A DEVOUR ad, but it's ACTUALLY a sketch


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    This video is sponsored by DEVOUR Frozen Foods. Learn more about where you can find DEVOUR products near you: www.devour-foods.com/locate
    Yes I made a Commercial LOL
    Melodic - King Kaiyo
    Oddwin - 19

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    1. CalebCity

      So I made a whole commercial 😂 😂 😂 😂

      1. sans parry

        Legit lit 🔥

      2. After Life


      3. NoobsAreGod

        This will actually make people buy it

      4. Bianca.


      5. boogi_playz

        Need this to be an ad everywhere

    2. Thierno Diallo

      Wouldn’t the psychic just tell him the wrong location and take all the money for himself?

    3. Jonny Gage

      I never would have thought that this was a commercial for TV dinner! 🤣

    4. Cameron Raath

      Appreciate the food suggestion, I might just have to...

    5. Arsh Bansal

      Plot twist : He already found where the treasure was and wanted to get 100% of it... So he failed purposely

    6. DanniAnni


    7. Devarsh Jain

      I couldn’t even spend it in two life ties after i split it with someone Gaming Pc go brrrrrrr

    8. Lazyspy Z

      If this was on actual tv I would watch this and replay

    9. Luis Carrilllo

      Dude what if caleb city made a commercial for the super bowl 😲

    10. Robert E. O. Speedwagon

      How does that make him a fraud tho, I mean he did guess the food

    11. SkilledGamerBoy 242


    12. XXYYXX

      I'm getting some Devour now, that looks delicious!

    13. Bored_ Person

      I LOVE THIS.

    14. Ashley d'cunha

      The first ad ever that made me wanna try something

    15. Galactic Adventure

      Tv commercial niggas punching air rn

    16. Dane Lee

      Can you make all commercials? That would make tv so much better.

    17. davernrush

      I'd love to know how the sponsors feel about this video honestly.

    18. Andy_Bomb

      Ok see this is what commercials should be. This will get people to buy it. No joke, just let Caleb handle all commercials from now on

      1. Terence Black

        I buy devour anyway but now I’ll buy it with him in mind

    19. Blu Stickman

      This should be on tv for real ngl

    20. The Chess Savage

      Hands down the best commercial i've ever seen.

    21. Anugrah Bhatnagar

      better than most ads these days

    22. Adryan Hill

      I forgot this was an ad for a bit and this actually makes me want to get it this is 10/10 advertisement

    23. POJbeatz II

      Yooo! This is brilliant advertising

    24. cato!!!

      i now wanna get some DEVOUR Frozen Foods

    25. theawsomezab game play

      They should put this on tv

    26. Tiffany Paul

      One of the only people who can make a sponsor funny...

    27. F0RMiD Z

      What if their was ad that was legit just this

    28. 他麦わらの海賊

      Damn this made me hungry

    29. Carnxge_ _

      Caleb the only dude to make a ad and it not seem like a ad. Big Brain.

    30. ツ Double Trouble ツ

      The only ad I actually like watching

    31. Bobby Hoon

      This ad was actually heaps more effective on me than seeing them on the UFC lol

    32. Ruthless


    33. OPM Blast

      The anime smirk.

    34. taqy nouiouat


    35. Black sheep

      I would buy this they should hire you

    36. Jada Burgess


    37. n!tromy

      if devour showed that last 10seconds with the straight outta freezer baby and screaming on tv i think i wouldve picked up a few boxes

    38. Lothmar22

      Psychic kills customer in rage and then finds out where the money is hidden and takes over the company that makes Devour meals.

    39. Markus Be Goated

      "Straight outta the freezer baby" 😂😂

    40. Shako

      This is the ad i wouldnt skip

    41. llASTROll

      Tried this devour man that bacon taste so apple smoked its crazy

    42. BlackNova

      On my Moma if i lived in America i would've gotten diabetes type 2 by now.

    43. Rurouni Kalain

      Rof, great stuff. I love'm, but high fat. Low sugar though!

    44. McTravyPatty

      Guess u can say he devoured that mac and cheese

    45. Hamza Mohamed

      Best advert ever

    46. Theodore Sipols

      if ads were like this, I wouldn’t skip.

    47. Liam Douglas

      I actually LOVE Devour and eat it all the time, but the only problem is that the bacon usually comes uncooked, so it's just fatty pieces of bacon.

    48. Grimxonic

      Hahahahaha epic

    49. Josiah Kim

      greatest ad of all time.

