Scott Martin

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    I am SO SORRY! He didn’t expect this! Out shooting a How to Fish a Swim Jig video and things take a quick turn the wrong way.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Are you guys ready for the tournament videos to return?? Who are you most excited to see?

      1. Brian Patrick

        Let’s get honest, you’re the star! Ready for the practice footage. Billy for sure, waking everyone up. Loosing Brandon creates a transition for us too!

      2. Austin Genord

        You can call it the “Nut Cracker” haha😂

      3. Bobby Heitz

        You bet I am

      4. An OK Angler

        Trash Talking James!

      5. Sawyer Scott

        Hey Scott, just a suggestion but I think that offshore trolling would be a good video, thanks

    2. Apaz

      Right in the nugget pouch D:

    3. Matt O


    4. Conner English

      Scott’s reaction is so dang funny dude

    5. Kenneth Noneofyourbis

      You should name the spot "NUT CHECK". LOL

    6. Mitchell Mars

      What happened to spinner worm brandon

    7. j williams

      “Right in the Nuts “ I was rolling lol 😂

    8. Eddie Harper

      At least it had that weedguard otherwise he might have gotten the tip lmao.

    9. Overt

      5:00 FIRE

    10. FishingFreak Trae Biondi

      The nut cracker

    11. John Mitchell

      that was some really nice drone work at the end when he followed the fish in. Great video.

    12. Ray Ray

      I tried using the discount, but it keeps saying error.

    13. MelonePokemon


    14. Danny Hudson

      Good luck this year

    15. SmellsLikeBass

      The old nut cracker

    16. Chris Davis

      LOL love these videos

    17. Austin Harrelson

      Call it the nut cracker

    18. Michael Jackson

      Call the spot The Ball Breaker!

    19. chaz honaker

      (Ahhh, right in the Nut's right in the nuts)... Lol.. That made my week.. I also find it funny bc this past Saturday I got myself in the same place with a chatter bait. Hook sets aint always free my freinds. Hahaha.. (Waypoint - Man Down) Why does it seem almost like Ol'Scott aimed that shot perfectly..? That BOOM was perfect timing seen it coming. Lol. In all seriousness hope your all good down there sounded like a solid impact..

    20. South Florida Bassing

      You should name that spot the great nutcracker reef

    21. Bill Oldham


    22. BassGeek

      OHHHHHHH! Man down man down! LOL

    23. Her Vang

      Where is Brandon?

    24. Bart Sherrer

      You could call that spot the nut cracker.

    25. Alex Raddatz

      That must be one of them new ball baits 😂

    26. David Butler

      No empathy shown at all!

    27. Chad Heck

      Would love a SMC cap, but need you to get them in fitted size L/XL. My dang head is too big for one size fits all.

    28. Zech Honey

      Any body else see that he was using zoom speed craws

    29. Zech Honey

      Any one else see that he was using speed craws

    30. john doe

      Like how he keeps sticking his little baby hands in front of the camera they look tiny lmao

    31. Jim Grady

      That kid is going to be sterile after that hit, and hitting himself in the nuts in the other video!! lol

    32. Fishing with Logan and Bennett

      Lol the vid was awesome coaught some chunkers

    33. Ruger Potter

      The c on the smc hats should be a fish in stead of the fish on top of the letters Like if u agree

    34. Randy Creason

      We got plenty of lakes with Florida strain in Oklahoma. Imagine a few made it to the river. I'm definitely glad to see ya bass fishing again. I been watching you and your dad for 30 odd years. Martin's are supposed to be catching bass in grass and telling people how its done.

    35. Eddiesocrazy

      What happened to Brandon? I think that was his name

    36. txhuntsman

      JIgNuts is the name of that spot.

    37. Tyler Schuff


    38. Captain Ricky FLA

      Nut shot. No that's bad we can't call it nut shot 🤣

    39. Lee Ashworth

      How about nut spot

    40. john murphy

      Look at Scott’s face right as bait makes contact. LMAO straight dropped his camera man and then stands over him and makes sure his go pro is on.

    41. Aaron Daniel

      Good to see you out catching the little green fish again! Also great camera work McCoy, maybe wear a cup next time tho 😂

    42. _Optifine

      that spot should be called "nutcracker"

    43. _Optifine

      I bet he wishes he stayed in bed.

    44. KJC Fishing

      Scott!!!! Your videos are insane and awesome, what kind of camera doy out use for your main filming and what editing software do you use? Another awesome video!!

    45. Avi Freed

      Call it nutcracker point!

    46. Bill Reeder

      Scott when is your next post really looking forward to the season

    47. Jinx the Cat

      Scott. Just starting as a fisherman and I wanted to make sure I had the proper attire. It seems that I need flip flops, a trucker cap, a long sleeve shirt, cargo shorts, and sunglasses with a wire retainer holding them. Oh yeah...the neck gaiter too. If I had all that would I be part of the COOL crowd of bass fisherman?

