Dolly Parton's Mom Used To Sing Songs That Told Great Stories

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    Dolly Parton graces us with a bit of "Bury Me Beneath The Willow," a song her mom would to sing to her as a child and it brings Stephen Colbert to tears. Dolly's new book "Songteller: My Life in Lyrics" is available everywhere now, and check out her new album "A Holly Dolly Christmas." #Songteller #DollyParton #AHollyDollyChristmas
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    1. Abigail Martin

      shes my hero i love her

    2. Joshua Taylor

      I never liked Stephen Colbert till he did it from home and now I love his show

    3. C M

      National Treasure! WE LOVE YOU DOLLY!!!

    4. Tamara Aispuro

      who the fuck dislikes Dolly? D:

    5. Charles Farley

      Right there with you, Stephen. I may be an athiest, but I trust you to believe me when I sincerely say from the bottom of my heart: May The Lord bless and keep you and may your critical threats always roll to confirm, Stephen. That goes double and almost without saying for Miss Dolly, who could sway the sun to rise early with but a song...and I reckon would make one honker of a bard (half-elf?) in any campaign.

    6. Jen Bonin

    7. Brian Hoffman

      Wildflowers is my favorite.

    8. Tanem Georgiana💖 ... I need to start watching your videos more often!😏 when you have time check #EvyMusicAndLifestyle too, thank you!

    9. TOWISH

      You made my day with this!👌 ... Would you like to be KGup friends?:) if you have time check #EvyMusicAndLifestyle also, ty!

    10. Priam Stroll

      Fantastic work! Love it!... Would you like to be KGup friends?:) when you have time take a look #EvyMusicAndLifestyle also, ty!

    11. Yougotthis

      Dolly has the best memory. Excellent recall. A gift for all of us. We are blessed with all her great stories, songs & memories. Beautiful soul.

    12. David Geldner

      What a class act.

    13. Rachel Sommer

      She's just awesome, and I learned that she's donated money to Vanderbilt University to help with testing the Moderna vaccine. Dolly Parton contributed one million dollars to Vanderbilt University, who worked with Moderna to create one of the new (and very promising) vaccines against COVID19

    14. mike morris

      About time! Love the Band!!

    15. latina joel

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    16. K Bar

      Thank you Dolly Parton for donating the funds to develop a vaccine for Covid. She donated 95% of the money needed to Moderna. Go ahead and fact check, they released the donors list today.

    17. anafbmad

      this lady is precious

    18. Diane Severson Mori

      That woman. Her voice. Her heart. Oh, my heart. And Stephen's.

    19. Mazda626gtturbo

      Love Dolly but wish she didn't mess up her lips with those be injections she can barely talk "i write shongs".

    20. tantoonie0

      I don't say this just because I'm an East Tennessean. Dolly Parton is a national treasure.

    21. K C

      Dolly is like the southern mother Teresa, love this lady.

    22. Justin Baugh

      He is seriously the fucking coolest. And Dolly... what did we do to deserve her??

    23. Eric Rice

      Dolly is one of the X-MEN. Her power is using the power of song to reduce people to tears. Question: What would her name be?

    24. Pablo Horteg

      She's such a sweetheart. We should all be more like Dolly, Keanu, Willie, Liz (Tyler) and other genuinely wholesome people. They just pour out sincerity, ]compassion, empathy.

    25. no sah

      An absolute ICON.

    26. Flying Chef

      I adore Dolly, but what has she had done to her beautiful face, its so distorted?

    27. Jo Sa

      I love Dolly so much. She is a national treasure.

    28. Deloris Reyes Entrepreneur

      I ❤️ ❤️ her voice!

    29. Deloris Reyes Entrepreneur

      Dammmm! Her hair or wig is flawless!😂🥰

    30. Deloris Reyes Entrepreneur

      I ❤️ her!🥳😇

    31. Alin

      Fantastic work! Love it!... give my channel a feedback too when you have time..😏 if you have time take a look #EvyMusicAndLifestyle please, ty!

    32. John Austin Kaohelaulii

      Dolly: “Bury me beneath the willow...” Stephen: (goose-goosebumps) *tears up* Me: Only the weak cry to this... *starts bawling* I guess I’m incredibly weak...

    33. Fred Lazea💖 ... I love watching these in the morning just to have a nice start of the day! when you have time take a look #EvyMusicAndLifestyle please, thank you!

