Breaking Down a TOUGH Fishery - Tennessee River Bassmaster Practice -Unfinished Family Business Ep 8

Scott Martin

96 миӊ. көрүүлөр9

    Most informative practice video EVER! I have to figure out this cold and muddy fishery. Bassmaster Elite Series Stop #2 on the Tennessee River in Knoxville, TN starts now!

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    1. Scott Martin

      This place was fishing super tough! Hopefully y’all learn something from how I practice on a tough fishery. The tournament videos will be out very soon!

      1. home juntly

        Go ahead n slam ur troll motor every now n then! U know, test it out

      2. JT Lynn

        First of all we grew up watching your Father and he is a HUGE PART of my love for fishing and the outdoors in general! My family and I watched Roland and Bill every Saturday morning When mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer we ALWAYS watched your channel to make her chemo pass by the best it could . You kept my kon smiling up until she passed Easter Sunday 2020😢❤🙏🏻 Wr didnt win a giveaway like she wanted me to( lol she would get so excited) but honestly the smiles YOU brought her during the tuffest time in her life ARE PRICELESS! GOD BLESS you and the Googan Squad for bringing her peace. Maybe one day I can meet you and shake your hand and say THANK YOU! I will win a giveaway it had been written ! Lmao Glad to see you in mo BACKYARD and fishing the places I grew up fishing and Impersonating your 🐐daddy! Lol💯😂🧡 God bless yall and tight lines brother! Live to heat from you

      3. Bobby Locke

        @simmy213 explain ???

      4. Ryon Wilson

        Channel The Hack for your big green start your day wackin brownies ,once the sun is up catch a muddy water greeny

    2. Lurloc

      Im glad someone else has this much trouble on the TN lakes. Boone and Watauga lake give me fits. Good stuff as usual!

    3. Mark Webb

      This is where I live

    4. Matthew DeLorme

      Scott, I can't help but notice that when reeling in a fish, you always push the spool release on your baitcasting reel. What is the tactic there?

    5. Bryson Hamilton

      The editing game is amazing one of the best in this side of youtube

    6. Ty McCaskey

      As a Tennessee native I apologize for our lack of good fisheries lol

    7. home juntly

      In the heartland and can’t mention the greatest to ever do this shit!!???? Bloopers n all!??? Y didn’t yall give my boy Dance a shoutie!??

    8. Mark Schwieterman

      Spinnerbait's are good for cold water also jigs and chatterbaits

    9. Tyler Hurney

      The intro to this video is insane!!! Crazy what someone can do with a camera and some editing skills.

    10. Ethan Aschenbrenner

      Amazing how you’re always so positive. Has to help you out on the water and your decision making.

    11. zayasx The fishermans way

      I believe in you!!! Put Jesus first and he will bring that trophy home for u ! In Jesus name !!!

    12. Rogbass

      Great vid. What a great season this will be.

    13. john gates

      I know I'm late to watching this video in a know that it's cost you a lot of money but one little advice I would give is have fun

    14. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      Let's get it done for Roland

    15. Clinton M

      You put a lot into these videos. Cable TV like production. Nice.

    16. Joseph Stephens

      Ice fishing rocks

    17. Adam Ryan

      You're a legend man!!

    18. Adrian Cullingworth

      Tough going but enjoyed it nevertheless 👍

    19. Michael Cuppy

      I really enjoy listening to you and the guys break down a lake and the fishing conditions. It helps me understand different conditions on my own lake. Keep them coming.

    20. MrAlsup

      Great video. Scott

    21. Jerry C

      Ft. Loudon/Tellico....the absolute WORST lakes on the entire Tennessee River system.

