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    Vans Skateboarding proudly presents Alright, OK, a new skate film featuring global signature team riders Elijah Berle and Gilbert Crockett, with a special guest appearance by Justin Henry. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Greg Hunt-whose talent brought to life Vans’ first full-length skateboarding video, PROPELLER-Alright, OK is yet another masterpiece, encapsulating an epic labor of love by pro Elijah Berle, who worked tirelessly over two hard years to land arguably the best tricks of his career. Elijah shares the screen with Vans teammate and Richmond native, Gilbert Crockett, whose contrasting, eccentric style flows alongside Elijah’s timeless form like yin to yang.
    Director Greg Hunt reunites the two for the first time since the release of Vans PROPELLER in 2015, finding skate spots from all over the globe in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, New York and their home states of Virginia and California. Skateboarding has a gift of bringing together the most unlikely people from around the world, through the love of the simple act of rolling.
    A video by Greg Hunt.
    Cinematography by:
    Greg Hunt
    Will Rosenstock
    Cody Green
    TJ Gaskill
    Kevin O’Dell
    Joseph Charlton
    Music Credits:
    Original score by Reverend Baron
    “Cream of Gold”
    Performed by Pavement
    Courtesy of Matador Records
    “Fallin’ Rain”
    Performed by Link Wray
    Courtesy of Republic Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises
    “In Dreams”
    Performed by Roy Orbison
    Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment
    “B Uno”
    Performed by Reverend Baron
    Courtesy of Reverend Baron
    “B Dos”
    Performed by Reverend Baron
    Courtesy of Reverend Baron
    “B Tres”
    Performed by Reverend Baron
    Courtesy of Reverend Baron
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    Videos from the Vans Skate Team.
    Skate Team Members:
    Anthony Van Engelen, Gilbert Crockett, Chima Ferguson, Geoff Rowley, Tony Trujillo, Kyle Walker, Andrew Allen, Chris PFanner, Curren Caples, Daniel Lutheran, Dustin Dollin, Elijah Berle, Omar Hassan, Pedro Barros, Lizzie Armanto, Rowan Zorilla, Ronnie Sandoval, Chris Russell, Christian Hosoi, Jeff Grosso (R.I.P.), John Cardiel, Ray Barbee, Steve Caballero, Tony Alva
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    Vans®, a VF Corporation (NYSE: VFC) brand, is the original action sports footwear, apparel and accessories brand. Vans® authentic collections are sold in 84 countries through a network of subsidiaries, distributors and international offices. Vans® has over 2,000 retail locations globally including owned, concession and partnership doors. The Vans® brand promotes creative self-expression in youth culture across action sports, art, music and street culture and delivers progressive platforms such as the Vans Park Series, Vans Triple Crown of Surfing®, Vans Pool Party, Vans Custom Culture, and Vans’ cultural hub and international music venue, House of Vans.
    Vans Top Athletes:
    Anthony Van Engelen, Geoff Rowley, Kyle Walker, Chima Ferguson, Gilbert Crocket, Tony Trujillo, Elijah Berle, Rowan Zorilla, Lizzie Armanto, Joel Tudor, Leila Hurst, Nathan Fletcher, Dane Gudauskas, Tanner Gudauskas, Patrick Gudauskas, Mikey February, Dakota Roche, Scotty Cranmer, Kevin Peraza, Dennis Enarson, Larry Edgar, Angie Marino, Jake Kuzyk, Hana Beaman, Mary Rand.
    Vans Skateboarding Presents: Alright, Ok | Skate | VANS

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    1. Gaston Gatuso

      THATH FUCKING GIGER HAIR APPERS IN all the fucking videos the fuck

    2. SuperSweet Film

      killing it boys!

    3. Ricardo Rafaek

      Vans patrosiname soy longboquin por favor patrosiname

    4. Sergio Escobedo

      Fucking Awsome

    5. winshipfrost

      Damn the most stylish vintage dudes ever

    6. Rhys Williams

      Loving the Elvis. Has to be a first?

    7. Jah _

      echs wya

    8. Nikolas Ramos

      the dislikes are the vans bmxers

    9. M Kuprik

      Dylan is fucking amazing 🤯

    10. Jim Shinoda

      Love this

    11. Kai Grant

      9:19 my mans licked his lips before he devoured that rail

    12. Pat Gunter

      That was mindbogglingly good. Elijah killed it even WAY more than I thought he was going to. A delight to watch. He's the impossible king. Impossible fs noseblunt, impossible nose-manual ?! These guys are NOT DOWN with tapered pants. And Elijah is a 1950s greaser, with that style of dress pants that synch-up on ur nuts when u sit.

