Big Bass and Bad Weather for $125,000 - Mississippi River FLW Tour

Scott Martin

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    Bass fishing for $125,000 never gets old. Check out my journey, challenges and every fish catch while fishing the FLW Tour event on the Mississippi River out of Lacrosse WI. This is one of the most awesome fisheries I have fished...can't wait to go back to Lacrosse! Hope you enjoy the RIDE.
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    1. Scott Martin

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      1. Logan Conrad

        he knows you too

      2. Logan Conrad

        scott do you know RICHARD CONRAD he is a co-Angler he's my uncle and we catch 8+ ponders

      3. Gillis Danos

        Might be a stupid question. But are you sharpening those hooks on a regular basis ??? With the tension I see on the rod and for the fish to get off it sure does look like dull hooks. Just saying.

      4. Bravo25

        Scott Martin introduce your co-anglers/net guy...that would be so professional.

      5. Taylor Bruce

        This was amazing to see! just one state down from you guys, keep it up

    2. Jason Yoder

      Good job man

    3. Esteban Gonzalez

      Love how Billy’s co angler just threw the net down on his rods on the 2nd bass. He was pissed.

    4. Jeff Claus

      Scott, you are my favorite but, when you catch a fish, you thank the lord but not the netter!

    5. Thomas Bailie

      This is so American

    6. Jaiden Arias

      Follow the Ten Commandments

    7. Sallzy 1

      I have been binge watching these for a few weeks Every 4 pounder is a monster to scott he learned that tv trick from pops lmao

    8. Ernie Morrison

      I love it when Billy outfishes the pro’s he fishes with... lol

    9. Wheeler Smith

      At our bass tournament they check everything the and launch at the same time

    10. Wiley Sanders

      Atleast you made top 20

    11. David Lynch

      like a wee woo ok

    12. fisher man

      You gotta make your vids stop making my cabin fever so bad😂 can’t wait to start fishin tournaments agian

    13. Anthony Kirkland

      Have you and Billy ever got out together to fish a tournament together as pro and co-angler

    14. Cam the can man

      Do you still get bird nest on your bait casters

    15. Breaking BassAzTv

      Does anybody you fish with ever catch anything or do you just cut em out. Hahah

    16. damian Ibarra

      A lot of hard work amen 🙏🏽 thank god for the opportunity and the blessing for them fish and a good time out in the water for y’all anglers ❤️.

    17. Joshua Samuels

      do u do any sponsorship for any young anglers like me ?

    18. Bass Buoy

      Dream= Compete against you one day! Still consider myself a amateur but within 2019 hope to actually put in all my extra time and money to practice and start competing!

    19. mohunter68

      Big shout out to Brandon. Dude looks like he's pissed most of the time, but I'd take his place in a heart beat. Hang in there Brandon, and keep catching Big limits Scott!

    20. Guitar Dave

      I wanna thank you for including yhe prayer and the national anthem in the opening of the tournament.... in todays political and moral decay its was a treat you just got a fan! im a singer songwriter and devoted crappie fisherman...would love to see ya do a crappie show.... thanks again

    21. frank leaney

      Good net dudes. I’d be too nervous

    22. Derek Walker

      Biggin dude!! Lands a dink

    23. Tyler Summers

      Love your videos man! If you ever need a hand let me know. Id love to just go fish some time. East TN. area let me know please haha

    24. joshua lee

      ohhhh explains why scott makes 4:20 jokes to brandon... i seen those marlboro menthols in ur hand boy xD ahahahaha

    25. stacy jane vizcarrondo ingram

      Scott Martin you are my favorite angler I want to be an angler because of you and I've only fished when I was like 6 years old and I've only ever caught two bluegill but I live in Nebraska I don't know if there's too many lakes I just moved here from California but I so want to fish now you are an inspiration

    26. Deep River Bassin

      My lake is super muddy right now because of a ton of rain last week. Seems like the fish are holding tight to dock pilings, structure and steep banks. They cant see!

    27. Mr Scarface

      Does everyone blast off at the same time ?

    28. chaz honaker

      How much does it cost to fish FLW.?

    29. Outdoors with Wayne k

      Great video Me being from Title Town that is Green Bay I fish the Mississippi about 7 times a year. Pool 9 mostly but I all ways have fun. You should try coming up this way in the winter and try some ice fishing.

    30. Marcos Benitez


    31. Eric Landers

      Cold??? Cold is -67 in Alaska. I wouldn't trade it for the world though.

