Frogging for GIANTS on Okeechobee - SMC TV EP1

Scott Martin

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    Catching some Giant Bass on Lake Okeechobee with Frogs. Me and my old team tournament partner go out to to see if we can catch a MEGA Bag. This is episode 1 of 13 that aired on the Discovery Channel. We will post 1 of these per week for the next 13 weeks. Hope you enjoy..drop some comments and smash the like button.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Love to have y’all rocking the SMC Merch.. Check it out - tag me on IG for a shout out.. Oh yeah..Make sure your Subscribed and notification bell is on..a bunch of the fam got turned off..🤷🏻‍♂️ Love y’all!



      2. BAMA 2019

        Old Hickory is my home to hear you mention it

      3. Fisherman 83

        Are you going to BASS?????

      4. J BERG

        Me too!

      5. FishHead

        Looking for your latest video on what's up with FLW?

    2. QSSCEO

      Soooooo....What were the GPS coordinates? :)

    3. World’s Okayest Marine Grunt

      Do you have any videos on your setups?

    4. Steve Sibiski

      I would move to Florida just because of the bass fishing

    5. Survival scouts

      I am going fishing in lake okeechobee tomorrow and I have the live target bluegill! Wish me luck!

    6. Ron Alexander

      Oh the joys of frog fishing. It’s a love/hate relationship.

    7. Ethan Corsbie

      My dad and I are heading down to Clewiston in a few days.. any advice on where to fish down south Okeechobe??? Thanks!!

    8. Kenny Cluff

      Yeah your spoiled rotten brother!!!👍

    9. Kenny Cluff

      You guys have it so easy you live in bass paradise try coming to the Arizona desert no grass, no pads, no reeds just deep desert resovoirs!! Make a video here, and show how you do!

    10. Chronic_Drippy

      Cool vid Scott

    11. Samuel Rosa

      Johnson spoon is also a great bait in the Big O. Been fishing Lake Okechobee since I was 2 years old and met your dad at the store and whenever he would see my dad and I he would say hi and we would do the same for years. I'm 46 years old. Fishing Lake Okechobee is a lot of fun. I caught a 8 1\4 pound Bass on a worm right in front of a guy fishin a shinier. We werent fishing on top of this guy at all we my dad and I never did that.

    12. Colton Updyke

      When I use frogs I like to use a bed rig as a backup bait if miss it

    13. George Davis

      Pro fishermen dosen't know to wait to set the hook on a frog..

    14. Lebron Estrada

      Those frogs are not available in all stores. My Bass Pro Shop in Chattanooga Tennessee has a live target section and you're on the video but they don't sell a single one of those frogs. I would love to buy one at the store. See if you can fix that that would be awesome

    15. Lamarr Lawson

      I would've pulled his stunt... Im not gonna get it I don't want to get a hook in the face!!! That's B's for a partner! Sounds more jealous to me. But you landing his makes you look greatful and honest compared to him! Keep on keeping on Scott Martin

    16. No name Last name

      3:28 that was max a 4lb bass not a 10

    17. Cam Hester

      I just purchased a few top water frogs so I looked up this video on purpose , I have fished other baits such as the devilhorse but never a frog , I would love to fish Okeechobee , I'm in N.C. we have a few good fisheries lots of ponds full of bass , great video and thanks , keep posting and I'll keep watching

    18. World Wide Cam

      Come back to Kentucky you missed the right spots

    19. G BARO

      You guys are great to watch. Now you just need Jimmy Houston’s laugh and that other guys trucker hat. Lol

    20. William Goolsby

      What kind of pole do you use

    21. Walter White

      Take a shot every time you hear okeechobee

    22. Jeff Fournier

      Well Scott I'm finally convinced that i should start using more frogs, thanks.

    23. Derrick Snyder

      Scott man I love watching you fish but have you copyrighted or trademarked "It's a Biggin" yet. Tightlines man enjoy your show.

    24. Chosen One

      When I’m fishing with frogs I always have a second rod ready with a yamamoto worm . Green pumpkin . If I miss the fish with the frog I’ll cast the worm at that same spot and 9 out of 10 times the bass will destroy it . The fish thinks whatever it missed is sinking to the bottom so it’s just instinct for them to drill it . Not sure if you guys ever fish that way , but give it a shot you won’t be disappointed

      1. Team R2R

        great advice

    25. Duane Hall

      As roland would say....."haahh son !!....he thinks hes about ten pounds ..!..."....

    26. Ricky Blanco

      Very nice Bass y'all were catching! I've been a fisherman most of my life and I have a serious question. Why do lots of fisherman and most Bass fisherman hold these large fish vertically by the jaws and jamming fingers in the hills??? Shouldn't we as fisherman be doing more to preserve our fisheries and showing the next generation of fisherman how to properly handle larger fish?

    27. Eric Schaaf

      Dean Rojas has entered the chat...

