Roblox Song ♪ "Let Somebody Love You" | Roblox Music Video


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    Song by MC Jams:
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    Animated by: Lid
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    1. InquisitorMaster

      Hope everyone enjoys this song! Its been in the works for a while now! Also you can get your very own Miss Misa plushie TODAY at

      1. sara doney

        I really want the merch

      2. Maria Alcaraz

        Okie dokie and the song is so cuteeee ;3

      3. Rian Marielle Guia

        iam so sad so that is mis misa story aww🙁:-(

      4. Kayley Gelzhiser

        I love u and the squad and this video is super adorable

      5. Adan Gutierrez

        I love it

    2. Mckenzie Barske

      And my cousins crying

    3. Isabel Ortiz

      That is sad

    4. Princess Hassan


    5. Alanii Ley

      I love it sooooooooooooooooooo much wen zach got the cat alex loved the cat i love it😍

    6. Ja'Nel Watson


    7. Bunni Chip

      Omg this is beautiful. I started crying! I love you guys ❤️

    8. Jennifer Montoney


    9. Jennifer Montoney


    10. Erica Moyer

      If anyone dislikes this video they deserve to DIE because this is the best music video ever

    11. SOH WEI XIAN Moe

      Hideki and Misa

    12. Trav Plays Roblox

      Actually I don’t feel really emotional I don’t even know the point why this was made

    13. Ava Daege

      I wanna hear Alex sing

    14. Allison Mozo


    15. lonely Potato

      It sounds like drake and jade are singing this

    16. Xxgacha_ ballerxX


    17. Casiphia Achsah Hibaler

      she so sad

    18. KeikoMai Carruthers

      Cute and happy

    19. Mayran Soto Torres

      This is my 100000 time watching this I’m in tears rn 🥺

    20. Tijana Raicevic

      aww its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute alex your best yt

    21. Tierney Gray

      this kinda like oliver and company

    22. Tierney Gray

      who dosent want a pink cat???

    23. Memoruki Kaze


    24. •flowercookie_YT•

      It's so cute😢

    25. •flowercookie_YT•


    26. Icehero22 YT

      Ohhhhh boy. I wonder who sang this song? ( lol its zach who sang it)

    27. Another World

      did alex sing this?

    28. Emme Reim

      The body

    29. SoyDani _YT

      there are tears coming out very late, the tears came out

    30. Marge Schmidt

      i WaNnA pInK cAt tOO lIkE iRl

    31. Allison FajardoGonzalez

      I’m crying so much 😢

    32. Izabella Blankenship


    33. MiniBurrito Waffles

      It brings back old memories when I see that Alex still draws the way she always did ❤️

    34. fairy The princess of celestia

      The pink at is so cuteeee and even the shark cat is cute and they look even cuter when they are together

    35. Izz GT

      Im not crying UR CRYING😭😭😭

    36. Kayla Lopez

      I love it!😍😍

    37. Sarah Cervantes

      Is so sad am crying* and be happy* :)

    38. Farozan Khair

      hey my name is Sofie but you can call me sof moms name is Farozan I just want to say I was crying because I was so happy and you and Zach if you guys get married I will cry so so so much you guys are a perfect mach just want to say I was watching your vids when I was three I was so in to it so I dress like you

    39. The principal of Gacha cooler


    40. gacha cat

      The first few times I saw this I cried and I’m started to cry while right righting this :’)

    41. Ryan Bones Rodriguez

      I like songs

    42. Rainbow BFF

      Im gonna cry :( merry christmas ;)


      This almost made me cried

    44. Bridget Atha

      Alex's best KGupr

    45. Bridget Atha

      This is so sad I'm about to cry

    46. Markens Charles

      Everyone would want a pink cat

    47. Kabir Jangle

      Yes is cute

    48. Cassandra Lyca Bordon

      Awwwwwww I love it


      I am literally in tiears so cute


      I'm actually crying because of the song is so cute!!

    51. Dan Ruiz

      I don’t know Drake’s voice I think 🤔

    52. Hai I’m A flamingo

      Not me watching this for the 987th time-

    53. rowel cortez


    54. Michael Ramos

      The music kind of sad 😅

    55. Olgui Ramírez


    56. ainul mardhiah mohd yusuf

      I was crying

    57. MainlyMimi :3

      someone said the singers was drake and Jade *still can’t believe the female singer is jade*

    58. Becky B

      Let somebody love you love is the best for you

    59. Mariana Ramirez (Student)


    60. Mariana Ramirez (Student)

      Oh that’s cute

    61. Marta Guerrero

      This was super dorable I loved everything about this video👍🥺💗💗

    62. cat tails 25

      I love music video it reminds me of the oldlen days❤


      Who sang this song

    64. Its Mo

      Me: crying for the poor cat

    65. Darcy de la Rosa

      So cute

    66. Darcy de la Rosa

      It made me cry because no one loved the cat by the way I’m a kid with my grandma’s phone

    67. Meng Hak

      This made me cry

    68. Ian Lee

      This song made me break down to tears 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😫😫😫😫😫😭😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    69. Rianne Baltero

      IS HIDIKI A BOY???????????

    70. Cristi Nicola

      really cool

    71. Bernie Nallica

      I love it

    72. Bernie Nallica

      Im so. Sad

    73. Bernie Nallica

      I love your cute vidios

    74. Bernie Nallica

      Pls me cring get the cat

    75. Theriz Lliam Reyes


    76. paula Lopez

      It so sad

    77. sakura gaming

      OMG 😭😭😭😭😭😭 this is so cute

    78. Madisyn Simone


    79. Galaxy Pricess

      This when you didn’t know Charlie?🧐😭😔 she used to say primer for clippers

    80. Galaxy Pricess

      Then I like the Charlie’s plushy

    81. lily pix78_roblox name_lilypix7

      I really cryed that i am still crying that is how much you shuold love somebody if they need it THAT KITTY IS SOOOOO CUTE that i want a new kitty mine died and the other one ran away and one came and now i really want that kitty now it's soooooo cute!!!!!

    82. rosli ahmad

      OMG tapping that pink cat is so adorable I won't put it I already watch it I like it ok so I'm not being good I'm nice but you nice me nice

    83. Christen Rodriguez

      Your so creative

    84. Danisleidy Hernandez

      I. Love. How. Dog. Helps. The. Cat. Cute. ;3

    85. The Aka Ok's

      It's amazing lol😀

    86. Ana Perez

      Who sings this song I have a feeling it’s drake and jade- I wanna know TwT

    87. Rachel Horn

      That’s a cute song I will get that plushy

    88. Khin Mar Cho

      Awww that's make me more sadder

    89. Reyhanan Nighmare girl

      I love it de song

    90. Jihan_KREWfam Yt

      Awww ist like you alex&Zach loves 😇😍

    91. Jasmine Saad

      this is cuteeeeee i wached this a millon times

    92. Emily V.

      Hey Alex I think you should look at some of the kitchen and videos people are making of you I love this video that you made with me and meet you in adopt me but my name is chicken baby 1019 would like to meet with me all of your friends I don’t really know how to log in private servers nice to meet you

    93. Maxine Hu


    94. Freddy Fazbear

      Is it just me or is this video making me want to get a cat?

    95. Caesar Cruz


    96. Nicola S


    97. Lajayla Johnson

      It sad the pink didn't get pik up so sad

    98. Tareq Bakeer

      Awww cute😍😍😍

    99. firdaus affandy


    100. Shadow Proz

      Omg this is so good