People who think Attack on Titan is the best anime


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    They might be right 😳 this anime is a masterpiece...
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    1. Gettinhighoffmusic

      It's only good because it's over rated af..

    2. ApolloTheLeader

      Third reason? Levi...just Levi.

    3. HeavenlyEric

      This is straight up me

    4. ManicPandaz

      Hunter X Hunter is better...

      1. Yu-no

        Your a joker if u think that

      2. Jimmy Alfapfap

        Big joke

    5. Bruno Bucciarati

      I can hear my voice in the back at the start

    6. Moisture

      Attack on titan has to be the best anime because Levi.

    7. Soras Karma


      1. vibrebe

        Yosuga who?

    8. messynate

      “I see you guys are talking about anime” gets me every time and the mannerisms 🔥

    9. Eren Jeager

      Onyakopon family

    10. Aryan Jadhav


    11. Sauce lord

      That shit is trash jujutsu Kaisen is better and The god of high school

      1. Yu-no

        Ur a joker if ur 100 percent serious

      2. meruem

        Please tell me you're kidding or you're like 14

      3. Lemy

        Lmao you are trolling 100%

    12. Coolioth

      Mane AOT is mid y’all be capping

      1. Yu-no


      2. Coolioth

        @meruem Idk Imo the middle was repetitive and the first season had horrible pacing. The deaths were also less impactful as non-developed characters were killed immediately after they were introduced. Even still it's still a 8/10 - Which is Very Good. And imo the greatest anime is probably Hunter x Hunter, the perfect anime. But if you take manga into the equation, prolly Berserk, Vagabond, punpun, monster and 21st Century Boyz are up there.

      3. meruem

        I excepted better from a guy with guts pfp

    13. just a guy without a beard

      0:52 ZA hando

    14. Eijiro Kirishima


    15. Blocky-Olli

      my favourite anime is aot but most animes are better ngl

    16. Francesca Franci

      I'm an AOT fan but the hardcore ones scare me

    17. zenithXgamer


    18. Steven Villaflor

      Who attack on titan

    19. Ryonn L

      Triple baby

    20. Alex Hutchins

      Rezero is so fucked up!

      1. my organizer acount

        ikr they will fix and resolve the story in other seasons of re:zero

    21. Ann Prime

      It is a masterpiece.

    22. Mochi

      its a good animie its just depressing

    23. Exelero

      AoT fans: This is the greatest anime of all time and no other anime comes close Gintama fans: *laughs in SA arc*

      1. Exelero

        @quiqhia fellow cultured human I see

      2. quiqhia

        my favourite part about watching videos about anime is just finding random comments about gintama when i sort by newest

    24. Jack of all trades

      Bruh that ending though worh name of love in the background 🤣

    25. karim1387

      what was the anime recommendation at the start? asking for a friend

    26. diana baker

      Omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    27. Joe Mama

      It is the best anime

    28. CNUG Editing Account

      my older siblings be like:

    29. yung asian

      Levi should have been 1 and 2 js

    30. yung asian

      just Levi.

    31. Xora Divided

      aot is nowhere near being the best anime

    32. abdullah

      see ya nigga 3:48

    33. Wilhuff Sanderson

      It's not.

    34. Rdgg_Sauce

      See ya nigga

    35. Monke Man

      Wait a sec.......I just realized they were watching JoJo at the start

    36. Justaguy AroundYoutube

      No really. I need a better compliment than genius, Calling Isayama-sensei a Genius ATP is an Insult.

    37. Nick Lounsbury

      He criticized other anime that can be classified as masterpieces too but he can’t bring himself to criticize this one. It’s annoying because I’m a big Aot fan too but it’s overrated as hell, it has flaws.

    38. It's 7 Inches

      Attack on titan new fans: Attack on titan is soo good The characters look weird and have something around their eyes and I love 40 year old 140cm levi who would look like an old man if he were irl and I like the powers where eren spams being a titan and the fights are so cool its like watching 2 apes fight and lastly I like how Armin said "Just because the walls haven't fallen for a hundred years, doesn't guarantee that they wont fall today" and then the titans instantly show up in the same second and No ever one expected it Attack on titan Fans: ur not supposed to say all that shut up and rate every episode 10/10 even if u didn't like it and we'll overrate it and don't tell people that me: wtf is wrong with u it's not even that good I would rather play this 10 times instead of watch 1 episode

    39. Godinon

      Ngl i actually couldn't stop laughing when he said Levi thats it, because its so true.