    13. Etienne SoLiCe

      very nice editing ! and level too

    14. Eric B

      Were was this shot? Some of it feels like Richmond and Norfolk/VA Beach VA.

    15. Russian Tank

      These two are so gnarly

    16. Bobby Calloway

      I keep coming back Elijah seriously has one the best parts

    17. blankbrian

      Vans please make more crockett highs in black. I'm dying.

    18. Jon Dough

      I’m gonna make a shoe company and call it “cars”

    19. Noel Camz

      Dylan vibes

    20. Jesse Bird

      Berle is a great skater. He's definitely gone through a transition over the years in my opinion. But my god that guys skating is incredible

    21. Justin Nuñez

      This video is genuinely a work of art

    22. Gavin O'Brien

      This might just go down as one of the best skate video of all time.

    23. Henry O

      I've been stoked skating Converse Cons recently, but it's nice to see that Vans isn't just the stylish shoe everyone wears, it's roots is in skateboarding, and it should be kept that way. Stay radical!

    24. Ty Jacob

      Great video. Crockett has so much style, Berle is just insane. Loved Roy Orbison!

    25. Iqbal zak

      berleh 👽😲

    26. edge edge

      Tune names please!? Plus who are these skateboarders?

    27. Bryan Jordan

      Should have been called "Alright Alright Alright" Staring Christian Bale as Matthew Mcconaughey.

    28. Seth Pawul

      yo vans please put a plastic layer in the bottom soles, mine get ripped to shreds ina week

    29. Jordan

      idc what anyone says, this is a gilbert crockett part

    30. Junk Bond Trader

      Cream of Gold is such a sick track, great choice. I forgot about Pavement.

    31. Thomas Francis

      Skating is purely about showing off these days.

    32. Christian Sullivan - Better Living & Health

      So savage!! loved it! off to go buy some vans!

    33. DJ Chill Will

      That really affected me.

    34. Dmtr

      Joshia gatlyn spot at 11:57 aight?

    35. rzadigi

      my wife watched this then told me I should tuck my shirt in

    36. chloe lacouvee

      the little hug & lift at 5:51 is priceless aww

    37. midnight marauder

      I got chills watching this, should've been a full length

    38. Sinjin Reinhard

      Man said fuck that bench in particular

    39. E. Carter Uslabar

      Hate to be a buzzkill, but how long until skate edits grow out of the clip-cut to super-8 footage-clip motif? It was cool at first, but for the past six-or-so years it's as though every skate video has followed the same tired editing format. I find myself hitting the L key to skip forward through skate videos quite a bit these days. Bleh. Skating here absolutely fucked up, though. Ender is nothing short of insanity.

    40. Pietyyy ONS

      Big props to you Greg, beautiful art

    41. Pietyyy ONS

      Elijah Berle, mix of Dylan rieders stylish spirit and the looks of Christian bale but most of all, your ur own pure soul rippin shit up 🖤🤙

    42. Chicano DIY Auto, Home, Skate

      loved it.

    43. hol up

      ight drop the raw files we're ready!!!!

    44. hosts of michael

      Nestor Judkins's Oververt song what the hecko is going on here

    45. Adam Chase Turrisi

      13:02 that guy had the best day of his year witnessing that trick with his phone during this hard year. God bless skateboarding.

    46. BigFootPRD

      This and Emerica Green are my videos of the year

    47. Jason Moreno

      Anyone know the name of the skater in 3:05?

    48. Killer Pizza

      Would’ve been cooler in VX.


      Elijah look like Dylan❤️

    50. Lucas McDermott

      So many gentlemen with tucked in shirts skating for Vans

    51. Cole Ginter

      good vid

    52. Louis Do.

      Give us some good shoes like u did 30 years before, vans is shit now! Shame on u, u forgot why you are here, because of the support of 50 years old sk8ters at old times, you are the best now for kids and fashion! But ur shoes are shit! Need some prouf? I can give u...

    53. Romeo Cortez

      I’m so glad to see Elijah just do his thing and shred he’s really grown since his no other way part !!!