    28. jeff sebastian

      Long time no communication is there a 24 hr CVS close to you

    29. Danny York

      Scott love the donk donk donk shrit but for some reason when i try to hit the link it oops can't get to this web site. Maybe it's me i don't know.

    30. Christopher Curtis

      What’s the best top water lures for Bass?

    31. M

      Scott I love frog fishing it's my all time favorite I'm up in the north east. I'm heading to guntersville lake early march any suggestions on what to throw?? I'd love your input its gonna the trip of my life!!!

    32. Larry Williams

      Great Video Scott! Quick question.... Do you trim the trailers on the frog or leave them as they are? Thanks in advance!

      1. Scott Martin

        Trim just a little

    33. Devin Fant

      Here's a little tip, when you hook a large fish always keep the rod tip down to prevent losing it. This tip helps me so it might help you.

      1. Scott Martin

        Don’t do that around grass

    34. Deamen Henderson

      Where can I find your frog I’ve looked everywhere for it

    35. David Swoope

      I will be coming to Lake Okeechobee in April of this year who do you recommend as a guide

    36. Shawn Beck

      This Lake is on my bucket list. Ever since I was a young man I have wanted to balloon fish with Roland Martin for Huge Largemouth Bass. This is the lake you dream about. The chance to get your P B bass. Shawn

    37. Slikslippin2345

      Ik it doesn’t rlly matter but it would probably be better if that mold on the frog was the same color as the frog

    38. Jordan Gonzalez

      Do you live around Okeechobee? I live in west palm and if you're willing. Id love to meet up out there and spend a day dropping lines? Let me know?

    39. Michael Crider

      I can’t stop watching. It’s like going to fishing school

    40. JB Outdoors

      Nothing better than froggin! Liked and Subscribed!

    41. Lenagdyfigpkhh; Mossuto

      The big O is a great time for me and my family. I fish the gator division and out the back of the boat I could only get bit on a speed worm. I went through two bags of speed worms. They keep eating the tails off my worm. Do you think I should put a trailer hook on my speed worm seeings they are such a long bait

    42. dunkind

      stop jackin peoples fish dude

    43. Smithvegas BassAssassin

      I ABSOLUTELY love fishing with frogs Scott, & I have to say, this is one of my all time favorite vids by you! I will get down there to fish Okeechobee one day! Absolutely amazing!

    44. Timothy McCune

      Your my new favorite fisherman ,great tips very useful . Thanks.

    45. Bassing around

      come on Scott , your father pull out a 8 -10 pounder every time he make a cast on a 1984 video in "big o"

    46. FloridaBoi 561

      South Florida bass fishing and Florida fishing in general,ain't nothing like it!

    47. Arcs & Sparks Welding

      Yo Scott Martin whens the gray red and white hat (#12) gunna be back in the shop. That hat is fire!

    48. C.Edward

      Lost fish is the past.. it doesn't get caught the more and more you talk about losing it. lol

    49. G- Money

      I think I'd be pretty annoyed if I just caught a 6 or 7 and didn't even get to hold it like jeez let him hold his fish

    50. Dave Phillips

      Are you no longer sponsored by Favorite Fishing rods?

    51. Jeff Ramsey

      Scott that live target bluegill is killer with one size bigger front hook and a small swivel/ spinner blade on the back 👍

    52. Pain Kyller

      I live 30 minutes from lake O. Never fished it. Feels too intimidating, like I’m gonna get lost. Any recommendations?


      Frogs and Lake Okeechobee nothing better! great video Scott!

    54. rdspix

      Love the “Big O” fished it for many years up on the northwest side. Fished out of Twin Palms campgrounds

      1. double sharp

        Dice's Ditch, Horse Island, Northshore, Indian Prairie... good stuff. I fished out of Moore Haven but often put in at Harney Pond and bought shiners at Becks.

    55. Angel Castro

      You have blue lens?

    56. Masked Fishing

      Get off the deck of that boat and throw again!!! Wouldn’t even phase KVD

    57. Masked Fishing

      Your boat looks like a kick ass space ship

    58. Robert Bachelor

      Big sugars mud hole.

    59. Tuned 3.5

      What month was this filmed in?

    60. Cole Batdorff

      Got my pb here 2 years ago in spring break! Jiggin

    61. wildlife explorers

      Those were bass are goliaths

    62. Robert Veith

      I always wanted to fish in Florida it will never happen !!!!!

    63. Reginald Chase

      Esau living off the “Fat” of the land. Bible prophecy. His time is almost UP!!!!

    64. Tygs

      Let the man hold his fish! Love the videos sorry to hear about mlf buying flw. It's the end of FLW!

      1. Lenagdyfigpkhh; Mossuto

        No it's not. I fish the gator division out of Okeechobee and the entry fees are going down and that's it

    65. GcRHiuFfin

      In the words of Peric: “ THAT WAS A TEN POUNDER!!!”.

