Search for the Big Woman! | Resident Evil 8 Demo w/ James & Elyse

James Willems

134 миӊ. көрүүлөр13

    It was love at first bite.
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    1. Ben Jarrett

      Ok so I love RE games, but refuse to play any modern game bc they do not support ultrawide 21:9 aspect ration in 2021... LIKE COME ON DUDE ITS 2021

    2. spindalis79

      Ha. Fred Pennerphile reference. Nice. I remember that advertised for Nick Jr. in the late 1980s. One of the tags in the commercial was "he'll take you to his special hideaway in the woods...." Um, that certainly would not fly today, let me tell you. If this demo was in the same structure, but was underwater would it be "Castle Dimitrwetsuit?"

    3. AiErudito __-_-__


    4. Sagitarrius A*

      *Elyse makes generic vampire sound* "That is how you know you are dealing with a woman."

    5. Nathan Lamothe

      Pump your brakes there son Fred Penner is a national treasure, little disappointed in Elyse for not defending him!

    6. Ball-Steve Johnson

      "Your a big lady....... Make love to me!"

    7. hakeem pickering

      I do not want those games released in America these people are way too racist as it is I don't need them to start thinking that women are just a walking pair of tits

    8. hakeem pickering

      Why are women letting a video game company the great them and why are men sitting there staring at a pair of cartoons tits isn't it supposed to be Valentine's Day soon oh yeah by the way happy Black History Month

    9. chiuansheng

      Feminists:We want BIG GIRL in the game!!! Capcom: Okay! Feminists:We mean horizontally Big.


      SCREAMING HEXADECIMAL AT MY SCREEN!!! They cant hear you idiot. Its in ur head....We're in a simulation...scrobbles everywhere...whats real?

    11. Tom Shelton

      I feel like I should be at least a little spooked but I’m so excited for the tall vampire mommy that I’m not

    12. Young Khalifa

      I’m here for BMM if you know u know

    13. Daniel Reyes

      11:30 SPOILER

    14. retadius

      More of these types of videos thank you. I love you forever, both of you. Especially James and those BIG, BLUE, EYES

    15. goRobo

      elyse's vampire lady: "sit on my face if you need to." - 2021

    16. Monty Contrite

      Elyse and Fiona Apple solidarity

    17. Mike Hance

      Be cool if wesker is good now still with his powers

    18. mr. beef

      elyse is a large vampire woman at heart :P

    19. James Repstock

      Yes, it’s Hexadecimal. Never thought I’d hear a Reboot reference!

    20. Jessica Bolton


    21. o0Avalon0o

      The memes that came out of this are glorious.

    22. Brent Allen

      Thanks for the reminder to finish watching your Maid of Sker playthrough

    23. Paultar_


    24. Monika Kaushal

      I am few inches taller than my guy. Now I know how he feels during snuggle hour

      1. Monika Kaushal

        @Tom Shelton I am slightly bulkier too. He calls me teddy bear 🐻

      2. Tom Shelton

        Sometimes it’s nice to be the little spoon for once

      3. Roney Andrade

        I wish my gf was taller than me

    25. mattip1000

      Those are not jaws of life, James lol

    26. Tyrell Taylor

      Elyse, one of the best supporting commentators.

    27. matt cheng

      so are their going to be zombies in this game because if not, it should not be call resident evil

    28. Nexodus

      Lockpick lawyer is the real lockpicking G.

    29. BotKid

      I was hoping at the end of the video James was actually going to rule34 Resident Evil tall lady O:

    30. CiggyBones

      Dicks out for Harambe.

    31. Space Rocks

      The brightness of this video is real rough, caused me to be blinded by an ad

    32. keld101

      I keep watching these videos expecting someone to find the secret ending.

    33. Jettrail

      0:37 no Leon Kennedy isnt in RE8, i honestly dont know why you think that

    34. Cahencel

      Have you tried changing field of view in options :)

    35. Viq

      I now have a new Queen to serve.

