Shepherd's Pie - You Suck at Cooking (episode 122)

You Suck At Cooking

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    Shepherd's Pie, not to be confused with Shepherd's Cake, is a delicious savory pie which looks and tastes nothing like dessert.
    Chop finely or shred a big ass onion
    Shred a big carrot (or two medium carrots)
    Shred or finely chop 2 or 3 garlic cloves
    Heat up some olive grease in a pan on medium
    Fry the onion, carrot, and garlic for a few minutes until soft
    Create a ring of fire and put around a pound or 500g beef in the middle
    Add in a teaspoon of salt and some triple P
    Brown the beef and then reunite all of the food components
    Add in:
    1 tablespoon Wercestishire sauce
    1 tablespoon red wine vinegestishire sauce
    1 small tin of tomato paste
    A pinch of rosemary
    A pinch of thyme
    Let me know if I forgot anything
    Wangjanlge together until thoroughly combined for a couple minutes
    Add in a cup of broth: beef, chicken, veggie, barguest, grindelow, whatever
    Thaw a wild peasicle then add in some peas (an amount that you think is good)
    Add in some apple corn (an amount that you think is good also)
    Wangjangle into Shepherd’s Slop, until it gets thickish again
    Go back in time 20 minutes
    Cut up some potato chunks
    Boil them in extremely salty water for 15-20 minutes or until you fork says so
    Mash them with some butter and milk or cream, then add in some garlic powder and parmesan or grana padano, or some other cheese if you want
    Wangjangle until they are literally clouds
    In a 9 X 9 baking dish (or whatever you have), put the Shepherd’s Slop downstairs, and the starch frosting upstairs, then add some diary sprinkles
    Undoh’s on three seventy fundoh, bake for 20 to 30 minutes until the top starts to brown
    Take that dish of Shepherd’s Pie out of the undoh then let it sit for ten minutes then serve to your friends, or your enemies, depending on the mood you’re in.

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    1. Mafe Gomez

      Did he say worcestscheshire correctly?!?!? THAT IS IMPRESSIVE

    2. Nate Reniger


    3. SSVCloud

      "Should I invest in bitcoin" Ouch.

    4. sastina brandt

      am i the only one that was raised with shepherds pie made with only mashed potatoes corn and ground beef like nothing else except maybe ketchup or is it just me (its delicious and very simple)

    5. Sullivanserves

      This is great

    6. Barack Obama

      POV: you are in the comments looking for angry English people.

    7. Zen Snax

      So mesurm

    8. Erin

      How am I just now seeing your videos?! I am mesmerized, dear chef. Thank you. I didn't know I needed this KGup channel in my life.

      1. You Suck At Cooking

    9. Amber Egan

      Please don't tell me all of these people are gonna start calling an IRISH dish "English Lasange" HAHAHHAH Come on give us Paddy's ONE good food item

    10. MagneticAesthetic

      i have to dock points for using beef but you get them back from pronouncing "Worcestershire" correctly

    11. SketchyZo

      Mmmm Shepherd's Pie is my favorite

    12. BVDtwentyseven

      A pinch of time hahaha

    13. 〈insert profile name here〉

      This is a cottage pie as beef was used. Shepherds pie = lamb Cottage pie = beef Cumberland pie = pork/ game Shepherd's look after sheep not cattle. The addition of corn is interesting, i'll try it next time i make one. Though i have my reservations about it being too sweet. Traditionally we Brits just use just celery, carrot and onion, no peas either. Though my mum would make it with peas to get us to eat more veggies. I would have also added red wine to the meat slop. Usually served with piccalilli (mustard pickle)

    14. Katie N T Illyria

      Shepherd's Pie with beef is Cottage Pie though, so clearly we need this made with sheep too

    15. Tasya Nabila

      The "food trick" never gets old and I love it

    16. tiacat11

      Real talk I actually appreciate the fact that he doesn't edit out his mistakes, because one of the best ways I learn is through mistakes. So seeing what not to do (and how to run damage control when you do it) helps a lot.

    17. Spook

      "flavor enhancing crystals" the second you said that I thought of MSG

    18. Magnus Mont

      Watching this without sound is so confusing

    19. Lilianna Kifflin

      I'm the only American who celebrates and knowledge the existence of England. Because without England, there would be no America. St George's day I celebrate every April, you can't beat a good old-fashioned shepherd's pie. Historical fact: all pies came from England, and long before they were sweet, they were savory. So shove it up the pie hole of hypocrisy.

      1. Saxon

        @Lilianna Kifflin Ye I guess that's right

      2. Lilianna Kifflin

        Even though there were some dark histories the tarnished cultures in the world, it's important not to forget where you come from, and how you progressed in life. I'm acknowledging the good people of my ancestors not the BAD ones who enslaved others, of course every culture will always have bad reputation because of certain people. Don't you think that's the truth Saxon?