      1. Dustin Jones

        I heard the same thing for years

    22. TheCriminalViolin

      No experience fishing for bass at any relevant level, certainly not outside of my home state of Oregon, but in all the years I've watched this category of content both on TV and here on the tube, something deep in me watching the completion of that day says confidently "Chartreuse & Black and Blue & Black Jigs" would be the thing I'd give a quality go day one, despite the fact it's now the first day of the tournament and no longer practice time. And it might not match the water quality, but something just tells me that's what I'd need to try. All of that said though, I hope you kill it on the tourney trail, and win that trophy, Scott! Growing up your dad was who got me so into fishing and watching bass fishing in general. Would LOVE to see redemption finally be had for you all!

    23. Larry Warfield

      You have the coolest wraps for both your truck and boat. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Keep going dude the classic win is coming

    24. Tinus Venter

      Come for a fishing trip in Namibia...I specialise in Rock and surf angling. So can take you for shark angling and other Atlantic species and then from my place to the almighty kavongo and zambezi river for some tiger fishing!

    25. Charles Tusin

      Great video. No need to apologize for a lack of catches. I think seeing the pyschology of a tough practice is so interesting. That's what, in my opinion, separates a pro from a recreational fisherman. Trying to come up with a strategy after a tough practice must be so difficult. But, in hindsight, you were able to put a successful plan together that at least got you to say three. That's a great plan. I'm sorry you didn't get into the top ten, but I feel you are really hitting your stride and good things are on the horizon!! I will be here watching and cheering next week to see you kick bass again!! # teammartin # scottmartinchallenge # firstfamilyofbass #unfinishedfamilybusiness

    26. Charles Tusin

      It looks like you need to strap some hot hands on your mountain dew and coke at the beginning of this video.

    27. Oklahoma Territory

      Awesome practice vid! What was Scott using to spool up his reel? Something was holding his spool of Flouro and I gotta have it! Spooling up on the fly can be such a hassle, but he has something figured out! TeamSMC all the way!

    28. Tyler Haynes

      What reel was he using

    29. Just fishin Just livin

      That dude might want to find a new group of guys to room with lol cause he either needs to chill and laugh along when pranks happen, or it’s going to be a long a season for him lol

    30. A-Rizky

      👍👍👍 T O P


      Rip that shad 😂

    32. tony m

      Tellico sucks I live here fort Loudon and we Milton Hill is alot better

    33. Sheldon_Neville_Fishing

      yeah people go crazy for ice fishing here in iowa and really the upper midwest

    34. connor krupp

      scott ypu should come up to Wisconsin second weekend of February to spear sturgeon on lake winnebago

    35. Chris Marcontell

      Outstanding!! You can do it , Scott!! Good luck !!

    36. Caleb Brown

      I live 20 minutes from that lake it’s a pretty tuff lake to fish but when you catch one it’s normally big!

    37. Daniel Johnson

      Liked it for the swagger tungsten hoodie

    38. marc k

      This is your year man to kick some bass and win the bassmaster classic this is redemption. I pray you win couple of these Tournaments and to compete in the classic man.

    39. Ray Bland

      Get it man ...Love you, I know you can do it ..Always loved Roland too ...Hillary Martin will be the first woman to win the Classic too ...

    40. Kevin Kissel

      “Over 50 years ago my dad the biggest mistake of his life.. then I was born”- Scott Martin

    41. DK-Bassing

      Great video. This style is awesome because it makes me feel like I’m part of the group! It’s also very cool to see how you analyze what’s happening to make adjustments.

    42. SuperDaveswanny

      Hey Scott! Huge fan brother! Can you do a video on fishing knots, that you use for your different baits! Appreciate it! Love the channel👍🏻🎣

    43. Will Robinson

      In the intro to the river the word Knoxville is spelled wrong

    44. Brandon Palmer

      Where ya hiding all those camo pattern lids you're wearing?!

    45. Corry Locke

      RIP Glenn Browne, He made Ocala proud!

    46. Ralph Miller

      at 7:07 Knoxville is spelled wrong

    47. Scott Frost

      Truly the best into of all intro’s and you you ain’t pullin for Scott Martin then you ain’t got a pulse! Get em son!

