Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban


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    Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn't make sense, but he's never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through KGup binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window -- and encourages us to think harder about what we're really procrastinating on, before we run out of time.
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    1. RustyWusty

      Im procrastinating by watching this video

    2. mar

      I hope this video helps me to stop procrastinating

    3. mar

      I'm procrastinating by watching this video, please-

    4. Vani

      Am I watching this video while procrastinating? Yes.

    5. joe mama

      this has been in my watch later for 3 years.

    6. J R

      That was awesome!

    7. Dulina Hesara

      Plot twist: He's a master procastinator

    8. Fat Albert

      I'm watching this instead of studying for exams in 2 weeks

    9. akoufhaine

      The point is to procrastinate SO much you will procrastinate tomorrow

    10. Pawlak Mark

      W:e h:a:n:d:l:e t:r:a:d:i:n:g a:c:t:i:v:i:t:i:e:s o:n b:e:h:a:l:f o:f p:o:t:e:n:t:i:a:l i:n:v:e:s:t:o:r:s. S:o i:f i:n:t:e:r:e:s:t:e:d I w:i:l:l b:e a:v:a:i:l:a:b:l:e t:o g:u:i:d:e y:o:u t:h:r:o:u:g:h t:h:e v:a:r:i:o:u:s s:t:e:p:s n:e:e:d:e:d. +1::(5::2::0::)::2::2::3::9::9::5::9

    11. anas abarghou

      I guess my monkey is no longer afraid

    12. Kevin Ng

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    14. Marco Zanon

      This is just our metacoscience.. the brain is different becouse the thought is different.. thought is not brain but they are connected

    15. erik flores

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    16. LatinoBird Colors

      They done f*cking called me out- I have ADHD, i relate to this guy on a painful level.

    17. AJ -

      Yea when my monkey takes the wheel, i also zoom over U.S and scroll until i find a pigeon.

    18. Tom

      My chemistry is due on Tuesday

    19. Kushal Hamal

      It’s a great talk thoroughly enjoyed!

    20. MarkTriceps

      I also had a gorilla with my Popeye, so until Godzilla comes, Popeye sometimes suffers from the speaking King Kong

    21. Bhavya Yadav

      Damn, now i will be more comfortably chilling knowing i have a sensible guy and a stupid monkey and a sleeping monster in my brain.

    22. eeemileee af

      If someone find my monkey pls kill him, because i'm too lazy to do It now

    23. Ham

      Sounds like ADHD

    24. mario yu

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    25. Chance Hayes

      I need to do a bunch of homework and yet I am putting it off by watching a video about needing to do a bunch of homework and putting it off. How the heck did I get here????

    26. Marika Pavlovic

      This is amazing!

    27. Mosadoluwa Fasasi

      Nah! He executed this perfectly!!!😂😂

    28. Peggy Morgan

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    30. Annie Newcamp

      Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you, Tomorrow!

    31. Bailey Paliolonga

      I’m watching this video while procrastinating...

    32. 1HG_tv

      I love Ted talks but this has got to be my favorite. He did so good and helps me understand myself as I was procrastinating as I landed on this video lol

    33. Coco Buns

      13:28 like a project due next tuesday... or reading 3 chapters... and researching some words... and doing my math homework...

    34. Rami Baa

      I'll definitely watch the video tomorrow

    35. Shenxy Loong

      hello :)

    36. Muhammad Nur Abdillah

      The Power of "Kepepet" here in Indonesia

    37. nancy arnold

      I once bought a very thin book titled "Procrastination" - wouldn't take much time to read, right? About 9 years later while I was packing to move I ran across it. Unread. Gave it to Salvation Army. Gotta love irony.

    38. jack masters

      I am a huge procrastinator much to my

    39. Ben Myles

      Nice 👍

    40. Carl

      I really liked this one. That guy is amazing :)

    41. Al Electric

      I always say procrastination or being lazy is a model for efficiency.

    42. Jsem Nikdo

      Anyone else procrastinating by watching this video?

    43. Coco Buns

      I'm supposed to be doing my math homework...

    44. CodeLigma

      Eh, I'll watch this tomorrow

    45. Jorge Salgado

      I think that human society needs to be reinvented, if you spend your life worrying about the future and spend your whole life doing boring things because sociality will see you with good eyes, you are dead inside, Americans put work first place in your life, but it’s the people who take the most antdepressant remedies in the world

    46. Dominique Replogle

      I have been meaning to watch this for a long time, but just couldn't seem to get around to it.

