Bassmaster Open: Lay Lake Day 1 (Day in the Life of a Bassmaster Pro)-The Open Finale!

Andrew Upshaw Fishing

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    Lay Lake is the final event of the season on the Bassmaster Open trail. Through all of the ups and downs, this season has been fun. traveling with buddies makes it all that much better. I have never been to Lay Lake before, but I must say this place is loaded with fish. Check out this latest video of the Bassmaster Open series. If you haven't yet, please SUBSCRIBE!
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    1. 418ization

      Just started following you and loving the.content man Keep it up.

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing


    2. 418ization

      Your co angler isn't too smart lay lake fish are clean and healthy to eat. I live at paradise point and my entire family eats crappie as often as we can.

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        I agree with you honestly,

    3. VRT 103

      Great video! You tell us tons of very useful tips that other channels just overlook. Keep on being there at Todd’s Bass Angler Therapy session! 😬👍

    4. Perry Flowers

      Man Andrew what a rough tournament season for everybody. Was awesome seeing you guys all hanging with each other, shows us that there is something to having buddies you hang out with of the water. Look forward to see what you can do next year man. Maybe i will get to see you at one of the WON bass tournaments next year!

    5. Bassin' 911

      You’re a class act Andrew. Love your vids and your fishing style. I live in Henryetta just south of Tulsa and saw you practicing on the Arkansas River back earlier this year. Wanted to say hi but you were fishing AND on the phone🤣! Love to fish with you sometime. I’m friends with all the Bass Tank guys. Tight lines✌🏼🇺🇸

    6. Ron Robison

      You guys please do it again next year. Billy!!

    7. derek ryan

      Ok, I'm heading to Lay lake for the crappie!

    8. hookfynn82


      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Right? 😂

    9. Steve Hanak

      Andrew when you are fishing with a co angler in a tournament, how do you set them up for the same success you are having. I did not hear you guys talking about the fish you were marking on the pan optics. Is there a common rule you follow?

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Truthfully, I don’t limit where my co anglers cast. Unless they are constantly casting over me (which is extremely rare) I basically just let them do their deal. I can’t guarantee they will remotely have the same success as me, especially while using LiveScope. A lot of times there is just one bass I’m targeting at a time and you have to be ultra fast to hit it (typically they are swimming around). It’s like hitting a moving target. Sometimes you get them, sometimes you don’t. Typically if a co will just fire around they will catch bass.

    10. bud kinney

      Have really enjoyed the open videos this year

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Thank Bud!

    11. VRT 103

      Did you guys fish in a hotel the nights of the tournament but stay at Martin's rented house with Scott/Billy/McCoy in the prefishing ? I could see you'd want to focus on your fishing and stay in hotel nights before tournament days... is that what you guys did ?

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        We just stayed one night in a hotel (house wasn’t ready yet), then stayed in the house the rest of the week.

    12. Mike Gardiner

      Always enjoy your vid’s Andrew. All I can say is, too bad it wasn’t a crappie tournament instead of Bass. That underspin or 2.8 solo you were throwing was The deal for a tough bite. I know you’re glad the season is over, I guess it’s bittersweet. God bless!

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        It was just a Jighead with a 2.75” Rage Swimmer. And I know, I smoked some crappie that day.

    13. Roger Dudra

      Hell yeah, I'd fish for a Classic berth just a hard as I'd fish to win this open. Never give up! I'd say ice fishing is going to be the call here in Montana at early December. Need thicker ice. That sure looks like an 8 foot rod. That's the size crappie I caught at Crooked Creek on Fort Peck.

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        You can have that ice fishing😂 and it’s just a 7’3” Magnum Hammer

    14. Ross Randall

      I have followed you most of the year. I like the humble way you handle yourself and your honesty. Be sure and enjoy all of it. It will go fast.

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Thanks Ross. I appreciate you following me through the year!

    15. Stephen latimer

      hi andrew from australia. followed all of u through the opens on scotts channel(subbed u now with bell)and really enjoyed the friendship and banter between u all. look forward to following u through the 2021 season. cheers.

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Thanks Stephen! Some good dudes I’ve been traveling with

    16. John Cloud

      I absolutely enjoy all the videos but especially the tournament vids... tough luck on making the Elites... always proud for a brother from the 918. looking forward to more videos...

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        It is what it is. Some day I’ll be there! Thank you for the kind words!

    17. Bassfisher78 !!

      Keep grinding bud can't wait to see you guys next year, I hope you guys are still planning on videos. They are very helpful and sometimes funny to watch!!!

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Appreciate it. We are planning on doing the same thing!

    18. Adam Savage Fishing

      Been liking the videos this year big dog! Looking forward to 2021. Keep grinding! 👊🏻🔥😜

      1. Adam Savage Fishing

        @Andrew Upshaw Fishing 👊🏻

      2. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Thanks for watching Adam!

    19. Musky Hunter

      One of my favorites to watch. Work hard and teach us and your honest. Props. Competition is your industry is peak in my opinion. Companies in your industry would be foolish not to team up with team Upshaw.

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Wow, thank you so much man! I’ll always be me, regardless if I have 10 subscribers or a million. That’s a fact!

