NF - Chasing_(Demo) ft. Mikayla Sippel


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    Official NF video for Chasing_(Demo) [feat. Mikayla Sippel].
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    1. NFrealmusic

      I posted a clip the other day of a song and was honestly shocked at how much you guys liked it. Every project I do there are a couple of songs that I hold back or just don’t feel like work and this was most likely going to be one of those songs. A day or so after I posted the clip I heard a cover a fan did of it and I was blown away by it. Long story short, my producer Tommee and I took her audio and ended up finishing it for you guys! Thank you Mikayla Sippel for letting us use your amazing voice and inspiring me to actually release it.

      1. Leif 3

        Never hold back, your the goat

      2. Lil Fella89

        This a big thing to say but as much as I luv Eminem I thinks NF is a better rapper then EM the music juss speaks to me in a different way then Eminem’s

      3. Amber Campbell

        This is soooo good I love how you show people all the sides of yourself and don't hide really anything. You are so amazing

      4. Mason Lovelady

        Are we going to get a full song of this

      5. Poodle Man


    2. A M.

      God, his voice is amazing whether he's rapping to just singing! I wish I could go to a concert but I don't have a lot of money and well, there's Covid. :(

    3. Omar Castellón

      I like to listen your music , you are one of the best rappers

    4. Кальян Тулов


    5. Jay games Jay games

      It’s sad how u can relate to this song....

    6. • felixologi •

      I'm a kpop stan and streaming can pay off for Nate

    7. Anvar Hamavov


    8. Jada Allen


    9. Ezaki

      This is soooooooooooooooooo fucking good. Man you're insane

    10. Kris Westerhuis

      I want to do this to 😭😭this made my cry

    11. TwinkyTTV

      This was so beautiful to listen to, truly amazing

    12. Salty Tortoise

      This has 'Trauma' vibes to it. I like:)

    13. Jonas

      This man never fails making me cry

    14. Oohana 8

      Thank you NF

    15. levine 44


    16. Shush

      LYRICS !!!! [Chorus: Mikayla Sippel] I just wanna run away And find somewhere that feels safe Find somewhere the bad days Don't come as often in this sad phase Somewhere I can be alone Where I don’t have to run away from my flaws And I don’t have to be afraid of my thoughts And this high, this high that I've been chasing [Verse 1: NF & Mikayla Sippel] Doesn't have an exit, I don't learn my lesson I don't see no ending inside I don't feel the best when I try Holding my head up high, but it's not working Makin' you cry makes me feel like a bad person (Bad Person) Something's got a hold on me They don't see thе world I see Heartbeat in my chest feels wеak It's really starting to weigh on me [Chorus: Mikayla Sippel] I just wanna run away And find somewhere that feels safe Find somewhere the bad days Don't come as often in this sad phase Somewhere I can be alone Where I don’t have to run away from my flaws And I don’t have to be afraid of my thoughts With this high, this high that I've been chasing [Verse 2: NF & Mikayla Sippel] Always likes the sad trip and ruinin' my friendships Way too many questions in my mind I don't have the answers but I try Holdin' my head up high but it's not workin', yeah Makin' you sad make me feel like a bad person (Bad Person, person) I said some awful things last week Messin' with my self esteem Mixed up my priorities It's really starting to weigh on me [Chorus: Mikayla Sippel] I just wanna run away And find somewhere that feels safe Find somewhere the bad days Don't come as often in this sad phase Somewhere I can be alone Where I don’t have to run away from my flaws And I don’t have to be afraid of my thoughts With this high, this high that I've been chasing

    17. Sharon Gray

      You do a perfect job 👌👌

    18. Retro Jane

      Our minds are complex. I guess people have more adaptable minds than others... because it is incredibly hard for me to see the point in all of this. The pain of not feeling normal strikes - it seethes - I am broken. I’ve lost touch with myself. I can’t keep track of all of these masks. I want to wear my face, but I feel faceless. I feel hideous. I just need the music. I need to escape. I’ll lose myself in the music. Just take me to the music and leave me be. Let me become one with the melody. You have no idea the wonder you bring me NF. I don’t think I can hear this in the skies. So I can stay for a little longer - one note at a time... NF ❤️

    19. Nosirrah

      The microphone quality of his voice is OMG

    20. Erick Kitonga

      Nf helps me calm down in all this chaos from my family I thank God for you I love you

    21. Bree DeFoe

      This song hitssssss🖤🤘👑✊

    22. Ryan Williamson

      So glad my friend turned me on to u. Ur music is absolutely incredible man. And in a world today where rap is ruled by garbage, and nothing more than tits, ass, and drugs, u've easily become one of the few I enjoy listening to. As u evolve, pls remember ur roots, don't take ur talents and put out the garbage there is today. Much respect.

