ALL ACCESS: Davis vs. Santa Cruz | Ep. 2 | Full Episode (TV14) | SHOWTIME PPV


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    Episode two of the the Emmy Award winning series takes viewers into the lives and training camps of two world champions as they prepare to square off in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz will meet in the main event of a Halloween thriller on Saturday, October 31 on SHOWTIME PPV.
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    1. Juni fierros

      Did floyd buy him that Lamborghini

    2. Tre Smoove

      Floyd & tank are like Paul bearer and Kane😂😂

    3. black


    4. Nữa, nữa đi ,mạnh lên nào

      Little girl: The dog scratched me Grandpa: Bring him to me so i can break his teeth

    5. Story Time Tray

      Reason I stop boxing I kept having migraines headaches even when I didn’t get hit inna head

    6. cheng chao

      To all my fellow mexicans stayed humble specially when you make it big.thats in our blood.leo it's an example.really hard fight for leo.tank it's a beast🤪 God bless to both fighters and God help leo's dad🙏

    7. Toro76

      What a fight this was!! all we could expect, Leo performed and Tank DELIVERED, and takes KOTY no doubt Does anybody know the name of the song at 24:16? PLEEEEASEEE

      1. Brandon White

        @Toro76 Yeah bro no problem, I know the feeling of wanting to find a song and getting help finding it. That's crazy how Shazam didn't find the song for you and crazy how searching for the lyrics showed nothing. Glad you were able to finally find it. 🥊🥊

      2. Toro76

        @Brandon White Thank you sooooo fkn much! i tried shazam, but it didnt recognize it, even went to the showtime site to look upcredits, wrote the lyrics on google....and got jack sh*t, Thanks again,man, made my day

      3. Brandon White

        You can use the Shazam app and let a song play in the background to find the name.

      4. Brandon White

        Kikbak and Styliztik Jones - Discipline

    8. Ramon Retaga Jr.

      Can someone tell me what is the song at 24:15, please?

      1. Brandon White

        @Ramon Retaga Jr. No problem bro, if you need the name of a song you can use the Shazam app and let a song play in the background.

      2. Ramon Retaga Jr.

        Thank you!

      3. Brandon White

        Kikbak and Styliztik Jones - Discipline

    9. Bodymore Dummy

      Announcer: if Davis thought Santa Cruz was going to fold he’s....oh my Santa Cruz: folds like a lawn chair

    10. ka lee

      This fight selling without any trash talking. Both humble fighters may the best man win..

    11. Striker Struggle

      Hey Showtime pls tell me song24:20 and i follow you everywhere.

      1. Brandon White

        @Striker Struggle 😏👍

      2. Striker Struggle

        @Brandon White good job buddy

      3. Brandon White

        Kikbak and Styliztik Jones - Discipline

    12. Striker Struggle

      Sorry24:20 song?

      1. Brandon White

        Kikbak and Styliztik Jones - Discipline

    13. Striker Struggle

      24:20 song ?

      1. Brandon White

        Kikbak and Styliztik Jones - Discipline

    14. Anthony Wall

      Great job people...

    15. Humberto Garduño Pérez

      Mayweter es un correlon y nunca demostró ser buen boxeador muy marrullero y su pupilo es igual que el presumido y arrogante arriba México que tiene el mejor box del mundo

    16. Mike Strike14

      12:10 Leo is wearing his mask the wrong way 😷

      1. Freddie Nolen

        I don’t think it matters that much tho

    17. mbdulka

      Love Floyd as a promoter -- making money but not being abusive to his fighter(s) ... hard work, put in your time, you get paid ... he shows the way .. giving out his huge amount of knowledge in the process. Bravo FMM!

    18. Tyler Harris

      22:15 knew the left uppercut was coming and still got slept by it. Just goes to show that one can game plan and prepare for a fight and still get punished. Shout to Leo for taking the fight, and I’m happy his dad is still around to support and train his son.🙏🏾💯💪🏾

    19. 11thWoods

      Note to self: Never watch an All Access after the fight!! Fucks w/ your head.. I'm not even sure Santa Cruz has woken up yet...

    20. Hood Robin

      Leo humble as fck

    21. Samuel Mendez

      What’s the name of the song when gervontae was training? I couldn’t catch the song name

      1. Samuel Mendez

        @Striker Struggle where? Sorry I’m lost

      2. Striker Struggle

        @Samuel Mendez put couple comments on the top

      3. Samuel Mendez

        @Striker Struggle no at twenty four minutes

    22. zaxx19

      Two working class POC who worked for every damn thing they have. May they have an entertaining fight and make wise decisions as to the millions divvy up. Please, be safe brothers...

    23. Sean p Mick

      Why is he telling on people....

    24. احب الله

      Santa best boxing 🌷🙏🙏🙏🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷👈

    25. Ryd Scheer

      Leo's dad is the real fighter the real Gladiator the real Warrior God bless him and I pray for him to continue to live and be full of life

    26. senpai_ 1000

      I don't care get out my feed

    27. The Life Of Kasg

      That leo clip in the lambo with that song is cold

    28. MrBrucelee117

      Gn Santa Cruz. Sweepy sweepy time. That dude got clocked into a limp heap of diarrhea.