    20. Dale B

      ok so you were coming out of a hotel, but you also were staying at the house, what gives

      1. Dale B

        @Andrew Upshaw Fishing that’s cool like y’all’s videos

      2. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        So, yea. The first night of practice we didn’t have the house yet, so Hallman, Todd, and I shared a room at the Hampton Inn. We filmed a Bass Anger Therapy (which should be posting soon) that night too. It was just too funny not to add in lol

    21. Andy Carusetta

      Andrew what type of boots you wearing? They look perfect for cold wet weather. Thanks

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        They are Muck Boots and they are legit!

    22. 82ndDon

      Happy to see Scott moving on to the Elites but I will miss the whole house videos with all of you. It’s been great to go thru covid watching all your videos, castledines, hallmans and even baby billy. Truth be told, Billy is the hidden gem.

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        His other two Eastern Opens were top 10’s.

      2. J Tee

        I missed something, Scott finished like 46th, how did he qualify for the Elites if he got no points the last two tournaments?

      3. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Billy is a hidden gem. We have a few tricks up our sleeves for 2021! Thanks for watching so far.

    23. Jacob Wills

      Another good video Bud. To bad yall weren't fishing a crappie tournament. Those were some slabs. 😯

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        They were some big ones no doubt!

    24. Dustin Halstead

      You not gonna be in a bass cat next year?

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        I’ll be in a Bass Cat for sure.

    25. Jack Stein

      I really enjoyed the school of crappie you landed on! Nice! You had quite a bit of action on day 1.

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        It was a fun day, just bass didn’t cooperate like I wanted them to.

    26. Marsh Mud

      I hope the gang hits all the Opens again next year. Really enjoyed following ya'll this year. It may have been a rough year for ya'll in the boat but I could tell it was fun as heck!

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        It was a good time, fishing sucked, but that’s just how it goes sometimes!

    27. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      I love spots. My favorite bass by far. My life long dream is to catch a 4-5 lb spot that will be a KS state record. Guys got to have dreams! Like the bassmaster classic baby! Pulled for you guys big time

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Thanks buddy. There are a bunch of them in Georgia and Alabama. Smith Lake, Lanier, Lay Lake, just to name a few.

    28. marksworld13

      Thanks for bringing us along Andrew, can't wait for day 2! That drone footage of the boats was sick, a boat ballet lol

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Thanks a ton. It should be a lot of fun!

    29. Brad D

      Congrats to Valerie and your family, awesome Family

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Thanks buddy!

    30. Jamie Johnson

      How deep were the crappie?

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        I was reeling a 3/8th ounce Jighead with a 2.75” Rage Swimmer on 8lb test. It stays on the bottom extremely well.

      2. J Tee

        @Andrew Upshaw Fishing I couldn't tell you were going that deep from watching the video, I'm surprised.

      3. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Thanks! The crappie were between 15-20ft

    31. Jamie Johnson

      Great video, too many ads!

    32. viperdocf16

      Dude you should be entered in the Crappy Tournament. What’s your secret?

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Right? Idk. LiveScope shows you everything.

    33. Brent Shimanek

      You were on the crappie pattern!

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        No doubt! Caught some slabs last week

    34. Tim Johnson

      Enjoyed it, thanks again for making these!

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Thanks for watching!

    35. Mike Waara

      "Todd, did you bring your whole house?" Exactly what I was thinking 🤣 Hang in there Andrew, youre time is coming. Good video.

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Right? 😂 thanks I hope you’re right

    36. Aaron Carr

      Man no matter where you go, if you stay with the opens or go back to flw you have a gifted talent of fishing. I'm always a life long fan and hopefully soon ill get to fish against you!

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Thanks a ton Aaron. Appreciate the support

    37. Cody Thompson

      Hope you, Bradley and Todd continue traveling together next year on the opens!

      1. Rogbass

        @Andrew Upshaw Fishing that’s exactly what I wanted to hear man. So looking forward to embarrassing you guys in fantasy league. Lol. But honestly. I’m just getting back into bass fishing after many years doing Billfish tourneys. Learning so much from you and Todd and I’ve learned a lot more than bass techniques from Hallman. You all are cool people. Thank you for opening up a whole new world to what goes on behind the scenes. It’s great. Happy Holidays God Bless.

      2. Jason Toth

        Npfl baby

      3. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        We plan on it🤜

    38. Rogbass

      Fall fishing is rough. No wonder I don’t catch any hardly. Lol. Interested in your plans for next season. Meantime happy holidays to you and yours. Thanks for the bass fishing education this fall. Great stuff brother. ..

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        For sure! I’ll be releasing something soon

    39. Martin Allison

      Tad have a body in that bag??? 😆 Keep on chunkin' and windin', you're going to get there. No doubt in my mind.

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing


    40. Art Scott

      never caught crappie close to that , huge

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        I caught some big ones!

    41. jeff willis

      Really enjoy watching you fish . Great video all of them.

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Thanks for watching!

    42. Terry Triton22

      Your a class act, when its meant to be it will happen. Keep digging, Count your blessings, Hold your head up.

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        Thanks for watching Terry!