    23. Kyle Booth

      Yes, just yes.

    24. Lincoln Poe

      i miss being able to experience your music for the first time, please release more

    25. HQueezy

      NF the best artist in the entire music industry

    26. Petro Dynamite

      Hey guys, just thought id throw this out there. I just joined the Army, and its great don't get me wrong, but this being away from family and friends and everyone I spent so long building these relationships with is really starting to get to me in my soul, and i just wanted to say NF been keeping me going these last couple weeks. I've spent many a night trying to get thoughts of giving up and going home out of my head, just to realize that it was already tie to wake up and get back at it. NF man, I just hope you know that your music really is keeping me and I'm sure many other people in the positive man, your music's beautiful, its soulful, and I love it man. Now you go and drop this legend of a song and man, i think we need some new music you know? hearing your voice saying different words after a year of the same amazing but unchanging lyrics was a shot to the heart brother. Keep doing what you do man, you the realest of them out here. Thank you

    27. kszaf

      Thomas said to him, "Lord, we do not know where you are going. How can we know the way?" Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:5‭-‬6 ESV

    28. Favored By Grace

      Nate= My hero

    29. BukkoAnimates

      So the buzz decimated like if u get it

    30. VaporyDestiny

      I just want to let you know that because of your music, I'm still alive when the suicidal thoughts takeover, I listen to your songs and it makes me feel as if im wanted as if im appreciated, I just want to say thank you, you dont know it but you just saved a life

    31. French Danno

      People say... great vid ...and ...Hey nate... or... love your music........... when i feel really bad i can't help. Who actually listens to the lyrics. Has experienced the same thing. And cares................instead of likeing and suddenly calling themselves a big fan of his music

    32. Takashi Komuro

      Your music has helped me more than u know

    33. Connor Pitts

      Mannnn.... 1:58 when that violin came in, my heart just sank and I instantly added it to my far have replayed it 4 times...still going lmao

    34. Kenda Maahfood

      Wow man i did not think my heart can be more broken than it already is !!💔💔thank you both for the perfect song ..i have been in loss of words to describe the feeling🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    35. Banshee666

      Nonstop goosebumps

    36. Jonas

      Im in love with NF music

    37. Fardin Jalal

      I'm in love I'm addicted to songs somebody help

    38. xG SIX


      1. • felixologi •


    39. Laura tejada

      Me encanta NF 😍😍😔😔😔

    40. Extreme_ Fuel23


    41. Skidaddle Skadoodle

      Im in love with this song

    42. Chicony Rose

      "Making u proud makes me feel like a bad person "

    43. blablabla blablabla

      my life is actually so sad xddd its tragic

    44. Emmanuel Kiptoo

      One Thing About NF is that His songs are real, full of facts, something we can always relate to. NF is always a hit and a star. My best 💪🏽❤️❤️❤️

    45. Alice Ace

      Wow cool 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    46. Nikola Radivojevic

      Damn, this is one of my favourites. Well done to both of you!

    47. Yaser Efe Ceylan


    48. Charles Hawkins

      Hay nf there is like a 1 in 1million of a chance that u will se this but u are a inspiration for me I love u and ur music it's really given me hope thank you

    49. Aseel Siyam


    50. Jordan Valencia


    51. Ineke Flokstra

      Ik kijk hem 800x

    52. Ineke Flokstra

      Echt mooi

    53. JT Collins

      Who remembers when NF was underrated?

    54. 8771

      the people that disliked missed the share button :)

    55. Venomus

      22200th comment

    56. Tina Hoyi

      The vocals are tender and sincere. I love this so much.