    47. CheckYourFax

      I feel personally attacked.

    48. cebuNinjA

      So no more return to monke. Become hooman.

    49. Avid Ramsundar

      5 years later and my panic monster is dead. 90 pages in 3 days after my deadline passed...

    50. Eva Fisher

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    51. iheb rebai

      i stopped revising to watch this video :)

    52. galaxi

      i didn't do any of my school assignments and i have to do them all in 2 days

    53. goji

      Well this video was my panic monster

    54. akshay uthappa

      I have watched 2 mins of this, will get to the rest tomorrow, leaving a comment to remind myself

    55. Simon Lau

      Thank you so much

    56. PaGus Music

      Omgggg it’s so true, one needs to add personal deadlines to tasks even if they don’t have any actual deadlines, that’s the only way I convince myself into doing things outside of work sometimes, I pretend that there are hard deadlines

    57. suchand Murmu

      It's more like a stand up comedy

    58. Ginger Hart

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    59. Sayhard Slayer

      Only clicked this after saw it many times for the last few months...

    60. jai bixlow

      saved this to watch later

    61. Bill Garrett

      Watched this while procrastinating in the midst of a KGup spiral instead of writing a final paper LOL.

    62. jordan coons

      My highschool debate team got 2 in state on a plan they wrote 2 hours before, and lost on a different plan than they were using before. Him getting a good grade was believable to me.

    63. FreymanArt

      I've been meaning to watch this video for ages...

    64. Thomas Murphy

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    65. Abhay Bhat


    66. Mar Hern

      I need a deadline

    67. 김류시

      my deadline is in 5 hours and I have to make a 30 min video but I'm still here procrastinating

    68. Stella Minton

      I feel so relatable it's insane

    69. gerald grenado

      My monkey isnt so scared anymore

    70. A1Boomer 22

      Is it bad that I'm procrastination by watching this video?

    71. pog champ

      Its so hard to focus during online school, I just cant help it to watch netflix or youtube. But than I forget about school and watch Netflix and forget to do school work...

    72. Karen Grass



      me: watching a different tedtalk for school. also me: oooo this sounds interesting

    74. kai brook

      I put off even watching this video for over a year

    75. adarfie dazz

      I'm literally procrastinating watching this

    76. Eskimo for Arabia

      Ironically, I’ve seen this video for months but only clicked on it now.

    77. Brianna Duke

      *I think my panic monster fell out*

    78. Alex Noa

      watching this as I procrastinate on an assignment... ill do it later

    79. Lunar Shadow

      Oh god I'm dreading the day I have to do a 90 page thesis

    80. TheMCN _92

      Finally, we meet! Our battle will be legendary


      “It’s always been a dream of mine to have done a TED talk in the past.” That took me a moment 😂🤣

    82. S Thakur S


    83. Thomas Mcnutt

      literally I have just been recommend this video during my break between finishing my Dissertations which due tomorrow lol!

    84. DIGITAL

      i feel like every sentence this guy says relates to me

    85. DIGITAL

      im procastinating rn during online school

    86. Rowan McGrath

      Who else thought this was an onion video for the first minute?

    87. That Guy

      I have due assignments and I’m watching this. Shows a lot doesn’t it.

    88. Niamh Munday

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    89. Jordan Young

      Haha! My homework was to watch this though now I'll likely never gonna fill out the paper this is for.

    90. Eloisa Obregon

      Worse than procrastinating by watching this video and reading all the comments is the one who has to show the spouse all the funny comments.

    91. Jordan Minkoff Geraldo

      Watching this later

    92. Abdalrhman Libya

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    93. alex ackerly

      Just give me 30 minutes before you arrive and my house will be spotless

    94. Soo

      Im supposed to do a group project and my part was the only left, which i havent started any of it

    95. Linnéa Rönn

      the problem for me is that i don't have a panic monster it fell into a coma

    96. Kevin Holmes

      Funny thing is I'm actually procrastinating watching this video rather than studying and homeworks.

    97. Emma Harris

      I love how i'm watching this in the middle of science class instead of researching for my lab :)

    98. Tsai Louis

      ill watch this later

    99. Ngwana' Modimo

      I think my panic monster is sleeping!

    100. MultifandomCrackhead uWu

      The point is, my procrastinator monkey isn't scared of the panic monster...