How to Harvest Pecans (In Slow Motion) - Smarter Every Day 248


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    I hope you enjoyed learning about Pecan Harvesting as much as I did!
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    History of Pecans
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      I've decided to not try to "win the algorithm", and only make videos about what I'm genuinely interested in. Thank you very much for watching this video about Pecans. If you'd like to support a guy in Alabama making videos about (among other things) Pecans, please consider supporting here: I send literally every Patreon supporter a really cool baseball with a Smarter Every Day logo on it.

      1. Jeffery Epsteins brocken neck

        You still got some of those. I remember when you got em. It was like a pallet box full of em huh. Oh greetings from S otland btw.

      2. AdmiralHyperSpace001

        What are you talking about, your videos get millions of views and mostly you are making videos of other people doing stuff. I would love to be you, destin.

      3. bbs540

        @E-IRONMAN MARSDEN There's no such thing as the reverse of centrifugal force, getting the balls to roll inward using centrifugal force would be impossible with our laws of physics here on Earth


        Something on my mind I figured you’d be great to experiment with. The opposite of centrifugal force or the reverse. A round table with tubes on it each with a ball inside. When the table spins one way, the balls fly out, but if you spin in the opposite direction the balls still fly out. How do you make the balls roll inward?

      5. Jack Ham

        If you make videos you’re interested in the energy and excitement will carry to your watchers.

    2. Phil Hofman

      Clearly it would be more effective if the vibrator were higher up. Shaking from close to the base wastes energy.

    3. RGP B

      It’s too bad the KGup compression messes up the video so much

    4. Papyrus

      Wrong. My favourite flavour of ice cream is pecan with caramel

    5. BJ 17

      Damm now I want some trees

    6. TheCat aliasTNT2k

      I would guess, that it does not make a huge difference in which direction the tree is shaken, because the thin twigs act like a rope. Take a rope, 2 or 3 meters long, and make kind of a two dimensional sine wave at one end, while the rope is hanging straight down. Watch the rope while doing that. Do it left and right, and then shift your movement 90 degrees, compare both cases. It will also work while the rope is laying on the floor, it is just more difficult to shift the movement by 90 degrees while having gravity. I guess it is the same for the tree, just upside-down compared to the hanging rope.

    7. Spcdragon

      How to destroy KGup compression, shake a tree in high speed

    8. Teslinator TeeEeAy

      baseball cannon vs prince rubert drop

    9. Brad Heathcote

      He really looks after his equipment NOT, needs a good clean and polish

    10. HackMonkey

      I grew up with a massive Pecan tree in my backyard as a kid. One of our chores/punishment was keeping all the sticks and pecans picked up. It was a never ending task! How I miss those Pecans! My grandfather has a couple trees, and I covet the 5 lbs I get for Christmas every year! Best gift ever!

    11. rand mayfield

      This was very interesting to watch as I live in and amongst 4600 acres of pecan trees her in Green Valley Arizona. Most people don't realize how much work goes into growing pecans. It's a year around continuous process. If I could just see what's happening in the orchards I could tell you what time of year it is. Right now they are still harvesting some but mostly doing pruning. Thanks for the video! I subscribed.

    12. Tom

      regarding the shaking from two sides my first thought was not the direction but the frequency. There must certainly be a frequency at which each tree starts to resonate to a certain degree, if one was to find out which frequency that is or even had a tool that would automatically ramp through different frequencies to test each tree you could probably get more nuts off the tree in a shorter time frame.

    13. Aaron

      Yes, I learn a bunch from your channel... except! Where do you get your background music? asking for a future Content Creator.

    14. shane

      Good man right there

    15. Collin Ramirez

      I love seein him smile as you figure out his machines

    16. Mark Durham

      Way better then hunting thru the leaves. Squirrel gumbo ??

    17. Samael Kuffner

      Is that Pecan Tim Cook?

    18. Silence Undefined

      I don’t need a tractor I just need a Nokia

    19. Darrell Coy

      Man, your videos never disappoint. I will go a year without watching and then binge when I find one that "actually" interests me, then enjoy all of them. Such a wholesome and straightforward channel. Keep it up, my Alabama brethren.!

    20. Steve Steinbach

      Now the REAL question: Is it PEE-can or PI-can

    21. Yebo Screbo


    22. Yebo Screbo

      Buttered pecan ice cream IS in fact the best flavor!

    23. David Lee

      This was a topic that I didn't know I would find so interesting! Thanks, Destin!

    24. Brad Newman

      You should do a video on the Charleston Tea Plantation harvester!

