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    22 years of pent-up zaniness coming your way! All-new episodes of Animaniacs premiere November 20, only on Hulu!
    They’re back! The Warner brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner sister Dot, have a great time wreaking havoc and mayhem in the lives of everyone they meet. After returning to their beloved home, the Warner Bros. water tower, the siblings waste no time in causing chaos and comic confusion as they run loose through the studio, turning the world into their personal playground. Joining Yakko, Wakko and Dot, fan-favorite characters Pinky and the Brain also return to continue their quest for world domination.
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    1. MutePilot109

      the only thing that is needed is goodfeathers


      Yes is been 22 year and yes it’s back

    3. Emmalee J

      This is why I love 2020 again.

    4. Luca Looka // Super Mario and RayMan Rocks


    5. A littwo bird

      at the end of the show imagine they just go back into the grave and say "we'll be back in another 22 years!"

    6. vanessa - doofenshmirtz

      1:44 watch in 0.25

    7. Gbros I GAMING I

      Is this on Netflix?

    8. vanessa - doofenshmirtz

      *22 years later, AND IM STILL A KNOCKOUT!*

    9. Fuleco 2002

      Pfv tras a hulu pro Brasil

    10. Mindy And buttons

      Ok I love you bye bye

    11. AfroLIFE001

      Hooray it’s back but where is Freakazoid

    12. Ryan Cooper

      Let's revamp the Animaniacs, maybe that'll veer the audience away from us firing Depp. And let's stream it on the shittest, most corrupt streaming platform out there, Hulu

    13. Akradeon

      Please tell me they gonna have the WB HQ jokes

    14. Benjamin Cisneros

      this isn't the animaniacs i know and there is less detail in the characters

    15. Gaby nino

      Take notes Cartoon network, this is how you make a actually good reboot.

    16. No Thanks ImGood


    17. Emma Denton

      Hey what happened to the squirrels, hippos, and the other characters

    18. Matt Savage

      I’ve watched some Animaniacs when I was a kid, and now I’m happy it’s back plus a deal with remaking it on Hulu 😂😂😂

    19. M0ZZ1E33

      This hits all the right notes. My childhood, it returns to me. I hope they still don't hold back with the jokes

    20. No C

      To be honest in Latin America we are very eager to see the series dubbed to Latin Spanish, with those voices that made us grow, for my opinion I love this series, it was the one that I loved the most in my childhood, and to find out that there will be a boom reebot, I am really very happy, keep Hulu, thanks for bringing the series of our childhood to the screens of 2020 , I'll wait for the Latin dubbing🤫

    21. ꧁C0Zi YT꧂

      Now *THIS* is a good reboot *_DID YOU HEAR THAT CARTOON NETWORK_*

    22. Joseph Denby

      1:51 1:52 1:53 🎵 We’re Animanie! Totally Insaney!🎵

    23. Pink

      I find it a little disappointing how all parts of this trailer is in the series. The first part where Yakko talks about reboots feels more like a joke about the reboot when you first see it. At the end of the first episode is too late, especially after the trailer

    24. ssl movie


    25. Yakko Warner

      *mwah!* Goodnight everybody!

      1. The Brain

        The same thing we do every night, @Pinky. Try to take over the world!

      2. Pinky

        Why @The Brain? What are we gonna do tomorrow night?

      3. The Brain

        Enough messing about, @Pinky. We must prepare for tomorrow night.

      4. Pinky

        @Wakko Warner Ooh! Do you got any cheese? But no Swiss, it makes me gassy. *Narf!*

      5. Wakko Warner

        @Dot Warner reboots make me hungry.

    26. Jayden Pudvah

      what about animaniacs reboot on cartoon network

    27. golden fredorcio 2

      Almenos hacen mejores weas que cartoon network

    28. CheEzy

      Oh my God the black light joke 😂

    29. Wakko's Tower

      If Season 2 have another Characters - Please let them getting together with the cute Warners. So like in Season 1 Chicken Boo in one Episode or the Doctor in another. I want to see MY Warners.

    30. Wakko


    31. Spongy Bobby Roblox

      rip me who dosen't have hulu on my tv

    32. Marionnah Ware-Harris

      we're super Duper crazy totally insaney

    33. Screemu MSM

      So I started watching this yesterday and I may or may not kin Pinky idk yet

    34. Repeat #1

      Minecraft: gets cave update Among Us: gets recognition and is a good game Animaniacs: gets rebooted 2020: Maybe I don't wanna be the bad guy anymore...

      1. Just1 RandomGuy

        I mean, at least you stay true to your name

    35. cassyluv Sanchez

      I would love to meet the boys actors that played Yakko Wakko and Dot

    36. Neymar Gonzalez

      This is what I call a reboot.

