am i millenial or gen z

2 Danny 2 Furious

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    1. Big’e

      The newest generations is alpha fucking alpha

    2. amelia

      I don’t know what that quiz is talking about, Danny is so clearly a millennial who vibes with us

    3. The Yeeter

      Bruh why can’t I find the “Getting slapped by legal” video anywhere???

    4. Emihle Kweyiya

      Spread the word of God

    5. slimjercky

      I could have told u he was gen z when he said I don’t know what Friday is

    6. Boo

      What if we made 5 different generations but the only difference between all of them is by one day

    7. Dez Rahn

      gen alpha is the generation after gen z

    8. joey t

      Im very obviously in gen Z and yet i do all the shit they say is uncool but jokes on u im cool as fuck and fuck that shit

    9. Matthew Ray

      “What’s gonna happen after gen z?” Generation alpha. It’s already around. I’d say kids under 4-5 Alright strike 2. Who the hell doesn’t know Friday

    10. Dilshani Weragama

      Hell naaaa, I'm a Hufflepuff forever!!! Generation why

    11. Reagan Alice

      I'm most certainly gen z, but my first phone was and is a flip phone so... don't judge lol. I also feel like I act more millenial than gen z most of the time.

    12. BLiNGyourALARMclock

      The range is way too big. I was born in 93 and while I can’t relate to gen z I also can’t relate to someone born in the early 80s tf

    13. Fran Bumbarevic

      bruh im deep into gen z and use the laugh emoji hahah

    14. Jessica Messica

      the disrespect to ms. leave (get out) jojo

    15. yoshita

      i'm so confused by harry potter being a millennial thing. i don't think i've met a single gen z person who hasn't at least seen all the movies, and i don't even live in an english speaking country

    16. Marie park

      I got mad when they said half parts aren't cool and I'm gen z on the verge of being gen alpha

    17. TransPlant 161

      10:28 Eminem, it's already happening

    18. TransPlant 161

      5:49 hhhh Our generation literally had Jnco Jeans and they're gonna say that loose jeans are for Zoomers? Bruh, Zoomers literally just took the 90s kid dweeb aesthetic, slapped some emo in there and called it a day.

    19. TransPlant 161

      Look, I'm not taking fashion advice from the generation that brought back the Squilliam Tentacles hair style.


      wait isnt it: boomers gen y xinennials (tiny generation between millenials and gen ys) millennials zillennial gen z gen alpha someone pls explain jhfbjfwbwafwf

    21. Esther Macky

      Lmao, funny thing is. I feel like I would get "malenial", when I'm definitely a gen z. I was born in 2004. Lmao, does that make me mentally older?

    22. Aikya Rudraraju

      when your a genz that loves harry potter ;-;

    23. Shamyy The Big E

      3:50 My brain: *playing giornos theme*

    24. Galaxygaurd

      Wait, im gen z and I use 🤣😂 quite often... And I grew up with VHS tapes, am I technically a Zillennial???

    25. Robyn Wasserman

      I'm gen z but KID PIX

    26. Olivia Pletkin

      kid pix unlocked some old memories

    27. Tubbo innit

      after gen z is gen alpha for anyone who didn't know

    28. riceycake.mp4

      The 2nd quiz called me gen z but imma just say I'm a cusper cause I smh at both millennial and gen z sometimes

    29. DrizzyNationHD

      Brooo how have you never seen friday🤦🏽‍♂️😭😭

    30. asmodeus

      Can't believe you don't know who JoJo is, Danny.

    31. EM Ily

      Zillenials: 1993-2003 let’s break away and make our own generation because we’re elite 😌

    32. Alesa DelSignore

      I got Gen Z, too. I'm almost 38. 🤷‍♀️

    33. Bri Agreste

      I know he did not just slam harry

    34. TheGreatCrusade

      I am a gen z but I still used kid pix when I was in elementary So I don’t really think that’s a millennial thing

    35. CoraKolourAC

      Motorola Razors were boppin! And this is coming from a Gen Z'er. A zalpha?? Idk, I'm a cusper.

    36. Addison Camphouse

      the next hipsters are gonna listen to one direction change my mind

    37. Jenna Blackmore

      "Your emo phase happened in middle school, not high school" you underestimate how long my emo phase lasted, buzzfeed. Neither middle school nor high school could fully contain it.

    38. Nico di Angelo

      Someone posted one of the digging ticktoks with your face on it😂

    39. DarkNite TGN

      He looks like that popular kid from cliché movies

    40. Arnav Chaturvedi

      I wish I had the same problems as these people that are fighting this "war"

    41. TheOrnithorhynchidae

      There's actually a name for people who are born in between millenials gen and gen z: they're zennials, like they used to call ppl between gen x and millenials xennials

    42. ova

      danny i got a transphobic ad on this video :(

    43. R a s b e r r y T e a r s

      "I remember when I was in a boy scout" HELP I CAN'T STOP WHEEZING AT THAT

    44. lacener

      why when u sayd jo jo i thought of jojos bizarre adventures

    45. Visions And lights

      Im part of gen z but i had a flip-phone and we vhs tapes in the basement so now i feel old

    46. aileen

      i was born in 2002 but kid pix unlocked a hidden memory

    47. Megan Hanson

      bro i've been trying to remember what kidpix was called for AGES

    48. Underage Mosquito

      At first glance I thought the title said "Am I mentally ill or Gen Z?"