    34. Joey Durazo

      Dolly is the grandma that we all need

    35. Ariel Regullano

      Just watching any videos of her gives you warmth... and then you can’t help but get teary-eyed. I just love her. She’s one of the reasons that still makes you believe in humanity.

    36. Bob M

      I don't think I have ever seen a video of Dolly that didn't make my day at least a little bit better.

    37. D H

      She's the cure for COVID. Can we clone her? She needs to come to all of us that are sick, and just sing for 30 minutes or so.......I think she could solve all the world's problems with her voice and spirit. 💙💙💙

    38. JT G


    39. BerimBolo

      Damn, I miss traditional country music. Imagine if the radio station played gold like this 24/7!! Thank god for cds!

    40. Shiloh Bagley

      Dolly has my whole heart

    41. Pie KaZkout

      Dear America, Why can't all southerners be like Dolly and Steven? - Europe

      1. JG8910

        Also, because Fox News.

      2. John Doe

        @Tokyo_Sexwhale This person is absolutely right. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

      3. Tokyo_Sexwhale

        A lot of them are incredibly sweet and caring people who go out of their way to help you however they can. Sadly, there are also some who aren't, and those are the ones people hear about the most. That being said, Dolly and Steven are both national treasures.

    42. Chelplex

      We don't deserve her :((

    43. Toth Alessia

      You do a good job! ... Would you like to be KGup friends?:) when you have time take a look #EvyMusicAndLifestyle too, thank you!

    44. Siobhan Burgos

      Stephen's southern accent jumped out in this interview

    45. shethewriter

      Talented, sweet, philanthropic

    46. Leigh powley

      I re-watched just so i could feel this good again. ♥️ He's positively smitten 😊 and Dolly's as wholesomely charming as ever. 💘

    47. c e

      Let the saltwater that pours from your eyes cleanse your wounds

    48. c e

      Dolly always makes me feel better.

    49. Julian Howard


    50. Dylan Mccanlies

      Dear Lord. Ladies, we haven't obviously figured out plastic surgery. It is ok for you to age naturally. Her face doesn't move. It is painful to watch.

    51. New Yorker2

      Dolly is so pure & sweet

    52. KP Only

      Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.

    53. britturk123

      Dolly is a ray of beautiful warm sunshine that can wake up any emotion within, but that emotion is always wonderful even when poignant, because it speaks straight to the heart and gets the goose bumps going within seconds of her uttering speech in song..

    54. Robert Tilden

      I haven’t heard more than one Dolly Parton song, but this makes me want to be a fan. I need to listen to her albums.

      1. Margaret Barnett

        Do it you wont regret it

      2. Connor MacGregor

        She has over 50, so you’re spoiled for choice.

    55. Ms. Nedra


    56. Nader Rayyan

      Seems like such a giving person

    57. John Rizk

      She’s an American treasure

    58. jaylecia davila

      Dolly is an icon. One of the most genuine, sweet, humble, charismatic, talented people to ever walk this earth. Love her.

    59. avedic

      I live in Johnson City, TN....SHE is what represents our state....not the authoritarian simpletons who are aggrieved by culture wars all the damn time. She's a cool person....and the pride and joy of our state. Ask anyone with any sense who lives here. Glad to see others in this nation realize Tennesseans can be cool as shit....despite the sad fact we'll surely be safely Trump come Tuesday. But I'm doing my part. Cannot wait to vote. I'm 37....and this will be the first time I've ever voted in a national election. My past apathy has been burnt to the Trump. And I thank him for that. I will be apathetic no longer.

    60. Queens Rule

      She is such a down-to-earth, genuine person. And beautifully singing just off the cuff there, no tricks, just emotion and talent. I have always loved both versions of I Will Always Love You. Whitney's interpretation was incredible and I think remains her most known song to this day. But Dolly's version always makes me cry.

    61. Missy Rey

      Am I out of my mind or is her voice not touched by age the way other vocalists in their 70s sound aged?

    62. Amanda Bell

      Dolly is one of the warmest, funniest, smartest, loveliest people of all time.

    63. Cheryl stefanczyk

      Stephen-love you so much!

    64. Lully Hurricane Isaias

      Two very beautiful people!😍😍😘😘

    65. SouthwesternEagle

      This segment made news on other shows and channels.

    66. Howie Z

      2020 better leave Dolly alone. She is a national treasure.

    67. Soggy Jungle

      I'm not country, but Dolly is always a nice pleasure.

