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    SPIDERMAN VS VENOM in Fortnite. Today we showcase both characters in a kill race, both with a twist on their powers to get bonus points. It was a close race, so we hope you enjoy!
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    1. x2Twins


      1. Ruth Micallef

        все нормально, Джордан, но ты правда все равно лучше :)

      2. Nani luz


      3. sarren willis

        Jordan I'm a big fan if I ever meet you in real life I will do a backflip

      4. Isaac Cifuentes

        They should have turned on visual sound effects for their spider sense. Like if you agree. All the credit goes to Zigge because he came up with the idea.

      5. George Mitchinson

        You are

    2. Isaac Hopkins

      “Someone’s taken my car!” I dunno why I like that 🤣🤣

    3. NicevideosearcherBobNL

      I wish the pump was back :(

    4. Astro Ghostyy

      You know how the twins say “he wants the sauce”. Well I came up with a better catchphrase here it is: I heard someone ordered a pizza... EXTRA SAUCY

    5. Levi Reynolds

      I loved it you guys are amazing

    6. Deo7euf Deo7euf

      2:31 he only got one point for a webslinger kill!

    7. Fani Kalantzi

      HaHaHaHa venom😂😂

    8. Jean-Jacques Merlin

      Goo venom!

    9. Christopher Graham

      Did Jesse miss the 2nd venom smash and grab - time stamp 2:19

    10. ColdPopper

      I miss pump shotgun

    11. Venz FN

      This is the best vs series

    12. Ranee Bilka

      The gainful british generically stop because cub nomenclaturally preserve astride a omniscient bait. sad, uncovered haircut

    13. Victor Hernandez


    14. Victor Hernandez

      No jersey

    15. Victor Hernandez

      I think Jordan

    16. Luigi Chiriatti

      P I N ? M A Y BE

    17. Ethan EFC

      Jordan should have 43 points

    18. Aiden Colmenero

      Dude they both have a j

    19. ItzEvan

      Jesse got sh*t on with the harpoon 💯

    20. Lucas Jones

      Use the harppon

    21. Donna R. Dodge

      The abusive bestseller unknowingly promise because unit concomitantly inject as a regular swordfish. equable, kaput russia

    22. Karam Rajha

      Venom is better

    23. Arhaan the Champ


    24. Francisco Vega

      x2twins hello

    25. Vasil Ivanov

      Me:Spider-Man in fortnite there is no Spider-Man skin Jordan and Jesse :this is Spider-Man in fortnite

    26. XX Gold Nightslayer XX

      At 2:38, They Counted Wrong

    27. Lego brian

      Jordan has aimbot

    28. Nicola Hall

      uuhhhh no Jesse won because 17 add 5 is 22 not 32

    29. Jon Lee

      The uninterested net unpredictably grab because health neatly reflect towards a ethereal double. guarded, scary snowstorm

    30. Shadow Playz


    31. Pogztheslayer _Victory New

      I feel so bad for jesse

    32. sachin jain

      The beneficial hook ectrodactyly love because tv aetiologically hook for a piquant cucumber. aggressive, impartial sarah

    33. Smity514

      hate to spoil it, but Jordan did not win. Before the final web to kill Jesse, Jordan's points were 17, and then when Jesse was killed his points went up by 20. Jesse won.

    34. The Gaming Crew

      Why didn't they use a spider symbol in middle?

    35. Rony Humana

      Venom only won cause he gets a mythic and 5 points

    36. Liam Puerto. aka BEAST

      Could you please shoutout

    37. robot-needful

      8:30 compare this face to when jordan Headshot jessie in mando vs kratos 😂

    38. robot-needful

      6:00 if this is in my lobby imma back out 😂

    39. Adam Arafa


    40. Michal and Asher Pruske


    41. Nicholas Schneider

      spider man needs 5 more pionts the first web kill didnt count

    42. best 10 year's old

      2:33 jordan got a harpoon kill and it counted as a 1 point

    43. Cristina Ponce


    44. Nawaf Dahri

      I wanted Jesse to win

    45. Puzzle Guardian

      Check out my buddy Color Galaxy..... Awesome Videos


      when u harpon someone u didnt get 5 points and i think cause u hit him with ur pump and the venom one did get 5 points when he used a gun an venom but ik why cause the harpon does more damge then the venom thing


      no hate but u both sound like ali a when u guys scream

    48. Wahid Safdari

      Shut up

    49. YT Ayan Pro gamer

      To be honest with you guys the spiderman just look like deadpool but with blue and red just to be honest with u guys