    40. Ronin

      It is the best anime

    41. Jedi Hearts

      This video isn’t accurate, Attack on Titan isn’t the greatest anime ever: It’s the greatest tv show of all time

      1. 4wkwrdzay!

        I was thinking that but idk man avatar is a super strong rival

    42. Jarvis Sivraj

      Warui na.... XD

    43. The Bid

      next is people who think Demon slayer is the best anime

    44. Jake Schatzberg

      I thought the story was okay but not deep or complex enough to be in my top 10. Although it’s definitely my favorite anime soundtrack there is.

    45. Gaby

      What's people's obsession with Levi? He's cool I guess but that's it. There are way better aot characters but y'all just focus on Levi, it's annoying as fuck

    46. Galahad Gaming

      Can someone pls tell me the name of the OST in 1:05 .Thanks in advance :)

      1. LAW

    47. Louise Nolan Hehir

      He was right, the soundtrack slaps

    48. alexei iv

      SnK ost is second to none

    49. 1 2

      "See ya nigga" This right here made me crack open

    50. Titus Forrest

      Definitely one of the best, I wouldn’t say the best though. There are alot of anime’s I would say that are as good as it. Just my opinion

    51. boba._. fishh

      the third reason = “levi”

    52. Lena

      2:10 honestlly true

    53. Shafin Imtiaz Ratul

      soundtrack is really veru amazing

    54. KEVIN YT0091

      Oh and dont forget about Eren~

    55. Pinnell Music

      No offense but if someone watched AoT and still didn't like it ? Well,they have so so so tiny brain that couldn't comprehend such a masterpiece!

    56. gregory azuaje


    57. liisung grim

      Just levi he dont even need an explanation just levi

    58. Angel Begai

      That's how i talk to my friends..... My friends are stupid and think that Naruto it's the best anime

      1. my organizer acount

        respect peoples opinions . also I dont like Naruto

    59. s a t o r u

      Am I the only person who didn't watch it yet?

    60. Shu blader

      Attack on Titan is trash , debate me

    61. Person

      i really wanna know what people think has a better story that aot i haven’t seen a lot of anime but out of the 10 or so i have aot was the best by far

    62. Justin

      They were watching JOJO then a Aot fan interupt

    63. Neemo

      Hey Cilvanis! I can't speak for the entire WSB community but I can tell you I personally have loved your videos from really really on when you were collaborating with some other hilarious guys. I've seen this video like 20 times 😂 If you can, can you give a shout out about this attack on titan AMC meme video? No pressure and idk if you invest in the market but it'd be amazing and a lot of us dumb apes would appreciate it SO MUCH! I've added the link below. Keep making videos sir. Your rap one had the best ad I've ever seen 😂😂😂 for AMC attack on titan video!

    64. Banqueser Konica

      AoT is objectively a masterpiece, it's the only anime that has only 71 episode but has 50+ episodes that are rated 9 or above, with 2 episodes rated 9.8, 3 episodes rated 9.9 and THE ONLY SHOW THAT HAS 2 EPISODES THAT ARE RATED 10/10 (as far as I know, only AoT and Breaking Bad were able to achieve this) So, Other anime fans, come at me !

    65. Karazu X

      So tell me... Does the jaw titan absorbed the war hammer titan power too? If I remember correctly Eren forced the jaw titan to break the crystalized shell of the war hammer titan. Pretty sure some of her blood went through the Jaw Titan's mouth. And why the hell Bertoldt the Colossal Titan didn't just blow himself to breach wall Maria at season 1 or break the walls to expose the trapped Colossal titans to sunlight to make them active?

    66. Mohith Sagar

      1:11 name of the soundtrack anybody?

    67. taketheL165

      What's the song name for 3:08

    68. Juan Samuel

      0:54 when he said "sorry" , he legit sound like eren , that dope

    69. Ana '-'

      socorro me descreveram aí kkkkk

    70. X Doom

      He ain't wrong tho, as a huge AoT fan I agree entirely

    71. Flameboy2kxl

      I still don think AOT is the best

      1. M Billa

        Then what is?