    68. GreenEyes 1226

      She is one of God's angels that's for sure. ❤️

    69. gardengirlnc

      Dolly is such an incredible person.

    70. Bruce Bennett

      she made me cry too

    71. Felicia Hitch

      She’s just a beautiful person! One of my favorite people ever!

    72. Molly Dye

      I ♥️ you, Dolly, you are the best! I can’t listen to “Coat of Many Colors” without crying like a baby. You make us laugh, you make us cry, but you always entertain and are so genuine and real.

    73. SMS

      "When Beauty Lives in Memory, It Lives Forevermore." ~ Dolly Parton

    74. Adrianne Brown

      My favorite is 9 to 5.

    75. andrew purcell

      she's like the spokesman for the south

    76. natalielawyerchick

      Her singing voice reminds me of my grandmothers. Grandma had a similar timber so Dolly is automatic waterworks for me

    77. Aging Ethically

      Oh my heart... I love you, Dolly! ❤️😭✨

    78. Bracketville August

      Thank you Dolly... I love the old folk songs.. I LOVE COUNTRY

    79. SuperDougie M

      Dolly you're the most adorable person.

    80. Karen Wade

      Who doesn't love Dolly?! We're both from the same part of the Smoky Mountains except I'm from the NC side about 65 miles from her home. ❤

    81. Nassan Sousa

      Dolly, Im so grateful that You glorify the Lord by acknowledging and talking about Him so much. Thank You sister...You touched me deeply today!!!🥰😘😢

    82. Duncan Kimsey

      Nashville native here.. Dolly sings for the sad, the happy, the loved, and the lost. Her words make me regret what I couldn't appreciate in the past and simultaneously appreciate what I have today. One day she will be gone just like any other loved one, so experience and love her while she is here, while you're here.

    83. Meg Fluffy

      did anyone notice that in the US´s worst, more violent and depressing year of the last several decades Dolly Parton has been active on social media nearly everyday cheering us up?

    84. L AA

      Love that Colbert had a mini music therapy session with Dolly right there on his show

    85. Katie Rotuno

      Dolly helped me survive 2020. An angel 😇 on earth 🌍.

    86. shandiz Uribe

      Jack white!!!!! you need to talk to Dolly about her mama's songs!

    87. deanna kinsman

      Oh my days I could listen to this national treasure all day long!! Dolly is the epitome of what we should ALL strive to be...❤❤❤

    88. Nama Farm

      Her Beautiful Vocal Vibrations transmitted those Tears to me sitting here in Vermont right now on Wednesday... Dolly is an Earth Angel. Momma must have been as well. wow a New Dolly Album in 2020... indeed, she is quite Amazing... a country girl who doesnt forget where she came from.

    89. Elizabeth Fernandez

      Such an amazing woman. Love her!

    90. Awakened Empath

      😍 Dolly!!!

    91. Matt Hamilton

      As a Southern boy, I feel this. She's got a voice that speaks to us in a way nobody else can. Thank you, Dolly!

    92. 𝓳𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓳𝓾𝓵𝓮𝓼 𐂂

      Ă̈n̆̈ŏ̈t̆̈h̆̈ĕ̈r̆̈ v̆̈ĭ̈d̆̈ĕ̈ŏ̈ ŏ̈f̆̈ D̆̈ŏ̈l̆̈l̆̈y̆̈ t̆̈h̆̈ă̈t̆̈ b̆̈r̆̈ĭ̈n̆̈ğ̈s̆̈ m̆̈ĕ̈ s̆̈ŏ̈ m̆̈ŭ̈c̆̈h̆̈ j̆̈ŏ̈y̆̈. Thank you!

    93. Charles Gibson

      I have faith in America because we produce people like Dolly Parton. She represents the best of the American spirit. We are blessed to have her as a National Treasure.

    94. H. Ellis

      its amazing how easily she just sings and sounds incredible

    95. CC B

      Her top looks like Adrenocrome with the seeing eye on it

    96. Bjarke Stemann

      When Whitney sang, i admired her. When Dolly sings, I start to cry.

    97. Emily Rachel Gilley

      OMG I love her 😍

    98. my2cents2u

      One of the finest people on the face of the earth. Love her so much.

    99. Tammy Hicks

      This taping was amazing! I love Dolly and Colbert and it had so many good points to it!! I didnt know about the book and I want it!

    100. Aubrey

      I love her so much. Dollywood is our family's vacation spot. Every Christmas we play her Christmas album with Kenny Rogers. She is an angel on Earth.