    48. Sheepdog812

      The screaming goat edit got me again. Almost spit coffee all over my desk LOL

    49. Aj Settle

      Any one notice the frozen drinks

    50. Jed Steelwell

      This is the kind of lake a local guy wins

    51. Ryder Tucker

      Can u do a video on why u left ranger

    52. Stephen latimer

      scott i never realized how accomplished dad martin is as a bass angler until now, wow top shelf🤜🤛. mischief tv starring jacob and macoy, more is gud🍺🍺. its only a matter of time scott until it happens🐟🐟. cheers from australia.

    53. Computer Guy

      Not sure whos better...Martin Film Crew or Baltimore Ravens Film Crew. Hmmm, tough call. Great job, Scotty. God keep you safe out there.

    54. D Miller

      When he said paint the stripers green or brown I laughed so hard

    55. I Don't Know Fishing

      5:00 your soda is frozen.

    56. Hank Xiong

      Spinner worm and Billy seems so long ago. The good ole days🥲

    57. Doskiie

      Woah, didn't realize i need to pop some popcorn for this one ! BRB

    58. Branson Chriscoe

      Those edits were 🔥 on the intro

    59. Heath McDaniel

      There still being videos edited wondering how ya finished I'm a local guy here so just wondering

    60. Cranking with Carter

      i wish i could come out and just practice but i don't have a boat.

    61. Chef Van Zandt

      What a intro!!!!!

    62. Ryon Wilson

      Its totally about catching a bunch

    63. Darin Faux

      The apple don't fall far from the tree that's a fact.

    64. Ironworkerjoe Williams

      Good luck in Alabama. Love the intro pulling for you to bring one home

    65. Living the Dream

      Thanks for signing my daughters hat she loves your videos

    66. Rogbass

      Yea Scott I’m watching this for third time. I believe this is a special video that every fan of yours and your Pops should watch with diligence. You two anglers changed bass fishing. Changed tourney fishing. Your both making better people out of the anglers who follow you two. I’m honored and thrilled when you respond. Just knowing how busy you are makes the responses ever so special to me. Scott you picked up where Roland left off. You have brought so much success to other pro anglers with your social media presence. Teaching them to capitalize on it as well. One of the most unselfish acts I’ve seen from any professional athlete. WE APPRECIATE YOU SCOTT MARTIN.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you sooo much! 🙏🏼

    67. TheSwackster

      Did you have very many bites on the fire craw colors. Rattle trap or flat side or the DT-6 ?

    68. K.C.

      Scott, when you came down the stairs at the start of day 3, faked hitting your head & started talking you sounded just like Hillary- or I should say she sounds a lot like you did for about 10 seconds!

    69. Backwoods Creek Fishing

      Love the videos FREAKING AWESOME!!! By the way I felt that intro holy smokes 🎣🎣🎣

    70. Vent James

      Hey buddy i used to catch bass on the river with white super fluke green rattle trap and buzzbait and blueberry trick worm and pumpkin seed bill norman crankbait caught some 6 pounders one day caught 4. Six pounders

    71. Chad Dorma

      Awesome Vid Scott. It’s not always about the fish catches. Your Vids, you can learn from your determination. the devotion you have for fishing. And in this Vid in particular, you can tell, there is a little more on the line. I really appreciate, how much you do share, and let us in. I know for me, it makes me learn a lot about fishing, and I appreciate all you share. Good luck Scott. 👊🏻

    72. Don Buchanan

      You fished bassmasters last year. Did you not make the classic cut???

    73. Kirby Roddy

      Great 👍 videos man love what your doing I just have a question does one of your sons plan on taking your place when u retire

      1. capnrob97

        Most likely his daughter Hillary, she is the fishing machine among his kids.