    32. Chase D 707

      That's pretty awesome that bass fishing is one of the only sports I know of that still prays before they start! Super cool

    33. Blue Collar Fisherman

      I understand the Billy's boater wasn't happy. However, He should not apalogize for catching what he does. He figured it out, and should be congratulated.

    34. Seth Hess

      Billy caught those couple fish then his boater started to front hole his ass lol

    35. aiden bentley

      I think you should show some of your partners fish. Not every fish but just a few. I love your videos.

    36. Scott Odonahoe

      Welcome to Wisconsin ! I live three blocks from Vets landing . Hit West side rock banks when this crap happens .

    37. Jimmie Young

      what kind of boat is that

    38. Adam Smith

      Hey Scott when you win do " WE " get paid or do you get paid????? Lol

    39. South Central PA Fishing

      Dam Scott is good. I catch some decent fish, but he pulls fish out of places I wouldn’t be able to catch anything.

    40. Kris Laurent

      I live by the Mississippi River

    41. Jeff Babcock Fishing

      Scott were you flipping a drop shot?

    42. Justin Carver

      dude Scott please edit a shot of Brandon and John Cox both laughing back to back they have the same laugh. random I know I've been thinking about it for a wile

    43. Norman Miller

      Is brandon on xanax or something?? Hes always moopin around an looks like he could pass out at any moment

    44. tony funes

      Good to see Jimmy Houston !!! I remember setting my alarm at 5am to watch his show when i was in school.

    45. Wildlife& Whiskey

      Rewatching the tournament Vlogs to see if can learn something new. Can’t wait til tournament season starts back

    46. 501 Austin

      Cold for them is 50 degrees lol love these vids thoe

    47. Shane Y

      Dang Reeses peanut butter cup commercial right in the middle of a prayer. I don't even like those nasty suckers.

    48. Frank Aylward Jr

      Dude is entertaining as hell, cool watching how the pro’s do it. Thanks for the videos man

    49. Ethan Ibarra

      Scott i want to see what u use to catch all those samll &large mouth

    50. bruce koerner

      Scott , Post an address where We can reach You or send something .

    51. MattInTheHat

      Folks in that part of the country love that weather, but us FL people know enough to stay indoors. Cold is one thing, but cold and wet is unbearable. One of the quickest loads I ever picked up was at Lenox, IA in October - 33 degrees and raining. That midwest style it-ain't-gonna-stop-raining-all-day rain. Everybody in the plant was in a huge hurry to get off work... and go hunting. I drove out of there with the heater blasting sure those people were NUTS! That's a great view, though, coming down off that bluff into Lacrosse from MN.

      1. Scott Martin

        +MattInTheHat 👊🏼

    52. Tanner Sheets

      Hey Scott, if you don't mind me asking what makes you decide to go with the drop shot worm rather than just a Texas rig? Thanks. Enjoy the channel keep it up!

    53. Kris Dus

      Hey Scott. If you dont mind, what hook (size and style) were you using for that dropshot? Thanks in advance, and Im loving the content of your channel. Keep it up!

      1. Scott Martin

        +Kris Dus 15lbs and 3/0 straight shank worm

    54. Radar

      What do i need for a drop shot?

    55. Elliot Giese

      Your in my home town

    56. Raymond Gonzales

      Is Brandon Post Molone’s brother 😂

    57. Allussionzz FN

      when me and my friends fish this area like everyday we use spinners and catch big bass

    58. The Jada Show

      in Jesus name we pray. Amen

    59. Jared Snyder

      It seems that you lose a pig just about every tournament and still somehow come out with the money. Love it

    60. Alan Brown

      12:45 ur at the pettibone restaurant Ik that Bc it's right by my house

    61. J M

      your videos are epic man , you got me hooked , I hadn't fished since I was a kid , I'm 31 now and about a month ago i bought a cheap bait cast combo and been fishing on local ponds and lakes almost everyday since . learning as I go . even got my seven year old son to come out and he caught a small mouth on his first cast that only cast out about four feet lol .I'm playing catch up on all your older videos but your the man . also on your details for the videos I see your rods listed but what reels are you using. I need to upgrade soon as I get a bit better on the bait cast .

    62. Chase Edmonston

      I love what your doing with the channel, wish more flw pros do channels some day. These vlogs of the tournament days are awesome man!!

    63. Chase Edmonston

      Scott, what pound Fluoro do you flip with usually?

    64. Hashirama Senju

      Thanks for the videos Scott! It's awesome seeing you keep going even though you're having rough bites and tough days! It helps us aspiring daydreamers when we lose our little tournaments! Keep going and God bless!!!

