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    Planes, Trains & Automobiles is rightfully established as a Thanksgiving classic, but did you know the first cut of the film came in at 3 hours and 40 minutes? In this video I use the shooting script, images, unused footage and other resources to present some of this missing material, as well as offer a plea in the hopes that we could see John Hughes' original vision restored someday.
    Written, Compiled and Presented by Joe Ramoni
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    1. ccrosbie33

      Great commentary.

    2. Brosef Brokowski

      Another nonsense grade school film report

    3. BluRaise

      one day this will be released like that wu tang clan album. only 1 pressed copy auctioned off to some rich doosh nozzle who keeps it all to himself

    4. Afar With The Dawning

      In a way I'm glad John Candy never had to see how far comedy has fallen.

    5. Mary Jo Papaleo

      The diner scene would have been good to include in the movie, although I am weeping over Del’s sorrow. This movie is my all time favorite. Thank you for your research.

    6. Viking Life

      This is like my all time favorite movie I wish they would release all 3 hours it would be a real gem.

    7. epenn76

      I'm so glad to finally understand why the final scene is so overly emotional and why it just ends with a freeze on Candy's face. Because this is also one of my favorite films and I never though that was a fitting ending. I'd pay for a crowdfund any day, if Paramount could find enough footage.

    8. Mooseteets

      i really hope the footage still exists and one day we will get a full version.

    9. Gemini Lyons

      I love this film to man. It has heart. Funny then sad moments. The kind that can reel you in and make you think. Like those times when your angry and say things you don't mean that tear your conscience up later. scenes and quips that make you laugh . This movie is one of the greats. I miss John Candy. Now I see my self in Johns character's shoes. My girlfriend I was with for 8 years past away at 50 years old from liver disease.10/25/2019 Now I'm homeless myself living with a friend. . A stranger at first because I only knew him as a passenger. I am a taxi driver. My car was the only thing giving me a roof over my head When suddenly the car's engine started having serious problems from age Now I have no car. When I could I'd stay in a cheap $ 45.00 motel. Most of the time in my car. Hoping to make enough to have another motel room. The next day I met my friend Ronnie. He took me in his own home. I think God everyday. I feel blessed. I often I think of my life with my girlfriend. I feel lost. She was my everything. But I know she's waiting for me on the other side. I remember when she past. I held her hand placed my fingers through her hair to calm her. and told her don't forget me. I'll see you soon. We use to watch this film every thanksgiving. I agree, it be great if they released an uncut version.

    10. Angry Mike 67

      A cheesey black remake would be an insult to the original movie. I really wanna see.the original 3 hour.version now. Great video, I really enjoyed it !👍👌

    11. Oregone

      #ReleaseTheHughesCut #PlanesTrains&Automobiles

    12. ZDM Designs Branding

      Could be my favorite movie of all time. We watch it as a family every Thanksgiving and it always holds up. In fact, it seems to get better and better!

    13. bobbydo7777

      I pursued the video to read the script and I must say I had tears in my eyes.

    14. vincent jenkins

      Please do ferris!!!!!

    15. Bill Randolph

      Great Movie but the ending IMO sucked really bad. When I do rewatch it I cut it off before that terrible ending.

    16. stormrider

      Another remake of a classic film, they will ruin this one too..

    17. nassmatic

      This was my dad's favorite movie...he passed away recently, and every time I watch this I have fond memories of him laughing out loud at the highway scene....

    18. Sori Nankitt

      Great film. Yet, I don't know how nor why, I do remember some of the cut scenes that you showed and described here. Weird.

    19. Rebel Gay Unicorn

      I've watched this movie twice this week. I love this movie

    20. Dutch Fox

      Love this movie

    21. Jose Fuentes

      Hahaha the ladies hair was draped over the brownie. Lol

    22. Will Man

      Yeah it's my favorite film of all time too. A perfect movie. You should provide a link to the script.

    23. Ru

      Thank you so much for this! This was awesome and really hope one day we can see all of this wonderful film!

