How Does LIVING in Japan Change You?

Abroad in Japan

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    Does living in Japan for 8 years make you a better person? Let's find out.
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    1. Abroad in Japan

      NOTIFICATION SQUAD: The video starts at 07:52. Am I right though? Is it just me or do 9/10 TV shows and films in Japan kick off with someone walking across Shibuya crossing?! Sorry about the wait for this video folks - I've been working hard on Journey Across Japan: Escape to Fuji! For more details on the upcoming series you can check it out here ( It's going to be a lot of fun and it kicks off in the last week of October! The only question remains, should we bring back Dr Jelly? Hmm...

      1. Cereal Kurus

        nice Bring back dr jelly

      2. Ryan

        @It'sKlein! if you threw natsuki hed probably laugh and try to hug whoever you threw him at. If you want to scare him throw ryotoro at him.

      3. Nerdiness

        For fucks sake, why did you eat the previous owner of that camera? Shamfulu dispray, Seppuku BANZAI!

      4. Sonic Sokolov

        @ニコ I love you and Japanese

      5. Precious-chan

        @Sonic Sokolov okay....? ME TOO

    2. Yugamoes

      Point number 6 is the reason why I understand truck-Chan being the main villain in most anime’s now....

    3. 1islessthan3

      Question, can you talk about what it's like going to the doctor? Do you have to get yearly physicals, or anything like that. My daughter and I enjoy watching your videos and she's excited to visit Japan in a couple years when she's older.

    4. Sweet

      Haha, when the "local punk band" came up, I was sure it was the legendary BBQ Chickens. Their music and old music videos are amazing.

    5. dragoon347

      you wont hurt table-kun...BUT u hurt chair-san by your being fat。 草

    6. Vincent Quizon

      00:54 More like jack off

    7. danghippies

      I can answer the question of "what does japan smell like?" Well, I the case of osaka station, one side smells like steaming sewerage. Hope this helps

    8. Zach Bloomquist

      Bimbo yusuri. Seriously. That is what I thought of when the video starts and he says poorly researched generic video. Bimbo yusuri indeed.

    9. Captain Ducky

      Dude, screw that hate mail- I think you look better now than back then. XD. It sounds like that person needs a hug... and a day away from the Karens. XD

    10. EltargrimIrithyl

      My old original Gameboy got yellow as fuck. Whatever you do, if you play with it, it gets yellow. So I guess that Chris' former owner didn't play with it and it stayed locked somewhere for 30 years.

    11. Ahmed Mudkip

      6:10 Me, a guy who watched Re:Zero: *oh no.*

    12. Sweaterrpoorlyknit

      Better or worse for that? Fame makes people become assholes, so everyone loses🤣🤣

    13. lilmurf000

      Damn why is Snape so sexy

    14. Rob Schofield

      Another great one - as enjoyable as always. Excellent!

    15. Henry Harling

      That was my first console too and I had the same struggle with that game. I got there in the end, the realisation that the game is actually really short is what helped me :D

    16. Nezumi

      i am currently living in japan and yes the food one is so important, back in australia if you go to the shops, "ready made" meals were... well, either they tasted like plastic or probably were just food-replica plastic. or pies with unknown insides inisde... hm. and i don't like pies. here, i come home late from work, swing past the supermarket and grab a bento, or omurice or whatever is there this season. Even the frozen meals seem to have less plastic taste and include stuff that resembles actual food ! it's amazing.. i'm naturally clumsy, unfortunately japan can't make me stop that, but it can make me feel uber self-conscious about.... no wait, i'm paranoid no matter where. oh right, in japan, if i do drop all my stuff... again... people might look but otherwise ignore me. back in australia, someone would always make a comment. or stifle a laugh.. so, can't fix my clumsiness, or hyperawareness that i've made myself into a baffoon... again... but hey, at least i can pick myself back together in peace. Except that one time at a train station near Yokohama where my luggage case fell over. Two guys laughed.. but they were aussie tourists so i don't think that counts.

    17. Papa PinkXi

      Gent Off but more Fuck Off

    18. joe grimes

      I dont know about Futon, but I now sleep on sofas entirely. After sharing a place with work colleagues and my sleeping space was a sofa I just haven't slept any where else in 4 YEARS. It's like sleeping in a glove

    19. Wade Walker

      The work sounds like it is here in America. Work nonstop and don’t take any vacation because you can’t afford to take one.

    20. corneliushuxtable

      I am from NY and am wondering if there is a market for me to teach proper vulgar cussing. Seems like there is a need for this skill in Japan.

    21. Rebecca Wilson

      I couldn’t have a small apartment, I have too many books. I’m not getting rid of a single one 😤 I love them too much

    22. Piper Young

      this may seem like a super weird question to ask but are you autistic? i’m autistic and your sense of humour has very similar traits to how i communicate :) you are my favourite person to watch because i like the way you pronounce things with emphasis and pauses lmfao

    23. Altair *

      I think it made you depressed, you seem to get bored easily. Japan just needs its own dose of diversity to make you feel like you're back in London.

