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    Everyone is catching GIANT Bass on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes and I am trying to put my self in position for the victory with a couple of BIG bass that are hidden deep in the grass. This is video 3 of the TOHO Series and it shows everything I did for Tournament competition days one and two.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Hey y’all..please do me a huge Solid..SHARE this video out to some of your fishing friends. Thank you for Subscribing to my Channel. Also be sure to tag me on IG wearing your SMC Hats..🤙🏻

      1. Taraq Edwards

        remember me I was in the ranger shirt

      2. Chaze Seymour

        No problem

      3. Deerslyr81

        John Smitty I’m old what does this mean lol??? 💁‍♂️

      4. John Smitty

        @Deerslyr81 1+@/pp

      5. Toni Olguin

        Can anybody tell me the name of the song that starts at 14:07 ish..? I really need to know...

    2. nick h

      Going back an watching old videos until the hard drive is fixed....but Andrew is a lot nicer than me. If that guy did me like that they’d have to surgically remove a 1 oz tungsten from his forehead

    3. Ovais Malik

      Bent/broken guides @ 23:03

    4. Can’t Stop

      What song it that for mid weigh in?????

    5. Duffer Dude

      Courtesy Lunkers

    6. UnderDogOutfitters 843

      Dude what's that sound stack

    7. JAR Jar

      I just had a tournament at the same marina

    8. Dennis Hayden

      Scott do you put any addittives in your live well to keep the fish in good health? Thank you for your time.I just fished the Sherwin Williams tournament at your moms place our guide was Tim Loftist

    9. Daniel Rieth

      14:43 ayyyy it's Brian Latimer

    10. Nomadic Africa

      Watch Scott Martin fish is super inspiring.

    11. Joy Graves

      Nice bag!

    12. dylan fournet

      @22:46 Andrew holding in a big dookie

    13. William Pigg

      Scott, your the Anchor Man of your youtube channel and vids! But you know especially it takes a team to put the highest quality of vids you do on You Tube. The shots of your boat flying through the water along with the music gives me goose bumps! I grew up watching your dad and now being able to watch you both is epic! There really should be a movie made about your family starting with your dad growing up in MD, up till now showing the world class fisherman you are. I'd love to know the details. Keep it going!

    14. Drake Aamold

      God is good

    15. Texan Football Houston

      So dam cool

    16. B&B RV & Autos

      man.. used to watch this channel with my son bc it was clean. now guys dropping curse words. not that i'm perfect and without sin, but my son really doesn't like it. goodbye SMC :(

    17. gankenstien777

      9lb fish got him hyped nice fish Scott!

    18. David Maplesden

      I sure hope that guy was someone Andrew knew that blasted him with water when he cut him off!!! Extremely dangerous

    19. Crankin’ With Carter

      Andrew has all the same white reels

    20. Cameron Lucas

      Bitters represent!

    21. Cam Hester

      I'm a life long fan of your dad , I'm really glad i found and subscribed to your channel you always keep it real and fun to watch , I've learned a great deal more about fishing from your vids I thought i was pretty good but always have more to learn , thanks for all the videos

    22. Joshua McManis

      How does the bag work like y’all just throw the fish in there and after the weigh in y’all put them back? Is there water in the bag

    23. Nate Lakey

      I personally know Tom

    24. Jhett Wells

      What kind of boat is that

    25. April Gano

      You know you got a good bag when your going that slow to another location

    26. Drew V

      Really beautiful area you were fishing. Really nice fish too. Nice vid

    27. Wiley Sanders

      What a good game

    28. Mike Hoefer

      If you put the spawning pairs in your well to weigh in, do you take them right back to where they were?

    29. Eric Hodges

      You need to get in touch with Stephen sharpe out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He is the best unrecognized bass fisherman in the southeast. Get the boy a sponsor.

    30. Halo Halo

      9min Upshaw should be disqualified from the tour for life

    31. Sophisticated Fishing

      Bro you couldve won that tournament but they had you talk to much

    32. michele artioli

      amazing video great angler

    33. Jeremy Whitman

      Right at the start of the fishing he says " day one of the FLW tour... oops...HAHAHA!

      1. Szyslak

        This was last year.

    34. Kenny Bristow

      Great language Boyscout

    35. joe culler

      that the crystal clear area by browns?

    36. Todd Cooper

      Throwing Pennacle

    37. Daniel Was Taken

      Rod info plzz

    38. Greg Mummert

      Love watching your videos man. Especially with mr roland and mr Jimmy. I grew up watching all those guys even hank parker. Love the videos keep up the good work

    39. Jacob Wolfe Fishing

      why does Redington take his hand off the reel everytime he sets the hook on them?

    40. Chris gone Fishing

      THE B-ROLL THO!!!

    41. MrEricdgreat

      Scott your such a cool mo-fo hope to fish with you one day bro thanks from Dallas Texas 🎣👍🏽

    42. Daniel Was Taken

      Your hook set is so satisfying

    43. Fishing with Steve D

      Great video, yes blessed indeed Scotty. Check out our Australian bass video's guy's.

    44. Braden Trocolli

      Where is lake toho 😀 every one had studs

    45. Cristiano Sterrelo

      Can someone please tell what the silver/chrome colored reel is that hes using?

      1. Scott Martin


    46. Cristiano Sterrelo

      Whats the silver reel youre using Scott? In your video description link it takes me to a black and blue okuma reel which obviously isn't the same one.

    47. Dbars19

      holy cow. when you say u didnt see a opportunity to catch fish sight fishing, but then go fishing somewhere where you can shake hands with the next boat. what in the world made you make that choice?