    54. Jay Gilchrist

      Does Gilbert have a clothing brand? If not - he should.

    55. eder catalan

      It’s so nice to see a back 180 fakie 5-0 on a rail. Haven’t seen that since late 90s early 00s.

    56. VAE Skate Group

      17:10 moving sticks and pebbles lol. imstill workingonlanding my firstkickflip, and then ima go straight to the varial unless if i learn the 3-shuv first. maybe one day i will tre flip. one day, i will tre flip. great vid i love vans

    57. Atticus Stewart

      Blunt slide dude

    58. Nawz

      rocking vans while im watching this

    59. pablo corry

      best thing ive seen all year CHEERS BOYS!

    60. Earthly Organism

      Elijah for president

    61. Johnny Lotto

      Watching this one for a second time right now and fuck it’s good.

    62. Sir Thomas

      Sick Vid. Sick Soundtrack.

    63. Josiah Watson

      Soundtrack has Paris, Texas vibes! Needs a release of it's own please!

    64. M Leachman

      these boys are prepared for a flood!

    65. 916SavageMoB

      Didn't make me want to instantly start skating at all but not a bad video

    66. christophe

      11:36 mike carroll?

    67. SusejFTW

      Great as always

    68. __________k86

      Can someone lay out the music ?

    69. kakimotoK20

      Carroll sighting at 11:34? I really can’t tell, but that’d be cool if so

    70. armand sant

      love the ending so much excellent choice what a way to shut it down fire performance

    71. prodby balmxin


    72. Josh Hill

      The best skate part I have seen my entire life!

    73. Poobingo

      This video is on an entirely different level. I love the whole vibe of the video. Keep up the good work Vans!

    74. Hdshsg Hdbsdhsh

      Best vid i’ve seen in a while too bad i skate SBs

    75. destroy16machines

      Gilbert Crocketts switch line was sick

    76. Aj Lauzon

      Literally just watched it for my 10th time. It only gets better. The music, the way its filmed, and of course Elijah's part is just flawless to me. I dress like a 50s greaser too and i always have so its rad to see im not alone. My favorite fuckin edit of all time all the respect to everyone involved.

    77. New Yardley Sinclair

      Berle wears a costume. Hes so fake

    78. New Yardley Sinclair

      Berle has turned into a mini Reider. Man, get your own style. It's so lame how much hes copying the guy

    79. Hayden Mick

      He fucking scraped on that nose Manny @ 11:19

    80. Drake Knight-Graves

      6 minutes of gilbert, 7 of berle. if you were missing these dudes, eat your heart out.

    81. lou carrera

      Rad pants. Loving it 🤣 noy judging

      1. lou carrera


    82. Farid Gohran

      Life is skateboarding 2020 and ever fuck the virus 2020 and make the world happy with skateboarding again 🌍🌍

    83. Tattoofthesun n

      the music in the commercials got my attention, stayed for the Jack Kerouac dude

    84. Oliver Maranan


    85. John Stockberger

      about damn time elijah won SOTY

    86. Tai Nguyen

      why you coppin nestor's song, bro?

    87. MrJulianthehooligan

      Gat 123

    88. Your_ Vicissitudes_a

      This video has only been out for a week and I’ve watched it multiple times, each time getting more and more chills

    89. Brandon B

      What’s the name of the song used closest to the end of the video

    90. Nate Millstein

      Elijah's really the master of the strong push after the land

    91. fanzo

      12:34 pros missing tre's humanizes them

    92. Joe Gerard

      elijah berles pro shoes are the best shoe i've ever skated, in case anyone cared.

    93. Jer-E -curl

      I miss these vids... Absolutely skating at its best and music my grandfather listened to, R.I.P Grandpaw peeps will always be listening to your genre of music.

    94. Georgios Panteras

      Kirby's face on Elijah's last trick is exactly how my face looked after seeing that lol

    95. Terence B

      I got fucking goosebumps from Berle rolling away on that last one

    96. Kenneth La Fleur

      Shoutout to all the ppl who can back heel gaps in canvas authentics!

    97. Benjamin Lathrop

      Thank you for this masterpiece. I just went through basic training and now I'm at my secondary training, missing skating like fuck. This is the first video I watched in 3 months. Thank you.

    98. Álvaro García

      Awesome video, congrats for this amazing work!!!!

    99. Dan SurfOz


    100. Sean Volk

      So cool, great footage