    50. Connor Allen

      Wait what happened to the treasure? I GOTTA KNOW

    51. XC McIce

      *It’s fr 3AM and I’m about ready to go to the local Walmart and buy this just to eat it* Said everyone after watching this

    52. Chinedu Felix Uwakonye

      When your teacher doesn't round your 99% to 100%

    53. without OXYGEN

      Cat and boots

    54. chowelly

      This is better than 99.9% of commercials on TV. I am consistently baffled that people get paid millions to write trash commercials.

    55. Shuunobo Tenzo

      The only ad I won't skip

    56. Name Last Name

      Definitely gonna get one of those now XD

    57. Asmaeri

      This is what all ads should be like

    58. Omar A


    59. Tython games

      sketch? skit

    60. Crab Cat

      I might actually eat this wait

    61. arcticridge

      that.. was an ad? :O

    62. Angel King

      Bro this is too good!

    63. Alejandra Sotelo

      I'm gonna go buy this now

    64. Silver Jyaire

      What the fuck this was a commercial that's was do fire

    65. Cory Mck

      Jokes on him, the clairvoyant already saw where the treasure is

    66. Luke B.

      Caleb recording videos in his house: ArGhGhGhgggHHHGGHHGHHGHghgh!!!!!

    67. Javian Honore

      If KGup ads was more like this I’d never skip 😂

    68. The AViator

      But what master chef would their dish in a cheap plastic container?? Lmao

    69. Golden Sushi

      The music and when he zooms in is amazing

    70. Golden Sushi

      This dude knows how to put an ad into an entire video and it’s a great video

    71. Chad

      That's funny 😅

    72. N0R3M4C _4542

      This is the smartest way to advertise something, I actually want some now. Well done bro, give yourself a pat on the back

    73. YouWantMyPancake

      welp i want some now :)!

    74. A M


    75. DJPlaysGames

      He isnt lying tho that shit taste hella good.

    76. ugmagir

      BRUH WHAT this is sooo good!!!!! I bet some companies would spend millions and get an ad worse than this

    77. Jerrico King

      Wait... THIS IS A AD

    78. Coffee Hogwarts

      ITS TOOOO GOODDD!!!!!!! 😹😹😹😹😹😹

    79. Rifted Jay

      If this was a hole hour I watch it

    80. IronAgate

      These are actually really good

    81. pmiS


    82. Dakota G

      Lmao 😂 a commercial I wouldn’t skip

    83. RJ

      Why can't just everyone do ads like this, nobody would complain anymore

      1. Nice O

        @Arcti Cacti facts

      2. Pathik

        @Picxal >:)

      3. Picxal

        @Pathik Now that's just pure evil. :(

      4. Pathik

        @Picxal not anymore

      5. Arcti Cacti

        What's even crazier is that he did it as a solo actor while even the ads with several actors are garbage

    84. Alexander Augustine

      Fraud No fraaauuuuuudddd Noooooooooo FrRAaAAaaAaAdDD Naaaggthgaoopooyayayoioiioiii

    85. Aka Gio

      Imagine clicking on your favorite and u just see this 2:20

      1. killua

        Yeah imma just go

    86. Maxed Lvl

      Ima pick me up a box of devour now lmfao

    87. SuperWiiBros08

      this is how youtubers should treat their sponsor, with creative advertisement mixed with their style of content

      1. Eshelion

        Depends on money paid for ad and sponsor requirements - most of them want certain phrases/video/images to be put on screen and/or said by youtuber.

      2. Elias Helgren Dahl

        *Daniel Thrasher entered the chat*

      3. Taylor Bloise

        That’s how internet comment etiquette does his ads. A sketch for every single one

      4. JayQwery

        Most of the time brands don't allow that.

      5. stayhalal dontwatchporn

        "this video is sponsored by dead content, boring shit that I want you like the video because of" -every youtuber other than Caleb

    88. badc gsdhh

      If every ad was like this, I would never skip a single one of them.

    89. aterr

      unironically devour is really good

    90. aPPLe

      good ad

    91. husseinfam_9

      “includes paid promotion” bro wym includes. it is

    92. pwr SERG


    93. OrtizGamers

      I just bought some today

    94. Queen Kitsune

      Not them yelling at each other 😂💀

    95. spartucs live

      you got me bru

    96. Felipe Still Chill

      eat like a animal devour

    97. Torriel H

      I dead actually really like Devour's food. I cook it on the stove and sometimes jazz it up some. So good.

    98. Danny Yoroi

      I have no idea what’s going on and I love it

    99. The69thDislike

      Greatest advertisement I’ve ever seen

    100. Clout Frog

      My mom is sleeping and when he started yelling "FRAUD" I almost lost it