      3. Saxon

        That's kinda like an african american saying "If it weren't for the people who bought slaves and brought them here, I wouldn't exist!". We fought back against Britain in a war. I mean celebrate and be happy about whatever but the reason is like, what?

    20. Jamzan

      If you are using beef it is a cottage pie. I do not know why

    21. conan boyle

      How many edibles did you have while shooting this?

    22. FakeSharky


    23. KopSince89YNWA

      Red wine vinagerstershire 😂

    24. IBSLICE

      Well. Some corrections here for a better Shepard's pie. Roast Lamb for dinner with extra roast veges... for later. Blend up all the leftovers for the next day pie. Cook beef mince. Add the leftover vege/Lamb mix to the cook.. cook more. Add tomato sauce/ketchup and cook more. Into baking dish it goes. Do the suck at cooking potato recepie. Bake in oven. When semi brown top... serve and garnish with what ever the F you like. Oh and never ever add peas. They hide from the blender and fail the dish for hidden veges

    25. Laurence Snow


    26. Gor eil

      First time I’ve laughed all the way through a recipe. Awesome

    27. EternalSpitFire

      Made this once, family loved it. So Im back here a second time to make it again because remembering recipes is for chumps

    28. CptEddyPrice

      no song this time :(

    29. KingJJ41

      sheppards pie? but he made cottage pi

    30. Andrethegiant2008

      Are we just ignoring "Red Wine Vinegarschestershire sauce"? 2 months on and we're all just ignoring it?

    31. Idk

      But if you are eating the lamb, were you actually being a good shepherd though? I don't think so . Lol ...the best.

    32. TrapTunnels

      Idk how you can cook in a nonstick pan that has the coating scraping off.. seems likely unhealthy and a cheap fix.

    33. Bryce Hansen

      Thanks! Love the color commentary. Can you post the recipe in a place it can be copied? Where it is now in the description one cannot select the text to copy it.


      Isn't it cottage pie then

    35. Skoney

      Bro I cried laughing 😅

    36. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

      I don't even like shepherd's pie but I really want to make it now for some reason

    37. Ysrael Truth

      This man had the gut to use the phrase "YOLO" in 2021. Props

    38. Sonya Vincent

      Please buy a potato masher. Don't use a fork!

    39. SaveOurSquirrels

      "Depending on the circumference of your sheep" was an excellent callback and I appreciate it

    40. joe7426

      I’m sorry but am I the only one who is DISGUSTED by how little Worcestershire sauce he put in there. ITS THE MAIN WAY TO MAKE IT SAUSY NOT BLOODY CHICKEN STOCK YOU UNEDUCATED HEWHWUISIDJNABDGHCN

    41. Jilles Oom


    42. abhiruchi saxena

      Tht Pinch of time 😂😂😂😂

    43. Elliott Smith

      Lol more videos please.

    44. Lux Sings

      Finally a western cook with the guts to use red wine vinergarstershire sauce on his dishes

    45. Robert Betts

      parmazan cause you cant get real fucking cheese in america

    46. Robert Betts

      its a fucking cottage pie!!!

    47. Ričards Miķelsons

      You are making a cottage pie. Because shepherd stands for 🐑sheep.

    48. Thomas Carter

      If you use beef, its a cottage pie, also we English don't put cheese on our shepherds pie

    49. Anjel Cimli

      The diligent light holly cheat because russian directly shade forenenst a flippant drawer. deserted, depressed myanmar

    50. Angela Khal

      Thank you for this amazing recipe. Can you also add this on Khal,com. You will be an instant hit on Khal.

    51. Velocikektor

      Since there's no Lamb, and it is now Beef. It is a Cottage Pie.

    52. Blackout Lol

      0:56 Love is a burning thing And it makes a fiery ring Bound by wild desire I fell into a ring of fire I fell into a burning ring of fire I went down, down, down and the flames went higher And it burns, burns, burns The ring of fire, the ring of fire I fell into a burning ring of fire I went down, down, down and the flames went higher And it burns, burns, burns The ring of fire, the ring of fire The taste of love is sweet When hearts like ours meet I fell for you like a child Oh, but the fire went wild I fell into a burning ring of fire I went down, down, down and the flames went higher And it burns, burns, burns The ring of fire, the ring of fire And it burns, burns, burns The ring of fire, the ring of fire The ring of fire, the ring of fire

    53. UserNameHere

      Is nobody gonna talk about how he said worcestershire sauce?

    54. Kamatsu Drawz

      *hang the carrot carefully*

    55. Techi

      I dont have any usual broth ... does Fatwood-Saussagewater-Tomatosoup Broth work too?