    36. Samuel Koch

      Elyse is such a gem. She's really naturally pretty and very funny. James is a lucky dude!

    37. Eric Johnson

      My guess is that the Tall Lady is Zoe's aunt or Zoe herself...or Maria Gomez.

      1. Renegade Pyro

        On a trailer she refers to you as Ethan and says something along the lines of “So you made it out of my brothers game.” Definitely not word for word but something like that

    38. pablo ortiz

      Shes is smoking 🔥

    39. whibbz

      James with the endless 90s Canadian children's television references

    40. Hunter Killer

      0:15 snu snu...? *seconds later:* Oh, the game

    41. Andrew

      Leon in Village? Thats news to me. I'm like 99% he's not announced whatsoever. It would be a cool moment if he makes an appearance like Chris did for Ethan. It could work if he finds out about what Chris is up to and someone gets his drunk ass up. And wesker? What Re5 is africa. Re6 is mostly Europe but its got 4 campaigns...5 and 6 both were coop

      1. LissiusLudi

        There were a lot of rumours about Leon being a main character when Village was first announced, I even heard one that Leon was gonna be a werewolf 😂

    42. AnotherPostcard

      15:58 Missed opportunity for an "AND PEGGY"

    43. Harvey Yeoman

      16:04 I bet there will be something in that drawer in the full game~

      1. CommodoreMudkip

        There were loads of empty cabinets in RE7

    44. kcl902

      You are both great

    45. Fling Gibstopper

      Milky vampire mommy

    46. BaxterD

      A Fred Penner reference, holy shit I feel old now. A Eureka's Castle reference and my weird child nostalgia would have been complete.

      1. spindalis79

        How about Pinwheel, Today's Special, Doctor Snuggles, The Noozles, David The Gnome, Sharon, Lois, and Brahm's Elephant Show, The Adventures of the Little Koala, and Maya The Bee?

    47. MagiWG

      Love the Hexadecimal callout!

    48. Heidrosign

      Resident Evil: Cleavage

    49. stanley michaud

      20 minutes, perfect amount of time

    50. vaderwalks

      0:26 That is a FABULOUS Elyse impression.

    51. The Vincent Gonzales Plan

      "Do I really have a face like a horse?" Well, Sarah Jessica Parker...

    52. 4th Hill

      im drunk and ready to be scared

    53. Jonno

      Google macrophilia you're welcome

    54. Francisco Rojas

      Woulda been here sooner but..... workout is a workout

    55. Lewis Manners

      Stunned that Elyse didn't mention Statler and Waldorf at 13:40

    56. _kelpry_


    57. Kaleb H

      Omg I could watch James and Elyse play scary games all day 🤣

    58. Daniel Rieger

      0:01 already liked the video

    59. Coreena Dunham

      I met Fred Penner and did a bunch of mushrooms with him a few years ago. It was at a music festival and whooooo doggy he was the nicest :)

    60. Jordan

      Are you superman?

    61. Eggfibsh Deluxe

      Whoa James! Give warning before you SPOIL Swordfish for me. I've been meaning to watch that for like 10 years! I've only watched one scene from it and now I know that the Travoltz dies!

    62. Eggfibsh Deluxe

      The only thing that disturbed me about this gameplay was elyse saying "that fiona apple album is so good." I screamed and jumped. Got me, elyse!

    63. najtrows

      I didn't feel that 7 was scary though, it was just "awful" and "absurd". I had some more hope now that they re-released the classics but alas. Not sure what to think about 8 yet.

    64. James Kavanagh

      FIONA APPLE! Made me much happy

    65. rob morris

      Tall woman Liv Royale that's all.

    66. Shakeeb Anjum

      Big Woman is Sexy A F.

    67. Julian

      B for brave B for Elyse

    68. Ethan Wilson

      My god, I played with a Hexadecimal action figure as a kid, I only just realised it was from Reboot.

