Dr. Phil asked me if I can draw him for 50 days so I finally gave in 👀lol😄 | JULIA GISELLA #shorts


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    Hi I am Julia and I do some art and other stuff 💕
    I am also on Instagram, TikTok and Snap:
    Instagram: @julia_gisella julia_gisella
    TikTok: @juliagisella www.tiktok.com/@juliagisella?
    Snapchat: @juliagisella
    art shop: www.juliagisella.com
    PR/Business: julia@kyra.com

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    1. 「牛奶波巴mīlkxty bøbã」

      Drphill wake up

    2. Archita Nagar

      DAY 1 of asking Julia to draw JASS MANAK ❤️🖤

    3. DIMS

      Can you do my insta profil (doucelineirakoze)

    4. sub4cookies

      @shit I was told to do it dont call the fbi on me

    5. CatNoLikeBannana


    6. •Chim Chim Ssi•

      *Dr.Phil* WHERE AREEEE YOUUUUU?!!!

    7. Donovan Sales


    8. lil reggie's depression


    9. Gacha fluffy Gacha life

      😩 SO CUTE BRO!!

    10. Tekla Robakidze

      Julia can you please draw me?🥺

    11. Anna Schnierle

      Please draw a hp character

    12. Lilbaby2012 Ioi


    13. Leona Kolak

      O m g

    14. CrashXD

      draw The sith lord or Count Dookoo from star wars.

    15. Ricky Webb


    16. Rae Rae

      no need to lie about the texts. u could of just said u wanted to draw him. we would have watched it anywayy

    17. Ebyal Miranda

      You go girl

    18. Harukii .

      what happened to the other half of the video 😀😄

    19. Damion W

      Lol I thought it was going to be freddy mercury

    20. Aleeka Narendra

      @drphil !!!!!

    21. mAsterious Knowledge

      Lol who got it right?

    22. Tyrone Jr.


    23. ItzJust_Alex


    24. v0id_Blossoms

      Lol stop faking that celebs are begging and texting you to draw them just stop- Your art is already good

    25. allan Mauricio figueroa

      Stop pertending that celebrties are texting you and asking you to draw them you are SOOO good at drawing you dont have to pertend that celebrties text you you all already really good at drawing you dont need that kind of attinteon

    26. Dedar Alam

      This is good nobody steals ur art 🎨

    27. Parthib Barua

      Fake... Fake... Fake

    28. Χριστίνα Σβάρνα

      Love your work

    29. { siriabsorn choochote }

      Wow that so amazing

    30. Crazy person Peeps

      Bruh she is insane at art anyone else like me and can’t draw to save there life 😂

    31. NAUFAL

      I'm shocked he used the "🥺" emoji😳.

    32. charlattedecafe


    33. Hayden Labyrinth

      Why would you say no to the legend Dr Phil any way like man are you messed up

    34. Sam Grimeau

      Wow 50 days

    35. shadow fox

      Your vary talented

    36. Alisha M

      Ur a bad lier u don't have to lie about doctor Phil asking u to draw him I don't believe that doctor Phil used 🥺 emoji and asks u for 50 days and ofcourse u won't have said no!!!

    37. GachaTilGlitch

      R these true lol I get confused

    38. Zulfah Parker

      Let's hope she doesn't get copystriked by dr phil

    39. zGlitchedxX

      I wish u could draw my pfp TwT

    40. zGlitchedxX



      that is not a picture for sure ( faints ) can you please draw me,you can look at my TikTok and see my face. thank you PS : TikTok : CHEEKY ZEYNEP

    42. T Rosebud

      Girl "please make a fake dr. Phil account for me to do this video" Friend "fine"

    43. Deepak Varman

      Can you draw me please

    44. •puppydogface•


    45. Melaney Pearl

      Can you draw my cat..!? (Look at my only vid) 🥺🥺

    46. Aamna Rajput

      Me not knowing who dr.phil is 👁️👄👁️

    47. Briana Graves


    48. Fatt Fatt

      yeah that is so fake. its incredibly diffult to believe he cant take no for an answer and uses "🥺🥺"