    24. Alfredo Coelho

      Fat!!?? You are hot as hell!

    25. vyvienn

      Ah, Chris, until that comment about the strawberry cheesecake, you were in the top three of my list of perfect blokes! What a disappointment to learn you are less enthusiastic about it than comments seemed to indicate... beer-flavored tonic water, though. What an intriguing addition to a G&(B)T

    26. Lyd KB


    27. Edukon

      I need a husband just like you.

    28. Mauricio Alvarez

      V neck huh?

    29. ben clayton

      I like the situation in Japan whereby when you walk into a pub or bar, you don’t have to worry that some stranger is going to try and punch your lights out for no other reason than they are shit-faced and have done some shitty, stepped-on ‘cocaine’ in the gents just before you arrived ....and THEN talk about football.

    30. Noah Schierenbeck

      "Arive on your bed in style". Good one Chris.

    31. Clown Man

      Same with Australia with AFL and cricket don't like them then your not really Australian.

    32. CT Jaafar

      I will never get over these awesome/awful English the Japanese come up with.

    33. jaquestrap

      "Pizzer of death" lol

    34. Sel Li

      I for one love strawberry cheese cake. :)

    35. System C

      Is it difficult for a foreigner to find a job? For example as medical engineer.

    36. DJRaffa1000

      for me gent off feels like the gentleman way of saing f*ck off. well as for how you described the beer it certainly can be seens as that as well XD

    37. Andre Cordeau

      I forgot my very expensive camera in Tokyo on a table outside a café, I thought it was in my backpack , came back 3 hours later, and the camera was on the table with two people sitting at the table. AMAZING

    38. Ragan Singleton

      I just got the weirdest thought. I wanna do your makeup 💄

    39. mango8112

      Really love #6

    40. Limi

      Man, I took a bit of a break from KGup and I missed your videos so much. Also, I don't understand people. You are a very attractive human being, in my opinion.

    41. Kimberly Kimberly

      That intro lol 🤣🤣

    42. Frostie Leafie

      I thought your name is Chris :3

    43. Gian Paolo Gliori

      Thanks - that’s really interesting and confirms a lot of the things I admire about Japan. The idea of respecting people and even things is something many other cultures could really learn from. It’s fascinating that Japan seems to be almost unique in this respect. Where else in the world could you leave an expensive laptop unattended in a cafe? 🤔

    44. KrAUSerMike

      I haven't strawberry cheesecake in a while. Must remember to buy some next time I buy the groceries

    45. N30SAYAY1N

      gameboy love

    46. alex carter

      Wait, I thought your name was really Abroad In Japan?? Come on, Japan has improved you tons, *you learned Japanese* for God's sake. You've made friends, and living in a land with internet that's faster than dial-up, you've been able to become a successful youtuber.

    47. V

      No idea why people would care for his weight or whatever. He’s super cute and is beautiful in the in and outside - I personally wouldn’t want him to look like a damn thin chopstick. You are great and so are your videos and content. Much love for Chris

    48. アレックスの部屋

      strawberry cheesecake!

    49. Blanka Dentista

      Love your videos so much! Super funny 😄 👌🌸

    50. Leslie Owens

      I desperately went that game boy! Good video, kept me laughing. Lovedddd how you incorporated Natauki’s face after the fat comment saying, “Go fuck yourself.” 😂

    51. Mrs B

      "Gent Off... it sounds lik a dance off held by aristocrats." Lol, I just imagined a ball scene in Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice when you said that.

    52. M O

      16:30 You have a perfect understanding of the indigenous culture of the Japanese. You're really Japanese, aren't you? Anthropomorphism has been the basis of religion and popular culture since about 1200 years ago.

    53. asdf qwerty

      These are sarcasm levels that haven't been scientifically recorded yet. Edit: lmao the "go fuck yourself" to the h8ters.

    54. Lollie Dolly

      I use the bus. And people just honk at you when you're waiting for the bus. They rev their engines trying to flex. Its like can I just go to work in peace lol. People need to learn from Japan.

    55. Silverwind X

      Japan and Chris saying that there’s a life force in everything, so don’t hit table-san But here are the Hololive vtuber girls slamming their desks angrily -100 HP desk-kun

    56. Adam

      I’d love to see a video of you visiting retro game stores and things like that, I bet you can get all sorts of weird and wonderful Nintendo products in Japan.

    57. Cleo Boyce

      Found your channel through Trash Taste and I’m obsessed. Learning shit and laughing my ass off at the comedy. Noice.

    58. Silentwatch

      Was your friends Snape impression filmed at the haunted Love hotel? He looked disturbed. Your final comment saying "I don't hurt tables" ... how quickly you have forgotten! Flipping table video game into mother. Also negative comments only come from Sad, Lonely, Evil Trolls and Single people not living in an Amazing country like Japan . Keep Smiling and keep us laughing! Your doing amazing things!