    49. fledglingrenn

      Lolol solid zillenial

    50. Eclipse_ Projects

      When I hear jojo I think of Jojo's bizarre adventure lol

    51. gabby king

      I need photos of the emo phase now please bestie

    52. kenma

      Wait im gen z. I just found out today 😶 i thought gen z start at 2000

    53. kaitlynn trask

      i was born in 2003, clearly gen z, and got the same score as danny … something doesnt add up here

    54. me

      i was born 2008 and i think of harry potter before harry styles-

    55. Jay

      I was a 2003 baby so im gen z but like maybe my school was broke and old but i played kid pix all the tiime

    56. Nandini M

      Next generation after gen z is gen alfa, we are going for greec alphabet

    57. Maleena Dominick

      Danny ur a millennial pls stop 😭

    58. DevilGodIsLeSmolWiseOne

      Dude we still have a landline and i was born in 06

    59. marley m

      no stop i was born in 2005 and played kid pix RELIGIOUSLY all through like kindergarten

    60. Ce G

      What's wrong with the laughing emoji tho? According to BuzzFeed gen z don't smile anymore.

    61. Ce G

      We had to live through the awful JNCO jeans trend, if the youngest gen z people had to see the same thing they would also love skinny jeans and never let go of them

    62. Galaxy Queen

      I sure as hell am not a millennial but I only wear skinny jeans, don't have TikTok and I definitely remember kid pix when I was in kindergarten.

    63. tea master

      They be listening to one drection like dam

    64. SpiffyMcSnazzy

      I'm almost 30 and the quiz told me I'm Gen Z

    65. Psycho Fish

      Gen alpha

    66. Banjo Peppers

      This quiz is really more like "are you an older millennial or were you a poor millennial". I didn't watch those MTV shows because we didn't have cable when they were on.

    67. Banjo Peppers

      When I hear "milli" I think of the Freaks and Geeks character. :(

    68. japanesecinema

      Its weird. I was born in 1987 and I identify more with gen z but my sister was born in 1984 and she is way more millenial than me.

    69. El_ p0g

      danny i shat myself baka

    70. Geeps

      We all know what JoJo we think about

    71. megan keller

      i was born in gen z and i played kid pix in elementary and i never remembered the name until now so thank you😌

    72. Lambi Chino

      tell me why i relate to like all of these things, especially club penguin and kid pix, but i’m 300% gen z

    73. Ben Reese

      The outro was funny lol

    74. Bucky Barnes


    75. 5110-3


    76. rettas random universe

      The old band kids listen too to be cool is Fleetwood Mac btw

    77. Rose Madison Jenkins

      All I'm getting from this is Danny is a Sheltered millennial lol did he really just say he doesn't know what Friday is?

    78. lord Tachanka

      The only jojo I care about is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

    79. Adreamariah wallace

      “Lil peep” 👀

    80. Jolly Rabbit

      Danny needs to watch Friday

    81. Human_JellyBean

      I'm a gen z, but the majority of my preferences fall under millenial *so now what?*

    82. i love luna


    83. vcoolslick

      When the jojo question came I immidietely thougt of jjba lol

    84. Elizabeth Sullivan

      Gen alpha is next. There's a whole other alphabet to start. According to the description after the test I'm Gen Z, and I'm 46. Love Buzzers quizzes, lol Been waiting for the world to catch up to me.

    85. Madeline Dowd

      OMG KID PIX!!!!! I am the only one out of all of my friends that remembers Kid Pix!! I FREAKIN’ LOVED THAATTTYT OMG THE NOSTALGIA!!!

    86. DonovanDemon

      It's neither, The only true one is the JoJo anime

    87. PixelWitch


    88. enyacolada

      So according to internet quizzes, Millennials go "😂😂😂" Gen Z go "PLEASE ✋😭"

    89. Blue Battlecry

      am i millenial or gen z? me: im emotional exausted.

    90. Inioluwa Olaleye

      After Gen Z, it is Gen Alpha

    91. soph marsh

      Falling asleep at 3am to George Lopez hits different

    92. dani b

      I’ve always hated Harry Potter

    93. simplycc

      kid pix go hard

    94. 3dibleMus1c

      Danny please react to MTV’s NEXT it’s INSANE

    95. Kaitlyn Roberts

      Forget Kid Pix, Creative Writer and Fine Artist was where it was at.

    96. AuntSue's Cakemix

      kidpix! ahh the good days! also I'm at that weird part of millennial where I say I was a 90s kid and other actual 90s kids tell me about the wild stuff they did and all I got is kindergarten tales and a furby

    97. DatGuy846

      why cant there just be like gen z kids that were born around like 2005 that watched DVDs and played ds and wii and those little colorful worms because I really hate how when people think of gen z they think kids that know nothing about the 90s and 2000s

    98. me like anime

      Sheesh 🥶

    99. Dylan Williams

      Nah bitch I’m millennial falcon

    100. Alicia Bond

      Millennials Generation Y