    74. Charlie's Art & Soul

      Brandon spinnerworm Is good luck. You need him back

    75. Emmett Gargaro

      Scott, you should head down to California sometime and fish my favorite lake clear lake. Your buddy Andrew upshaw did it and it’s worth it, that place is awesome and I bet you could do really well there

    76. Bryan Anderson

      Its was the cold front that came in, it killed it

    77. paullutterloh51

      That opening. Wow. Get it Scott

    78. Don Buchanan

      You are not in the list on classic page????

      1. Don Buchanan

        Ohhh. Im new to BM rules and stuff. Thanks. Rooting for ya man!!!!

      2. Scott Martin

        Didn’t fish the elites last year. This is my first year to try to qualify

      3. Don Buchanan

        He fished Bassmater last year. Did he not make the cut??

      4. capnrob97

        Bassmaster Classic? The Classic this year is for the ones who qualified last year.

    79. Rick Kaplan

      I love the long format videos!!!! Team smc! Let's go !!!!

    80. Steven Mcgehee

      that was a great show. it's not all about reeling in fish it's definitely about an interesting experience spending time with you and learning

    81. WWE drying pepper

      I bought a googan baits trench hawg and mondo worm i never caught a fish on a soft plastic in the 9 years I've fish do u think i will catch my pb of 1 pound 6 ounce smallmouth

    82. Chaddd

      Wow! Absolutely love this man! Super helpful and such good content. Thank you so much for doing this for us that are learning.

    83. Jamey Franks

      I live maybe 20 minutes down the road from Loudon and Tellico. With the big rains forecasted later that week TVA was really moving the water, which seems to always freak out those fish. One day the fish are in one spot then overnight they will totally move somewhere else. Tough conditions.

    84. Preston Kuno

      It is nice to see that some of the pro's struggle sometimes as well. Good video and good content, keep up the good videos!

    85. Clint Y.

      that may just be the best youtube video intro ive ever seen

    86. Danielle w

      Well I would get a spinning rod and go to work out dip. Hindsight lol

    87. Dalton Jacobson

      Love the reference to Spirit Lake, IA! This channel is one of my favorites! Out here in West Des Moines, IA and we appreciate all the videos! Good luck with everything!

    88. Dave Zakrzewski

      This is awesome bro.nice job... I remember watching Roland as a.kid.... what a talent...still is

    89. Isaiah Hays

      Good luck on the tournament man. Would love to see you bring it home 💪🏼

    90. Put Em In The Boat

      Hes got two 12 or 15 inch graphs at the helm. And is still using a handheld tablet. Anyone know why? I'm guessing the handheld has better maps/GPS points his main graphs don't? Only thing I could think of.

      1. Scott Martin

        I drop waypoint on it at night laying in bed..

    91. Put Em In The Boat

      Put a cover on that Skeeter!!!!

    92. Put Em In The Boat

      Lets gooooooo Scotty!!!! The intro has got me pumped. I spend a lot of time on the water with my dad fishing. We just bought a bowfishing boat together. Love the father/son vibes from you guys!

    93. Foggy Bottom BBQ

      Appreciate the more detailed analysis, thought process, etc. as you practiced. Good stuff Scott. Best of luck

    94. Philip H

      That machine gun bite was more than likely a skipjack.

      1. Scott Martin

        It was waaaay different

    95. Don’s drones And stuff

      Hey call up j wheels and DC they’ll tell you how to catch um lmfao

    96. John Falasca III

      Cool 😎

    97. Kenny Bartley

      Saw you in knoxville you will do it and bring the trophy home for pops I believe in you

    98. Panda Art Studios

      thanks Scott for mentioning Spirit lake Iowa i live near there and actually used to work at Berkleys he is a great man Mr. Berkley Bidell

    99. noah suchora

      Hey Scott what kind of trolling motor is that?

      1. noah suchora

        Thank you 🙏

      2. Scott Martin

        Garmin Force

    100. Thor Petersen 1996

      Goosebumps in Denmark keep up your work Scott 🇩🇰🇺🇸