Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Announcement Trailer | PS5

Insomniac Games

955 миӊ. көрүүлөр230

    Revealing Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a new adventure from Insomniac Games coming to PlayStation 5.

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    1. Peace boy

      Please add the spider verse hoodie suit

    2. Elijah Nails

      Who's here after beating the game

    3. Pedro Henrique

      now Peter Parker looks like mcu's iron spider boy :(

    4. Pedro Henrique

      Why did you change Peter Parker's face, it's ridiculous now, Miles looks older than Peter now, please fix this.

    5. XxSloppyKissesxX

      Why you remove Spooder-Man🥴

    6. Temmie

      There is only one spiderman, I'm honestly disappointed insomniac...

    7. Mata Nui

      Hopefully this game gets patched soon, I can't get the last underground cache because of a glitch.

    8. Theron Christensen

      Can we get peters old character model back though. Miles is talking to a stranger in the game.

    9. TNS_Vector V

      You guys should've made the avengers game, imagine how good it would be!!!

    10. SPRBlacky

      Game idea spider man Gwen stacy or spider man into the spider verse game

    11. RushInHush

      I know no one cares about me but please don’t fix the peter Parker glitch in this game please

    12. Shawn Colon

      Should do a daredevil game like this.

    13. tiger_shan_

      We want the TASM2 suite and fix peters face please

    14. Shokha Takhirov

      I played the game on my friends ps5, it's really cool gives me holiday snowday/Thanksgiving vibes and soundtracks in the game are really good!

    15. Антон Хорин

      Я один тут руский? Я что для вас какая-то шутка?

    16. Никита 7x

      Das ist pisdez?

    17. Derek Michael I break this game.

    18. Satyakireet Kesanasetti

      I’m sad I picked team Microsoft

    19. SavageJeffy4321

      THIS.... this is just another reason why the Miles Morales Spider-Man is my favorite.

    20. electric 27


    21. Ş Ą Đ FFമ

      it is anaible in ps4?

      1. Ş Ą Đ FFമ

        @Captain Google ok thanks

      2. Captain Google

        Yes it is! I just beat it what a great game! Insomniac should be the only ones making Marvel games.

    22. Emil Hansen

      I hope you can play as peter parker not a big fan of miles

      1. electric 27

        Bruh the game says spider man miles morales r you stupid

    23. Chicken wing Fagan

      Your Damm right 😁😁😁😁 let's give miles a big clap

    24. binu Binu

      am ethio

      1. Furkysss

        Ethopia?Me too

    25. ItzDexity

      Insomniac im giving u an idea now for Spider-Man 2 it should be a 2 player coop game

    26. Cari

      Why do I get spectacular spiderman vibes from this especially since its in Christmas

    27. Chris Thompson

      He's black?! WTF

      1. Ultra Instinct

        You are new to Spider-Man so I shouldn’t be surprised

      2. T.L.P Gamin


    28. Christian Hernandez

      whats tge song called??😤💯💯

      1. Ultra Instinct

        On My Own - Jaden Smith (ft. Kid Cudi)

    29. Demon

      Are you gonna add it on Xbox?

      1. king nick

        They aren’t

    30. Galvin Tan


    31. Bthomhank

      Hey Insomniac, for the little cut scenes with spider-man yanking up a people, if its a brute, you should make him struggle a little bit more than he does with normal sized guys

    32. t money

      Insomniac I just want to say thank you for this amazing game one of the best spiderman games hands down so happy somebody got the formula right for once I trust you with the spiderman listen e keep making games and please put venom or black suit as dlc or unlovable in the next game or miles morales that game is fire can't wait to play it love you guys keep it up and never give up

    33. Juan andres

      The best game

    34. Ixer

      Сук,на пк бигом

    35. Lomaz.K.O07

      Me: *beats the game* Also Me: Watches this Trailer Again!!! OK, LETS DO THIS!!!

    36. tangbein

      Me: searches up Miles Morales trailer KGup: Understood, here are hundreds of videos with thumbnails spoiling the game.

    37. Lvl Ghost

      Just simply make an option to turn the face back I can’t stand this it’s unbearable looking at a mentor that’s younger than miles in a 24 year old mans body with a face of a 5 year old

    38. Lvl Ghost

      What are y’all going to do now make a miles morales remaster and make peter face an option to revert back to the old one?

    39. Lvl Ghost

      I can’t even explain how angry I am honestly trust you??? Yeah there was no reason for a remaster in the first place now it’s in my miles morales where you have another problem where miles is now older than peter lmfao

    40. Lvl Ghost

      All I see now in my mind is this dumb lol ass boy pretending to be Spider-Man

    41. Lvl Ghost

      Nice job shitting the bed what the duck were you all thinking peter Parker now looks fucking younger than goddamn miles like wtf are y’all smoking please tell me why kind of crack were y’all on man and I know this won’t be hard to fix or make the old peter face an option. I honestly do not want to play this game

    42. idk wtf I'm doing


    43. Aiden Fenwick

      They should make this a movie

    44. ragdoll24

      I love the game!!!

    45. Condom Blueprint

      Make it for ps4

      1. king nick

        It’s for PS4

    46. ツMateo


    47. Shyy

      Any one knows the song?

