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    On today's show, the boys chat about Nick and Digs' respective vacations, and finally chat about Kong vs. Godzilla as more of the boys have had a chance to watch it by now. Bill also orchestrates a Pokémon card opening for perhaps the last time ever. The Pod FOD covers various subjects like the preeminent candy bracket, what actor they would each want to have the career of in the last twenty years, Mitt expands on his theory that ghosts don't haunt drunk people, and a Montana man claims his son found a bullet in a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos, plus much more. Don't forget to subscribe to The Pod KGup channel to watch each show, and follow @ThePodPMI on Twitter and Instagram to send in your submissions to the Pod Fod. We appreciate you all for listening, see you Friday.
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    1. Beau Bellamy

      I watched Godzilla vs Kong and I honestly had no idea the other 2 movies had anything to do with Godzilla vs Kong.

    2. Elijah Roberts

      Take me off a piece of that kit kat bar! Apple sauce. Lol you guys fking kill me. Long live the office.

    3. Darren Ball

      3:41 Tony Handz

    4. SAMCRO

      I stole Christmas shit lol

    5. Tyler Pax

      As a pokemon fan, its so funny and fitting to see Connor get an Urshifu while Ty gets a fucking Baltoy 😂

    6. jamesrvc


    7. Tony

      Mia Khalifa is trash

    8. p ___


    9. Dylan Bates

      One of the best episodes. Keep Zito off the mic so we can have better episodes like this

    10. FatBuddhas

      Shut up mansuri

    11. Joey David

      Dare I say there wasn’t a single flaw in their candy bracket

    12. 28vikingspeterson


    13. Ethan Griffith

      That candy portion was absolutely electric.

    14. Ethan Griffith

      We all love Diggs but I don’t hate the idea of rotating the host. Let’s still get a “Welcome to The Pod!” at some point!

    15. Jamison Straulin


    16. CMeads

      The teacher should say the schools image recognition software set off a sexual Trauma alert and they need to report an incident to the child protective services. Really freak the kid out.

    17. Jamison Straulin

      Loved Brahn!


      Is Bill even worthy of the monicker Billy Tubes anymore? C’mon Bailey get it together bro........lol

    19. WeebyCupid

      Connor got a sick ass Pokémon card

    20. Jimmy K

      From what i understand the Woody Allen thing is a huge misinformation smear job. He did not sexually assault anyone and def did not marry his daughter as a child bride.

    21. flymurakami

      Answer at 40:03

    22. Bob Rogers

      The Intro song is legendary

    23. Andrew Jaramillo

      THANK YOU NICK!!!!

    24. William Smith

      Woah woah woah chill out about the pokemon cards, this the content we do want 🤣 we LOVE it all

    25. Jo Mountain

      Why the hate on BRAHWN, he’s jokes asf

    26. James Meche

      If you’re crawfish ain’t cooked the south Louisiana way then they are doing it wrong. Just saying.

    27. Kobe Son

      I fw brown

    28. Zach LeCroy

      We need a Turk for The Pod channel now 😂

    29. Tim Fernau

      Need some help here boys...what episode does Zito claim Tone speaks posselmauth?!

    30. James D

      This is a top 5 episode absolutely hilarious, best pod on the Internet easily! Actual salt of the earth people not those rich LA stooges pretending to be!

    31. Justin O

      Ty and connor doing lil johns "yeah" 🤣😂

    32. SenorRobosus

      What do yall think alcohol is called spirits?

    33. daschawk

      Gump is a G but I love the fact they give Mett a bunch of shit for being "high", when Gump's voice is the literal definition of someone stoned out of their fuckin' mind.

    34. Nolan Vance

      Boys are sleeping on Milky Way

    35. Ty Rabenstein

      This shit has me weak 😂😂. Love mitt and y’all picking on him

    36. Adam

      Can we still hear Ton say "WELCOM TO THE PAHD!"?

    37. Austin Wallace

      These episodes are my favorite thing to listen to while I'm at work lol

    38. College- Preneur

      How are we forgetting the GOAT of m&ms the minis???

    39. H C

      I need these every day. The boys make school and my work day bearable.

    40. brandon hardt

      The people that don’t know about this are missing AHT!

    41. Logxcabinxninja

      Nick killed it today, yall are FANTASTIC

    42. Boatsandhoes

      Snickers is the best!

    43. Jordan Marino

      Reeses with the pretzels inside should have been enough to beat M&Ms

    44. colin owens

      What’s the wrestling podcast called that mike does

    45. Ben Kirby

      IMO BRAHNmade the show. Silently hilarious

    46. Cammy Boyyy

      Conner and nick breaking down the Galarian slow poke at the end killed me 😂

    47. Boatsandhoes

      Mett....what a boozebag STOOGE.

    48. Nolweez Dubs


    49. Nicholas Kalicharan

      These videos are fucking hilarious.

