Cade Cunningham 2021 NCAA tournament highlights

March Madness

13 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    The next potential top pick in the NBA Draft, Cade Cunningham, led Oklahoma State to the second round of the 2021 NCAA tournament with 15 points against Liberty and 24 against Oregon State. Watch his full March Madness highlights.
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      welcome to lakers

    2. Justin

      welcome to toronto

    3. 박준희

      Great skill i love his basketball style

    4. ams342t0

      He gets compared to Luka a lot but he's more like a bigger Devin Booker.

    5. Anonymous_Raider

      future rocket 🚀

    6. KingCesar92

      Rockets need this guy! Fade for Cade! 6’8 pg that can score and rebound?? 🤯

    7. Donnie D

      He’s gonna be the next T-Mac for Orlando!!!

      1. Orlando Mora

        How do you know he going to Orlando? Are you predicting? Im really trying to know cuz im a magic fan

    8. Jonathan

      Great players elevate their team’s play to get wins. He wasn’t able to get out of the 2nd round and lost to a team they should have beaten.

      1. Keymuandre Abdallah

        @Jonathan who do you think should be the number one pick?

      2. Jonathan

        @Jason Okpala Don't get me wrong. I think he has skills, but I'm not convinced they are worthy of a #1 pick. To think he will have the impact as other #1 picks like Zion Williamson, Ben Simmons, Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving or John Wall is a reach. A highlight reel can be made for a bunch of skilled college players to make them look like a potential "all star". For a top pick, leadership skills that raises the performance level of your team to wins over inferior opponents is what matters, not what someone looks like on a highlight reel. The indisputable facts remains...When it really mattered, he shot 30% in a game where he wasn't able to lead his favored team to a win over a 12th seeded team in the second round.

      3. Jason Okpala

        @Jonathan As you can see by these highlights cade is probably a player that is gonna be a multiple time all star

      4. Jonathan

        @Jason Okpala True, but the #1 pick should be someone that is more than just a pretty good player. The #1 pick should be the cornerstone of a franchise that is talented and makes everyone else around him better to lead their team to a championship.

      5. Jason Okpala

        @Jonathan majority of Nba players did not win a ncaa title but are pretty good

    9. Cade Cunningham

      He’s insane

      1. Hjll V FYI jj no ivy

        @VyzeLol wolves

      2. VyzeLol

        @6ix Man nah he's coming to H-Town. 🚀

      3. 6ix Man

        Are you coming to the Raptors?

    10. Hoan Pham

      I might get flamed for this comparison but I'll do it anyways. When I look at Cunningham play, I see a similar attitude to a young Carmelo and yes...make fun of me but Michael Beasley when he was coming out of college. Before you deny this, look back at Beasley's college career. He was even better than Cunningham and yes, he was a very big deal. Here is what I see. I see mostly just a scorer. Someone that will give you a bucket but that's it. I did see him play some def. this season, which Beasley never showed any effort doing so. Ask yourself this question, besides a bucket, how is Cunningham really making his team better? He's uber talented but I don't really see an x-factor that you build around for a chip. He's not quite a game changer like Luka or Lebron. I'll happily eat my crow if he develops and becomes a monster...Just saying what I see.

      1. Tre1000

        well he already looks like a great shooter and doesn't seem selfish(Melo, Beasley). not an elite iso game but has good active court vision. he has the tools to be a good defender as well. I see a similar game to klay Thompson potentially.

      2. Hoan Pham

        @Jalen Clips I like that much better. I'm hoping to see him more often. I haven't seen his whole game. Just watching clips makes me think of the players I've mentioned. If he can do all of those things, that will be great for the NBA.

      3. Jalen Clips

        Melo and Beasley aren’t nearly as consistent as Cade from 3, both are SFs while Cade is a PG at the same height as those guys, neither can pass like cade either it’s just a way bigger impact

    11. Allen Salinas

      He basically laMelo ball

    12. Joseph Lyon

      Anyone else click on this video because they thought it was Eric Andre

    13. mani

      he raw

    14. The Speedster

      He’s very talented

      1. Cade Cunningham


    15. Fantasy Sports with Sam

      Short video

    16. Nico Mannion

      Cade Cunningham will be the greatest nba player of all time mark my words and I try to imitate my game like his

      1. Nico Mannion

        @Cade Cunningham I'm a bigger fan of cade Cunningham than you

      2. Cade Cunningham

        We’ll see

      3. Allen Salinas

        Trash yeah he hi going to score more than Kareem

      4. Hawkeye 9


      5. The Big Chap 101

        Bold prediction

    17. fightnight14

      Very Cunning

    18. Ben Portillo

      He will be a great player in the nba

      1. 6ix Man

        @Cade Cunningham Come to Toronto

      2. Cade Cunningham


    19. guilheme silva

      He's gonna be great in the league

      1. Radoraan

        @Sam Gerber nah, a magic

      2. I'm gay but

        @Sam Gerber he’ll nah y’all waste talent

      3. Cade Cunningham

        @Sam Gerber we’ll see

      4. Sam Gerber

        Hopefully a Timberwolf