    24. Teamster25

      I would much rather see the full uncut version rather than a remake.

    25. Christian Anaya

      Great video made me appreciate the film way more. I hope criterion is able to restore it some day that would be awesome.

    26. petergorm

      This film is a masterpiece.

    27. Mike Workman

      I've seen this movie a million times, and I always wondered why the wife meeting del was made so dramatic. That context about the possibility of an affair makes perfect sense.

    28. Aaron Maciver

      Bollocks to a goddam re-make! You can't touch this!

    29. Chris W

      I hope no one ever does some shitty new remake of this.

    30. Joe Blogs

      We had some good comedy in the UK, that was shown on TV, just a shame in the day, they actually reused the film. They often find episodes in different countries, stashed away in rooms. I'm not a Dr Who fan, same with some of there 'lost' episodes. When they find them they are sent to specialist film recovery places, you can live in hope.

    31. Bob Tetstall

      Why was the Paul Young version of the closing titles cut and replaced?

    32. Dan Bird

      How do you remake this film??? It'll be ruined! No one can replace John Candy. And on this day in age? How will they going to script the limited access to contacting home? Or are they going to set it back in the 80s as well?


      AGREE D 100%👍🏻

    34. Milton Friedman

      Deleted scene 1 airplane food its on youtube Deleted scene 2 elvis 1:53 Deleted scene 3 pizza 1:57 Deleted scene 4 car 1:45 Deleted scene 5 fight 2:35 Deleted scene 6 coffee shop 12:28 Deleted scene 7 dinner 14:03

    35. William Krapek

      I HAVE SEEN THAT ENDING!! I fact when I saw the movie again several years later that was the payoff I reeeeally looked forward to. And when it wasn’t there I thought, “How could they cut the best scene? Is there a director’s cut or something?!” I have no idea what I saw and how I managed to see it. Obviously there is no existing cut with that in it. But I saw it, and it was just as devastating/ennobling as you think. God I miss John Candy!

    36. 5cloudwalker

      People would flock to see a 3 hr Planes Trains and Automobiles and for a small fraction of the cost of a new movie Hey its a guaranteed hit!!!! Paramount had the guts this could be the beginning of a trend trend

    37. Joe 2

      I would LOVE to see the original cut or any extra scenes. One of the best movies ever !!!!

    38. Greg Smith

      My favourite film. Imagine a 3 hour directors cut. Now that would be awesome.

    39. HonestArtts Ent. LLC

      great video. Where can one find the original script.

    40. Oz Vander

      Wanna take a shower.....NO!!

    41. quixxo

      They should have erred on a longer version simply for the reason that the movie is about a long, drawn-out journey.

    42. Machine Fack

      I’m a John candy fan and I’ve never seen this movie. I heard you mention it in your uncle bucks video, now no gotta check it out, didn’t know Steve Martin was in it too.

    43. Junior Mudd

      lets get it done!!...

    44. Junior Mudd

      and i had no idea all this was missing from my alltime hands down favorite comedy there any way to retrieve n watch???

    45. jake taylor

      A great movie RIP John Candy

    46. Don Moore

      This explains some things I always wondered about. It is obvious when she asks "what is going on..." that she suspects a woman is involved, but unclear why she abruptly goes there. And the ending scene seems to be a lot more dramatic than it should be - explained also by the missing affair subplot. You're right - the movie still works splendidly, but there are those little things in several places that raise a question "what was that about?" I also watch this film at least once a year. Nice job on this. A "remake" of this is so very wrong. No thank you.

    47. Andy's Entertainment Corner

      this is why is love the 80's comedies more than modern, john huges was an amazing writer and movies these days are nowhere as funny as this, even steve martian rant which has 20 f bombs leave me in stitches as it so funny, both martian and candy stole this movie, they were both equally as funny as each other and this all goes to john huges amazing directing and writing and wont mind to see an extended cut just to see what was we missed out on

    48. toonmag50

      This is the only alleged American comedy film that all members of my family laughed with.