    57. tooleven jacques

      this song hits me right in the feel . dont stop making music that moves people . ❤️

    58. Mahdi Soussi


    59. Sarah K

      NF is our little secret ❤️

    60. d3adgr

      Those how many ppl wanna huge Nathan 👇

    61. Diana Aguirre

      Your my idol

    62. Madison Johnson

      Your songs make me cry but I love your songs

    63. Christopher Reynolds

      I don't mind the fact that he only posts every couple of months because the music is always fire and I appreciate that

    64. Little Kids

      Nf I'm telling all my frens to listen to it songs bc they r amazing I got 1 already listening

    65. joana morales

      Nf is one of my favorite artists out there, don’t know what I would do with out ur music. Thank you for showing us that we are not alone.

    66. nisal nelligahakotuwa

      love your voice

    67. Snazzy snowflake

      Love this song so much

    68. Flip Rodriguez

      I went to his concert in grand rapids MI last year......honestly ...i was a little disappointed....he needed some other artists to open up for him....also a hype the end...but..he is still young..and has room to grow..

    69. James Ramirez

      Whoever is feeling down,lost someone,need to get some stuff off there chest or mind, etc. I'm here for you,your not alone dont be shy to talk about your true feelings, just know that. Discord:Wooo#3200

    70. wild - reward 787

      Its this song on Spodify

    71. Ramo DaRamo

      He dropped this as a demo.... You know the album hitting hard af 👍

    72. JrP 11

      This is what I want with NF with his Song, there's Feat Girl singin the Chorus and NF is the Rapper

    73. Daniel Chow

      I come to the NF comments for a reminder of the good in humanity :) ... Ya'll be so wholesome

      1. R y u J i


    74. Natividad Montoya

      Yo i love your muaic

    75. Kev_the_gamer1

      this is trash

    76. CLRealDeal

      Here nf lemme just say if you ever die or pass away what ever yku rather just know there will be someone you can on your legacy and when you leave you gonna leave a mark cause you mean the world to so many people and you make peoples life better and mine their lyrics might not be as meaningful as yours but someone will carry your legacy on🖤 I love you bro

    77. becca Leathers

      Your a amazing person don't let no one bring you down I wish I could meet you

    78. Gabe Bosma

      It's hard when your sad but you can't escape your mind

    79. Stormed tsunami 6

      NF seriously I dont know how you dont already have a Grammy

    80. Kyle Childon

      📂Documents └📁Music └📁NF └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

      1. Nej Snek

        intro 1 was trash, chasing is trash, when I grow up is overrated trash, and the search is pure trash

    81. Blaze the beat

      Had to make a new KGup channel for people to apparently see my comments, if you comment to much KGup can hide your comments from anyone seeing them except for you..

    82. Lil Swxlxz

      This song is just..... amazing, all of his songs are ! Like if you agree 👇🏽

      1. SMM the black hole

        Who wouldn't like.👍😕

    83. Dazmo Ray Diaz

      Love this song I can relate

    84. Joseph 999

      This a banger. 10/10

    85. Wolfie 123

      When I’m old enough I’m getting a tattoo on my right thigh of nf logo repeated all over

      1. R y u J i

        @Kev_the_gamer1 not really just because he supporting one of his fav singers like stfu dude go on some were

      2. Kev_the_gamer1


    86. Golno Logout

      Nf is the only artist I love, I can’t wait for this beat to come out

    87. Ethan Ucar

      i just want to say thank you for your awesome music i bond with it and i've been listening to your music for 2 or 3 years so thank you. that's all.

    88. jack carr


    89. Rawan Ali

      Wow 😔

    90. Alex Johnson

      Y do people dislike just don't listen

    91. MagmaGamez123

      nice change of pace

    92. Шалтай Болтай

      I just wanna run away . . .

    93. Vania Keane

      I don't like modern music especially modern rap but this guy is a real one respect to him 💯

    94. RockyBirb

      Truly an amazing artist, I wish you the best! 😍😍😍

    95. Lewis Y

      This guy is sooo underrated :(

    96. Team Hainline

      when is the new album coming?

    97. Mohamed Soufiane Ould kiar

    98. Colby blevins and Luke Miller

      It's been too long since we've heard his voice😔Love this and so glad we got something new to hear cause I've played all his current songs 100x over already😂

    99. Wassup BuDdY

      No matter what, NF always drops the best songs and no one is ever going to change my mind, ever.

    100. Лера Кочева