    25. James Stewart

      Me: What you got there buddy? Shaker: These nuts!

    26. FeyJa

      I'm happy Tim Cook found his passion.

    27. Steve King

      There is a pecan tree that produces nuts on my street near downtown Los Angeles… next to a palm tree.

    28. Garth Nightingale

      I know I'm one in a billon but I wish smarter everyday could visit Gabe Brown farm and talk about regenerative agriculture that needs to be told to everyone in the world!

    29. Harsh Jain

      0:03 that's cntrl + z in real life

    30. Kmeadows09

      Frank mail Pecans? I love his passion

    31. Shane Denning

      6:30 - 7:45 is so pretty

      1. shruthi srikumar

        Yeah ur right

    32. Shane Denning

      woooooooooooooooooow soooooooo coooooooool 0o0

    33. boqs

      9:00 reminds me of shaking snow from trees. Thanks for the video Destin!

    34. TechnoBoy Some

      And here in Pakistan we beat the pecans' big brother walnut tree with sticks to harvest them

    35. christhen castellanos


    36. David Colwell

      And people say money doesn’t grow on trees...

    37. Elazar Pimentel

      Destin, how do you find the most holsome and interesting people in every industry?

    38. Tony Padilla

      Love 💗 love love all your episodes. Today’s was probably my favorite. And that says a lot.

    39. Neventual

      What did the pawnee say to the kiowa? Why don't you pecan someone your own size.

    40. Sevens.

      I just wana vibe like those Pecans do in their lil shells

    41. Edward Lee

      “There’s no squirrels here.” 🤣

    42. nannebonne

      The best video you ever created...!!!! Love the story about your father and the punishment from hot rodding the old Ford

    43. Areyes42

      Anyone else thinks he looked like Tim Cook?

    44. Jeffery Epsteins brocken neck

      Pecans not payCans. English stress is on the first consonant of the first Syllable not the second one. It draws the word out unnecessarily. A bit like how they made Steven Call bert change to Stephen coal bear once he got stateside. I dont know if its coz they thought it sounded gayer ? You know those teewee execs right 😉

    45. Caleb Choo

      So many varieties of pecans - What natural creativity!

    46. Arthur Turdiev

      I didn't know Tim Cook was running a pecan farm. Smarter every day

    47. luchadorito

      All the good things in that sentence •hot rodding dad’s car •a kid having the skills to hot rod a car(granted a simple carburated engine would be easier to work) •making your son work in the garden doing useful things, getting fit and learning a lesson for a whole summer. •pecans

    48. Matthias Kreidenweis

      YT compression algorithm is not made for shaking trees.

    49. Ian._002

      This is such a great video, simple and seriously enjoyable

    50. Lenin Ribeiro

      I'm just so in love with this video, you passion and then is just awesome, im just felt a miss for a slowmo on the nut craker my anxiety claims for that hahahaha

    51. SLAP1FACE

      im so jealous of your kids. you are an amazing father.

    52. Nucleosynthesis

      I'm sure it's been said a hundred times. But I can't help but think of the community of squirrels that live around this place. It's probably guarded like a Fort Knox of the squirrel world.

    53. KEITH Mussington

      Maybe I'm a big softy but its so beautiful watcing in slow motion as the tree yields such an impressive cloud of peacans and gracefully raises its branches, in response to the mechanical aggrevation.

    54. Jarrett

      Im glad you pronounce pecan correctly pah-kahn not pee-can.. not eating a toilet 🤣

    55. BEST.vs.WORST


    56. Suji Ks

      Why didn't you take the slow Mo of the pecan cracking

    57. HiopX

      There are no squirrels here Mark Rober: Teach me!

    58. Just A Moment with Brian

      The SONG in this video is SO FREAKING WEIRD!!! Idk if its haunting or... Idek but SOMETHING about it trips my brain out!!

    59. Elias Danieli

      you really are able to make everything interesting and fascinating! Your energy is very contagious, you are the best

    60. Samuel Pierce

      This was such a neat video! Much love to Frank for showing so much about his orchard! I think I need to go buy some pecans :)

    61. Clear Choice Painters

      I'm watching these gentleman and I'm eating pecans weird

    62. Jeremy Boyd

      Destin, I love these videos, but the camera shake makes it uncomfortable to watch sometimes, especially at the high framerate. We would enjoy your videos even more if you could find a way to stabilize the video while recording or editing. Keep up the great work!