    69. T Johnson

      The last part though😂😂😂

    70. Civ5 Gandhi

      So we got a blonde goth girl chasing us with this tall vampire lady capturing us? Why am I smiling? I thought Capcom wanted to make another scary game.

    71. Sal

      I don't blame you 🤣🤣🤣

    72. HelloDolly

      I'm glad to see this channel is doing so well and people are supporting you guys. Two of my favorite entertainers!

    73. ATRavenousStorm

      Resident Evil.....vampires....werewolves..... Sigh....

    74. Inutted

      Sarah Jessica Parker was never the hot one EVER

    75. Joshua Harris

      At about 10:45 they make a comment bout Fred Penner and something bout kids and fbi. I searched Google but nothing comes up. What they be talking about?

      1. Baby Dragon

        same here... went to google right away

    76. sarahwithstars

      #wearamask #Professionaloutro Lying in bed in the dark, you guys had better not make me drop my phone on my face in a jumpscare moment, It's spookems! Quick!! Use Geoff Ramsey method!! Walk into the room backwards so you don't have to see your problems and smash A and hope for the best. Lol

    77. Brian Faiola

      tall lady has the ultimate spear?? is she confirmed lust from fullmetal alchemist?

    78. Kito Brown

      Hmmm I’ll be back to watch you two play this full game

    79. Pierce Clements

      Watch the Lockpicking Lawyer! I never understood why RE universe lockpick rakes are only a single use haha...

    80. jason v

      Came here from AEW bruh

    81. nikko validor

      elyse better watch out a giant zombie vampire woman who can pick you up with one hand is definitely james' perfect woman

    82. Sweet Cthulhu

      The dim glow at the bottom of the screen when your in the dark really obfuscates your perception making it creepy.

    83. Mizako 96

      The ending of the video genuinely made me laugh. Good stuff

    84. Shaky hands

      nice fetch the bolt cutters elyse what a queen

    85. Michael Hess

      That Fred Penner reference sent me. I now have the theme stuck in my head all over again.

    86. Jeremy King

      Can you two make a baby already. I really think you need a baby

    87. GayStation

      I love hearing about Reboot and Fred Penner in the same video!

    88. AndJusticeForMe

      Hmmm...she’s a tyrant?

    89. Moro

      Step on meeeeeeeee tall lady!

    90. The Great Cthulhu

      "Oh I thought he died of a broken heart." I mean, it does look pretty broken

      1. The Great Cthulhu

        @RPGamezZz finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary! Until my wings take me high above your range and I melt the minds of your tank operators...

      2. RPGamezZz

        @The Great Cthulhu crushed one tank, another two will take it's place. A single precision shot to retina will blind you

      3. The Great Cthulhu

        @RPGamezZz Great Old One rolls a natural 20: crushes Tankman with his mighty tentacley strength

      4. RPGamezZz

        Doubt your skin is thick enough to deflect my incoming shell

      5. sarahwithstars

        Bit clumsy wasn't it

    91. Soul Forge

      I love hearing james mention the show Reboot. I miss that show!

    92. Tiana S


    93. Tessaalera

      I've been waiting for this! Love seeing you guys play this!

    94. Warmturkeysandwich

      the biggest take away from this is that James watches the the lockpickinglawyer

      1. Stephen Appleton

        And as always, have a nice day

    95. LockeKappa

      James, you really need an HDR ready TV. Doesn't have to be super expensive, but supposedly this game has one of the best implementations of HDR, I'd really recommend picking one up.

    96. Purnima Vlogs


    97. Feedsomefood


    98. Bruhdon

      It does seem really zoomed in I even thought it before James said, the FOV seems really tight & zoomed in slightly. Kinda making my eyes feel weird honestly

    99. varkin7

      James is a pro, he first checked game settings before actually playing the game, what a man of culture! Also, I'm digging the tall vampire lady, you know what they say about tall women ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    100. Blake Quinn

      So fun, will never play this but i would love to watch u guy play it when its out!