    59. ChronoJedi

      6:20 Dude we literally had the same childhood with the GameBoy and i did the exact same thing when i went to Japan, HUNTED FOR A GAMEBOY but i clocked super mario afew times as a kid ... make sure you get lots of 1 ups at the bonus rounds at the top door at the end of every stage.

    60. Cole Calling

      LMAO what's up with all the fat hate mail???

    61. edinborogh

      Awesome video Chris.

    62. Jordan Rayburn

      When you're done rocking out to BBQ Chickens you should check out The ERECTiONS.

    63. Mykl S

      I was truly wondering, for such a long time, why the Japanese treat objects as sacred and with care. My mind was sparked in interest about this in "journey across Japan" decorating the bicycles. It was brought to my attention that second hand retro game stores had high quality items. It's not like that here in the U.S. Sure we have second hand game stores, but it's hard to find anything because.. we're barbaric with taking care of things as children. Now I will teach my children the same way. "Mr. Table"

    64. Dan Phillips

      The OG brick, that was my first console as well. I had about a decade of good fun from that.

    65. Dan Phillips

      I liked Jame May's show.

    66. Jane Moon


    67. Blottingpaper

      For someone who doesn't like fish how much are you missing out in Japan and can you get by without losing your mind?

    68. 3lli3

      Is it true that it's illegal to be fat in Japan? #AskAbroad

    69. Tyler Sovine

      your second point you made sounded so blissful I feel like in America you always have to worry about someone trying to murder or rob you its really unfortunate there is no trust or honor left in this country

    70. annanochannel

      Japan smells like rice! I didn't realize before I came back and noticed my country smells like potatoes. Seriously, it lingers in the air 😂

    71. GonGonDayo

      7:20 that reason i still love that Mario is there a level where a fish jump up from the water into your crotch and died.

    72. LCwavesAtYa

      Oh shit. My first console was a Gameboy Color whose screen backlight broke sometime ago.

    73. Mr. M


    74. ReGhxul

      #AskAbroad Hi Chris love your videos a lot keep it up but I’m planning on moving to Japan when I’m 18 and I wanted to ask how much a apartment usually is monthly rent also any good language school?? Thanks

    75. C BigC

      It technically has nothing to do with the video. But since you talked about badly research documentaries, I just have to ask. Is this Blood Type dating really a thing? Or is it just some badly researched documentary thing?

    76. R M

      Aww you’re perfect just the way you are, Chris 🥰

    77. misorano

      safest in a zombie apocalypse?! 母島だよ!

    78. Richard Simmons

      'Gent Off' is my new favorit Engrish... It has surpassed a poster I saw in Nagoya, advertising 'Toss'

    79. Louie Panagoulias

      Japan smells like pancakes with Mrs. Butterworth syrup. That's not an exaggeration.

    80. Tyler

      I'm sorry you have so many haters out there who nitpick about your appearance. I hope you don't take it too personally. Remember these are people who have their own insecurities, cower behind the internet and use individuals, such as yourself, as their outlet. Although I don't know you personally, you seem like a really great guy and despite what few may say you are a good looking dude!

    81. ArcAudios

      Never thought your weight had changed, sending best wishes for excellent content. Relax, your fine. Regards coming from Scotland

    82. SaTuRoChAn

      but from what I always see and everything japan really is so much better with food and your diat etc. wish others would learn from it and do it too XD and I also really love the way how they always cherish moments, like with the food how you described it how they always say "itadakimasu" and "gochisousama deshita" XD it just gives it a much better feeling XD in germany we don't really have that...

    83. lenkadan11

      You look kind of pale...was there a camera change recently?

    84. Christ0ker 91

      Cheesecake fornication

    85. Viola Wright


    86. Rena Lee

      Some people have so much bad things to say lol

    87. AkiAmeko

      Honestly Chris you look really good. And I like you older, but that may just be because you're my age, haha. :)

    88. Musashi

      If I have a choice between Robot Restaurant (again) and a Maid Cafe I would choose seppuku.

    89. Musashi

      Toei Studio in Kyoto. Why travel to Japan to visit a US theme park.

    90. Musashi

      Hiroshima style! Go the noodles.

    91. styill

      I loved "Our Man in Japan"

    92. Michael Naumann

      his face

    93. Cyrille Segers


    94. Zawakawaka

      I need to remember that camera trick maybe no one will notice that im 350lbs

    95. Beige Soul

      This was fantastic. Had me in stitches 🤣

    96. S Kan

      But what if there are zombie rabbits???

    97. Jorocinak123

      Chris, I noticed you only wear black so as a challange I want you to wear a pink neon T-shirt in your next video :D

    98. João Costa Lima

      Hi Chris! How have you dealed with japanese difficult postures towards foreigners and keep on living there?

    99. missneko

      OMG Natsuki as Prof. Snape made me choke on my wine XDDD Also: Am I the only one who doesn't think you're fat? Really what's wrong with these people? o.O

    100. Nathan Pereira

      japan is 100000000000000000000000000 times better in any field than india

      1. Nathan Pereira