    49. Gus East

      Idk but I’m sure Del says he’s 43 or 42 on the bus

    50. Ancient Buns

      I wish we coulda had more, maybe we can get a director cut someday

    51. BigHead2615

      Someone needs to start a petition, to have this and the Uncle Buck deleted scenes / lost footage, restored or just overall just released, for a 40th or 50th anniversary release.

    52. Lynchian_dream on Twitter

      I'd swear I've seen some of the Pizza sequence? That or I'm having a bit of a Mandela effect moment.

    53. Its a Rome Thing Everyday

      No joke, I've watched this movie so many times trying to understand it, and now thanks to your vid I finally do, Thanks😊 Yeah the end was a bit of a year jerker, i even felt emotional also Her First child came out sideways,, she didn't scream or nothin, now that was absolutely hilarious, still is, LMFAO 🤣

    54. dennis neo

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      1. toonmag50

        I assume this was part of the director's cut as well

    55. Mark Wandrey

      Remaking this incredible movie, just so it can be blackwashed, is disgraceful. Wil Smith and Kevin Hart would be hilarious together. Write a new movie. It's not like there are shortages of good screenplays. Leave some classics alone. Please.

    56. dBREZ

      I gotta tell this story. So when Trains, Planes & Automobiles came out my brother and were in High School and went to go see it. You may or may not remember but the movie Fatal Attraction was released a few months earlier and still playing at the theater. Before todays programable LED signs showing the time and movie that's playing. In those days they used changeable letter marquee signs. My brother was taller and I asked him to move a letter from one sign to the other. He quickly did and we rushed to our seats. After the movie played we exited the theater to people laughing as they read the movie sign they're going to see "Anal Attraction".

    57. Brian Coyne

      Well done, Sir!

    58. sexy monkey

      I wonder if it was the studio execs. idea to remove soooooo much footage, it more than likely was. I hat it when they get involved and butcher Films in the process. The creative process, should be dictated only by the Filmmakers

    59. Frank Sadat

      I remember reading an article years ago (during the time pre release of the film) about Roland Gift, lead singer of Fine Young Cannibals, and it mentioned his movie career. One of the films that was listed (soon to be released) was Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I'm guessing he's one of these deleted characters in one of these multiple versions.

    60. tnetroP

      I am in the UK. We don't celebrate Thanks Giving but the film is often shown around Christmas. I agree, it is a perfect film and one of my favourites. I hate watching films a second or third time. But everytime this comes on I have to stop and watch it. The writing and casting are both perfect. I can't imagine a remake being anywhere near as good.

    61. Buxx Banner's POV

      I've watched this dozens of times...the perfect comedy, never wears thin...

    62. defiantsisko

      I am glad it was scripted to end at the Thanksgiving dinner table, I have thought for years that is how it should’ve ended. That was a big part of the purpose of the journey, to get home but also to have Thanksgiving dinner too.

    63. Daniel McDonagh

      A masterpiece

    64. Scott

      Thanks! My favorite movie of all time.

    65. ivan black


    66. Albert Avila

      He proud of his town. Lol go 🐻

    67. keith wills`

      John Candy.. What a loss.. A very very good actor..

    68. Kristjan Press

      A remake? This will be pure AIDS

    69. John Rios

      I think about the lost footage every time I watch it. Thanks for cluing me in on the subplots! So fascinating!

    70. George Drougas

      WHERE can i get a copy of the script. i love this movie and alot of the things you pointed out I noticed. You video has brought such closer to so many questions I had about this movie. I really would like to read the whole script

    71. Braidwood Inn

      “Probably deteriorated”. Thanks for the certainty on that... Maybe John Hughes’ widow or someone in charge of those hours of footage might want to just check??? This would probably be a huge DVD moneymaker if it was released.

    72. lances4803

      Reading the script from the deleted diner scene brought a few tears. Heartbreaking but explains SO much.

    73. discman15

      Man I wanna watch the full version 👀

    74. Alexander Palacios

      "YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG GUY!" ....ficka ficka eruh... badum dum dum

    75. Mason Rahal

      My favorite movie.