    48. Meej Vaj

      Nice Bad Words about Bass fishing scott Martin keep it up

    49. Caleb Bergeron

      When the the rush hits it’s a 10 then u come down to 7 haha

    50. Mallardhunter Hunter

      Glad to hear you give God the glory! Keep on fishing.

    51. Anthony Withem

      Man I grew up in the 80s and 90s watching your dad with my dad and hitting the lake hard with my dad,I miss those days,we didn't have much back then but we went fishing all the time mostly for dinner,Love your channel,God is so good you are truly a blessed man

    52. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks iii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama Trey Hicks

    53. AK Suited

      I love the way he says tactical. makes me laugh everytime haha🤣

    54. Tony Bornfleth

      Seems like them fish would die after being in the bags for so long. Think they use diff bags anyway i always wonder.

    55. Smiles Blake

      Why would they kill those beutiful fish thanks alot

    56. Marvin Marvin

      Lol Tom "is that a pike" said no one ever in FL

    57. Lopez and Cars

      Song @ 2:40?

    58. Kyle Price

      I've caught a 10 my dad has pics I'm only 12

    59. Guitar Junkie

      Hey Scott I just Fish small local tournaments and I’ve learned so much from watching your videos it made me a better tournament fisherman so thank you 🙏 for that, love the channel 👍

    60. The Awkward Outdoorsman

      Awesome fish Scott!

    61. slathamj

      What is the name of the song that plays from like 14:30 to 15:45. The one playing right before the day 1 weigh in?

    62. Nigel Walton

      New sub from New Zealand. Loving the action man. You got style my dude.

    63. Stephen Bowen

      Ain’t nobody wanting to see Andrew on your page. 👌

    64. Stephen Bowen

      Scott is my fav angler. He makes fishing fun. He even recognizes the Lord. My dawg. Maybe one day we can launch together.... 🤷‍♂️. I’m near Palm Bay, Florida

    65. nealkinevil

      Great show! Thanks for posting.

    66. Rob D

      wonder how many times hes said DUDE in his life lol

    67. Landon Markles

      What reel is Scott using it looks like a shimano

    68. Bradley Pierce

      A 9 pounder this slide where I live is a normal size bass

    69. marc k

      Yeah baby 3rd not bad keep it up man awesome bag

    70. Emil Mozaffari

      When catching fish that are spawning, the eggs they’ve laid are then going to be wasted. True?

    71. Stanford 52

      13:15. Your welcome

      1. quinn saunders

        Always look for these comments 😂

    72. Draycen Robertson

      Can’t trust a guy that wears shoes on a boat

    73. Liqin Ketchup

      March break is coming Scott! I’m heading down to Florida to bang bang your fishes bro!

    74. king kr8

      i love scott martin ...but why do everyone gatta say man i love this rod whenever they change lol....make me go out and buy stuff they gonna stop using lol

    75. TOXIC_WOLF

      That looks relaxing

    76. Lorenzo Jones-Raston

      Brandon has the best job ever. I need it when he goes on vacation.

    77. J P

      Scott, amber or gray colored lenses on those shades in this vid?

    78. DCD 1972

      Wait when you're taking off in the drone footage you can see the rear of your boat in there is a fountain of water shooting out of the live well. What is that? Scott Martin water feature... ? It's on the left hand side right as you punch it.

    79. Rodney's Fishing Adventure

      Epic !!!!!!

    80. Forrest Outdoors

      Very informative, very cool, sub your way, have a great season from Forrest Outdoors. Check us out when you have time.

    81. Red Flame

      I see you Use that Shimano reel they are the best

      1. Scott Martin

        I like them

    82. mike raible

      Scott you have the best job in the world oh. You get to fish every and any day of your life. I wish I could do the same.

    83. lance reardon

      Brandon was burnin one down

    84. Dave Marty

      Sunblock, dude. Sunblock.

    85. Will Perryman

      Scott I watched the WeighIn everyday and then LiveStream , Man this is Great ,Best Of Luck On Seminole 👍🎣🎣👍

    86. Boston Terrier

      Min 6:40

    87. Fishing with Thad

      The dude that cut off Andrew needs to be told to watch where he is going!

    88. Mike Young

      Way to go FLA Keep it up

    89. Bonnau Fishing

      I bet your Marshal Steve got some great tips and knowledge watching you catch those 2 big ones.. Wonder how his tournament went for him? Also wonder how long before he was in Bass Pro buying up some of those baits you were using..

    90. Toni Olguin

      Does anybody know the song that starts at 14:07 ish? I need to know! Love it!

    91. hillary clinton

      0:42 my lid is tight too

    92. JDS Life

      When we getting the grey hats back at the smc store?

    93. Trevor Morgan

      Haha the Boy scout said "Holy Shit" I died laughing

      1. Scott Martin


    94. Brandon Burker

      I saw those Strike King Lures😉. We all know they're the best!

      1. Brandon Burker

        At 13.43 when u raise ur lid is some Strike King Lures?????

      2. Scott Martin

        Nope no SK here!

    95. SKITZO 23

      I was watching through my fingers cuz I had my hand over my face hoping you didn’t lose that big girl lol

    96. Diverse fisherman

      Dude I want to see you win one this year scott! I also want to see your dad win another bass tournament too! Be praying for you man keep working hard!

    97. Bassassin

      Dude, wear a face mask

    98. Bassassin

      MLF>>>>> They actually require their anglers to treat the bass with respect. No letting them smash onto the deck of the boat.

    99. Chue Chang

      What the hell...? I thought this guy was sponsored by Okuma. Maybe I am mistaken but the reels in the video look like Shimano to me.

    100. MJY fishing

      Lol Tom said holy shit!