    29. Hunter Fisher

      Did anyone else skip the Santa Cruz parts😂

    30. Robert Edwards

      Leo's dad is the real fighter the real Gladiator the real Warrior God bless him and I pray for him to continue to live and be full of life

    31. Robert Edwards

      This will be a memorable fight for both of the fighters can't wait.

    32. jonathan zuña

      I needed in Spanish

    33. Tommy Teamer

      Tank will knock him out he ain't ready for him and he Will never be ready

    34. Earl Maye

      They gave more shine in this video to Leo. Both of them are great fighters and want the best for themselves and their families. And I pray they have it.


      (New Series) KINGZ Of DRILL Ep. 1: 'FBG WOOSKI'

    36. oscap1

      That s2k at 13:03 tho

    37. M.K

      1:27 is what we saw on October 31st! #BRUTAL

    38. Adrian G-More

      Broner should've been this focused.

    39. Cln 667

      The way Mayweather looks at tank when he’s training 😂

    40. God has come into my body, as a angelic fire body

      god entered into my body, like a body. my same size. holy ghost baptism. God attacks me, rips my face, shoots in mouth gum disease. God does all witchcraft, voices of devils

    41. CHiLL PiLL

      Didn't know ALL ACCESS has already surpassed HBO in boxing presentation.

    42. CHiLL PiLL

      24:45 lmao Floyd there is someone like that while you're still fighting, you even retired because of him and ducked him for 6 years. It is just a shame that we didn't get to see that fight while both of you are in your prime.

    43. CHiLL PiLL

      The way I see it, Davis is the complete opposite to Floyd on the attitude and their boxing.

    44. G30!! B

      4:49 thank me later

    45. tina wilson

      black and brown baby no matter who wins we are always family both fighters are a inspiration to our generation the got it out the mud started from the bottom and look where they are now god is good and I'm not talking about the white man's god the black and brown Community know exactly what I'm talking about both of you are champions just because who you are and I'm not talking about the money or the fame if you can read between the lines you know what I mean

    46. Jeffrey Waltiere

      Sorry about your but young man you are the one in the ring so dad has always been there in spirit and you can get along though it may be hard cuz I'm sure he was there from the start and he will always be there but don't let that Define you you're the only one in the ring

    47. Soroush Darvish

      sad for santa cruz. too much heart. Should have took more time after low blow and went back boxing in middle of the ring. Tank was fading

    48. Carl Horton

      "Chirp Chirp". Do you really need to lock up a Lambo? Who's gonna F' with it at a boxing gym? No police. Just "Ass Whuppins".

    49. Life with David

      I'm a fan of coach Calvin! He's such a good guy and motivating.

    50. Smoke Sum'um


    51. 0acegCDG

      5g radiation frequencies can interfere with oxygen in humans. Making it harder to breath! Also flu vaccines can cuase respiratory infections

      1. 0acegCDG

    52. Allen Odell

      Whos Here after tank knocked out leo

    53. A

      Leo, champions don’t always win. Learn from your defeat. You’re a champion and a warrior. Your story told me that you should enjoy and focus on family right now. Take your time and come back stronger champ! We’ll be waiting for you

    54. Dj Rashford Bds


    55. Kari TheMa9ician

      I respect dude so fuckin much 🔥🔥💯 I had no idea about what he was going thru will heading in the ring

    56. J

      Leo "6th round" Santa SNOOZE, lol 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤

      1. Wayne Mazique

        @J that mfers got TUCKED IN 😂😂😂😂😂

      2. J

        @Buzz Lightyear Wilder took a nap, Santa SNOOZE, went into hibernation from the winter. LOL 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

    57. Sheriff of YouTube

      the best part of Showtime is Floyd balling for the camera

    58. ScoopBaby Motivation

      Easy win people always try to dought you win your winning and down you when your Losing or dont want you to be better then them so keep doing your thing Tank make the best man Win nothing to it but to do it Amen.

    59. Alfonso Cordoba

      Leo best of luck man!!!! You a good man!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    60. Frank Woods

      Floyd let the man shine

    61. Walid Shabazz

      Davis and Mayweather is toxic mixture. I favor Tank over Santa Cruz tonight.

    62. Asian Minox Journey

      Good luck 🍀 to both guys May the best fighter win 💯

    63. Robert Edwards

      All my thoughts are with Leo and his family. I hope his father makes a full recovery and I hope his brother doesn't still blame himself for the Frampton fight. Their tactics in the rematch were entirely different and caught lots of us off guard but I don't think it's a tactic they would have used in the first fight, even if his dad had been healthy. I hope it's a good fight either way

    64. Harvey Knowles

      Cruz....Prayers up for ya pops🙏🏿👊🏿

    65. Preston Gonsalves

      Santa Cruz and Davis’ daughters should have their own match😂

    66. alida flus

      Little girl: The dog scratched me Grandpa: Bring him to me so i can break his teeth

    67. 214EG GNZLZ

      15:22 when Cruz said that his dad told him that everyone else he was with in the hospital died except him.. And what popped in my mind right away was, well no shit mr cruz your a fukn millionaire. medical expenses arent going to stress you out & also if YOU HAVE MONEY THE HOSPITAL CAN DO WONDERS TO SAVE THE HIGH PAYING PATIENTS LIFE! ... Thats why his dad made it cuz the dr made sure he survived this covid bs thats going on & the other people in there didnt have the same resources his dad had yu feel me.