    76. R. Harms

      I LL NEVER understand how w every older movie the footage seem to be lost , how do they manage that ???? those are mulitmillion projects there is not one guy who takes care of stuff? they claim the roughcut is lost the extra footage is lost, any pre 2000 movie u hear this, now that movies are sh**ty they probably save it all.... breaks my hard

    77. john b

      13:50-13:60 I feel ya, bro😔

    78. Greg Lyon

      Absolutely a fantastic comedy 👍🏼🦅🇺🇸

    79. Rebecca Hopkins

      Thank you for this! One of my all time favorite comedy films. We watch it every year, the day before Thanksgiving. And it shines through in your video that you really love this film. I agree with you 💯 that it’s a perfect film. I was lucky enough to actually see it in the theater when it was originally released. I was 11 and went with my Mom and Dad to the mall theater on Black Friday. It was a sold out show, and everyone in that theater had a great time-we all laughed a lot, a lot of us teared up, and everyone clapped at the end. It was awesome. And all these years later, still laugh and tear up when I watch this film. How great it would be if all those top notch deleted scenes were discovered in a vault one day, and released in a special DVD. Would love to to see that happen.

    80. Jason Phillips

      This was a great video. I'm sure you know that Tubi movies has a version with a lot of these scenes in it. It's very cool

      1. Jason Phillips

        @Hats Off Entertainment I'm sorry about that. No hard feelings I hope

      2. Hats Off Entertainment

        @Jason Phillips It says it's unavailable sadly

      3. Jason Phillips

        I don't have a link for you but just type in Tubi t.v. in your browser it's a free streaming movie and t.v. show service and it's there. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for your time

      4. Hats Off Entertainment

        Seriously? Link?

    81. Anthony Ellis

      We need to save these longer cuts before they become too damaged and unwatchable. It would be a tribute to John Hughes and John Candy.

    82. Mark Mayer


    83. Beau Walker

      Truthfully I'm kinda glad they cut out the suspicious wife subplot, as that kinda makes the wife a bit unlikable, and Neal doesn't deserve that given all the other stuff he goes through in the movie.

    84. Asad Ashraf

      One thing I never understood was, if Dels homeless, why is he on a flight, where is he going to, and how does he pay

      1. Gary Stump Sr

        Sorry sir but you can't board this flight. You don't have a home address, we're not sure where this flight is headed and we're unable to construe how you paid. Even though you already did. Next! ("Oh boy." "Oh boy, what?" You're f**ked)

    85. Saša Huzjak

      A remake??? They are actually discussing a remake????!!!! Jesus Christ.... Am I the only person in this planet who appreciate this movie (like most of you guys here), and at the same time saw "a little film" called "DUE DATE" (2009) with Robert Downey Jr and Zack Galafanakis???? I mean, if Due Date is not a remake of Planes, Trains and Automobiles... WTF is???!!!! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY to my knowledge ever mentioned and connected those 2 films, and at the same time DUE DATE is pure definition of a REMAKE, with 50% of footage made almost shot for shot. It came out in 2009 and it is SAME story, same PLOT, SAME references.....SAME F-ing MOVIE people! It is a REMAKE by default...a REMAKE by definition. I just cannot belive that after a decade, noone ever to my knowledge even compared those 2 movies...not to mention realised that DUE DATE is unofficial remake of John Hughes masterpiece. After so much reviews I ve seen of this film, so many analitics videos, fun facts videos....etc etc... I just couldnt stay silent any more, after seeing this great video. Dear movie lovers.... DUE DATE is nothing but a 100% pure RE-MA-KE of Planes, Trains and Automobiles. PERIOD. Now, either I m crazy and delusional as fuck, or the rest of the movie loving world is....???? I dont know. But I really would like someone who saw both of those films explain to me whats what... PLEASE....ANYBODY.... Thank you! 🤘🤘🤘😎😎😎

    86. Charles Connolly

      id like to see the longer cut as well there are so many great scenes in it it is a huge travesty to any fan of the film ive seen it on every format except laserdisc.

