit the Citadel of Qaitbay.

      3. Elivisor Summer

        Who else love it when suddenly Britain builds Broadway in a continent called Africa?

      4. Darwis ///

        china already build it

      5. twenty

        Candy Neige r/ihavereddit

    59. Personal Song

      Thank you for making this.