    68. Josh Reeve

      Adverts every 3 minutes, ridiculous.

    69. 214EG GNZLZ

      They both made some bank on just shooting these episodes.

      1. alida flus

        The thumbnail hahaha

    70. 214EG GNZLZ

      Tank is the favorite one of this fight and it's being said that he's going to win already.. But I say that if tank wins its going to be bcuz he is under mayweather promotions and mayweather is hyping dude up so i doubt mooney may is going to let him lose...

    71. 214EG GNZLZ

      If I were cruz I would of bought my lambo from the dealship & not mayweather.. Cuz then mayweather is going to be saying shit like "man I sold him that car ect ect".. But that's just me

    72. Will I am Musiq

      Halleluyah for Santa Cruz’s his father!!!! Praise Be To The Most High!!! (Isaiah 53:5)

    73. Marty Mar

      Floyd a real one for the purchase

      1. Mark Mandigo

        He sold it to him im pretty sure...

    74. James Hampton

      I like both fighter but am going with Leo to win because Tank have never fought nobody like like Leo...He is the going to make him fight 3 minutes of every round...My prayers go out for his father to get better.All Leo have to do is stay focused...Am happy for both fighter they both came from the bottom up and to see a fighter reach there dreams and became's champion's am happy for both of them they are both so humble...If,I had my way they both would win but with this one,I go with Leo!!!

    75. Game 0000

      Yes the fite is tonight a ben wateing for months for this goney roll 12 splfs and injoy hope tank relly trained hard for this santa can go all nite his self am a tank fan tho so am goney go way tank ko round 6th let's go

    76. Emmanuel Musavyimana

      Davis is just going to let himself tire himself out

    77. Ray Arellano

      Dam !

    78. Kevin Fuller

      I'm a Tank fan but after watching this I gotta ride with Santa Cruz on this one 🙏🏿

    79. Beasty Alvarez

      Leooo santaaaa cruzzzzzzzz

    80. Antione Wright

      Man tank daughter did anybody catch that when tank had his hand up.

    81. thatguy onxbox

      Davis is like Mayweather's version of Mike Tyson

    82. Golden Path

      He is driving Floyd's car? lol Tank got this easy, opposition bought and paid for.

    83. SSChicago73RD

      I see why Leo has a big following, family is the focus. I’m going with Tank but this guy is a force to be reckoned with(Leo). Good luck young soldier

    84. Steve

      The thumbnail hahaha

    85. Tough Hooperreviews23

      This gone be one hella of a fight fr

    86. Mark Newton

      Great job showtime... Looking forward to the fight, a great demonstration of footwork from both fighters, Davis by decision

    87. Samuelu Loli

      Broner probably jealous watching this lol ,he blew that success to greatness damm he was talented thou..

    88. Condom Blueprint

      Both great fighters shit tank didn’t even have his parents at all Leo can’t function without his this is DEEP and shoes why you need your parents in your life, I see them respecting each other heavy at the end 💪🏽

    89. Abel Alatorre

      Vamos pinche Santa Cruz, con todo Hermano!!! Todo mexico Guardando to espalda! Con todo hermano🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

    90. Ronald Reagon

      That was dope. I gotta order this dam fight now🔥

    91. Sa Papua Channel

      God bless you father Leo.

    92. Luka Tee

      Gervonta my bro shave that shit on ya cheeks

    93. Issac Contreras

      Showtime and Mayweather promotions are doing really good on selling this fight , going to be a hell of a fight a lot of action going to happen. Prayers for Leo’s father hopes he gets well and a speedy recovery.

    94. Aldo Medrano

      My prayers to anyone risking their lives inside the ring and to those with cancer such as Leo’s father and to protect us all from COVID-19 let’s see a great fight

    95. salvador bravo

      To many people in the gym with no masks around Leos father, they gotta be more careful

    96. The Real King James

      Much respect to both fighters. TMT.

    97. kamdem yann

      This video is amazing

    98. TheGato3d

      Good luck to both fighters. Santa Cruz, let’s go mano!!! Gamboa gave a terrible time to Tank, just saying... let’s see how it plays out.

      1. The Real King James

        Best of luck to both fighters. This will be a show for the fans.

    99. Don Verga

      Santa cruz if u looking at this comment give him hell even if he takes the win. You can do it. You have been fighting all this fights in ring alone. You got this alv! Dont focus on your family. Focus on whooping davis ass. Come on champ

      1. The Real King James

        The problem is hijo he never faced someone like tank

    100. 2 Birds1 Stone

      Man Floyd even gave Leo a Lamborghini!! I do wish he quit hovering over Tank, but then again it’s his ace!

      1. The Real King James