    87. RyanToolbox

      I could not agree more! I'd love to see a full version. This movie easily top 10 for me.

    88. dexikid

      “ probably deteriorated in a film vault somewhere” ........ lame

    89. PaulL _44

      Thank you for the insight. That was a great movie. I must have watched it at least 100 times.

    90. Duane Locsin

      I think going forward movie directors ought to keep a copy of their full vision and make a copy that is castrated to appease the studio exec heads and theatres. It ought to be possible now since many are going to digital filming. The home release Blu Rays can offer both the director's cut and theatrical cut. Personally I will always choose the full director's vision of the film as I can enjoy more time watching it at home.

    91. Duane Locsin

      I think going forward movie directors ought to keep a copy of their full vision and make a copy that is castrated to appease the studio exec heads and theatres. It ought to be possible now since many are going to digital filming. The home release Blu Rays can offer both the director's cut and theatrical cut. Personally I will always choose the full director's vision of the film as I can enjoy more time watching it at home.

    92. A.J. Smith

      As a huge, Hughes/Candy fan, this pains me to death. To know there’s a Hughes original cut of Plans, Trains and Automobiles and Uncle Buck... damn! And to think these original cuts are just sitting in their canisters deteriorating brings a tear to my eye. These are both Hughes/Candy classics and both versions of each film should most definitely be available for the fans.

    93. Joshua Nofuckingway

      Omg this long version needs to be released ..... i watched your uncle buck video 1st and I think we need to see both of the longer versions ....

    94. Eco Mouse

      A remake? Uggh... why? They already DID a remake of of this movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis in "Due Date"

    95. youBoob

      i could see Dave Chapelle as Neal and Dave Bautista as Del work but not Wil Smith and Kevin Hart it would be "awkward" for the "Those arent pillows !!!" scene to be played with a real life gay guy but it would be hilarious if spoken by Dave Chappelle after finding Dave Bautistas hands there

    96. Paul Redinger

      Should of done a 2 part movie with all the footage

    97. Sherry Shelton

      I, for one, as well as my two sons.....have often watched this wonderful movie together. We never tire of it. Now that my sons are in their 50's, I in my 70's...we have talked about how wonderful it would be to see the outtakes as well as a sequel. Now that John Candy is gone....we know there will never be the sequel. If a sequel was to be would never, ever be the same as the original. However....adding the outtakes to the original would be absolutely delightful.....and....we would be the first three people to stand in line for a copy~!


      Excellent video. This may have been covered in the comments already but there are too many of them for me to read through at the moment. Like many people here, I have also seen this movie multiple times, and there is one piece of throwaway dialogue that I became very curious about a few years ago. It is in the final hotel scene, after they have gotten drunk on various small bottles of assorted liquors. Del goes toward the bathroom and begins to talk about the burning car, and how hot it was to sit in. He then says this: "flip me over, I'm done on this side". The reason I became interested in this line is that these are the words allegedly spoken by Saint Lawrence (Lorenzo) of Rome when he was burned to death on a gridiron in 258 AD (here's the wiki version of this excellent story Because he was such a smart aleck, even as he was being executed, Saint Lawrence is now the patron saint of comedians. I have always wondered whether Hughes wrote this line with Saint Lawrence in mind. Once again, I apologize if this has already been addressed below.

    99. Dank 'n Derpy Gamer

      1:21 ... wait, that guy in the window seat... Bill Erwin? The guy who, among other roles, was the husband in HOME ALONe who delivered the "She's got her own earrings, a shoebox full of 'em dangly ones" line?

    100. TheChiefSteel

      This is great. I noticed a pretty long time ago that the State Trooper had a Wisconsin State Patch. Which is a pretty round about way to get to Chicago from Wichita. This makes alot more sense. Also I thought Neil's wife was acting so strange for his plight. It makes alot more sense now. Especially when you add the additional layer of his co worker in the same meeting making it home.