PLAYING AMONG US with SPY NINJAS New Roles Mod - Among Us in HD cuz It's in Real Life

Vy Qwaint

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    Among Us in HD (cuz it's in real life)
    After Chad Wild Clay made "COOLEST HACKS TO BECOME POPULAR AT SCHOOL - Epic Tik Tok Hacks Tested by Spy Ninjas", Vy Qwaint created "TIK TOK PRANKS - Trying Funny TikTok Hacks on Cool Friends To See if They Work", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "EXTREME RAP BATTLE ROYALE vs SPY NINJAS - Vy Qwaint & Melvin PZ9 vs Daniel & Regina w/ MC CWC", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "WHICH KGupr Is My ENEMY? Spy Ninjas React To FGTeeV, Aphmau, Preston, LankyBox, and SSundee", the Spyninjas play Among Us in real life! Watch as the Spyninjas use teamwork and deception to make it through a game of Amoung Us at the Safehouse. Each player is given a crewmate or imposter role. The crewmates must focus on completing their tasks and challenges while avoiding being taken down by the imposter and solving the mystery of who the imposter is in the group. The ninjas must watch the behavior of the other players to discover who is being sus and who can or cant be trusted. Meanwhile, Imposters sabotage the Crewmate's completed tasks while also sneaking up on and defeating other players. Who will win the game, the crewmates or the imposter? Who is the must sus of all of the Spy Ninjas? Thank you for watching my suspiciously funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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    1. Vy Qwaint

      This is my first time playing Among Us in Real Life. I need to improve my discussion skills during Emergency Meetings LOL

      1. Remaya Doyle

        I watch your videos I’m your biggest fan add me on Insta

      2. Isabella Warner

        I'm a biggest fan of the by Ninja

      3. Cristina Eni


      4. Taylor Whitt

        @Poppy Whittingham did the Spurs win was posture

      5. Jameel Mohammed


    2. Allison Martinez

      It’s was so funny when they said that Daniel slip

    3. Erika Alvarado


    4. シVanessaシ

      During the video when Daniel got killed a quick time Melvin said shut up >:(

    5. Jose soto

      Yes pIay more

    6. Sara Dean

      School- Six Cool Hours Of Our Lives

    7. Saeeda Ahrar

      I have got to say when vy killed Daniel ,Daniel screamed loud sooooo ya

    8. BigJust420

      I like the game among us

    9. Sadie Rosario


    10. Milo Jame

      Do you know what’s up I think I like when your nose

    11. Klab0


    12. rcelstner


    13. Matty rivera

      Vy you are do bad at among us so you should not play

    14. Deborah O'Sullivan

      i love among us it's really fun! WE ARE THE SPY NINGAS!!!!!!!!

    15. Liam Patton


    16. Kaitlin John

      On o.

    17. Aubree Milliken


    18. Olivia M

      LOL 😆

    19. Olivia M

      Everyone killed Daniel but not regain

    20. Marlo Vitullo


    21. Kinsley 345

      Yes do more among us vids please

    22. TudorĂsamama Munean

      1. Vy

      1. TudorĂsamama Munean

        Vy. impostor. 1

      2. TudorĂsamama Munean


    23. Jamie Stitham


    24. Adi Adi

      Don't trust the shafe

    25. mujib ramla

      I love your real among us

    26. Elicia Andrews


    27. Amelia Palmer

      When they got the first victory there screen shot of them winning made me laugh so much I nearly died being crew mate lol. Edit: tysm guys for all these likes everyone loves Chad by Daniel and Regina and even melvin

    28. Vladimir Bolerac


    29. Sherie Wheeler


    30. Hosanaandtirhas Musieandaraya


    31. Puzzled Parker

      You guys forgot is there is one player left the imposter still wins

    32. BOB TOPETE


    33. natalie finlayson

      I have been trying to save up money so I can buy it and mail it to u:)

    34. Eliana Smith

      melvin is the imposer

    35. 陳首元

      Spy ninja

    36. KeilaMiloxD Loo

      What about perlita?