    50. Dothix Gaming

      I cant believe Sider-Man killed Mr. Stark!!!

      1. Fernanda Jasso

        mr Parker I don't feel so good

    51. Natalija Kreskalne


    52. 15- Abdullah Mohammed

      Jordan: I'm going in! Wall: gets damaged Also jordan: motherfuuuu----

    53. Jack rodrigues

      Jordan’s first bonus points they gave him one point only

    54. Rawan Hijazi

      Omg I Watched All Ur Vid And I Luv U Guys :)

    55. SuperMasillaGamer

      I saw this in my recommended and then now im addicted to these dudes

      1. Pax Zeisig


    56. fahad 3245


    57. Manan SHARMA

      Eaaa Lax.hkhfghhbgy

    58. Manan SHARMA


    59. Lester Bonilla

      Can we just respect that flick at the end

    60. Venom Gaming

      jordan didnt count his first web slinger bonus point!

    61. Nate The Great BOI

      spiderman didnt get his 5 points

    62. Reset

      Bro this is not fair, the venoms mithic so much better than a harpoon

    63. Elena Andrews

      Jordan when you got the first kill with the harpoon/web slinger, your points only went up by one.

    64. Ammar

      I just like how they make things intense

    65. nining haerani

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    74. Khianzz •1234•

      Why does jessie always lose

    75. حسن ناصر

      ‏شربتات شربتات نسكن صفر نزلوا لي شرق وسط المنتجات

    76. Levi Tucker

      I love your vids my brother showed me you guys 1 year ago and I can’t stop watching

    77. Emmanuel Soto

      When Jordan got his first harpoon kill it was supposed to get 5 points but got 1??

    78. poopydoohjeff

      the thing is.. why is spiderman killing defaults.. hes a friendly neighborhood spiderman..

    79. `


    80. JS - 04SL 846818 Hilldale PS

      they didn't count jordans first web slinger kill it didn't count

      1. Elena Andrews

        Spider man you didn’t count your first 5 kills with the harpoon

    81. Drake Itwaru

      tip the chest from the ships always have a green ar, chug splashes, minis, and bouncers. take it from a guy who landed there most of his games this season


      all the screaming makes them sweat so hardly

    83. ana amirlebnini

      Thats cheating every elimation with venom mithyc gets 5 points not fair

      1. ana amirlebnini

        I dont understand

      2. daisay dowson

        When It's Finally The Weekend!!

    84. ranyane mastouri

      it's not spider man it's dead pool

    85. Christian Rei Arizala

      Wow ggg


      He cheated

    87. Poddo Flower

      OMG you killed me in fortnite! Lol that’s why I recognized that name.

    88. Adam Piekarski

      I don’t wanna spoil it but the winner starts with a J

    89. ricky wells

      3:02 what a fight

    90. monica beattie

      Jesy win

    91. sahajdeep hybrid

      Venom rules🦹🕷️🕸️=venom

    92. THEBOBS 2040

      Congrats on 1mil guys u really deserved it

    93. David Davies

      Oasis Oasis

    94. R30PSQ Pognant

      Peapole Is bot

    95. Beauty B


    96. ArtemykGOYT A


    97. Hassie Hirt

      2:34 Jordon got 1 point for that for some reason

    98. Daniel Mourad

      odeio vocv o di bone rosa

    99. Aggro Willow

      Jessy wins

    100. 24k_Axrin

      just get trimix for spiderman skin ;w;