    65. Nathan Chavez

      if u have a snapchat add me scott @nathan3325

    66. Jaxs Teller

      Scott! Keep up the good work! Amen my brother!

    67. project crowd control

      I see that OU 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    68. Bravo25

      Please introduce your co-anglers. That would be professional.

    69. N O

      Scott, Greetings from Canada! I think you guys do a great job on your show! It's awesome to see you interact with your followers on here! Keep up the good work dude!

    70. codlax90

      Great Job on your videos. Coming from someone just getting into bass fishing, it's great to see videos that are informative, helpful, and factual while still having fun and keeping the watcher interested. Big thumbs up.

    71. Jimmy Celtic

      I always try to get the sweatshirts and stickers of the brands so tough to get swag like that

    72. Steve Gerber

      Your vlogs are the best.

    73. Ralph P

      Another great video!

    74. Timothy Willer

      Not sure if you are fishing upper or lower Potomac next. But Aquia Harbor was banging last weekend for the Marine Corp Base Quantico Fishing Tournament. Pulled 16.75 lbs.

    75. Jacob Zweifach

      Scott I live 2 mins from mount vernon which is right on the Potomac, it would make my whole year and my birthday which is coming up on the 14th if I could meet u and maybe fish with you for a day.

    76. Yia Yang

      Scott, what kind of net is that? Thanks.

    77. Evan Ourada2

      Come fish in the biggest fresh water lake, lake winnebago near Appleton Wisconsin

    78. Big Adventure

      I love Scott's levity even when fishin a tourney.

    79. M Miles

      One of the best fishing videos I have ever watched on you tube! Thanks Scott! Please keep these tournament videos coming.

    80. Chris Knezevich

      dropshotting on a baitcaster just doesent feel right i dont understand how people do it

    81. Natural State Angle

      Growing fast Scott!!! Crushing the vlog series.. Keep it up!!!!

    82. Cal Steffes

      You were also by my boat at the pettibone docks, I have caught some biggins off there

    83. Cal Steffes

      Lmao I live in la crescent and I know all these spots. South boat landing Minnesota side

    84. regrabner35

      Monsters ALWAYS get off ! Winky wink .

    85. CODY B

      how do co-angler pay outs work? i imagine its a portion of the professional pay out but yall 3rd day of fishing your alone with a marshal; do the co anglers only fish 2 days?

    86. Woodsman101

      I've been there , my buddies boathouse is in the video

    87. Jason Martin

      Do u not set the hook while fishing a drop shot

    88. Rob Chazarreta

      21 haters

    89. IRFAN_CAST

      Awesome performance Scott

    90. John White

      It's amazing how you film. fish, and everything else it takes to compete. And you do it calmly and very professional. Your resume speaks for it self. You my friend are a true Badass. and you share it all with us! Thank you for such an amazing insight in what you do. and how you do it. All the best

    91. Dragon72

      Another great video. What's the setup on your drop shot and we need a contest for a Ranger hat!!

    92. RaW DoGeN

      video every day this week my ass

    93. Daniel Keller

      Reeeeeeespect! You're living the dream and you know and appreciate it. The fact that you can tour so much, vlog, and still be a cool guy says a lot about you, not only as a professional, but as a person. Thanks for setting such a great example and for being one HELL of a fishermen.

    94. Jim Park

      Awsome epic video Scott! The trials & tribulations of a great successful tournament angler who shows the real challenges that every tournament cannot be won. Love the drone aerial view shots & the fist punching outro at the end. Very abassing peric, love it! Good luck on the upcoming Potomac!!

    95. Noah Hogan

      Love the videos. I would love to be a professional fisherman one day so I like watching what goes into it and these videos do that perfectly. Keep up the great content. Just as a thought, you could get a separate mic that attaches to your shirt and connects to the go pro. This could get rid of the muffling sound. Hope it helps. #spinnerworm #frogdad

    96. Andrew Scott

      Hey Scott, you need someone that can drive a truck, boat and drone I'm available. #SpinnerwormFail lol

    97. HookNBass92

      so small mouth largemouth and spotted bass count?

    98. Shaun Roberts

      That;s OK SCOTTIE & BILLY When I used to get on Bulls the old saying was there will be a rodeo next week. So there ya go.... Have a good weekend Scott.

    99. Dan Roberts

      oh man digging the billy cam.

    100. Kevin Rogers

      what kind of rig was that when u was throwing a worm kinda looked like a drop shot