    48. Cmbtvet outdoors

      This is the second time McCoy got hit in the junk, might need to make a compilation at the end of the year lol

      1. Scott Martin


    49. Jeremy&Angela Stewart

      My wife and I would love to come fish with u and learn new fishing techniques

    50. Jordan Hendrickson

      Where's Brandon

    51. Lacy Desires

      Hubby's hit me in the tooch before... We was frog fishing in Rodman Res in North FL and had a blow up felt weight and layed in to him (80lb Daiwa Braid, Steez frog rog, megabass Monoblock racing condition) and you know when he set he set hard because frog fishing on a thick mat missed the fish and nailed me right in the toochie lol.... Ohhh i was pissed.... He laughed and casted back to the miss and bam it was a 9.5 in the boat and was a 500 dollar tagged fish and also won big fish pot. It was a team tourney based on 5 not 7... Our 5 went 34.7 and we finished 6th lol.... Was a hell of a event and i went home with a red tattoo of a Spro frog on my toochie. This was Sept 2019.

    52. Phil Tarbox

      Liked that low angle drone shot

    53. Randy Jones

      Thats Baggers Reef

    54. Joe Williams

      Hey Scott. Those favorite Rods are the guides big enough for a leader knot. Im having trouble finding a rod with Bigger guides. Thanks Scott all the best.

    55. Watson 407

      Is this a new edit style for you Scott? If so I like it.

    56. Lee Silver


    57. Bobby Heitz

      Poor McCoy. Great video thou

    58. Dharrel Kabilling

      Scott can you do a tutorial on the easiest way to tie an fg knot thanks team SMC

    59. Dharrel Kabilling

      Scott wheres spinnerworm @?

    60. Jerry Watkins

      That will leave a mark! 🤣

    61. Noah Stephens

      It took me a min to figure out if he just likes Fishbrain cause it slaps or it was a sponsor

    62. Braden Key

      Ready for these tournaments

    63. AndyBankWalker

      😂😂😂 Best part about all this. He never apologized! Just kept telling the poor guy "right in the nuts, right in the nuts!". I cant stop laughing.

    64. Kyle Hill

      Ball breaker grass line there

    65. Larry Warfield

      Name that the nutcracker

    66. Smithvegas BassAssassin

      Another great video as always Scott! I’m gonna get down to Florida to fish one of these days and hopefully I’ll run into ya when I’m down there! Keep up the great work brotha! 👊🏽💯

    67. kevinwood221

      Does Brandon still work with Scott? I haven't seen Spinner worm in a long time.

    68. Brian Patrick

      I added the swim jig last year, and gained a lot of confidence. This year, the white swim jig, white trailer in these clear waters of Michigan....I’ve been slaying them!

    69. Rick Naver

      How do I follw you on fish brain?

    70. Terry Graham

      The 'Eight Ball in the Corner Pocket" technique? lol

    71. E Lun

      Your poor camera man has already taken two shots to the gonads in two separate videos lol tough times on the job.

    72. BarefootFishingTV

      i love how Scott's first reaction is to turn the Gopro on not ask if hes ok! good stuff. its almost like u knew it was coming lmao.

    73. William Hiatt

      Should of named the spot “Ball Buster “

    74. Bowhunting 101

      Call it privates, buh domp bomp

    75. Brad McWhirt

      Good luck this next week on the river. Weather looks good. My family and I will be out to the weigh-ins pulling for ya. We live in Muskogee.

    76. Tift Bassmaster

      Deeeeeezzzzzzz nutssssss 😂😂😂😂😂

    77. canescup12

      Anybody know what happen to Brandon?

    78. Matthew Robertson

      Side track Samuel over here 🤣 still love the content Scott👍🏻

    79. Marinus Reister

      The nad nailer

    80. Bradley Houston

      Bruh 😂😂😂😂 that was actually hilarious

    81. Wrink

      name the spot ballsmack

    82. PBoutdoorTV

      My worst experience is I caught someone's king fish rig in the face and had to go to the ER!

    83. An OK Angler

      I clicked to see dude get racked but I love some swimjig fishing!!

    84. Outdoors With TG

      I tried your bandito bugs and made a video of it and had the best bass fishing day I’ve seen

    85. Nicholas Spann

      Shoulda named it “CUP-CHECK REEF”!!! LOL

    86. Outdoors With TG

      Wish I had 500k subscribers

    87. Outdoors With TG

      What is pops channel

    88. BMK

      Ballz Deep!!

    89. Anderson Hassell612

      What is your name on Fishbrain

    90. Joe No thanks.

      I felt that in my gut.

    91. makanaken

      what happen to spinner worm?

    92. mancing survival

      5.38 great ... success is always for all the crew involved.

    93. ATL Clutch

      Right in the jewels. Oof

    94. Mike Wildes

      You should've named the spot, McCoy's boy's lol

    95. RhinoFishing TV

      That was a fantastic drone shot at the end (of the cast/catch)

    96. George Shread III

      Skirt glistening lol. Great drone shot at the end.

    97. Sparta SZ-

      Call it the biscuit shot

    98. Kyle

      I’m fishing my first tournament this Saturday! I’ve been waiting for this day for the last two years ever since I started watching your tournament vids, thanks Scott!!

    99. Fishing With Bottles

      Lucky there weren't treble hooks involved!! Dang!

    100. Cunnington Alonzo

      Is this cross island Scott