      1. double sharp

        Ahhh Son

      2. wildlife explorers


    66. Joe Culler

      great day fishing but those great days are gonna be fewer and fewer

    67. Troy Harper

      Great video Scott 💯👍

    68. Mark Bryan

      What are the silver reels you use that look like bullets? Shimano met??

    69. Eddie Fason

      Hey man, just wondering what your take on the buyout is. I know it's fresh, but...what is going on with that?

    70. Marlboro Man

      One thing i never understood about a frog. They're for top water, but when you come across frogs in the wild, they swim to the bottom.

    71. Carter Smith

      Its donk donk time on everysingle lake you go to

    72. Carter Smith

      My pb is a 14ib bass

    73. Block Tackle

      Scott we need a 2020 on the mlfflw merge!!!!!!!

    74. Michael Jackson-Rugs

      I'll NEVER forget the 35 lb 5 fish day Danny and I spent with you on Okee....look forward to hooking up again soon ! I've wanted to come down for the last couple years and everyone says stay I hear of low water. Want to come down sooooo bad. but don't want to tear the boat up either.... Again....I'll never forgot that 2 days fishing with you..

    75. TB

      WHAT are your THOUGHTS on the Major League Fishing buys the FLW ????.... Could you do a VID ....

    76. Jimmy Jimmingston

      Scott Martin we need a 20/20 on the flw buy out. You going to qualify for BASS now? Sticking with the 5 fish limit?

    77. Justin Simpson

      Scott what is your thoughts on MLF buying FLW?

    78. Johnny Caban

      Where are you headed Scott bass masters elite series or major-league fishing can’t believe they bought FLW

    79. SF7Dragon

      Scott great video, just wanted to ask you how you feel about MLF acquiring FLW? Do you know if the FLW format of catching top 5 and getting them weighed is going to change over to the MLF format, catch, weigh and release for a total weight at the end of the day? Fascinating times with Professional Bass Fishing tournaments.

    80. Evonne Gress

      Answer me

    81. Macdaddy8124U

      Mr. Martin, ........We want to know if your coming to B.A.S.S or staying with MLF/FLW???

    82. Evonne Gress

      Come to Fenton Missouri

    83. Richard Maxson

      GREAT JOB SCOTT, NICE FISH!!! Now I like to see a video of you catchin fish like that at Diamond Valley Lake in southern California 👍👍😀😀

    84. Austin Hubatch

      I guess when I said a few months back I'd love to see you on the MLF platform... guess im getting my wish! 😂😂

    85. Hi Hi

      Old Hickory is my home town lake in my back yard

    86. Travis Woods

      I see the tales of Okeechobee's demise have been greatly exaggerated lol

      1. Travis Woods

        @FishGame Strong man no argument here on that brother, when I was a kid 3 spray boats took care of everything now theres a fleet of them! It frustrates me aswell

      2. FishGame Strong

        @Travis Woods I live locally as well, and am on the lake often. The lakes conditions are also a direct result of big sugar treating the lake like a toilet for the past 60 years. Now the ungodly amount of spraying they are doing. It's disgusting.

      3. Travis Woods

        @FishGame Strong hey man I'm open minded to it and am down for clean water solutions but I actually live in Okeechobee and can tell you 100% it's not just on the lake, yes it has its issues but it is not a toxic cesspool or whatever they would like you to believe. The main issue is the corps treat our lake like a reservoir and not a natural lake so we have a drainage issue for sure

      4. FishGame Strong

        The reality lies alot closer to what those people are saying versus what this video would have you believe. People will always protect their interests.

    87. Terry The one

      I’ve been watching your videos so long when it came on tv I told my wife hey I know that man that’s my buddy Scott Martin. Bahahhaha. Good job man 👊

      1. Meenakshi Merchant


    88. Jeff Stratford

      Love the frog bite! FISH ON

    89. FaldrinGW2

      A frog fish is always a good fish to me.

    90. MrEricdgreat

      I lost one at a tournament in Oklahoma lake Eufaula dang thing jumped up lost it. I think it was to stiff of a rod and small hook. 😬🎣

    91. David Gerber

      Tried to book a Okeechobee fish trip with you man i got a hold of Nate Shellan and he took us out had a great time coming back down soon Okeechobee is def the best place to fish in America

      1. Scott Martin

        Glad you had a good time!!

    92. JohnTheBasstist

      It’s donk donk time!

    93. ZZ430T56

      Hey Scott, is the new MLF and FLW merger going to affect you??

    94. Adski James

      MLF just bought FLW! Yay!! MLF format here we come!👍👍👍

    95. Mary Vogelsong

      HBD SRM!!!

    96. Steven Smith

      What a trio of monsters!

    97. George Davis

      Nobody does the racoon eyes like the Martin Family..

    98. Frederick Westberry

      The first fish was a monster . Even I felt your pain when you lost it.

    99. Bugga Wugga

      Too much talking not enough fishing stfu and fish!!!!

    100. Theo Mcallister

      Nice bass!!!