Dave Grohl for FreshPotix | It Works (kinda)

Foo Fighters

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    Consult your doctor before taking FRESHPOTIX.
    Side effects may include, but not limited to:
    Severe Monkey Peen
    Violent Fits of Rage Towards Left-Handed People
    Extra Toe
    Urge to Found Your Own Colony
    Bald Ass
    Cyrusvirus (your voice changes to that of Billy Ray or Miley)
    Stomach Tail
    Peptic Waltzing
    Stool Entirely Made of Corn (Just a Cob)
    Oxford Commas
    Weeping Taint
    Nose Chickens
    Uncontrollable Tattling
    Back Fro
    Plaid Lung
    Acid Washed Jeans
    (Break out of Chistmas Tree Tinsel on Balls)
    Pauly Shore
    Visit www.freshpotix.com/ for more.
    How do you know if you have a problem? Watch: kgup.info/get/l5-YdKjNeJqAe4s/video

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    1. Chuck Jordan

      do "Milk-of-Amnesia" next.

    2. Aldo Gutierrez

      FRESH POT!!!!!

    3. Cade Ratliff


    4. Q Recordings

      Tinselscrote 🤣

    5. Mike Dutill

      I love coffie !

    6. Zed

      damn, i could go a coffee right about now.... FRESH POT!

    7. jarrett finney

      Who else does this shit? Lol

    8. Shyla Loral

      Best sequel ever, we love you, Dave!

    9. Jason Thomas

      "Oxford commas" - haha

    10. Arthur Ace

      I am left handed I will be sure to avoid Dave Grohl now lol

    11. Ratatosk

      I have no malarkey side effects

    12. jackusflackus1

      Lmfao. I love this kind of humor. Well done

    13. Jason Miller

      Pauly Shore is a side-effect 😂

    14. Eric Black

      Dave your a f-ing genius, fresh pots forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. NintendoCapriSun

      Pot Bottom. Oh, trust me, I've been there.

      1. Tangorey Delta

        I feel a rocky mountain low

      2. Jason Miller

        I hit pot bottom every morning:(

    16. Maria Aguilera

      I can't stop laughing when she says bald ass and part is happy and I already know he was happy because he came back and the the narrator lady says pauly shore

      1. Maria Aguilera

        Just imagine he puts the coffee beans on a spoon and lights it and injects it.

    17. Doom Device

      I made nearly this exact video idea 4 years ago. If you don't believe me watch this. The similarities are insane. kgup.info/get/hmyEk6GzaJ-Ih2Y/video

    18. Top Shelf Sean

      id buy it

    19. bishop56

      the music is so on point

    20. Curtis Fletcher

      This was the funniest thing ever I loved when he was rolling coffee in a joint.

    21. Scotty Peacock


    22. Say Hello Harvey

      WTF 😂😂😂😂

    23. chas ames

      "We can all sleep easy at night knowing that somewhere at any given time, the Foo Fighters are out there fighting Foo."

    24. Kyler Mellen

      " Pauly Shore "

    25. billyblackburn87

      Have you got a link where buy them? I can't seem to buy this

    26. Eric


      1. Just Another Rockstar

        Actually there's three

    27. Becca O


    28. Alonso Casusol


    29. Kai Berberich

      Waiting 10 years to add to the gag - effing priceless ... Thankyou Dave and gang - you guys rock !!

    30. jamlaw

      I love Dave G's sense of humor from those old music videos and this just confirms my suspicion that he is an awesome person.

    31. Haxwell Eddison

      Hearing the advertiser voice utter "Severe Monkey Peen" actually killed me.

    32. Roo&Doo

      Uncontrollable tattling is my favorite. 😆

    33. Alex LaJeunesse

      Fresh POTS!!!!!!

    34. Mike Davis

      Can't wait to see y'all on SNL hope we're gonna hear a new song tonight along with times like these

    35. Traci Sims

      I love Dave Grohl!

    36. uh 0h st1nky

      Now THIS is art

    37. Alex S

      Yo dibs on all those band names

    38. Mr. Shark

      Haha, Dave.. you are a national treasure!

    39. Grzesiek 41st

      Still in shape :D

    40. Mx 64

      I want this new products because I don't want to get Cyrusvirus


      Dave is a great role model for kids

    42. Baron Anastis

      Haven't laughed so hard in 2020! Thank you

    43. hirobertobaggio

      i like them

    44. Marcus Amyotte

      Ahahahahaha fucking love Dave!!!