    37. Jaxon Rosario


    38. Blair Pelletier

      Regina Generra you’re a golden play button to get back your channel is I’ll show you hold229000003509988723445

    39. Blair Pelletier


      1. Blair Pelletier

        Oh yeah

    40. Remaya Doyle


    41. Billy Howard

      u theu

    42. Ahmad

      The Melvin the first time she was the Imposter

    43. Jarithcy Gonzalez


    44. brittany brooks

      The imposters every round first round v the second round Melvin third round Daniel fourth round Chad

    45. Jessica Andrade

      Play Among Us in real life.

    46. Mandy Mandy

      I got the stay ninja kit how do I use it

    47. Aafaq Butt

      lol vys a poster loll

    48. Kay Hello


    49. Kerrie Bear

      I love you guys My mom Love your videos🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍

    50. L.C. Campbell

      it is chad

    51. Adeel Mehmood


    52. Kensi Nygaard

      I like you Melvin

    53. Lariyah Ashley

      You’re not smart vy

    54. Malik

      he is the imposter in the first row

    55. Justin Fonfrias


    56. liz sedgwick

      This is my mom’s account but on the second round Melvin won only one person other than the imposter has to be alive for the imposter to win

    57. Jasmine Watkins

      Who is sus

    58. Cory Reedy

      It's going it's going to be Daniel cuz I saw his paper that Daniel is the posture and I saw your guys's else papers that Chad you're not a posterior crewmate be your crewmate Regina York roommate also Melvin your Akuma to Daniel you are a posture the cat the Daniel and Melvin and Reginae and Lucci all of your guyses should vote Daniel out for them out he's

    59. אנה כהן

      ya you do LOL


      Vy is impostor

    61. Eat Your Photo

      more among us

    62. Stephen

      very, Qwaint I'm a big fan of saying saying that the only thing that you are my favourite things, Among

    63. X.Roblox.X

      Melvin kills Daniel* Melvin: shut up 😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😭

    64. Jennifer Mendoza

      xd among us you love

    65. Tatyana Jones

      you should do amoung us on all the spy nigas channle

    66. Jessica Mosqueda

      There was only one person left in the game if there’s only one person left then the imposter wins

    67. Jessica Mosqueda

      How did the crewmates win

    68. alaa aljbore

      hehe :)

    69. Saffron Mendoza

      Vy: Daniel slipped and fell Me: But then why is he not at the emergency meeting?

      1. Vladimir Bolerac

        Did fif givh

      2. Vladimir Bolerac


      3. Stardust-Kun


      4. beatthemreal 11

        cause he ded duh

    70. Rohini Marigapan


    71. Ollie Drake

      Nice vid.

    72. Lauren Parsons

      Man I’m going to be in a little bit early so I’m

    73. Armela Matraxhi


    74. Devesh gaming channel


    75. Alvin Sunga

      Vy regina is so funny Hahahahahahahaha

    76. Hadif Iman


    77. kadiejess gregory


    78. Erin Fredette

      you are the best

    79. Keily Guerra


    80. Krystal Keays

      Bruhhhhhhhh do a Roblox on your In real lifeie

    81. Devin Ramey

      I love you guys so much

    82. Rainbow Sparkle


    83. Lulu Billini

      Explaine to me one thing why did daniel always died first


      Spy ninjas pls help me i got trap my project zorgo pls go travel to canada

    85. Naomi Lockwood

      Melvin is the inposter

    86. laceymay Ollerhead

      oMg sO eArLY

    87. Cubeyd Cabdi

      Vy. Is cheeting

    88. Nyasha Nyatwa

      !!! you have to be with me for a Dad to get me some money for the rest of your time I soory

    89. Tiew Yong Liang TikTok

      Chad you're savage

    90. Michelle Bielawski


    91. Irene Alvarez

      Hi 🥺

    92. Irene Alvarez


    93. Stephanie Jones

      I LOVE When Melvin said too Daniel shut up when he killed him

    94. Stephanie Jones

      Melvin you are the best you teached me so many moves.

    95. juan pedrl

      Hi cwc

    96. Midñight_Skÿ

      Daniel: *breaths* Melvin: SHUT UP!

    97. Hailey Davidson


    98. Aurora collins

      I was hoping for vy to win but chad did I love u guys so much

    99. Dream Channel


    100. ZMDE Apple

      Nooooo what about RANIEL.