    49. Annie Heath


    50. Adrien Agreste

      Oh my God you're so talented one time I tried to draw a dog that look like a rat

    51. LiFe wiTh GeNeY

      Her drawings make me so happy 😁

    52. Page Livingston


    53. XxBubblegum _BishxX


    54. cate Kirby

      It looks like a photo I Love It Like if u agree

    55. TheGoofyDino

      for anyone who thinks she faked the dr Phil texting yes it is fake but she’s not trying to pretend it’s real it was a joke lol

    56. TheGoofyDino

      omg that’s amazing

    57. swayampurna mishra

      U are mean but good

    58. Ashlyn Matthews

      omg this so so amazing

    59. Neo Politan


    60. Caitlyn Cook

      Can you do my profile pick even if you don’t do it I still love you 🥺

    61. Livin with Lizz

      She is so good, I could never

    62. Eila Zerbe

      Your art is insanely good but plz stop w the fake celeb texting stories



    64. Doris Stelmack

      OMG WOW

    65. PixelRaven


    66. Chandreyee Das

      Imagine being this important

    67. josie royal

      If u never drew him he would have sent u to the ranch

    68. Sulaym Rehmani

      dr Phil watching this video and trying to remember since WHENN did I MESSAGE THIS GIRLLL???

    69. mafe the alpaca

      dr phil using the "🥺" emoji bruh

    70. Digital Evolution

      She cute O.o i love the geometry of her face Killer art skills in my books are a plus 😂 #Insta-sub ❤

    71. `

      F in the chat if you thought it was real.

    72. Nellie Sandberg

      You to good🤩

    73. Anwitha Nair

      Wow you draw like Bella good God bless your talent😊🤗

    74. Siddhi Talekar ••

      Plz stop with the fake texts, it’s cringey like bruh

    75. Sosa •

      Can u like just draw shit. U dont have to lie lol

    76. Muskaan Nisar

      Rip people who thought he really texted her

    77. queen_ C H E R R Y

      She is talented ✨

    78. karuraable

      omg pls stop

    79. Ljubbica

      Can you draw me???????

    80. Scarlett bear

      wow 😮😮😮

    81. Sepia Divinity

      Look at men, always pressuring women!! Love to see it 🥰

    82. Rush star

      So................. which is this app by u edited the whole fake story.

    83. Amy W

      Wow this girl is gorgeous and talented 😍

    84. angel𖤣᪥

      Why are y'all thinking that she's serious about the texting thing? 💀

    85. Journaling Junky

      omg this girl is amazing why do people not believe that celebrities are asking her to draw them i mean they are just normal people, and this girl has pure talent #DrPhil

      1. Kiran Dhamija

        Gurl he didn't message her like seriously

    86. Christopher Forester

      she’s the cutest girl i have ever seen in my life

    87. Azizan Awang

      Please draw me

    88. hunter of the Elements

      I don't care if she faked the text OK? I JUST WATN THENAME OF THE SONG PLEASE

    89. That Guy Who Plays Games again

      The art is impressive, she didn’t need to ruin it with the whole fake dr Phil texting her story

      1. Milou

        @v o lol. well i think anyone with common sense can see that it was a joke

      2. v

        @Milou i know it’s pretty obvious, but some people believe it. there wasn’t sarcasm or anything that hinted it was a joke, just as i said

      3. Milou

        @v cmon the dms that he ‘sent’ to her😂😂 its obvious that it was meant as a joke

      4. Milou

        it was a joke😂

      5. v

        @LlamaMama it’s easy to edit stuff like that in...

    90. Cotten Barrel

      I was wondering if you could draw a rex bunny for me!?!?!?!?!

    91. Jaycee Sheahan-Kahgegab

      Wait what was the green stupiddd

    92. Ava Cash


    93. Aina Dhamirah

      argh it's a real draw 😭💙💙

    94. Spilled Tea


    95. SSSniper Wolf

      Day 50 of asking you to draw Olivia Rodrigo

    96. Aubrey Widener

      I peeped the John and Paul drawing in the background only Beatles fans get excited to see Easter eggs every once in a while lol

    97. Braelyn Boucher

      WHAT! HOW!

    98. Kairi Huston

      I can't believe he asked for 50 days straight like: "Daily remainder to ask Julia to draw me."

    99. Black Lives Matter

      O. M. G.

    100. Kenzie Short

      Hi Julia, Can you please draw Sssniperwolf? I would love to see that... If not that's okay, great job on all your drawings!