    37. Ali Ghanim


    38. Hyperthero

      I have Ep 1 Season 1 on my channnel its bad tho but still part 2 is out today :)

    39. elly12334

      The fun begins until you realize that... *There 90 years old*

      1. elly12334

        Look on there gravestones in the trailer or the theme song (REBOOT)

      2. Lol Lol

        @wilmer rosario but isnt the “fake age” canon?

      3. wilmer rosario

        Lol Lol, That is there fake own age, they were created in the 1930's.

      4. Lol Lol

        I thought they were 9 in the beginning of the old series

    40. giovanni scaramucci

      this was true perfect, I want 10 seasons, not 2

    41. Ronnys gaming Channel

      Hello nurse

    42. Alexander Jarrett

      They're Animani- Totally insane-y..(Think of some line-ys)...An-i-man-i-acs! Those are the facts!

    43. Philip Inman

      I needed this, 22 years has been too long; I couldn’t stop laughing.

    44. Michael Zacharias

      1:17 Which episode is that in?

    45. The ferguson

      Oh my goodness It’s almost Christmas

    46. izuku midoriya

      wow i knew this when i was like 3

    47. Ka Victoria


    48. The official Rosy The Kirby YouTube

      Did I just see trump ;-;

      1. Majora

        Yes, why?

    49. Sibreka Echizen

      Omg! I love It!

    50. London Smith

      Sonic movie Minecraft cave update Super smash adds Steve Animaniacs reboot Sonic movie 2 announced Tiny Toons reboot announced 2020: Maybe I don’t wanna be the bad guy anymore?

    51. Dark lion

      2020's back in the game guys...there IS a chance

    52. Genica Magazine

      Did they just made a deal with the angel of death?

    53. Hyperthero

      1993: Hello nurse 2020: Goodbye nurse! * if you come back*

      1. Leni Loud

        @Hyperthero poor you:(

      2. Hyperthero

        Idk why i loved the short good idea vs bad idea it was just so dumb

      3. Hyperthero


      4. Jeffrey Williams

        Not to mention Katie Ka-Boom Chicken Boo Mr. Skullhead- Good idea Bad idea Rita and Runt Slappy Squirrel her nephew Skippy Mindy and Buttons Minerva mink I'll miss those guys

    54. Natethesnake3

      I better see a new nations if the world.

    55. Lyam Bee

      This so beautiful I’ve looked at this for ten hours now

      1. Leni Loud


    56. COVID 19

      Rip for people who has Netflix

    57. Stoned TNT420

      Lol so are you too afraid to make fun of biden. Well good thing I didn't watch them back then cause I ain't now.

      1. JakeUp !i!

        Wow you get triggered so easily 🙄

      2. videogameflumingo

        This was written in early 2018. Do you expect them to get a time machine to travel to 2020 and take notes of concurring events?

    58. Arenette P


    59. Mr.SnowmanFan 20

      my favorite part is from 0:00 to 2:16

    60. Gaming Sk hraje

      Pls slovaki and czechia launge

    61. ThatRetroDane

      Saddens me that Hulu isn’t a thing in Denmark, because I really want to watch this. Time to get out the ol’ reliable VPN I guess.

    62. Rickbi Guaxinim

      yeah lost brother

    63. terrance applegarth

      it's time for animaniacs and we're zany to the max surgeonship I can relax you left to the max we're animaniacs come join brothers and the Warner sister dot

    64. Fernando Irvin Mendoza Roldan

      Look at my childhood memories in HD!!... Im in!!

    65. tayyeba najib

      "Reboots are a symptomatic of a fundamental lack of originality in Hollywood,". Somebody break this news to Disney.

    66. SexyNinjaMonkey

      I got 3 episodes in before bailing. This shouldn't be called Animanics, it should be called "The Warner Bros feat. Pinky & The Brain". At least then I would be less disappointed by how much is missing. It just feels like a variety show with no variety.

      1. Just1 RandomGuy

        @SexyNinjaMonkey Yeah. Hopefully if the first season isn't too good, the second might be better, but I think I heard there's small stuff they put in that was in the original show, like Yakko's "Goodnight Everyone" when someone made a mature comment but then they left things out like the classic "Hellooooo Nurse", oh yeah, speaking of, apparently she's not in the show either. Like, I wanna be excited for the Reboot but with stuff like this it's hard to, especially since it's only two seasons. Does the intro at least stay true through all this?