    56. shredward

      Cron is a big no in shepherd's/cottage pie but well done for pronouncing worcestershire sauce correctly, most americans find it tricky. PRO BRITISH TIP: make the mash on top with 50/50 potato and celeriac or 50/50 potato/swede, it slaps.

    57. Arthur Inverarity

      Corn and beef in a Shepherd's Pie??? This just isn't right

    58. The owl

      oh yummy a cottage pie

    59. Mobile Terrarian

      We don't need food in my world but I'm still hungry.

    60. Jhun Cruz

      This looks sooo good!

    61. Darth Ranc0r

      Wouldn't it be cottage cologne?

    62. DEFT •SKG•

      what happened to the outro song?

    63. Ashlei Jade

      How much beef did you put in? 2lbs?

    64. guokiss

      this..... is..... A COTTAGE PIE!

    65. Kevin Chen

      I was waiting for you to do something with Shepherd's tones, idk why

    66. Shae's Ghost *BOO*

      I made this with beef. OMG delicious! I made a double batch so I could freeze half of the meat mixture before it was baked. Eating it now. I originally made homemade mashed potatoes but this time I cheated and used Bob Evan's mashed potatoes. 😁 This is my new fave!❤❤❤

      1. You Suck At Cooking

        BOB EVAN'S??? Good idea :) Glad you like it!

    67. KurtkaN

      You forgot the knife in the eye of the pie

    68. Pee Gee

      Cause beef is used it's really classed as cottage pie



    70. Charlene Stevens

      I'm the kind of cook that needs to know exactly how much. (I'm a baker) I don't like to guess from pictures. It was mainly the beef. If you said the answer I missed it. was so tasty! I got lucky. I added more beef after the stuff was browned, so I used a separate skillet. It just seemed not enough. I'm making those popcicles using other stuff.

    71. S Aleks

      It's cottage pie not shepherd pie lol, cottage pie is beef shepherd's pie is lamb 🤣🤣

      1. S Aleks

        @Clueless Shutterbug UK 🇬🇧

      2. Clueless Shutterbug

        Where are you from?

    72. Zackary Oswald

      Yo I love this meal its now my favorite to make

    73. Wewan Ya Boi

      In an alternate universe “Add some flavor enhancing crystals, A.K.A MSG

    74. em c

      Eating shepards pie while watching this

    75. Andrej Rácz

      D-did you just... boil potatoes?

    76. Malachi Watters

      i only watch this for the jokes

    77. Invoke

      shepherds pie is made with lamb if it made with beef it's called cottage pie...

    78. Kiara Ramirez

      Made it, my body flayed it. :)

    79. Stephy2185

      I’m gonna make this but with faux ground meat because I’m a vegetarian and also the best shepherd.

    80. redeoghan

      You don't suck at cooking dude, title is a bit harsh. It doesn't look great but it looks edible at least, keep practicing!

    81. Preston Omaleki

      I just happened upon this channel because of your collab with Babish, and this cooking channel might be the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. Aaaand thats a sub.

    82. Joe O'Brien

      its actually cottage pie if you use beef

    83. Strawberry Crazycake

      I died laughing at the little "ripped" label when he drained the water from the potatoes 🤣👍🏾

      1. Samuel

        In my head YSAC is just floating ripped arms and legs that likes to wangjangle

      2. partypiano0

        I knew he was fit, but Is he wearing a shirt at all?

    84. Leo Whittaker

      Shepherd's pie with beef is cottage pie

    85. JM Franklin

      First vid seen by you... Nice! Just subbed!!!

    86. prelaw NOOB

      Is this the civil brother of HowToBasic?

    87. Sashank Sharma

      Which is the other shine?

    88. ChefJakob

      I enjoy watching you for the humor, not sure why it took so long for you to be suggested to me.

    89. Ivy Carter

      Made this. it slaps. thanks homie

    90. Seb0rn

      Mix the brith with Guiness and use Cheddar instead of Parmesan to make it authentic or make it like this and also have a good meal.

    91. Liam

      Where’s the music? I just sat through iron mans credits and didn’t get a winky Sam Jackson?

    92. Dredleyn

      Mr. Suck I just made this! Thank you for the recipe.

    93. Goonily

      fingers are also a determiner of doneness

    94. Zoella Anne

      The most delightful cottage pie ✨

    95. Ignacio Szychowski

      With the ammount of butter in the mashed potatoes you will also need a cow apart from the sheep

    96. Nidhogg

      1:32 a pinch of time ...

    97. Wayne MacGillivary

      Not too shabby my friend, but you honestly lost me at the adding of the broth.

    98. Schniedelwutz

      Is this a re-upload or did I time travelioni?

    99. lil softcake

      Potato moonshine so just.... vodka??

    100. Esma Altıntop

      And that's actually looking delicious, might be the first thing I will actually cook in this channel.