    45. GlacierRockShinobi

      I could really use FreshPotix to help me make it through NNN.

    46. Doug Green

      " severe monkey peen " hahaha wtf ? Whatever it is , I don't want it.

    47. Whisker Biscuit


    48. Brett Dillon

      I'm my Lord! No way! I haven't laughed so hard in so long!

    49. HealthPaks

      Tried using it until I got Pauly Shore... just... not for me unfortunately...

    50. badgerbadger_badger Poppy?

      My left-handed ass is watching this while drinking much needed coffee. What's wrong with me!!! Send help!!! lmao

    51. Yamin Thein

      Covid-19 quarantines are strange times. KGup showed this to me for no reason at all.

    52. Peace Maker

      What the hell did I just watched? :D

    53. Chris N.


    54. Chris Norris

      'Weeping taint' is one of the worst phrases I've ever read.

    55. jay blair

      NO DEALS Q

    56. Jules Martin

      Fresh Pots video saved my life once. It´s time to return the favour!!!!

    57. Joanne Wootton

      Awesome 👍

    58. JunkBoxHero


    59. kenpachi421

      Hahahhahahahahahhaaaa I love you Dave!! Funniest shit I've ever seen. I have to show this to my sister she drinks coffee everyday

    60. john smith

      Get a real addiction !

    61. Elizabeth Lavender

      I fucking love this . Made my day thank you save and the band I love yall, guess I'm getting potix

    62. Steve

      God Dave needs to get into skit making more this is great. Chapelle would be proud.

    63. AssShaker Studios

      LMFAO!!! This is fucking AWESOME! My Exact humor and everyone thinks I'm an asshole! It's just fucking funny wtf! Hahahahaha

    64. Fábio C

      Huahuahu love this guy!

    65. The Don DeLuxe

      Wouldn't mind a bald ass, but I don't like the sound of acid wash jeans.

    66. Pain

      I have a question for you Sir Dave Grohl, in name of all people: what?

    67. BatCountry


    68. The Boyos

      "severe monkey peen" god I fucking love you guys

    69. gelloyangster yang

      i've missed sir Pat Smear

    70. Rafael Pereira


    71. kolciak xK


    72. Randy L

      As I take my Morning Methadone dose I came across this.lol

    73. Ive Cavalcante

      Just love how they can be soooo much fun!! :)

    74. Richard Jones

      You may all laugh but nose chickens is a very serious condition indeed. Billions of dollars are spent each year on trying to find a cure for this debilitating disorder. #fightagainstnosechickens

    75. Luis Amaya

      I don't need that to cure my coffee addiction, im so poor than i cannot buy coffee

    76. Kay Gee

      Who wrote this? Fantastic.

    77. Bianca Silva

      Não tomem café crianças.

    78. Blake Potter

      Weeping taint.

    79. Eduardo Macedo


    80. Kelly Smith Icky Twerp

      You hacking on my coffee drinking Dave? 😉.... Meanie.... LOL

    81. Atirus

      10 years ago...FRESH POTS!!!! -> kgup.info/get/l5-YdKjNeJqAe4s/video&ab_channel=themcrookedvultures

    82. nieooj gotoy

      “Cyrusvirus: Your voice changes to that of Billy Ray or Miley”

    83. 0 0

      So when God was giving out shit. Dave got the good shit.

    84. Alessandra Martins

      Extra toe omg

    85. Abraham Tellez

      Echola. Hahaha

    86. Maia Gomez

      This is why they are my favorite band

    87. Trenton Quarantino

      I came for the Oxford Comma.

    88. Giulio Rosa

      Italian National Anthem of Coffee kgup.info/get/hX54ZXu3aGSDq24/video

    89. Tom Grant

      Something tells me the X in FRESHPOTIX is a hint towards the new album

    90. Carey R

      you forgot "Popozao" as a side effect

    91. Carey R

      I love you so much thank you for this. #weepingtaint

    92. bloodboughtsaint777

      My Dude!!! Too funny!!!

    93. Ryan Austin

      Lmfao ... "a whole cob "

    94. John 4.5

      Remember when more people thought Foo Fighters comedy was funny?

    95. ꧁Dɪxɪᴇ̄Fɪx꧂ツ


    96. Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams

      me: how do you make something SO important? dave: like a stained crackhead on a bender babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    97. Mustard Pikachu

      Bald ass, that is all I need

    98. Ryan Urquhart

      It made my day

    99. Jennifer Wilson

      Hey, I'm left handed

    100. Heins Dasein

      Big me 2.0