    72. Amadou Pouye

      1:22 i'm doone

    73. Levi Ackerman

      I am the greatest if you dont think so stfu idc

      1. M Billa

        Nah man you share that spot with Eren

    74. Levi Ackerman


    75. TakoNoOri / 蛸の折り

      Pokemon is best anime, idfk what you guys are on about

      1. M Billa

        @Levi Ackerman he just said he likes Pokémon. He didn't say anything bad about Aot. Don't make people dislike aot fans by behaving this way. Levi would be disappointed

      2. Levi Ackerman

        @M Billa just playing my character he was disrespecting attack on titan

      3. M Billa

        @Levi Ackerman Don't be toxic

    76. FusionNoVa

      Lmao this the first video that killed me from laughter and very rarely do I have a good laugh. Lmao thank you for this. 😂😂 this is a good one for sure.

    77. WinterWolf XD

      LMAO the end LOLL

    78. WinterWolf XD

      Ok but actually AOT is the best animie ever in my opinion

    79. Ultimabuster92

      Hey... i don't wanna be that guy, i really don't, but someone has to say it, i'm sorry. I know, you will disagree with me and all, but when it comes to Attack on Titan an it being the best anime in existence... it's true. It's just true. Everything about it is perfect. What you thought, i was gonna say otherwise? You must be crazy, not to appreciate something so special

    80. PROTO

      Whats that last music soundtrack?

    81. DragonSin YGO

      *People who think Attack on Titan is the Greatest anime* "We don't think, we know it's the greatest"

    82. Potty Snatcher

      “Think” nah bruh it’s up There

    83. this channel is officaly done

      he attac.. he protecc... but most importantly he watch one piece

    84. Ashutosh

      The trash anime ever I heve watched I don't like this shitty shityy anime at all the mc has nothing to be a mc Not a perfect personality nor special exclusive power and respect and not a disiring life style and mind set

      1. M Billa

        Ok sure kid

    85. GEN V

      He's not lying tho

    86. Yeetle The Beetle

      “Third is Levi.” he’s not wrong

    87. Nazifa Maliat

      The third reason is the only reason.

    88. Ballu Lallu

      Let's be honest guys those who say Aot is not good are only doing it to look cool and act smart

    89. Rex West

      For me S1 -9/10 S2 - 7/10 S3 part 1 - 2/10 Part 2 - 7/10 S4 so far - 10/10 Still think Naruto is better and it isn't even close.

      1. Rex West

        @M Billa Why you so pissed about an opinion lmao? The filler is annoying but the main story shits on Aot's. None of the main story elements in naruto had bad writing. Aot had some terrible writing in season 3 p1 and basically the whole historia arc. Power ups were well explained and the war arc was great. If that gets you heated, I really don't care. Also naruto proving all conflicts must not always end in killing your enemy and dialogue is the best way to go about things. Can't say the same for the meatheaded fighting anime in your pfp.

      2. M Billa

        @Rex West Well than guess you like it when your anime has 50% fillers, talk no jutsu, bullshit power ups, terrible writing (Naruto war arc).

      3. Rex West

        @M Billa yeah I meant it. Like I said it's not even close for me.

      4. M Billa

        Bruh you lost when you said fricken Naruto is better

    90. Topan Di-LoG

      You guys make me laugh so hard... 😂😂😂

    91. Zarizi Ab Rahman

      Plot Twist: he turns into a pure titan

    92. J0s3ph S0t0

      That jojo

    93. turn all things to ash

      I agree that levi is reason aot is great

    94. Ihsan not real name GG

      What is he Luffy?😂😂😂

    95. Gesellschaft kritisieren lol

      Every point is right!!!

    96. Ashar qasmi

      Aot isnt the goat anime. Period

      1. M Billa

        So what is?

    97. Dark Power

      Attack on Titan fan:Has the best story! Jujutsu Kaisen:Who are you?

      1. M Billa

        Lol Jujutsu Kaisen just started stop the CAP

    98. Extreme exaggeration Lol

      I do love aot, not just because of Levi, I just like him because he’s a short ball of fury lol. I love aot because of the plot, and the climax gets better and better. It’s full of cliffhangers where I want to see more. It may not be the best to you, but it’s on my top three. And plus, it’s a fun show lol

    99. Dio Brando

      its not, jojo is

    100. GamePlayer

      Naruto The Best IMO