    63. Tim L

      Nutting a nut tree:

    64. Rogue Mandarin

      You had me at vibrator

    65. Martynas Davainis

      I love these kinds of videos! Thanks Destin! Keep it up!

    66. H3 Country

      Please look into the tying mechanism on a John Deere 348 wire square baler it is really neat

    67. Jeff Anderson

      Interesting. We have two tree shaker manufacturers right here in Northern Ca. OMC and Coe Equipment. Walnuts and Almonds are everything around these parts. Almonds are pronounced like salmon. My Dad grew up in Chico, Ca. He says Ammonds.

    68. Willie Koorts

      Wow! In about the 1980s there was an Australian TV program on in South Africa, called "Beyond 2000". I did not miss an episode! This was about technology being developed at the time that was thought to be mainstream in the years 2000 and onward. This idea of shaking a tree to harvest it was then being developed. I seem to remember, at the time, they mentioned about treating the trees with a hormone which would ensure the nuts would open and ready for shaking. They also used tarpaulins under the trees to catch the harvest, elevating the need for the machine that pics them up. Very interesting to see the whole process!

    69. Jacob Lakies

      My family farms cherries. I'd love to see how you react to the different harvesting equipment we use.

    70. cwuzii

      I’m surprised you didn’t get a slow motion video of the nut cracker in action

    71. Fernandez Brayan

      The smile on that mans face ... what a nice man.

    72. idk howtospell

      thanks destin!

    73. Ambzventures

      All the science that goes into harvesting pecans! Wow!

    74. Joe

      Its called pecaaan not pecohn

    75. Q Anon

      *...”BIG nuts on top..”*

    76. Sam Galbraith

      You also did a good job of breaking KGup's compression - Its clearly suffering from high entropy and takes a real dive in sharpness once there's leaves and nuts flying everywhere. The Slo Mo Guys did a really cool experiment using glitter for a similar effect, once

    77. IntenseNetwork

      You guys look just alike wow 😳

    78. Younes Idsouguou

      That farmer looks like Bill Gates !

    79. Aleksander Amid

      Holding distance leads to no handshake 5 min after : Eating pecans from his bare hands

    80. Kadir Diwan

      Animations for steps 🔥🔥

    81. Dexter Dyer

      0:03 entropy: u shall not pass!

    82. stich21

      I can’t stand the taste of pecans. Do enjoy the video though.

    83. TheSkepticSkwerl

      My wife will have to try butter pecan ice cream, but I can't stand pecan deserts. Just not good to me. I am a pumpkin pie kinda guy.

    84. Thomas McCleod

      Tree: starts shaking Video quality: aight imma head out

    85. Amiga Wolf

      "No, this is a mom and pops" If it were up to the government they gone close also this framer/store because of nothing, just what they have done now to almost half of all the other mom and pops stores/shops/farms. Because the government want everyone to be dependent of the government, they want pure control over everything, and THAT is the "Great" Reset as they call it now.

    86. Armadillo

      Frank seems like a really nice guy.

    87. Haziq_411

      he looks like tim cook

    88. Hayden Jory

      I want some pecans so bad

    89. Pinwheel _

      Pride and joy in that farmers face says it all. Genuinely enjoyed this one Destin. Thumbs up from Wisconsin!

    90. Katá Arntson

      I love this, reminiscing about the days with pecan-picking in FL... and true.. buttered pecan is one of my favorites

    91. jake dyer

      It’s funny how much of that area looks like rural Ohio hahaha

    92. omargo omarga

      This video is a nightmare for the ram on my pc

    93. Dan Culp

      I live in Nor cal and this is how we harvest almonds and walnuts

    94. william garvin

      I am alergic to peacons

    95. Keem Osabe

      "A dog, a woman, and a walnut tree... the more you beat them, the better they be!" plagiarized from somewhere. . . .

    96. Mary Lagua

      👍❤️ good pecans

    97. Andrew Brekeen

      Thank you both for pronouncing pecan properly.

    98. Dabbin' Dbomb

      Bro this is NUTS!!!!!!!!!

    99. Anthony Chiaramonte

      Hey Destin. I live in a Pecan orchard in the San Jaoquin Valley in CA. Our equipment is much different, it might just be much newer technology, than what they are using in this video. The shakers here are really interesting pieces of machinery compared to just a PTO hook up to a standard tractor. Also ours are harvested well after leaves have fallen. We just did ours two weeks ago. It might be a much better slow video analysis with no leaves. If your interested let me know. It was awesome to see how it's done else where though. Thanks.

    100. Karl Jeon

      In another life, he was the CEO of a phone company named Pecan.