    50. Douglas Austin

      Soft ?

    51. Art VanDalay

      Love Nick and Tone, but I did really enjoy Connor and Ty hosting.

    52. Joshua Cooper

      MIT was super sly with that one ☝️

    53. Drew Reiner

      I think we need to lose the mitt slander

    54. nasty bad

      No milk Duds or hot tamales whoever choose those candies smh

    55. Edd Zepeda

      Why doesn’t billy just get his own mic

    56. Dom Ankney

      Where tf is the Hershey’s bar. I’d take that over half the candys on there

    57. The Vorge

      Ty impersonating Mitt is fucking hilarious

    58. IS_Matteo _

      Mitt steals the stop Sign and gets caught by police “ahhh officer dude I fucked up dude” 😂😂😂 21:38

    59. Peyton Thomas

      Nothing better than getting kushed up and watching the boys, THANK YOU BILL

    60. TacoDesperado

      Love how tone said... "well I seen" gets cut off and says "well ppl told me" on the only fans on plane statement 😂😂😂😂😂

    61. SenorRobosus

      Fucking love the PMS show, but this pod is better than PMS.

    62. Jerrett DeWispelaere

      What the hell is happening with the XFL, I haven't heard anything...

    63. Boebel23

      Reese's eggs beat all.

    64. Justin Higgins

      Keep doing Pokémon cards 😂😂

    65. TJ Weber

      Would rather have bill bring Pokémon cards every episode than have BRAHN on again tbh

    66. GamerDudeJ

      Did mitt secretly make love to a ghost like in Ghostbusters?

    67. Nolan Vance

      Crawfish are king

    68. No Cap

      Bill is such a loser

    69. Luke Trudell

      Bring Braaahn back for more episodes

    70. Dax VanLengen

      There are 168,000 gas stations in America and Digs deadass serious said 100,000,000 😂😂

    71. Nathan Waltman

      Mike should host... said nobody

    72. Randy Case

      Way more than six gas stations in WY, prolly more than people lol

    73. __187 __

      Arby's stinks

    74. Dylan Chesnut

      Also give us fucking 3 episodes a week back you lying scumlords before I lose my mind

    75. Dylan Chesnut

      So basically Tony bitched and whined enough “aww guys im doin too much wooork come on someone else talk for 50 minutes” fugg off Tone. Ty is the best host there is

    76. Dan Dan

      This fuckin show stinks. Best show on KGup hands down. Absofuckinlutely hilarious. And Tubes, if you see this. Don't be scared to hook a fellow red blooded human up with that give away.

    77. James Bong

      Took a little MDA and LSD and watched Kong . Best movie ever !

    78. Kippers

      Nick what is with you needing a blade to open a wrap never heard of that one and Ive smoked for like 7 years

    79. Jax


    80. JT

      Can we get pod 3 days a week since it’s offseason??

    81. Zack Silva

      Gumpys laugh is the best lol

    82. scrapbmxrider16

      Think cups are these ones

    83. Zack Limmiatis

      Ty for host

    84. Chase Banks

      Crawfish are great but it’s a lot of work to eat them

    85. Teo_82

      i don’t know what gump is talking about has is .97 a liter right now but sometimes in the summer it’s 1.20

    86. con bomb

      Wow what a disgrace Swedish fish lost the first round. Boys what r u thinking???

    87. Ethan Chapman

      No cap gonna miss Tony’s 🗣 “welcome to the poooood” every show

    88. isaac ramirez

      I'd kill for gas at 3 bucks. In northern California it's 4.39 a gallon

    89. saint taint

      “Pokémon is the highest earning brand” close but not really at all. It is only the highest grossing media franchise

    90. Wes Sleigh

      Surprised nobody brought up the tropical skittles or sour skittles in that match against sour patch kids. Rookie mistake.

    91. CAWS

      A Pod episode that actually starts with the intro music?!?

    92. Luke Hunter

      when Connor and Ty sang the "Kit Kat Bar" jolly, we should all hope for that moment in our personal relationships

    93. Keto Croix

      There’s no way In a million years M&Ms are better then Reese’s! If you think so your a sellout!

    94. Luke Watts

      I don't appreciate whoever was sawing dahn brahn

    95. Chuckie

      We definitely need more dopehead brahn on the pod, him and mett are electric 😂😂😂

    96. Tom Bradley

      We need at least three episodes a week until football is back.

    97. Steven Maulden

      If you're a 8th grade teacher, and you need the Pod to tell you the solution to adult video star profile pics is to say "Hey, I know you dont look like that," then you wanna quit. This is everything you need to know about the American education system

    98. Wes Sleigh

      Damn Nick got some color

    99. Tyler Reeves

      Pacific Rim ripped off Godzilla haha

    100. Ryan Kramer

      Y’all, talking about gas is electric...Conner giving advice to fill up before the weekend. Gas is always over $3 in California