    48. Deadly_Dripz

      I platinumed the game already 😂

    49. Brbrbr Go

      I think they should call him "black window" that will be cooler spider ever

    50. R BEAVE

      i just finished the game and the ending is just a amazing . 10/10 game . definitely recommended

    51. JGAMINGYO - Supercell

      I WANT THIS SONG Edit: found it

    52. Neak

      What? It’s a joke? The real Spider-Man is white.🤦🏼‍♂️

      1. Laz tha Swag

        @Neak we told u the movie

      2. Neak

        In short, you all have nothing to say, accepted)

      3. TRYoshua

        @Neak Spider-Man into the spiderverse

      4. Laz tha Swag

        @Neak Spider-Man into the spiderverse dumbass

      5. Neak

        @TRYoshua its like stfu, but shorter. Fo- f@ck off) Btw, can you tell me where is the movie about how a spider bites a black guy? hah)

    53. Mr. Something


    54. Your Mom

      Bruh i beat the game after a day it was so short

    55. Shaeq Gabol aka reverse flash and flash

      I'm so ready

    56. Lit Dawg

      This game is terrific but short story line. Improvements were made and touched base with reality☝️

      1. Mr - Revenant

        It's like a side game, not meant to be a full game for miles

    57. nothing here

      This is my favorite game with call of duty cold war

    58. Tactical Viber

      Good game

    59. Renkin Jutsu

      black spiderman... is tooo much , please stop it , if the games that you make for us (people of the whole world) make a white spider man, because I am Asian and I do not like the fact that in games I see what is happening in US or Europe, i just want to play original game without politic or social shit

      1. Laz tha Swag

        @Renkin Jutsu black Gwen u sound stupid miles morales is Spider-Man this isn’t Peter parker

      2. Ultra Instinct

        You are new to Spider-Man. Welcome

      3. Renkin Jutsu

        @Mr - Revenant ok, i'll wait Black Gwen

      4. Mr - Revenant

        Miles Morales was out a decade ago, before movement ever started, and you can say the same about Gwen, she was made to be a female representation of Spiderman

    60. Natali К

      insomnia please insert the track Lil peep-16 Lins into Spider man Mailz moraliz

    61. miguel contreras

      This game is good pure really but ah Peter Parker for my look horrible and strange

    62. Ron Carlzen Terrado

      Damn can someone please tell me the title of this chill beats 1:12

      1. Laz tha Swag

        On my own jaden

    63. DizzyPascal 72

      Plssss I’m begging you on my knees and praying to you that you add a spider vip suit in the sequel of Peter Parker game

    64. Gabriel Ignatius

      The ones who disliked this video are racists.

    65. Jonathan Andreas


    66. CosmicKxm

      Can’t believe it’s been 5 months since the trailer came out, feels like yesterday tbh.

    67. Fredbear P.E.M

      nothing better like tobie

    68. AndreiZaBest

      Finally, a Spiderman game that is worth getting.

      1. Banshee 87


    69. A mysterious hat kid

      This: exists My wallet: chuckles *I'm in danger!*

    70. Lauty Callupil


    71. Publications

      Did anyone notice that the physics of spider man websurfing doesn't make sense like since ever?

    72. Skyzator


    73. Revoke

      DLC! DLC! DLC!

    74. XR J3leo77

      Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that we got the game on both playstation platforms?

    75. Jedskee

      I hope they make other NY based Marvel superhero games like Daredevil!

    76. Rise

      Who’s here after they finished the game

    77. Phaze lock


    78. D4rK Octo

      Whoever's hype about this game reply and like

    79. lone wolf

      Give that spidey a banana

    80. Ryan Robertson


    81. Ultra serious


    82. Hasan Bugulah

      I guess you could say this will be MILES better than the original I am sorry

    83. Mad dekylya

      I can't believe this I pre order this cool game

    84. Rene Rodriguez

      Just got my ps5 from target last night and picked it up this morning and instantly bought this🔥🔥🔥

    85. Teddy Diggs

      Today the day

    86. Madini Tlau

      IS IN PS4 TOO

    87. DragonK

      So the game was already basically finished when this trailer finished cuz he was absorbing the reactor. Guess they just added more missions and details along with bug fixes the past 5 months

    88. FIamingo

      Insomniac marvel games are 🔥! Keep em coming!

      1. sᴠᴇɴ

        Why tf is your Name a youtuber's name

    89. Jordan Mackall

      We are this game tomorrow guys who's hype

    90. no

      Glad to know they can’t come up with their own franchise.

    91. 3 lionz Gamers

      make spider-man miles morales when you finish the story make a 2 player one guy pete one guy miles

    92. Carl Steyn

      Pity that this potentially good game is now BLM Politically focused and ruined by driven agenda! This does not belong in video games.

    93. El rey del Fuego 2019


    94. Mr. Aizawa

      Remember when Spiderman was available on Multiple platforms? Yes the times where better :*( and it was Sony that ruined it i want this franchise on more platforms again i once was a fan of this Franchise but now since where they changed the actors and made the games exclusive i was done :*(

      1. king nick

        There’s a way to play it if you have a Xbox buy a ps4

      2. Hector Andino

        no one asked

    95. Patryk StarFish

      Well insomniac games find way to make good spidermans game They should keep that way.

    96. Darryl Paredes

      Do not be sorry. Be greater.

    97. Karthik Kumar

      Please tell this game is on PC also

    98. Power_Wind17

      This is so dope man

    99. Kiatsukin Senju

      Yessir getting the game tomorrow

    100. Kiatsukin Senju

      Yessir getting the game tommorow