First Take analyzes Deion Sanders' coaching debut and the incident involving stolen items

ESPN College Football

17 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    Watch Part 1:
    Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman weigh in on Deion Sanders saying personal items were stolen during his coaching debut as Jackson State won 53-0.
    0:00 Max Kellerman weighs in on Deion Sanders' coaching debut at Jackson State.
    0:54 Max reacts to the incident involving Sanders' personal items.
    2:27 Stephen A. Smith shares his thoughts about the situation.
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    1. Tt Oo

      STEPHEN A GTFOH! HBCU’s always sugar coating and blaming everything else about why they not up to par. It’s the TRUTH and you want them to hide it.

    2. Omar Hakeem

      I want Jackson State baseball cap & & jacket because of Deion Sanders. The most beautiful & intelligent girl I’ve ever seen came from Jackson Mississippi.

    3. Michael Davis

      SA know Sanders lying again, want the pub

    4. yeezmanual bot time

      The receptive plane interestedly count because blanket hisologically fax versus a cool persian. melted, frequent trigonometry

    5. OHiWONder Gaming

      I agree with Max 100%. I understand Stephen A’s point, but there’s nothing wrong with putting the world on notice that this type of behavior isn’t accepted nor will be tolerated. He’s holding everyone accountable by letting them know they have to step their game up. No one should’ve even been allowed to get into the locker room. To SAS point, those that will negatively criticize HBCUs for this incident will always find an excuse to do so. Should we mention the horrible scandals that have occurred at the top programs in the nation? Those incidences were far more egregious.

    6. Chief 90

      I'm sure Deion was angry. Sometimes when, your angry your emotions are going to take over. I and nobody else can tell a person how to feel or what and when to say it when, their credit cards, phone that has personal information on it has been stolen. I don't blame Deion one bit. Now with this crime goes on everywhere? When, have you've ever heard this going on at the bigger Schools Steven A. Smith? They have security standing at theocker rooms and nobody can enter. I attended an HBCU, My brother attended an HBCU, I had cousins attend and graduate from HBCUs. I will tell you this, at the white Schools we were treated better and we felt safe. Nobody could walk in a locker room unless someone on the team or a faculty in Athletics escorted you in.

    7. Mark English

      Yeah. I think Stephen A.(as he has been on several occasions)is off on this one. In all the college athletic(Penn St., Ohio St. etc...)Scandals that we have seen over the years, it's almost always the COVER-UP more so than the actual transgressions, that are the most aggregious. I applaud Coach Prime for bring that SUNLIGHT Disinfectant to the situation.

    8. Allen Bozeman

      Stephen A was right, Coach Prime overreacted and shouldn't have missed the opportunity to shine the light on what happened on the field that day. Max's spin was a stretch.

    9. C T78

      Stephen A is basically saying about prime time is to just shut up and coach.

    10. IMO

      *Is this spring football?*

      1. Tony Carter

        It's a makeup for the fall

      2. Paul Jones


    11. Lvplack Bussy

      They stole everything that wasn't nailed down....welcome to the hood Deion.

      1. Tt Oo

        That’s why you don’t come back. Then the hood cries nobody cares. This is why

      2. Paul Jones

        Welcome back

    12. John Newton

      Dieon trolling

    13. Jacqueline Perry

      It appears someone at the schools administration is saying the items were moved to keep them from being stolen but if you messing with a man personal items you need to tell him prior no one want you messing with there personal items without there permission and prime has every right to be angry i thing school are officials have become envy of prime time and not showing the live they need to show they knew what they were getting when they hired the man prime time that who he is period live it or leave it.

    14. Christopher Stevens

      Deon Sanders is the Greatest NFL Player Of All Time. Period.

      1. Cole Brand

        @MicaihGoKrazyy that doesn’t make someone the best of all nfl players

      2. MicaihGoKrazyy

        @Cole Brand wym he could play any position in the NFL

      3. Logan Black

        @Cole Brand Prime Time Greatest All-time hands down

      4. Cole Brand

        You are stoned

    15. Felix Nuckley

      Hope they televised some games on TV I would watch. Great to have collage football played in the spring and summer

    16. Torian Moore

      If they caught them stealing, why aren’t they arrested? Deion is a lying narcissist

      1. Justin Blevins

        Maybe cause sometimes you give a hungry kid a break? Deion is def a narcissist but it’s Jackson, Miss. No hate but this isn’t even the first incident since he’s been on campus.

    17. G. The Godfather

      I totally agree with Deion and Max! You can't change, what you do not expose and confront! great Job Prime!

      1. Tt Oo


    18. Slend33

      Deion sanders playing on Franchise Mode.

    19. Johnny Doe

      Hbcu always have problems. I wonder why.., I think I believe why

    20. Cameron Jones

      Wait how is jsu playing right now , are they not going to be able to play power 5 schools

      1. Top5NoQuestions

        They postponed the 2020 Fall season to now. Just pretend this is the 2020 Fall season. They are still playing 2021 Fall season. Only FBS team they have on schedule this year is University of Louisiana Monroe who sucks and JSU may beat them. If they play a P5 in the near future it will likely be Mississippi State, Ole Miss, USM, or Memphis. Mississippi State beat us bad last time so I would like to play them again. That's when they had Dak. I think they beat us 56-7.

    21. Devin Casila

      Why Steven A hair looks green?

      1. Nathan LunchBox Rogers

        Green screen

    22. The Big Dog of CFB

      I didn't expect anything different from prime

    23. Mihailo Jovic


    24. MaddenMobile sansdm


    25. Baby Tiger