      2. SexyNinjaMonkey

        @Just1 RandomGuy I didn't find that out till after I started watching. 2 episodes In I was trying to figure out what was wrong and that's when I found that they did it without Tom Ruegger... That's like doing Muppets without Henson (we all know how that went). But yeah, it did totally inspire a rewatch of the originals and I enjoyed that so I guess not a complete loss.

      3. Just1 RandomGuy

        @SexyNinjaMonkey Ah, I see. Well, there ARE new writers, but I was alsp kinda worried seeing Trump in the trailer, since politics are, as you probably know, very iffy. At the very least even if the reboot turns out to be not so good, at least we can say it attracted more attention to the Animaniacs again.

      4. SexyNinjaMonkey

        @Just1 RandomGuy I finished my binge of the originals last week, started on the new series and turned it off. Too many jokes about it being a reboot, not enough of anything else.

      5. Just1 RandomGuy

        Really? I haven't watched it yet and i'm planning on rewatching the original to get hype for this one, is it really that bad though?

    67. 「 HoennKid202Wally 」

      I bet they all had a lot of fun doing their voice lines again

    68. Draylen Godinez

      Mack then sing old songs like machines of the world an wackos song to

    69. Yakko Warner


    70. Theartisticwolf Playz

      I will return here when season 2 comes out. :)

    71. Hay You

      So is the orginal creator making money or involved

      1. Just1 RandomGuy

        No, different writers too

      2. Majora

        No x2


      but the show looks like its for Kids is in hulu so i can go on hulu and see if the show is fun or not and i like the song is fun


      i never saw their show


      what are the animaniacs?


      1:44 rule 34 S T O N K S

    76. Tallguyry

      I think it's too political like I just want jokes not them talking about trump the whole time

    77. Mundoslav A A

      Wait till the forced LGBT episode.

      1. videogameflumingo


    78. TheTelevisionFanatic 2008

      Warner ⬇️ Yakko Bros ⬇️ Wakko . ⬇️ Dot ------- *Warner Bros.* *So this is basically Yakko Wakko and .*

    79. Lindón Moneda

      I love these cartoons

    80. BlemishedHalo

      I love it.

    81. Scott Brockman

      Love this. Love them, the Animaniacs that is like reading a good book or a walk on the beach. Loved them since my child hood days of the early 1990's, when movies, music and TV shows were cool and fun to watch or listen to, not only me, but both my Mom, older brother and other people who grew up watching the Animaniacs as well. I still have the Christmas episodes from 1994 on VHS & the Album on cassette tape, I only watched them for 1 or 2 seasons before moving on. Wish I had Hulu so I could watch them on my tablet. This is what we need to take our minds off of the pandemic, riots, protesters & other bad stuff. Nice to have the Animaniacs back after 22 years. By the way, my all-time favorite character from the Animaniacs, it would have to be Wakko ☺👍🙏🙇👫⛪🎄🎅.

    82. Fire boy

      As soon as I see the first episode Me: ME WANT MOVIE NOW

    83. foxy MOTO

      So blacklight make black people?

      1. videogameflumingo


    84. W

      Why are they a yellowish color

    85. Terdle

      i love how this show has no fourth wall

    86. Repeat #1

      anyone notice the check say January 15 2019 LOL kinda old

    87. Wakko Warner

      When we sellout, It's cool.

      1. Dark lion


    88. MrBaconbro

      Thank you hulu you saved us all thank you my childhood is reborn

    89. RandomStuff64

      0:13 Was I the only one who noticed when the money fell, it spelled “HULU”?

      1. Just1 RandomGuy

        Oh, wait, how'd I not notice, it's so blatantly obvious

      2. Duck-e


    90. tempest 0

      Yakko, wakko, dot, good feathers, slappy, reply in comments for other animaniacs characters

    91. Jesus Ibarra Quiroz Jr


    92. Meva Assefa

      0:15 0:34 0:41 0:58 1:02 1:13 1:21 1:32 1:42 2:05

    93. Eliezer de Matos Borges

      Too bad it won't be in Brazil, because I'm Brazilian 😭

    94. Coolest Nerd

      I love it when even re-boots can't take themselves seriously. It makes the show so much better

    95. BoiledKettles

      There’s better be more than 2 seasons

    96. random9803

      My childhood😭😭😭 God Im so happy they went full send on the revival

    97. Mz. Cita

      Omg it been 22 years. 😀😀I ilke

    98. Jassiel Antonio Munguia Paz

      Reanimate cartoons exaple:the dark adventure of billi and mandi or chawder

    99. LuckiE ·

      Cartoon network take notes of how to make a good reboot

    100. Katherine

      Porque no yakko canta las caciones de los paises del mundo en 2020 en español